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by Michele & Cheryl

Leo Dimitri and Nicole from Days

Nicole got into an accident with Dimitri and Leo

The week got off to an electrifying start. Dimitri raced to get to the submarine and ran Nicole off the road. The accident happened in true soap style. Nicole veered off the road and went into labor. Leo helped her when she went into labor. We will get into that later. The point of this opinion is to talk about the convenience of the accident. Eric had to be the one to find Nicole on the road. He acted as if he was the only one who cared about Nicole’s well-being. EJ is her husband, but he showed up after Eric. We know the writers love pushing the idea of Eric and Nicole down our throats, but we aren’t buying it. We prefer seeing Nicole with EJ, but we know we are members of an unpopular club. The writers want us to think eric and Nicole are meant to be together, but they had their chances. They got together multiple times and didn’t work out so what’s different this time? Nicole always wants who she doesn’t have so she will go after someone else if she does get together with Eric.

Leo showed he had a decent side to him

If we didn’t see it, we wouldn’t believe it. Leo showed a different side. Normally he’s just a caricature, but he showed his decent side. Dimitri ran Nicole off the road. Dimitri wanted to keep going, but Leo stopped him. He wanted to help Nicole. Nicole asked him to stay with her and deliver her baby. He did it. Leo stayed with her while Dimitri took the baby to the hospital. He could have left her there to die, but he didn’t want to do that. Leo proved that he’s more than just jokes. He had a human side to him. It was nice to see because we don’t get a chance to see it often. We applaud the writers for giving Leo a human side instead of always making him clown around. He made jokes, but he showed he had a heart.

Melinda became the fall guy for the story

The writers clearly hate Melinda’s character. They do anything they can to write her in a bad way. She talked Sloan into keeping the truth about the baby from Eric. Sloan was the reason why they couldn’t adopt the boy. Melinda told her not to say anything. She wanted her to give her a chance to get another baby. Sloan claimed she wanted to tell the truth, but she allowed Melinda to talk her into keeping the secret. Dimitri showed up at Sloan’s place while Melinda was there. He brought Nicole’s baby to the apartment. Melinda wanted Sloan to adopt the baby. Sloan argued with her for a few minutes and caved. Sloan is responsible for keeping the truth hidden from Eric even though Melissa told her to do it. Sloan is a grown woman and didn’t have to go along with Melinda’s plan. When Eric finds out the truth, he’s not going to be mad at Melinda. He’s going to dump Sloan.

We were disgusted with Melinda. She didn’t get a chance to raise her daughter so why would she do that to another woman? She should have been the one talking Sloan out of taking the baby. Melinda didn’t have to take the baby. She will lose everything once the truth comes out. The writers will have to get rid of her character because there’s nothing left to do with her. Sloan will have to leave too. She won’t be coming back from this scheme. We know that she’s getting exposed because that always happens. The baby will need something from the biological parents and Sloan will be screwed. The writers enjoy butchering Melinda. Sloan is the villain in the story and making Melinda take the fall for Sloan’s scheme won’t change our minds.

Konstantin’s plan for Maggie

Konstantin came up with a new plan to win Maggie over. He overheard Sarah badmouthing him and wanted to do something to get back in Maggie’s good graces. Konstantin decided to take Sarah’s baby so he could look like a hero. Maggie would be grateful for saving her granddaughter. The plan couldn’t work without help. Theresa had to get involved in the plan. Konstantin made her kidnap Sarah’s baby. He thought Sarah and Maggie would pay him for saving the baby. Theresa fought him down and eventually changed her mind. She took the baby and left the mansion. We were shocked watching Maggie tend to Konstantin instead of going after Theresa. She would have caught Theresa if she went after her. Theresa loved Maggie so much and didn’t want to do it. She allowed him to blackmail her to help him. He planned on telling Alex the truth about his paternity if she didn’t do what he said. She got herself in deep trouble going along with him. Theresa is going to lose everything because she feels the need to keep working with Konstantin.

Chad, Stephanie, and Everett Triangle

We can’t stress enough that this storyline is the weakest one on the show. The writers want us to root for Stephanie to hook up with anyone at this point. They expect us to think she’s so desirable that every available man in Salem wants her. Everett is conveniently an ex-boyfriend of Stephanie’s, and he wants her. Is anyone surprised by that? He hired her to work with him at the newspaper. Chad didn’t like it and confronted Stephanie about it. He felt like she was trying to get him to marry her. She had the nerve to think there was nothing wrong with Everett getting involved in their lives. She enjoys the attention she gets from any man who looks her way. Stephanie would deserve it if Chad broke up with her. He decided to buy Gwen out of the paper so he could be Everett’s boss. We don’t see the point in this plan. He shouldn’t waste time with Stephanie anymore since she enjoyed Everett flirting with her. This storyline ruined a decent week. The triangle doesn’t hold our interest because we don’t know Everett so there’s no rooting value there. We’re not excited about this storyline at all because there’s no movement.


Chad Everett and Stephanie from Days

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