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[ Sighs ] Good morning. Good morning. Ned? Yep. It’s me. Liv. Thank you, yuri. You’re welcome, miss lois. Alright. You know what? You need to stop with the “miss” and just call me lois. Got it? Got it. Got it. Morning, yuri! Is there any coffee made? I just brewed fresh pot for your mother. Oh, great. I’ll take a cup. Thank you. Ooh! Somebody’s full of energy this morning. Oh, well, I need to be. And so do you. You are going to help me strategize for blaze. How you doing on that cereal, buddy? You almost done? Yeah. Just a few more bites. Okay. We can’t be late this morning.

[ Door opens ] Did you get amelia settled at the main house? Michael: Yeah, she is happily playing in the nursery. What are you two doing? I’m almost ready, dad. Where’s your math workbook? I took it upstairs last night after you helped me. I’ll go get it. No, wiley needs to go get it as soon as he’s finished eating his breakfast. Can we go see grandma nina after school? Please? Good morning, carly. Uh, hi, nina. Um… do you want to sit at the counter or — oh, no. I have to get to work. Could I have a yogurt parfait and a cup of coffee with an extra shot of espresso to go? Um, sure, sure. Okay. Uh… were you at the hospital last night? You heard. Yeah. I-I can’t believe it. I-I just — I can’t believe what happened to charlotte. Yeah, it was a terrible, terrible accident. Anna mistook charlotte for an intruder and shot her. Is my papa here? He has been by your side all night long, but about an hour ago, we were able to convince him to go home and get some rest now that you’re out of the icu. Has anna been here? Deputy mayor. Detective. Do you know why she wanted to meet us here this morning? No, I don’T. But I don’t imagine it’s anything good.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. Anna devane. Here to see you both. Perfect. Thank you. Um, when did charlotte wake up from her surgery? Well, last night. Valentin and I were there. And they’ve since moved her out of icu, which — thank god. And her doctor expects her to have a full recovery. Oh. That’s incredible. Yeah. Well, please tell her if she needs anything I-I’m here for her. We’re family, and I would love to help out any way I can. Thank you. I’ll pass that along. I appreciate it, and I’m sure valentin and laura do, too. Alright, well, I’m gonna check on your order.

[ Door opens ] Martin! Nina. Good morning. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t have you disbarred for violating attorney/client privilege. Grandma nina said that I can come to her office any time I want, and she’ll help with my homework. That’s very generous of grandma nina. And maybe we will take her up on the offer. But not today. Aw. Why not? You have t-ball today, remember? Oh, yeah! Do you think we could see grandma nina after? Maybe after your t-ball game. Deal? Deal! Okay. Now run upstairs and grab your math workbook. You hate this, don’t you?

[Breathlessly] Yeah. You’re ned, alright. I’m back, baby. Oh, that you are.

[ Laughs ] Mmm. Mmm. Wish I could spend the rest of the day in bed with you. Don’t tempt me. You’re tempting me.

[ Giggles ] Mmm. Mmm. Oh, god. I got so much work to do at the metro court today. Okay. I know you have work to do, but so do I. Elq has been neglected for months, and I’m sure I just have a mountain of paperwork to comb through and a lot of meetings to catch me up. Speaking of meetings, I got one with nina today about the renovations on the rooftop. I give you my word that I will do everything I can to make sure that no one finds out it was you who tipped off the sec about drew and carly. Ned? What’s wrong? Oh, my god. Please tell me you’re still ned! I am. Oh. Thank god. What happened? I, uh… I just remembered something very important. Okay. So what do you need your ma’s help with? Well, link had blaze pigeonholed as a pop star. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a great pop star. But she wants to explore other musical styles. That’s where you come in. Ah, yes, yes, yes. The old tricky transition. Yes, well, that — that’s not gonna be so easy. See, you gotta let your musical talent follow their own inspirations. But you’ve got to manage their expectations. You got to monitor and — well, mentor them really, right? Because you want to make sure that they don’t reject the new material and run back to what they’re familiar with. All the while, you got to keep an eye on their audience. Okay. You might have to remind me of some of that later. Um, okay, so here is some of the stuff that blaze is considering. Mm! Okay. Hm. Mm-hmm. Didn’t you say that your, uh — your artist blaze is a pop star? Yeah. Well, this stuff looks folky and country. It is. The country market is red-hot right now. You could, uh, how you say, uh… lean into this? Good morning. My name is gregory chase. I have an appointment with my specialist, dr. Kramer. I’ll check you in, mr. Chase. Thank you. I appreciate the ride, son. But you don’t have to wait for me. I’ll get a rideshare home. You’re not getting rid of me

that easy, dad. Go to kelly’s, grab a breakfast, enjoy this nice fall morning, I insist. So do I. I’m not leaving. I’ll be right here when you get out. -Thanks for meeting me. -No need to thank us. What’s going on, anna? Uh, despite being here, this is not official. Okay? None of it. Everything I say is off the record. And I-I asked to meet with both of you because you’re my friends and… dante, you need to know this because charlotte is lulu’s daughter and she’s family. Off the record, 100%. Yeah. Off the record. What do you have? Not sure, really, where to start. Um… what I’m gonna say, it — it doesn’t justify what happened. Okay? Nothing can justify that. Anna, we’re all friends here. We said we’d keep it off the record. Just tell us what you have to say. Apparently charlotte has been stalking me for months. Drew: Carly. I did– hey. Wow. Good morning, handsome. Hey. Good morning. Hi. This first day back at aurora, I thought I would just kind of dress up a little. Yeah. [ Laughs ] What are the chances that you and i can have a little bit of breakfast first? I have been trying to get ahold of you for weeks. You haven’t answered my calls. You’re not returning my texts or my e-mails. Are you avoiding me, martin? Perish the thought. T-the simple fact is, I’m a very busy attorney. I have a lot of cases to attend to, not just you. And then, of course, there’s lucy, and, you know, what she’s been going through over at deception. She has needed my shoulder to cry on. Well, I needed you to shut your mouth. I heard that recording of you accusing me of turning in carly and drew in to the sec.

[Chuckling] Accusing? Wait, my dear nina. That wasn’t an accusation. That tape was an admission. And we both know it. You were the one that wanted the sec to investigate drew and carly. And you were my attorney. You… you were my go-between. You were my insurance to make sure that I was protected. You promised me that I would be protected. And then you gave me up?! I could stand to lose everything. You’ve already lost. My opinion of nina has never changed, but I try not to make that obvious in front of wiley. Well, I think you’ve done a great job, because I don’t think wiley realizes how you really feel about nina… at least for now. So I’ll just go on trying to pretend that I like nina. I don’t want you to pretend. That wouldn’t be fair to wiley. We should always be truthful with him. Even it comes down to what kind of woman she really is? Okay, what I hope is that you allow for the possibility that nina really has learned her lesson and has changed. And I know — I know you want to believe that, willow, but you’re wrong. Wrong how? It was nina. What was nina? It was nina who pointed the sec at drew and carly. What?! I overheard her talking to her lawyer, martin gray, at the metro court. And she had martin alert the sec about drew and carly. God. I can’t believe this. After martin walked away, I confronted her, and — and she wanted me to continue taking the fall for her… and that eventually all the people that meant the most to me would believe that I wasn’t the one who turned them in. Of course, I refused. Low-life piece of… and then the — the hostess came out, interrupted us, and said something about drew and tracy at the pool. And that’s when I was on my way out to tell drew everything and exonerate myself. And I slipped and fell. I need to tell drew and carly the truth. Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Don’T. Wait, wait. You can’T. What do you mean I can’t? Sonny and nina just got married. Sonny’s happier than I have ever seen him before. A-and drew is home. He’s home from pentonville. He’s safe. Nina and carly are getting along for once for the sake of the families. I — is there any chance that you could, um… forget that you remembered? How can you say that? Nina’s the one who turned them in, a-and you want her just to get away with it? Of course I don’t want her to get away with it. I’m just saying that maybe… her getting away with it is — is — is better than open warfare. Okay. That sounds great in theory. But what about clearing my name? Yuri, what do you consider great music? Good vocals or something that gives you a good vibe? Well, I’ve been enjoying the country music. Oh. Okay. Why country? The emotion is right there. It’s immediate. It’s at the surface. It’s raw and unaffected. Really good points, ma. Mm-hmm. Um, any particular songs? There’s one song. It’s really about parents and children, growing up and letting go. But the lyrics are basically a love song to a boat. There’s also love songs to a truck and so many love songs to whiskey. The inanimate objects serve as metaphors for life’s deepest emotions. Oh. Alright. Any songs about boats and trucks in here? Hey. How’d the appointment g– whoa. What’s with the brace? Oh, uh, I-I took a fall at the invader yesterday, and I reached out to brace myself and jammed my wrist up. Why didn’t you tell me that? Because I didn’t think it was anything serious and nothing to bother you about. Besides, it’s fine. It doesn’t even hurt. What did the specialist say? It’s fine, chase. Let’s get out of here. Dad, what did dr. Kramer say? He said I should be using a cane. Then why aren’t you? -How do you feel? -Okay. Just a little weak. That’s to be expected after surgery. That’s why we got to get you moving.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Valentin told me last night that charlotte has been stalking me for months, and he found out when she vandalized my suite at the metro court. What makes him so sure that it’s charlotte? There’s security footage showing her entering the suite during the window of time that it was trashed. And she was carrying a backpack. Where’s the footage now? He convinced nina to delete it from the server. Why? Why not tell you what’s going on? Because valentin thinks it’s charlotte who’s the arsonist who burned down your house? Right? My life was turned into a living hell, and you want me to give nina a free pass? Just because everyone’s happy? Ned, you’re back. I have you back. That is all that I care about. That is all that matters. Are you forgetting that everyone, including you, accused me of making that call to the sec? Hell, even my own mother thought I did it. Although, she actually applauded the move. Do you know what it feels like to be wrongly accused? I can’t even imagine. And I am so sorry that I did not believe you. People think I’m responsible for sending drew to prison where he almost got killed! So no. No. I’m not gonna drop this. But what I will do is hold off — for now. Trust me — I’m only doing this for you. So if you want peace, I’ll give you peace, at least for a little while. But when everything settles down, at some point, I’m going to clear my name and expose nina. Okay. You can have this coffee. Mm-hmm. It was for nina, but I’d rather give it to you. Yes, please. Ohh. That’s so good. It’s just coffee.

[ Laughs ] No, it’s so much better than whatever it was they were serving at pentonville. I’m serious. Hm. So, breakfast wasn’t the — the real reason I stopped by. Ohh. Well, why did you stop by? Just to spend time with you. Hey. What’s going on?

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I just can’t stop thinking about charlotte. And the fact that anna shot her. Nina! Just so you know… the tape that michael has wasn’t me giving you up. Really, martin? Then what was it? A reluctant admission of something he already knows. Look. The man’s got a source. Probably somebody in the sec. I don’t know. But whoever it is was absolutely sure that it was you. What I can say with certainty, however, is that michael corinthos is a very formidable enemy, and he has painted a bull’s-eye on your back. Nina is never content with what she has, and I don’t think it’s ever gonna change. She’s gonna keep pushing for more and more. Yeah, sure, she’s all nice and light and sweet when she get what she wants, but when she doesn’t get what she wants, she turns into somebody completely different. Like when she lashed out at us at the visitation hearing. Michael, I agree. Nina can be ugly and vindictive. But that was more than a year ago. I have watched her. I really think that nina has learned from her mistakes. And we’d be setting a bad example for wiley if we can’t forgive somebody. Yeah. Found it, mom! And guess what else I found! Your favorite eraser. Nope! Grandma carly’s t-ball hat. And that is a very important hat. It’s what she wears to support your team. Yep. I took it home by accident. Can you give it back to her, mommy? Uh, I have a very busy day today, but I can try. You have everything? Yes. Okay. Math workbook in your backpack. Is daddy taking me to school? Nope. It’s my day to drop you off. Daddy needs to get to the office. -Bye, daddy! -Bye, bud. -Bye. Love you. -Bye. Love you. Come on.

[ Door closes ] I don’t see any trucks. I don’t see any boats or dogs. I don’t see any whiskey. Oh! Hang on. This one has whiskey. Yeah? It’s about loving someone and not being able to tell them. Ooh, I like that! Here it is. Mm-hmm! Who wrote it? Blaze did, actually. Which is unusual because she’s not a songwriter. She’s always gravitated more towards other people’s material. Well, from what it says, it looks like somebody is in blaze’s heart, but she cannot confess her love. Hm! Ned: Morning, all! Lois: Morning. Morning. Yuri made coffee. You’re not…eddie. Ned?! Dad? Is it really you? It’s me. I’m back. Brook lynn: Dad! Ohh! I missed you so much! Ah. I missed you, too. Wait until leo hears that you’re back. Just kind of bizarre to say since you’ve been here the whole time.

[ Laughter ] Lois: Hey! Is it really you? It’s me. Oh, well, it better be, because eddie wouldn’t be standing here in a $2,000 suit.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Doesn’t he look sharp? Ready to conquer elq, huh? I want to apologize for everything that I put everyone through. And, brook lynn… I love you and I’m so proud to call you my daughter. Ohh! Aww! Isn’t that the truth? Hey. We did a good job with this one, didn’t we, ned? Oh, we sure did. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] So… how is it that you are standing here in front of us with your full faculties? You know? I mean, w-what happened? Did you knock him over the head with your lasagna casserole? I did not, I promise, though I was tempted about a half a million times. But, seriously, what happened? How are you better? I had a near-death experience. I went to the boathouse and followed your advice. I dove in and almost drowned. Look, dad, I know that this is happening to you, but it’s also affecting me and finn. Because you’re our dad, and we both love you very much, and it hurts us to see you suffering. Look, we don’t want to take away your independence, but we do want to support you. That’s a fine line, son. I know it is. But in order for us to help and support you, we have to know what’s going on. So please don’t keep shutting us out like this. I-I tell myself that I don’t want to worry you or your brother, and that’s the truth. But it’s also true that I am… clinging to denial in spite of the symptoms — the — the cramping hands, the balance issues, the falls. There’s a part of me that still doesn’t believe I have als. I… I just can’t allow myself to accept the fact that this is happening to me. Charlotte is extremely lucky that she is gonna make a full recovery. Yes, and nina said she’s out of icu and she’s doing much better. That’s great. Yeah. I wonder how anna’s doing through all of this. I mean, I should probably stop by, check in on her, see if she needs anything. Hm. Hey. What’s going on? It just kind of hit me all over again. That you’re a free man? How lucky we are. Michael’s blackmailing me. Well, I’m not surprised. You’d probably do the same thing in a similar situation. No, actually, martin, I wouldn’T. Michael’s trying to control my access to my daughter and my grandchildren, and if I refuse, he’s gonna use that recording of yours telling everyone that I’m the one who tipped off the sec. So call his bluff. Do it. My mama always used to say, “everything’s gonna come out in the wash anyway.” So admit the truth. Tell everyone it was you. Throw yourself on carly and drew’s mercy. I’m not worried about carly and drew. I am worried about sonny… and my daughter. My family. This might be the last straw. They might not ever want to see me again. And that would destroy me. I’m afraid you’re stuck with whatever agreement you and michael have come to. Since you can’t turn me in for violating attorney/client privilege without exposing yourself in the process, I would strive for a more cordial tone. You need friends, nina. Don’t go adding to your list of enemies. Hi, charlotte. Hi, jake. These are for you. Thank you. They’re beautiful. How did you know roses are my favorite? I didn’t actually. I just told the lady at the flower shop that my — my friend was in the hospital and — and that I wanted to give her something pretty to make her feel better. I love them. Thank you. Elizabeth: They are really beautiful, but why don’t you hang on to them for right now? Do you want to go for a walk with us? Yeah. How are you feeling? Better — now that you’re here. Charlotte was at camp when your house burned down. Yeah.I’ve driven her to that camp. It’s about an hour away from your house. And she’s — she’s relatively tech-savvy, has money. She could have easily taken a rideshare back to port charles. And I’m sure she’s very familiar with the layout of your house. She is, yeah. I mean, that’s what valentin said last night, pretty much. So she spray paints “murderer” on your front door, burns down your house, vandalizes your hotel room, and, most recently, steals a key to the apartment and shows up there on halloween with a backpack… full of the same spray paint. Well, there’s one thing charlotte definitely didn’t do. She didn’t take a shot at anna at the metro court pool. You know what I see when I look at you? Yourself? A younger, more handsome version.

[ Chuckles ] I, too, was an athlete. I never had to struggle to stay in shape. I enjoyed exercising, pushing my body. I loved the satisfaction of a good hard workout. I look at you, and I see your… effortless grace and balance. I remember when I was like that. It never once occurred to me that I would lose that. I mean, I knew I’d grow older, but I took care of myself, I stayed fit. I never drank excessively. I never smoked. So how did this happen? How did… my body betray me to the point that I need a cane to walk? Pretty soon I won’t be able to walk at all. When I was a kid, I thought you were the tallest man in the world.

[ Chuckles ] I remember sitting on the living-room floor, looking up at you and thinking that my dad is the strongest, bravest, smartest man that I know. No one could be a better dad than my dad. And guess what. That little kid was right. No one comes close. Any time that I was scared of something… you would take my hand and you would say, “I got you, son.” And in that moment, it didn’t matter what it was, I knew. I knew that everything was gonna be okay. You remember that? I do. Well… I got you, dad. It confirms what I believe, that sonny was the intended target for the shooting at the metro court. There are obviously two forces at work here. Meaning you were just an innocent bystander like the rest of us. And the only person who’s been after you this whole time is charlotte. Yeah, I convinced myself that it was some ruthless killer from my past at the wsb. But then all this time, I’ve just… …been harassed by a teenager. Here you go. It’s the second cup of coffee I made because drew had the first one. Oh. Thanks. Drew? He’s here? Um, well, he stopped in to see me. Oh. Is he still inside? No, no. He went to his office at aurora. Oh. That’s good. Yeah. Uh, sonny told me that alexis secured his early release. I’m happy for drew. Happy for both of you. Thanks. I’m gonna get back to the customers. Carly… what martin and I were discussing out here, it… it actually concerns you. Michael: Hey! Welcome back! It’s good to see you walk through the door again. Oh. It’s good to be back. You could’ve taken the day off, come back monday. You kidding me?! I had plenty of time off when I was in pentonville. I needed this! I needed to get back at work. Okay. Alright. Well, then, let’s start with reviewing how aurora stands amongst all of our major divisions… and see where we’re headed. I got to say — I looked at the material that you e-mailed last night, and I was — I was really impressed. Your stewardship of the company has been just extraordinary.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I appreciate that. I guess I got a little more quartermaine in me than I’d like to admit. Hm. So where do you want to start? Let’s start with taking over elq. Ned, I meant to dive in metaphorically. I-I was trying to tell eddie to immerse himself in the music, not to immerse himself in a frozen lake! Well, at the time, I thought it was the only way I could finish the song! So I dove in. And it was when I was underwater that I realized… the siren was olivia. It was her voice calling me back. Literally calling to him every time I brought my head up for air out of the freezing water! Wait a minute. You dove in and saved him?! I did. And I would do it all again. Lois: Ohh… when I woke up on the shore with olivia kneeling beside me, I literally woke up. Completely. I knew who I was.

[Coughing] Copd hasn’t been pretty. Arson is just — I mean, it is so much worse than harassing. If it was charlotte who did this, I — okay. This is why this has to be off the record. Because I do not want her investigated, let alone charged. And whatever it is that she was thinking of doing on halloween, it certainly didn’t deserve the deadly force that I used against her. Anna, had you known charlotte was your stalker, you would have never pulled your gun. I know. Of course not. Of course not. But valentin chose to keep that from me. And I trusted him. And I won’t make that mistake again. I’m sorry, anna. I have to talk to charlotte. I need to understand why she was after me. But I have a feeling that’s not going to be easy. I’m gonna go get a vase for these beautiful flowers while the two of you visit. Thank you. Thanks, mom. I’m sorry. For what? For wrecking your halloween. I’m sorry I snuck off on you. Why did you? I had to protect my father. From who? From anna. She’s not the nice person she pretends to be. My grandfather victor was right. Right about what? He told me to watch out for her. And he was right. Anna came in the door, and as soon as she saw me, she… shot you. Why? I don’t know. Maybe the cops will come up with an answer. Would anyone like more freshly cut fruit? No, thank you. I have a busy day ahead. A lot to catch up on. Do you have any idea where my briefcase is? Yeah. Michael has it. There was some sort of a crisis at elq, and valentin was busy, and you were eddie maine, so michael decided to stop in and help out. Oh. Do you know what this crisis was? No idea. Just — he was looking for some deal notes, thought they might be in your briefcase, so I gave it to him. All the more reason to get back in the office. So I can run elq again and michael can turn his focus back on aurora. See you later. If the aurora and elq merger had succeeded, then I would have controlling interest of elq and I could’ve pushed valentin out. But ned switched sides, and the whole thing failed. Yeah, well, now ned thinks that he’s eddie maine and his only motivation is his guitar. Exactly! So the gates are wide open for this takeover. I mean, ned can keep doing whatever he’s doing and strum his guitar. But we got to figure out a way to take elq back. Alright, but look. Last time there was an attempted merger, you got sent to prison for insider trading. This time, there’s gonna be no insider trading because this time the only two people that are gonna know about this are you and me. Carly: What were you and martin discussing that had to do with me? Well, even before charlotte was injured, I knew that I was spreading myself really thin. Running crimson is a full-time job and — and co-owning the metro court is, too, so I know that something needs to go. Okay. What are you getting at, nina? Well, w-what I’m getting at, carly, is that I’ve really enjoyed my time at the metro court and — and olivia has been a really great business partner. But my first love is crimson. So I was wondering if there was a possibility of us exploring the idea of you buying back your half of the hotel. Hi. Hi, carly. Wiley accidentally took this home after his last game. Oh! He insisted I bring it back to you. Oh, t-that’s so sweet of him. Speaking of wiley, he really wants to make a date with you, nina, to help him with his homework. I’m so sorry. You two were in the middle of a conversation, and I just interrupted. Oh… that’s okay. Um, I… nina had just offered to sell me back my half of the metro court. Wow. Really? That’s terrific news. Yeah, w-we were just in the discussion stage. You should talk to michael about this. I-I’m sure he’d be happy to help make it happen.

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