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Hey, it’s Chad DiMera. Yeah, probably the last person you expected to hear from, but I need your help.


[chuckles] You must be really desperate if you’re phoning me, given that you hate me.

Yeah, hate’s a strong word.

If you’re qualifying your ill will towards me, this must be a really big ask. What do you need, Chad?

Well, something only you can give me.

[soft dramatic music]

Wow, you seriously just said that to me. You really get around.

I’m so sorry. That was a really stupid blurt. I honestly–I didn’t mean for it to sound disparaging. Um, yeah, I guess maybe it’s– I don’t know. Maybe it’s just weird for me to hear about you dating other people, you know?

I thought you ghosted me, Everett.

Yeah. I really–I shouldn’t have fallen into that coma.

I’m very sad that that happened to you, and I’m relieved that you’re OK.

I just wish I’d been OK before you started dating all these other guys.

Not other guys plural. Alex and my relationship was very brief. It was never all that serious.

And why is that? I mean, I don’t know. He’s a great-looking guy, heir to half the Kiriakis fortune. To say he’s a catch, at least on paper, would be an understatement. Why’d you dump him?


I’m well aware the old CEO dumped Bella, but Maggie’s not calling the shots at Titan anymore. So I’m gonna need to see the sales figures for the last six months of circulation. I’ve also hired Theresa Donovan to run the magazine. So I want to set up some revenue goals. Thank you.

[knocking] Brady. Hey, do we have an appointment?

I don’t. I didn’t think I needed one, but I’m here to accept your offer.

You mean to bring Basic Black over to Titan?

That is the one I mean.


I mean, assuming you’re still interested. If you’re not, I can–

Hell yes, I’m interested. How you doing?

Good. Good.

I found out what you’re up to. The hell are you trying to pull now?

You sound upset.

You’re damn right I’m upset. I just found out that you added Brady Black to your witness list for today’s custody hearing.

Yeah, well, if you can call Eric to testify against me, then why can’t I call his brother? You should know by now that I will do anything I can to protect my daughter.

OK, I’m here.

And here is our little friend, Victoria.

[sighs] I really don’t think this is a good idea.

And I really don’t care. You made your bed, Theresa, and now you know what you have to do. Take the baby.

Excuse me? Take the baby where?

Somewhere Sarah can’t find her.

Damn it, Konstantin, there has to be a better way. Look, I don’t have any illusions about the kind of person I am, but stealing babies, I don’t do that, especially not Maggie’s granddaughter. Who are you calling?

I have Alex Kiriakis on speed dial. Once I tell him you have been lying to him, he won’t have any illusions about who you are either.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Just stop it. Do not make that call.

Oh. Perhaps you are someone who can kidnap a kid as long as the payday is big enough, huh?

Oh, what’s Greek for the pot calling the kettle black?

I am not the one who pretends to have any scruples. My aim here is crystal clear.

Yeah, to get your grubby hands on Maggie’s money.

That old bastard Victor made a grave mistake cutting me out of his will, and I will take what I am owed now from his widow, which I can only accomplish if this child’s mother is in my corner. Hmm. The meddlesome Sarah Horton wants me to go back to the old country. Well, as much as I miss the taste of a good baklava, I am not leaving empty handed. And since Maggie’s daughter holds so much sway over her, I must win her over. Simple as that.

OK, fine. Great. How are you gonna win her over by stealing Sarah’s baby?

Let me worry about that. You just play your part, and Alex will never find out the truth– that he is not Victor’s son, and that Xander is.

[soft dramatic music]

Victoria is not just your daughter, Sarah. She’s ours. You couldn’t have made her without me.

I don’t regret making Victoria. I regret making her with you. And as for today, you’ll get to spend your side of things by dragging Eric into court, trying to equate what I did to him with me trying to protect Victoria from you, which will open the door for Brady to share all about your craven behavior towards him and his family and all of the misery you have caused since you showed up in Salem. You think you have a case to make me seem like an unfit parent?

[chuckles] Wait until the judge gets a load of you.

Yeah, I know I judged you pretty harshly for the things you did to Abigail.

I assume that you still do.

What you did to my family, that was personal. This call is strictly business.

I’m listening.

Well, I heard you haven’t had the best of luck squeezing the Von Leuschners for the euros they owe you for marrying my Uncle Dimitri.

[sighs] That’s an ongoing enterprise.

Which is why I’m sure you could use some cash to tide you over, and I’m willing to give you a whole stack of it in exchange for your half stake in the “Spectator.”

Thought you said it was weird for you to hear about me dating other people.

It is.

So then why are you asking about my quasi-relationship with Alex Kiriakis? Are you thinking of taking over Lady Whistleblower’s column?


Not the worst idea at the moment. No, strictly off the record… maybe it is hard for me to hear about you dating other guys. But I have to admit some part of me is also curious, you know? I just– I wonder about what your life has been like since we– since we parted ways. So indulge me, please.

Fine. And about Alex… I only got involved with him because you had disappeared, and because I was a little desperate to feel wanted, desirable. He and I didn’t last very long. He was and probably still is a player. Anyway, when I decided that we were done, he had a little trouble letting go.

So that’s why Alex was saying that Chad was jealous of him.

It was really awkward for a while.

Like it is now with the three of us?

OK, Everett, can we not go there?

I’m sorry. I just– I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, you know? I mean, it’s– it’s obvious that Chad was threatened by Alex’s inability to let go, as you put it, and maybe that’s how he perceives me now– as someone who is crazy about you, unable to let go. And since, unlike you and Alex, you and I were seriously involved, I have to assume that Chad is even more threatened by me.

I don’t get it. Why would you approach me to buy part of “The Spectator” where Xander has his half and he’s local to you?

I have my reasons.

[chuckles] So the oaf turned you down, did he? He’s obviously committed to remaining a member of the fourth estate.

How about we stay on topic, yeah? What’s your price?

[soft dramatic music]

I’m not there yet, Chad. You see, having stabbed my father in the back to get my stake in “The Spectator” and just to sell it for some quick, easy cash, it’s– it’s almost like adding insult to injury.

Not if you tell Jack you’re selling it to me, husband of his late daughter, and as you know, Abby was editor-in-chief when she died.

So this is about Abigail? Honoring her legacy?

That’s part of it.

There’s more?

Yeah, there’s more. This offer has more to do with the new editor-in-chief.

Everett, you say that you don’t want me to be uncomfortable, and yet you keep bringing up Chad– asking how jealous he is, who he’s more threatened by, you or Alex. How can that not make me uncomfortable?

I know, I know. I’m just concerned about you.


Because there seems to be a pattern of possessive behavior here with Chad that so far you’re unwilling to acknowledge. I don’t…

[sighs] I do not want to make things harder for you. I really don’t. But sometimes, it can be helpful to get an outsider’s objective point of view.

Oh, because you’re so very objective about my relationship with Chad.

OK, fine. Maybe I’m a little bit tiny, tiny, tiny bit biased. But bottom line, I care about you. And I might have some insights that are worthwhile for you to hear.

Fine. Go ahead. Let’s hear them. $ says you’re way off base.

[bright acoustic music]

What happened between me and Brady is– well, it’s irrelevant to our case.

Irrelevant? You snatching Brady and Kristen’s daughter and trying to pass her off as mine? Love, that is a central part of our case. It shows your character, or lack thereof, not to mention it was a crime.

[soft dramatic music]

I know you’ve never totally understood this, and apparently never will, but I did that to spare you the pain of losing your child.

And yet here you are causing me the same pain again.

You know damn well this is a totally different situation.

Oh. Do you know what I know? Because there’s always a rationalization with you. And you’re always telling yourself that you do the worst things for the best reasons, but the fact of the matter is is that you let Brady think that his daughter was dead. He was devastated, forced to grieve a child that was still alive. That is not just wrong, that is depraved. You are depraved. And once a judge hears all about this, there is no way you or your cutthroat lawyer will be able to convince anyone, let alone the judge, that you should be anywhere near our child.

This is good. I’m glad the offer still stands.

Hey, of course it does. And honestly, man, you were kind enough to bring me on board with Basic Black after Maggie cut me loose, and I felt bad about walking away to come back here to Titan, so I feel like I kind of owe it to you to make this happen. Only thing is–

Only thing is? Well, well, well, was there– was there an issue that is going to prevent me from working here?

Not on my end.

[chuckles] Maybe on yours. I put Theresa in charge of Bella. Is that gonna be a problem for you?

[sighs softly]

Just sleep kid, OK? Hopefully by the time you wake up, this whole nightmare will be over, huh?

What do you think you’re doing? Get away from that child! Come back here! Ah! Konstantin? Konstantin? Konstantin!

Hey. Hey, what happened?

Someone just took my granddaughter! Dear God, who would do such a thing?

So this new editor-in-chief, Everett Lynch, I assume you consider him a problem?

Yeah, I do. He recently moved to Salem, and he’s also Stephanie’s ex, and he swears up and down that– that he accepts that he and Stephanie are old news, but he just hired her to do PR for the paper.

[soft dramatic music]

So he’s making a play for your girl, and you want him out of the way.

And I’m willing to pay a whole lot of money to make sure he is. So now you know my motivation. Can we make a deal?

OK, so you have your say. And if I say you’re wrong–

Then you win the bet, obviously.

Go ahead.

OK. OK. Well first of all, I would just like to say that I am not trying to insult Chad at all, OK? For real, I just think he’s being unfair to you asking you to be patient with him while he, what, sorts out his feelings about his late wife when he’s the one who asked you to move in with him and his kids. And at the same time, he has an issue whenever you have any contact with one of your exes.

OK, Everett, that’s–

But just let me– let me say my piece, and then you can–

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

From where I’m sitting, it just seems like it’s all about him. It’s the Chad show. It’s about his dead wife, and his problems with all of the other men in your life when we both know that to have a healthy relationship, there has to be a take and a give. I mean, I know that our relationship was like that, right? Only this time around, it’s you doing all of the giving and Chad doing all of the taking. Am I wrong?

Yes, you’re wrong. So you lose.

[bright acoustic music]

Are you really sure I lost?

You’re putting Theresa in charge of Bella? You can’t trust that woman, Alex.

Brady, I know about her reputation, but that’s why I think she’s right for this. Theresa, she doesn’t take any prisoners, man. I need somebody like that on my team. And all these people at Titan, I know they won’t say it, but I know they’re thinking that I should have left Maggie in charge.

I see where you’re coming from. You’re looking for an ally, aren’t you?

Did I not make myself clear?

I think you just did. So let me make myself very clear. Alex, Theresa Donovan is someone you turn your back on, even for a second, at your own peril.

[tense music]

Oh God, Konstantin.

I came into the room, went over to the baby, and someone hit me over the head from behind! Did you see his face?

No, I didn’t!

Stay here! I will get your granddaughter back.

I know, but you’re not– you’re not in any condition!

Call for help! Don’t worry about me. The child is all that matters.

Oh God. Oh.

Not only can Brady tell the court about the time you shot him, but he can also inform them about the time you kidnapped Nicole and her daughter, Holly. That should button up things nicely, don’t you think?

[phone ringing] I have to take this. Mom?

Sarah? Sarah! Oh my God, Victoria’s gone.

What do you mean Victoria’s gone?


I came into the study and someone was taking her. And he ran away, and– but Konstantin ran after him.

Did you call the police?

I wanted to call you first.

Well, call them now! I’m on my way. You did this, didn’t you?

I did what? What do you think I did?

Victoria’s gone. Somebody snatched her. You–you set it up, didn’t you? You thought it would make me look like an unfit mother at the hearing so that somebody that can’t take care of their own child–

Sarah, that’s insane! I–you have to believe me, I had nothing to do with this. I’m as horrified about it as you are. Look, you can hate on me as much as you want later, but right now we need to get to the house. Our daughter needs us.

OK, yes, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.

[tense music]

You know, if you would have phoned me yesterday, I would have told you that “The Spectator” was my link not only to my father, but to Salem, and that I would never consider severing that link.

But now?

Well, just this morning I read an article by Everett the editor entitled, “What He Did For Love,” all about the sizzling romance between Leo Stark and Dimitri Von Leuschner.

I’m guessing it didn’t move you.

Oh, yes, it did. It moved me straight to the loo where I lost my lunch. You know, I have to say, though, this Everett character, he is quite a skilled writer to portray Leo in such a positive light. So I’d say that the timing works in your favor, Chad.

[soft dramatic music] Make me an offer that isn’t insulting, and “The Spectator’s” yours.

You said I’d be the judge, and I said you lost the bet.

Hey, I am glad to be wrong in this case.

You sure about that?

Yes, I am. I would much prefer to think that your relationship with Chad is making you happy. I mean that.

[bright acoustic music]

I like talking to you, Everett, but I–


I don’t want our talks to always go down the rabbit hole of what’s not working in my relationship with Chad. It’s not fair to him, for one thing. Chad’s an amazing guy. It’s just– it’s not black and white. No relationship is. And you’ve only been hearing about the bad stuff when I vent.

When you vent about what?


The police are on their way.

What happened? I don’t understand.

I don’t know. I’m sorry.

Just take a deep breath, Maggie. Tell us what happened.

I went down to the mausoleum to bring flowers to Victor, and when I came back, Konstantin was unconscious on the floor, and someone in a hoodie was taking Victoria out of the bassinet.

Who was it?

I don’t know. I don’t know.

Was it a man or a woman?

I don’t know. I never saw their face. All I know, they were strong enough to knock out Konstantin with that fireplace poker. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I should never have let Victoria alone. I should have waited for you to come home and then take those flowers down to Victor, and maybe then if I had, then this horrible person wouldn’t have gotten away with your precious baby.

[tense music]


Who would do this? Who would take our little girl?

Don’t you think maybe you’re exaggerating a little bit?



No, no, if anything I’m understating this whole thing. I can’t believe I’m not getting through to you on this. Wait, wait, wait, wait. You in love with her or something?

No, no.

Are you?

No way, dude. I told you we’re just friends. I told you that.

All right. All right. OK. I suggest you keep a very close eye on your friend.

OK, Brady. I can handle myself.

Alex, I know you can handle yourself. It’s not just about you anymore, is it? Look around you. I mean, you’re Victor’s heir. You–you’re the face of the company now– this company that my grandfather built the last God knows how many years. If you decide to get into bed with Theresa Donovan, literally or figuratively, I swear to you that increases her ability to wreak havoc on a whole new level.

You’ll be home soon, little Victoria. I promise.

[soft dramatic music] Beautiful day, huh? Look at the sky. You know, Tate and I used to find shapes in the clouds like animals. Like that one over there. It looks like a bunny, huh? And that one looks like a dog with a funny hat on. Hey, you like this game, don’t you?

I hate to break this up, but I need the kid now.

Oh, you are one sick son of a bitch, you know that?

And you are the monster who abducted Sarah Horton’s baby.

Oh yeah, right, so that you could reap all the benefits from her gratitude when you returned the baby.

Just hand her over to me, damn it!

Victoria, you are just a prop in this mean man’s scheme to get grandma’s money.

We each have our own cash cow to milk. Now hand her over!

It’s OK.

Yeah. OK, I need you to do one more thing.

Oh God, I can’t wait to hear it.

Oh, this you will like. Punch me.


Hit me in the face. It needs to look like I fought to get her back. Oh, you had no problem hitting me over the head with a poker when my back was turned, and now you’re maybe too timid to hit me while I’m looking directly at–

What am I venting about?

[chuckles] Hell, what don’t I vent about, right? Bad coffee. Global warming. Bad coffee due to global warming.

Don’t believe a word of what she says, Chad. We both know Stephanie is sunshine on a cloudy day.

Everett’s being nice. It’s a wonder I haven’t driven him away with all my negativity.

I doubt there’s anything you could do to drive him away.

Well, I think that’s true of anyone who knows Steph personally or professionally. I mean, as you know, not only is she a terrific person, she’s an extremely gifted publicist. My gossip columnist gets tangled up in a series of felonies, and somehow she manages to spin it to make him the good guy.

Yeah, no, I– I saw that piece. Not everybody I talked to was buying the warm and fuzzy take on that slimeball Leo Stark.

Oh, the response I’m getting is almost wholly positive– through the roof, in fact. But it’s no thanks to me, honestly. PR is decidedly not my thing, which is why I’m glad I have Steph on my team. I just hope you don’t mind me stealing her away to do some work for me. You don’t mind, do you?

[soft dramatic music]

So everything I’m saying about Theresa– let me guess. Deaf ears, right?

No, no. I’ve been listening. Honestly, Brady, I don’t mind you speaking your mind about what you think about her. I know you’re just looking out for me.

Yeah, yeah, but I also think that that’s your way of telling me that you’re not gonna heed my advice, so I get it. I’m the kind of guy that needs to learn things the hard way. Alex, listen. Don’t you come crying to my shoulder when Theresa actually screws you over and makes your life miserable.


Did someone say my name?

Why aren’t the police here yet?

I don’t understand this. I don’t understand this. Where is our daughter? What if somebody hurt her?

If they harm a single hair on her little head– she’s going to be all right. I just know it. I promise you, Sarah. I’m gonna see to it that our daughter is brought safely home to you. I’m going out now to make good on my promise.

[baby crying]


The child needs her mother.

[sobbing] Hi. Hi.


Well, if you would have come in a little earlier, you would have heard a little bit more than your name.

Nice to see too, Brady.

Well, I am very glad that you are both here now. Theresa, we got some great news. Brady is bringing Basic Black back to Titan.

Oh, lucky us.

Yes, and I also informed him that you are gonna be heading the reboot of Bella. And there’s gonna be a lot of overlapping with those two brands, so I’m gonna need you two to play nice. Can that happen?

Oh, I don’t have a problem working with anyone.

Me neither. I mean, we can co-parent a teenager. We can certainly deal with this kind of arrangement.

Great. Excellent. All right, then. I’m gonna get ourselves a little conference room. We’ll get the lawyers all together, make this deal official. Theresa, you got a file right here on my desk for HR. I know the two of you are just as excited as I am to be getting back to work together!


Brady, let’s go.

Oh,A Alex, Brady, someone left–

[sighs] Konstantin, you creepy old bastard. That kid better be home and safe with its mother.

[ominous music]

Police are focusing their efforts on the search for the suspect. They’ll be sending detectives over here later to take everyone’s statement, especially yours.

It all happened so fast, I’m not sure how much help I can be. I’m afraid I didn’t get a good look at this man’s face.

But you–you chased after the person, right? Caught them.


Well, what did they want? Why did they come here?

I would imagine they were hoping to ransom your granddaughter. I–I–I don’t want to frighten you, Maggie, but now that you are Victor’s widow, you are a target. You might want to think about increasing your security.

I’ll definitely do that. But in the meantime, you’re gonna come upstairs with me, and I’m gonna tend to your wounds.

Oh, I am fine.

I insist. We’ll be right back.

Wait, wait, wait. You and I– I know we’ll never be friends, but I am so grateful that you saved our little girl.

So am I. So very grateful. You brought Victoria back to me– to us. I’ll never forget that.

Oh Everett, no. Thank you for– for asking me how I– how I feel about you working with Stephanie. I appreciate that. And you know, the truth is that, you know, when I first heard about the two of you working together, I didn’t– I didn’t react all that well. But the truth is I think Stephanie is a total pro, and you’re lucky to have her.

Thank you for saying that.

I was a little bit annoyed at that– you trying to turn Leo Stark into some kind of folk hero, but I guess that’s just an illustration of how good you are at what you do, which is great, and I think you’re gonna do great things for “The Spectator.” And that means a lot to me, because honestly, the paper is really important to me and my family, so…

I appreciate you being cool with all this, Chad.

Yeah, no. It’s–it’s great. It’s just about–it’s just about boundaries, right, you know? Boundaries.


Boundaries. You know, boundaries– something three adults should be able to understand. We understand each other, yeah?

[bright acoustic music]



[soft dramatic music]

You have reached Konstantin Meleounis. Please leave a message, and I will call you right back.

It’s me, Theresa. I’m calling to make sure that you took Victoria safely back to Sarah. And if this whole thing blows up, you damn well better keep my name out of it.

I’m sorry.

It is all right. You’re just being helpful.

I want to show my appreciation for the man who saved my precious granddaughter. You’re a hero.

I got lucky. That’s all.

Hm. You know, you didn’t stop for one second to think about yourself. You ran after that dangerous person without even thinking about your safety. And then you brought back my precious Victoria. You know what? I just don’t know where to begin to thank you.

You have welcomed me into your home. That is more than enough thanks.

Oh, Konstantin, you came here telling us you were from Greece, but the way you’ve watched over us, I think you could very well be an angel sent from heaven.

[ominous music]

I’ve never felt more helpless in my life. And then Konstantin walked in with our daughter in his arms.

It was a miracle.

[phone beeps] Oh, it’s Sloan. We’re due in court soon.

Court? Oh, my God, I totally forgot. Well, how can I leave her now? How can I think about any of that stuff? We–no, we have to postpone it again. There’s no other way.

[soft dramatic music]

Maybe there is. What if I just dropped the case?

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