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Jada, oh, my God.


You didn’t say that you were hurt.

What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be out there stopping Stark and Von Leuschner.

Your call came in. I was a block away. I got Michaels scouring the city looking for your car. Never mind all that. Are you OK?

No, I am not. My suspects escaped. Rafe, they’ve– they’ve got to be stopped.

[tense music]

Babe, I know we have to get to the dock, but you’re driving too fast. The roads are slick.

I am not missing that submarine.

Well, we’re definitely gonna miss it if we get into an accident.

Hello, darling, I just got home. Where are you?

[sighs] I’m driving, on my way to you. EJ…


What is it?

I love you, ,::, and I am so happy I’m having this baby with you.

Dimitri, look out! You’re sliding into the other lane!

Damn it, Leo. I can’t control it!

I’ll be home soon. EJ. Oh, my God!

[vehicles crash]

Nicole! Nicole! Nicole! Are you OK? What was that noise? Nicole, are you there?

Hey. Tate, what’s going on?

Uncle Eric, how’s it going?

It’s going fine, thank you. If you’re looking for my dad, he’s upstairs.

Oh, thanks, thanks, yeah. Hey, I heard about your wedding. Great news.

Thank you. There could be more on the way. We’re adopting a baby, maybe even by tonight.

Oh, that’s awesome.


So when do I get to meet the kid?

Slow down. Me first, pal.

Sloan, I am so sorry, but I’m afraid you lost the baby.

What? Is this a joke?

No. Listen, Sloan–

No, you listen. This is unacceptable! What do you mean I’ve lost the baby?

[breathing heavily]

What the–

You OK?

Yeah, I’m OK. Are you?

That car came out of nowhere.

Yeah, well, that’s what happens when you drive like a maniac. There it is now, up against that guardrail.

OK, we gotta keep moving.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, we can’t just leave. Whoever’s in that car could be hurt. They definitely are hurt. They’re not moving.

What’s your point?

My point is, we need to check on them, make sure they’re OK.

Whoa, whoa, what–no, Leo!

[car door slams]

Hello? Anyone home?


What? What is it?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[dramatic music]

Oh, damn, voicemail. Nicole, where are you? What happened? Do you need help? Call me back.

Why would Mom need help?

Oh, Holly. She’s on her way back, but…

But what?

I don’t know. Her phone went dead.

That’s all?

I thought I heard a crash.

Oh, my God.

Don’t worry. I’m sure she’s fine. Let’s not overreact until we know more.

I got her voicemail too. She’s not answering.

Don’t worry, I’ll find out what happened, OK?

You’re leaving?

I’ll call you as soon as I know anything, OK?

But you don’t even know where she’s at.

Don’t worry, I will find her one way or another, and I’ll make sure she’s OK.


No, no, no, no. You stay here, OK, by the phone, just in case.

No, in case of what?

Holly, stay here by the phone. I’ll call you, I promise.

You know, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t think I would be alive if it wasn’t for Leo Stark.


Dimitri had me dead to rights. He had a gun against my head.

Son of a bitch.

[sighs] You need to go out there and finish the search.

No, no, you’re going to the hospital, and I’m driving.

No, I’ll find my way there. I can’t weigh you down right now.

Jada, you are going to the hospital. That’s an order.

Please, I’m fine. Watch.


Oh, yeah, right. You’re just peachy.


You gonna start listening to me now, huh?


Listen, I know that this is terribly disappointing, but I can’t reverse this.

You haven’t even said what “this” is. I mean, how did I lose the baby? Is this about money? Is the lawyer playing us? Is he trying to get a bigger commission?

Please, can you just let this go?

No, I won’t. You said it was a done deal, Melinda. My God, less than an hour ago, you told me that Eric and I were about to be parents to a baby boy, and now we’re not. I need you to explain to me how the hell this happened.

Yeah, I can hardly believe it. When Melinda first told us, it was like almost having an out-of-body experience.

I’ll bet, yeah. So the only thing that you know for sure is that it’s a boy?

Yeah, yeah, it’s a boy, and it’s due any day now. I mean, all we’re hoping for is that the baby is healthy. For the mother, of course, too.

[breathing heavily]

Do you think she’s dead?

I have no idea, but we really have to go.

But this is Nicole Walker. She’s married to your uncle EJ.

OK, I am sorry for his loss.

OK, I can deal with heartless and cold. I’m often heartless and cold myself. But there is heartless and cold, and then there is heartless and cold.

Sweetheart, say heartless and cold one more time.

Look, Dimitri, I don’t want to get caught any more than you do, but we did this. This woman is lying here dying because of us.

And what do you suggest we do, stand here mourning and wait to be arrested? If the woman is a goner, there’s–


[gasps] She’s– she’s alive!


The nurse said the doctor would be here soon. How you feeling?

My head is fine. It’s my ego that took the real blow. Ugh, I can’t believe they stole my car.

Well, yeah, now we get to add grand theft auto to the charges.

Yeah, but if I was driving a department vehicle, you’d be able to track their location.


No, don’t beat yourself up about this, all right?


Listen to me. Look at me. We will find them.

[dramatic music]

I just wish that I was the one slapping the cuffs on them.

Yeah. Where’s that doc?

It’s only been a minute.

Yeah, a minute too long. You need medical attention.


I’m gonna go find them. And you know what? We have every available uniform on the search looking for those two idiots. They’re gonna turn up, and we’re gonna nail them, all right?




She’s hurt.


[sighs] Where am I? What happened?


Oh, OK, we– we’ll–we’ll call and leave this to the pros. Damn it, I can’t get a signal.

Oh! Help! Oh, please.

We don’t have any other options.

We can’t just leave her here. She’s suffering.

We can’t go to jail either.

OK, OK, let’s just figure out how badly she’s injured.

The most selfish man in the world chooses now to care about somebody else? Leo, when Rolf’s submarine is gone, it is gone, and that is it. And there is no lawyer alive that can get us out of this mess. Now, do you really want to risk it all for…her?


The lawyer’s not to blame, Sloan, or the other family. The baby’s mother is the one who decided to pull the plug.

Why? She wanted to keep the baby?

No, please, Sloan, don’t make me do this.

Just–just tell me, OK?

It’s you.

Me. God, Melinda, I thought we said we were gonna keep names out of this.

At the last minute, she insisted she wanted to know who was gonna be raising her child. And as we all know, our lives are all open books these days.


[scoffs] So she googled me. Well, what did she find out?

Enough, Sloan. She found out enough.

It was good to see you. I’ve got to get to Sloan.


Hey, I’ll keep you posted on how things go, OK?

Holly? What’s going on?

I think something happened to my mom.

Oh, oh, God. It hurts so much.

Ah, what do we do? She seems worse now.

You’re the one who wanted to move her.

Well, we should have put her right in our car. She needs to get to a hospital.

Yes, only it isn’t our car. It belongs to a Salem PD detective. And I assure you they’re looking high and low for it right now.

Well, we have to do something.

OK, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we go look for cell service and then we can send help back?

You want to leave her here? Dimitri, we can’t.

Leo, we have to, and I’m not being cold and heartless right now. I’m thinking of her. This is her best chance of survival.

Oh, you think her best chance of survival is for us to abandon her, leave her here alone, writhing in pain?

Well, we sure as hell can’t move her again. She could have internal bleeding.


Oh, God, OK.


Nicole, Nicole, honey, hi, it’s Leo. Can you tell me where it hurts?

[moans, exhales heavily] You… and you, you morons drove me off the road.

And we’re sorry. We’re terribly sorry. He was driving. Listen, we have been praying that you’re OK.

Do I look OK? Oh! Oh, the baby.


OK, listen, listen, listen, your baby is gonna be just fine, OK? There’s–there’s a lot of built-in cushioning, yeah.

That’s not what I mean.


I mean–oh… the baby is coming.

[moans] Oh! Oh!

Yeah, well, it was a struggle just getting Jada here, but she’s in with the doc now. Oh, well, you know her. She’s more focused on taking those two down than taking care of herself. OK, yeah, good. Let’s send some more units to the west side. Those two clowns are bound to show up sometime soon. And who’d you say was looking for me?


Forget it. He’s here now.

Rafe, I need your help. Something’s happened to Nicole.

[dramatic music]


[breathing sharply] Oh, the contractions are too close. Mm! Help! Oh, please.

OK, we’re trying, Nicole. You are not alone.

What is happening? How did we get into this?

You know damn well how we got into this. You were speeding, and now she needs us, Dimitri. We have to help her.


Ah, Nicole, squeeze your legs together tight. We’re gonna get you to University Hospital.

No, we won’t make it. Oh, this baby is coming, and you have to deliver it. Leo, yes.

So my reputation cost us the baby.

The mother is a very moral person, apparently.

I could fly in and meet her. I can go to St. Louis. No, I could show her the real me. OK, bad idea.

Sloan, I’ll keep looking, OK? I will find you another baby, I promise.

Oh, right, you promise, Melinda, but we both know that could take years. What the hell am I supposed to tell Eric? He is out there telling his family right now the good news. He’s buying diapers and playpens and wooden gyms.

I mean, make something up. Tell him the mother got cold feet, that she decided to raise the kid herself. Sloan, you need to trust that I will get you through this. Yes, it may take a while, but–

Oh, but I don’t have a while, damn it, Melinda. I told you already. I don’t want Eric to have to wait another day to be a father. And while I’m running into roadblocks here, there is a baby out there, his baby, and it’s just waiting to be born, and– and–and– and Eric needs to know.

Wait, whoa, what are you saying?

I’m saying that it’s– it’s time to tell Eric the truth about his child.

I don’t know. EJ said he’d find her, to stay at the house. But I couldn’t just stay there all alone, not knowing anything.

Hey, you came to the right place. You’re not alone anymore.

EJ thought he heard a crash? And all he knows is that your mom, she was on her way home.

Yeah, there’s, like, five different routes she could have been on. He said he’d find her, but how does he even know where to start?

This is what my parents were talking about when they made me turn on the Location Sharing services on my phone. They know where I am all the time.

Wait, I can’t believe I forgot. My mom made me do the same. But I said I wouldn’t unless she did too.

[gasps] There–there she is.


It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s a good thing Detective Hunter’s car is a rolling Walmart.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Just breathe. Just breathe. That’s what they say in the movies, right? Deep breath in, deep breath out.

If you say deep one more time, I’m gonna pull your vocal cords out.

Careful, I think she means it.

Oh! Where’s the baby’s father? EJ needs to be here.

Ooh, he’s gonna be a no-show, unfortunately.

Oh, God, it’s close.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It’s very close.

Uh-huh, that much is obvious and panic attack and goose bump-inducing.

Oh, someone needs to catch this baby.

Hey, I am holding her hand and hyperventilating. You’re not doing anything.

Me? You’re the one who insisted on being here in the first place.

Guys, please!

OK, OK, OK. Oh, my God, oh, my God. An actual human being is about to emerge from there. Ooh. OK.

I need to push. I need…

I’m not gonna–

To push.

I’m not gonna faint. I’m gonna be calm. I’m gonna be cool.

Now! Please, I need to push!

I’m gonna pretend that I am Dr. Leo Stark, who has delivered millions of babies so brilliantly that when they pop out, they don’t even cry. They just smile and wave. Now, come on. Pepper him right in here.

The baby is coming.

OK, Nicole. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. You got this. We have got this. I need you to take one last deep breath and then push your little tushy off.

[straining] Here it comes!


You got this, darling. You got it too, Nicole.

[screams] Sweet Mother of God, is that a head?

Oh, God.

[breathing sharply]

OK, you got this.

Oh, God!

You got this! Ah!


OK, I took some units off another operation to focus on finding Nicole. They will keep their eyes peeled.

That’s it?

Well, there’s not much more I can do at the moment. You said she was heading home?

I said she was in an accident. But apparently, all you can do about it is tell a couple of uniforms to pay attention to their surroundings. For God’s sake, she could be injured or worse.

OK, EJ, right now, I have two fugitives on the loose, armed and dangerous. I’ve got a detective in the hospital with a possible concussion. And yes, I am worried about Nicole, too, but I’m doing triage. And as DA, I would think you’d understand that.

I understand nothing, your cavalier attitude least of all.

I’ll call you if I hear something.


[dramatic music] Oh, damn it, Rafe.


Sloan, you are not being rational. You cannot tell Eric the truth about Nicole’s baby.

I have to. I’m stuck.

What do you mean you’re stuck? You just hit one little setback.

Little? A woman I have never met before found out so much crap about me that she won’t let me near her baby. I am radioactive.


No. Ever since Eric got Nicole pregnant, I have been twisting myself into some kind of damn pretzel just to try and keep up. Getting pregnant, losing the baby. I’ve been sneaking around, switching test results. And look, and now this. It’s–

Sloan, you are being all doom and gloom here when you are so close to the finish line.

The finish line? I’m surprised someone like me is even allowed in the race. And I can’t keep making things worse with yet again another lie.

OK, this is your disappointment talking. Just take a breath.

No, Melinda, I am done. You don’t get it. I’m done, OK? Eric wants to be a father more than anything else in this world, and that’s already happening… any day now. And he needs to know it.

Yeah, well, you better be prepared for what happens next. Because, honey, when you tell Eric the truth, he will walk out on you so fast, your head will spin, and you will be alone.

I know that spot. It’s pretty remote. Hey, is that a time stamp?

Yeah, I guess that means the last time her location updated was minutes ago.

Hey, hey, maybe her phone died.

Or maybe it was damaged in the crash, which is even worse. She may not even be there anymore.

OK, Holly, listen, I’m headed out right now.

I’m going with you.

No, no, no, somebody needs to stay home, just in case somebody calls.

Yeah, I’ll go with you, OK? You won’t be alone.

All right. I’ll keep in touch, OK?

Please, Eric, please find my mom.

I promise. I promise you.

[door slams]

[baby whimpering]

Oh. It’s a boy.

He is so adorable. That teeny little nose and all those little fingers.

He’s my precious baby. He’s a little miracle.

[baby whimpering]


I found this in a shopping bag in your car.

I just bought it, getting prepared.

Good timing, I guess.

I still can’t believe we just did that.

[sighs] I have to say, it is the first time in my life that I felt…important, like I had a purpose, bringing this little angel into the world.


Well, we certainly did our part, especially you. Now we just have to pray that Rolf hasn’t left without us.


What? What? Is the baby OK?

Well, he’s–he’s premature, and he needs to see a doctor right away. I– I need you to get us to the hospital. Please.

We can’t. It’s too risky.


We don’t know how bad your injuries are. I don’t want to move you again.

Well, you have– you have to move me. My baby’s not leaving me.


[clears throat] OK… the baby needs to see a doctor. He needs to get checked out ASAP, so… I will wait here with Nicole until an ambulance comes back for us.

[dramatic music]

Wait, I’m sorry. You–you want me to deliver the baby to a hospital?

Yes, then we’ll be even, almost.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Leo, we cannot split up, not now.

It’s the only way, and you have to be the one to do it. If you put me behind the wheel with that little angel flopping around all over the place, I’m going to be so nervous and distracted, I will for sure crash. OK, listen, I will meet you in the park behind the hospital after the ambulance gets here. Listen, listen, listen, listen, think about all of the karma we are earning, helping Nicole and her little baby. Maybe enough to help us get away forever. The world is going to owe us one, yeah?

[chuckles] You’re crazy. I love you, but you are crazy. And I’m not quite sure I like this whole you-taking-charge business.

Yeah, well, you’re gonna do it, right?

[sighs] I hate you.

Nicole, sweetie, you are… so amazing and brave. And I have newfound respect for you and all women for going through that. But I know that you know I’m right. Little Leo Jr. needs to have all those fingers and toes checked out by a medical professional, meaning…

I can’t.

He will be back in your arms before you know it. You have my word.

Your word.

OK, I know that’s not good for very much, but… we’ve come this far together, haven’t we? And obviously, I want your baby to be OK. And believe it or not, I have feelings for the little guy, having birthed him and all. Please, God, let that feeling pass ASAP.

I’ll second that.

In the meantime…


It’s gonna be OK. It’s gonna be OK. I promise you. OK. OK. OK. OK, little guy.


OK, I got him. I got him.


OK, OK, OK, OK. Oh. OK, OK, OK, OK, you drive so, so carefully. This is very precious cargo, even more precious than yours truly. OK. Be careful. Hey, Nicole, it’s gonna be OK. We’re a team now. I’m here to take care of you. I got you. OK.



Thanks, Doc. I told you it wasn’t something minor.

You know, I think the doc made a big deal out of it, a CT scan when I’m feeling totally fine and having to stay overnight for observation.

I am in favor of observation.

But, Rafe–

But nothing, OK? You know, people, when they receive blows like this to the head, sometimes they’ll just collapse, bam, out of nowhere. So I’m glad you’re staying. I will be right back.

Where are you going?

I’m gonna go ask the doctor if there is anything special that you need.

How about you ask him if he can release me?

Oh, news flash: you’re stuck here, OK? Stuck.

[door clicks shut]


No reports of an accident? What do you mean, you don’t usually cover these things? Well, let me make this easy for you. No accident victims have been brought into University Hospital in the past hour. So why don’t you tell your crack team of reporters to get out into the field and do their job? Rafe, any word on Nicole?

I told you I’d let you know if there was.

You need to put more resources on the ground, damn it. This isn’t just any injured person. It is a very pregnant Nicole. So why don’t you press pause on whatever else is taking up your precious time and do something?

You entitled bastard. I was just spending my precious time with one of my detectives who was wounded in the line of duty, which could have been far worse, as she was held with a gun to her head. So right now, I am focused on the son of a bitch who thinks that he can get away with this. And when I do find Von Leuschner, he’s gonna wish that he was never born.

Oh, spare me. You’re dragging your feet because you don’t want to help me or Nicole. The only thing you actually care about is saving your sister from a murder charge.

OK. I’m gonna let that pass right now because you are obviously very upset about Nicole. But you say it one more time, you’re gonna have to prosecute me for assault charges.

Fine, I’ll find Nicole myself, you worthless bureaucrat.


[phone rings]

[sighs] Yeah.

Telling Eric the truth about Nicole doesn’t mean it’s over. Well, I’m not gonna tell him the whole truth. I mean, I know I can sell those fake test results as a mix-up from the lab.

That is delusional.

No, Nicole’s married now. Things are different, and he’ll actually get to know his child. Hell, if he wants, he’s entitled to partial custody. Meanwhile, him and I will still be a couple, and I’ll help him raise the kid.

So you do all that, you and Eric, and you live happily ever after? Is that the fantasy?

At least I won’t have to live with this incredible guilt anymore.

Oh, for God’s sake, let go of the guilt. It is corrosive and pointless, and it’ll drive you to settle for a half measure. Is that what you want?

I have made up my mind, Melinda.

Well, then unmake it, damn it, and listen to reason, ’cause you can either screw up your entire life to a fare-thee-well, or you can stick to it and have it all. And you can do it without risking everything. So which will it be?

[engine zooming]

[tires screeching]

[car door slams]

Nicole? Nicole! Hey, are you all right?

It’s you.

Is she all right?

I think so. I hope so. I just didn’t want to move her.

OK. Why were you in the car with her?


Well, I didn’t see another car. Did she lose control?

I’m gonna let her fill you in on all the deets after. I’m late to a date.

What? Wait! Why?

Good luck.

OK, all right, listen, I’m gonna call an ambulance.

Eric. Eric, wait.

What? I know, I know. Just breathe.


Take it easy, all right? I’m here now.

Something happened, and this isn’t about the accident. Something else happened. I had the baby.

I was so hoping her car would be out front when we got back and I’d help her unpack and she’d be on my case about homework.

Hey, hey, she could still be on her way, OK? Just try to stay positive, all right?

[dramatic music]

It’s still stuck at the same location. Could mean everything, or it could mean nothing. She could literally be anywhere, in the hospital or… God knows where.

It’s OK. You’re gonna be OK.


God, you cannot believe the conversation that I just had with EJ. Jada, where did you go?

Dimitri? And he’s the one worried about missing Rolf’s yellow submarine. Dimitri, where are you?

I’d like to know that too. You know, all arrests should be this easy.

So the accident, it brought on the labor? You had a baby right here.

Yes, right here.

OK, so, all right, where’s the–where’s the baby?


You just don’t understand that if I don’t do this, I won’t be able to live with myself. Eric has a baby that’s about to be born, and I love him too much to keep that from him. It would be different if I had a baby to give him. I just–I don’t. I don’t, and I never will.

Wow, when you make up your mind about something.

I know what I have to do, and I’m gonna do it now. I’m gonna find Eric, and I’m gonna tell him the truth.


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