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Liam: You can’t deny what we shared together, right?

Steffy: I’d never try.

Liam: Hey, look, our lives took different paths but… the love we have for each other, it’s still there. Never went anywhere. I can feel it right now. I know you can too. Ooh, I need a cold shower.

[ Steffy chuckles ]

Liam: I don’t know why you’re putting off the inevitable. Eventually, you’re gonna have to protect yourself and the kids from Sheila. And I can help you do that, Steffy. Leave the guy. Come back to me.

Finn: Appreciate you coming so quickly.

Deacon: Well, I gotta admit I was kind of intrigued by your phone call. So, what’s the occasion? You’re not gonna snap on a rubber glove, are you? Am I overdue for a checkup?

Finn: Yeah, for your brain. If you think there’s any way I’m gonna let Sheila into my life.

Luna: Hey, you want to talk about it?

RJ: No. It’s just… I– I can’t stop thinking about him. I can’t stop thinking about Granddad. The fact that he is– he’s dying and… he’s just not acting like it. like, he’s just acting like this is business as usual. I just wish there was some way I could help him.

Luna: Just keep loving him and be there for him the same way you have been. And listen, you’re not alone anymore. You told your parents about what’s going on, so you can talk to them. And you know I’m here, anytime.

Li: Luna has to go. Do you hear me, Penelope?

Poppy: Loud and clear. But you’re not being reasonable, Li. I mean, Luna would never do anything to hurt anybody. Much less you or Finn. She just wants to work at Forrester Creations.

Li: I’m not having it. Any of it. I want your daughter out of Forrester today.

RJ: Well, I’m happy that you’re not leaving Forrester, though. Even though your Aunt Li really wants you to.

Luna: I don’t get it. You know, I mean, she’s always been so hard on my mom and me. like everything we do spites her somehow.

RJ: Some people are just impossible to please, and maybe your Aunt Li is one of them. I do know one thing though, Aunt Li does not get to dictate who gets to and doesn’t get to work at Forrester.

Li: Luna’s career at Forrester ends today. Have I made myself clear, Penelope?

Poppy: It’s Poppy.

[ Li scoffs ]

Li: No, it’s not. That silly name is not the one our hard-working, loyal parents gave you.

Poppy: Why are you so dismissive of me? Of who I am? You’re my older sister. I want you to accept me. To be close.

Li: You know what you did to me. How you upended my life, almost cost me my career. I won’t let you or your daughter do the same to my son.

Finn: Look, I don’t care if you and Sheila are supposedly in love. And I certainly don’t buy that she’s suddenly some changed person.

Deacon: I– I can’t help but notice that you call her Sheila. She’s your mom. I mean, she carried you. She brought you into this world. Doesn’t that matter to you? Of course it does. I can see that. So can she.

Liam: Finn may be your husband, but he’s also Sheila’s son. And as long as you’re with him, you’re with her. And she will remain as dangerous as ever unless you do something about it now, unless you cut the cord now. We were great together. And I think we could be even better. Alright, now.

Poppy: What do you want from me, Li? Since I can’t change the past, how do I make things right between us? I mean, I’ve apologized over and over again.

Li: You think a few “I’m sorry’s” is going to make up for what you did to me? Never should have gotten you a job at that gift shop.

Poppy: I fell in love.

Li: Oh, God. With a married man? The chief surgeon?

Poppy: I didn’t know that till after.

Li: His wife found out. When she realized that we were sisters, that was the end of me there. I worked hard to become a doctor. Years of dedication and sacrifice. While you– while you just fluttered around like a lost butterfly. No direction, no purpose. Just excuses. Smiling your way through life like you had no worries in the world. What’s with you anyway? Why are you always so happy?

Poppy: It’s easy when you don’t have much. A car that runs. A safe, decent place to live. Friends. My precious Luna. Yeah. And it may not seem like a lot to you, but it’s more than enough for me. Happiness doesn’t have to be dictated by money or success.

Li: Are you belittling my accomplishments?

Poppy: No. Not at all. I am so impressed by and proud of you. But I also wonder, is all that striving worth it if it doesn’t bring you joy? Unless I’m wrong. Are you happy, Li?

Li: What do you think? Knowing what I’ve been through? Finding out the husband I loved and trusted, ;ied to my face every day until his scandalous affair with that sociopath was finally exposed. A woman who tried to kill Finn and me.

Poppy: And I am so sorry for your pain. But there’s a silver lining. I mean, I realize that Sheila’s a dangerous person, but, without her, you wouldn’t have Finn.

Deacon: Sheila wants nothing more than to have a place in your life. A– a place that she’s willing to earn. It doesn’t matter how long it’s gonna take. Look, like it or not, she gave you life. She just wants to be a part of it.

Finn: You know how Steffy feels. She despises Sheila. I don’t want anything to do with her. Sheila needs to accept that and stay the hell away from me and my family.

Steffy: You mean so much to me. And I can’t deny that we’ve had some pretty incredible times. We made a remarkable little girl in Kelly. And you brought so much happiness to my life. And look, I get it, you’re concerned for my safety.

Liam: For good reason.

Steffy: Well, I’m telling you, I can handle Sheila. I’m not running away this time. I am not backing down. And I’m not gonna give up my marriage because of that lunatic.

Deacon: Well, I gotta tell you, I don’t envy you. Caught between your birth mother and your wife. I just– I– I just don’t understand how you don’t want to get to know the woman that brought you into this world.

Finn: Okay, you’re not hearing me. No, Deacon. I don’t. And I didn’t call you here to have some sales pitch on Sheila. I want to let you know in no uncertain terms that woman will never be a part of my life or my family. Now you, you may have wiped the slate clean of every heinous act Sheila’s ever committed, but I haven’t. And I never will and neither will Steffy.

Deacon: Never is a real long time.

Finn: My commitment is to my wife, to my children. They are my family. They are the ones that I fought to be with when Sheila wanted to keep me away. Steffy is my world. I love her more than anything and I won’t risk losing her. Certainly not over Sheila.

Liam: So, what’s the plan here? You’re just– you’re gonna stay in a marriage that constantly puts you and your children in jeopardy?

Steffy: I love Finn. And I’m not walking away from him because of Sheila. I’m not intimidated by her. Look, I love you. I always will. But I am committed to my family, to my husband. And I’m not gonna leave him for anyone, including you.

Liam: All right. I’m sorry to hear that. But just so you know, I’m not giving up because… our story is not finished. In fact, I’m gonna guess it’s barely begun. You and me, we’re gonna– we’re gonna find our way back to each other.

RJ: When did this– you didn’t mention to me that your mom was coming to LA.

Luna: Yeah, I didn’t know. My mom is, um, pretty impulsive, to say the least.

[ RJ chuckles ]

Luna: And also she’s worried about me working here at Forrester.

RJ: Let me guess, because of the overbearing Aunt Li. Ah, I see.

Poppy: Okay, I am not sure that came out right. Hey, I didn’t mean that you should be grateful to Sheila for cheating with your husband. But things happen for a reason. Okay, I believe in fate. That affair produced Finn.

Li: The love of my life. My pride and joy. And everything was perfect in Finn’s life until that deranged birth mother of his showed up. I almost lost him. Imagine if an insane woman put a bullet in Luna.

Poppy: But that’s why I wanted to be there for you. I reached out but you wouldn’t have me.

Li: You should have taken the hint and stayed away. You and Luna. But instead, out of the whole entire world, she ends up right smack in the middle of Forrester Creations? Steffy’s family’s business? And I was supposed to think that’s a coincidence?

Poppy: As opposed to what? A grand conspiracy?

Li: You messed with my life before. I refuse to allow that to happen again with your daughter and my son.

Poppy: You couldn’t be more wrong, Li. Luna came to LA to further her career, not sabotage Finn. Why would she even want to?

Li: Because she was raised by you. Her values instilled by you. A woman who would throw her family under the bus to gratify her own selfish needs.

Poppy: Luna had nothing to do with that. And it’s not right for you to hold her accountable for something that I did. And for the record, again, I did not know that I was sleeping with a married man. And I truly never meant for you to get caught in the fallout.

Li: But that’s who you are, isn’t it? So free and easy. So lovable. The friends, all the friends. The dates. All the attention. Everybody loves Poppy. Talk about unfair.

Poppy: What’s unfair?

Li: That you were able to carry a child and I couldn’t.

Steffy: I thought you had a full day at the hospital.

Finn: I realized the most important thing I have to do is this.

Luna: Mom and Aunt Li didn’t come from privilege. I mean, their parents were working class, so Aunt Li didn’t have any ins or advantages. She’s had to work really hard for everything that she has. But it’s made her really cold and judgmental.

RJ: Well, I mean, that explains why you’re not close to her.

Luna: Well, it’s really hard to be close to her, there’s so many walls up. And, you know, my loyalty is to my mom. She’s always been really hard on her. And it’s been that way for as long as I can remember. I don’t know, I just wish that they could just be close.

RJ: So you wouldn’t have to feel caught in the middle? like you do with your job?

Luna: Give the man a prize.

RJ: I’m sorry.

Poppy: Oh, Li.

Li: No.

Poppy: Is that why you’ve always been so mad at me? Because I carried a child and you couldn’t?

Li: Save your pity. I can’t use it.

Poppy: Now, why would I pity you? You have Finn. He couldn’t be more wonderful.

Li: And I love and cherish him completely. But it’s not the same as it is with you and Luna. You carried her in your womb for nine months. Your own flesh. Your own blood. Finn shares that with Sheila. I share it with no one.

Poppy: Li, I didn’t realize. I thought you made a choice not to have any more kids after adopting Finn. And that being a doctor was a priority.

Li: So many accomplishments in my life. My– my education, my career, the marriage I thought I had. Except for one thing. I can’t bring a child into this world. Something you did so effortlessly.

Poppy: Li, I didn’t know.

Li: I told you, I don’t want your pity. What’s been said here changes nothing. I still refuse to let your daughter interfere in my son’s life.

Finn: I have been thinking about you. All day. I couldn’t wait to take you in my arms. To hold your body close to mine. I missed you like crazy.

Steffy: I missed you too.

Finn: We have so much time to make up for. Couldn’t wait another minute to start. I’m gonna take you into our bedroom and make love to you over and over and over again. And hold you tight and never let go.

Steffy: Well, I’m not going anywhere.

Finn: I’m so madly in love with you. Never question that.

Steffy: I won’t. And I love you so much. And I hated being away from you.

Finn: Well, that’s why I came home. I couldn’t stand it. Couldn’t stand being away another minute. I just had to see you in our home. Look into those beautiful eyes and kiss your Lips. You’re the best part of my life. I love you more than anything. And nothing and no one will ever keep us apart again.

Liam: Hiya, Steffy. You know, I never stopped loving you, right? And you’ll come back to me. You will. You will. And when you do… I am never letting you go again.

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