Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of November 6, 2023

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Gabi and Rafe


Gabi’s brother is a cop so you would think she wouldn’t have picked up a bloody knife.

Speaking of Gabi, what made her think she could get away with leaving Wendy’s apartment when she saw her holding the knife over Li’s body.


Rafe shouldn’t have questioned Gabi about Li’s murder. He’s related to the suspect. Someone else could have talked to her about the case.


Sarah asked Maggie how long she was with Victor. You would think she would know how long her mother was married.

Sarah got mad at Xander for subpoenaing Eric to testify against her. She knew they were suing each other so she shouldn’t have been surprised.


Belle shouldn’t have been surprised that EJ didn’t want Gabi to get bail. She would run to keep from going to prison.

Jada was at the station one minute and Wendy’s place the next.


EJ wasted his time giving Chad advice on how to keep Everett away from Stephanie. His advice backfired when he helped him before.

Jada tried to arrest Dimitri and Leo without any backup. Does that make sense to arrest anyone without a partner?

Jada took her eyes off Dimitri, and he was able to get her gun.


EJ and Chad

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