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Dimitri and Leo pack their bags until Dimitri gets a text that their sub is waiting. Leo and Dimitri then go to leave their motel right as Jada arrives at the door. Jada thanks them for opening the door and then informs them that they are under arrest.

EJ runs in to Chad in the town square. Chad comments that he’s surprised to see him out and about on his first day as Salem’s new district attorney. EJ responds that he actually had a very satisfying first day since he just finished shipping Gabi off to prison which is what she deserves for her role in ousting him from DiMera. Chad jokes that he thought it was for killing Li Shin. EJ says that too. EJ adds that even if it doesn’t get him his CEO position back, it was exceedingly gratifying to separate Stefan and Gabi. EJ then asks Chad how things are going between he and Stephanie.

Stephanie sits at home, talking on the phone with Kayla about how stunned she was that Everett showed up in Salem. Stephanie says that she’s glad he recovered but she made it clear that she’s with Chad now and she has no trouble setting boundaries. Everett then shows up at her door and greets her by saying “Morning, Gorgeous.”

At the Brady Pub, Roman gives Nicole two orders of clam chowder to go. Nicole thanks him as Roman questions when EJ became a fan of Brady home cooking. Nicole clarifies that it’s for her and she’s eating for two. Roman says in that case, it’s on the house and calls it his wedding gift. Roman then calls it quite a coincidence that Nicole and Eric both got married on the same day. Nicole is shocked to learn that Eric got married too.

Eric and Sloan kiss at home. Sloan tells Eric that she can’t believe she’s officially Mrs. Eric Brady. Eric says he’s the lucky one as they continue kissing. Eric notes that the pizza will be there any minute. There’s a knock on the door and Melinda says she intercepted the delivery so she could also deliver an important message. Melinda congratulates them and announces they are having a baby. Eric and Sloan are thrilled as Sloan calls it the best news. Eric says they have so many questions. Sloan asks if they know if it’s a boy or a girl. Melinda surprises them with a gender reveal package and announces it’s a boy. Eric and Sloan thank Melinda. Eric kisses Sloan and says he can’t believe it as she’s going to be a mom and he’s finally going to be a father.

Roman apologizes to Nicole as he thought she knew that Eric and Sloan tied the knot. Nicole says she knew that they were planning to. Nicole recalls having a lovely conversation with Eric and telling him that she was getting married to EJ that day but Eric didn’t say anything about marrying Sloan. Nicole finds it kind of weird for Eric not to tell her. Roman says from what he understands, it was a spontaneous decision. Nicole asks if Roman is telling her that Eric rushed out to marry Sloan after she told him that she was marrying EJ.

Chad tells EJ that things with Stephanie are okay and that Stephanie is sorry for missing EJ and Nicole’s wedding. EJ assumes that their problems have been resolved then and asks about Chad’s difficulty moving on from Abigail. Chad admits they are actually not resolved which EJ says he’s sorry to hear. Chad adds that there’s now a new problem as a guy from Stephanie’s past showed up, who is someone that she was deeply involved with in a serious relationship. EJ asks Chad if he thinks this other guy has the potential of getting in between them. Chad wishes he could say no but with his issues around his devotion to Abigail, he unfortunately does think it’s possible.

Stephanie hangs up and asks Everett what he’s doing there. Everett explains that he came to bring her daily dose of pumpkin spice latte. Stephanie calls that nice of him but says he can’t just show up at her and Chad’s door unannounced. Everett says he gets that and admits he also had a question that is business related. Everett feels like he just walked in to a barrel of snakes and he really needs her help.

Leo complains that this is just like his nightmare. Dimitri questions how Jada found them. Jada reveals that someone saw them buying snacks at the convenience store. Jada orders them both to get on the ground now. Dimitri asks what if they don’t?

Chad explains to EJ that Everett is from Seattle and he and Stephanie were dating seriously for awhile until he got hit by a car and was in a coma. EJ assumes he fully recovered from his injuries and just showed up in Salem. Chad confirms that is the case and that Everett was hoping to pick up where he and Stephanie left off.

Everett tells Stephanie that he doesn’t mean to burden her but he doesn’t have anyone else to vent to. Everett worries that he bit off more than he can chew with this editor-in-chief job because the Spectator seems to be in huge trouble. Everett talks about how he has people banging on his door and department managers threatening to quit like it’s a sinking ship. Stephanie admits she heard rumors but she didn’t realize it was that bad. Everett calls it a shame because he heard that the Spectator was a Salem institution under Jack and Jennifer but he understands that recent events have given that reputation a black eye. Stephanie explains that the paper was stolen by Gwen and is now being run by Xander Cook, a known criminal. Everett wishes he knew that before taking the gig. Stephanie agrees that it sounds like a mess. Everett adds that he just found out that the paper’s star gossip columnist is on the run with a would-be murderer.

Dimitri suggests he and Leo both charge Jada. Jada pulls her gun and warns them to try. Leo says he doesn’t want to be shot while Dimitri argues that he’s not going back to prison. Jada says he has no choice and says she has backup on the way after they got away on Halloween. Leo talks about how clever they were dressed as ghosts. Dimitri mocks Jada as being amateur then. Jada warns him to stop talking because she’s bringing them both in, dead or alive.

Roman tells Nicole that he thought Eric’s wedding was a little too fast too, but guesses there’s no reason to wait if you know who you want to be with. Roman adds that Nicole and EJ didn’t exactly have a long engagement either. Nicole points out that she and EJ have also been married twice. Roman says regardless, he’s just glad that Nicole and Eric are friendly with each other. Roman talks about Nicole needing to be stress free for the baby. Nicole says it will be a challenge since the baby is coming in a few weeks. Nicole adds that another thing that she and EJ have in common with Sloan and Eric is that they are going to have a baby too, assuming the adoption process going smoothly.

Eric tells Sloan that they’ve got to make calls and they have to get a stroller, a crib, and a car seat. Eric adds that he has to baby proof the whole place. Sloan says they have to pick a name too. Eric says he’s going shopping for a baby boy. Eric asks if Sloan wants to come too but she doesn’t want to leave Melinda. Eric tells Sloan and Melinda to share the pizza and he will be back soon. Eric hugs Melinda and thanks her for making this happen as he then excitedly exits. Sloan then notices Melinda’s expression and asks what’s wrong. Melinda admits there is something she didn’t want to say in front of Eric. Sloan asks if there’s a problem with their baby or complications with the pregnancy. Melinda says it’s nothing like that but there are other complications as the baby was promised to someone else since another family had a contract. Melinda points out that there is always a way to break a contract. Sloan questions what Melinda has done now. Melinda responds that she hasn’t done it yet because she was waiting for her approval, but she will have to pay off the other family’s lawyer. Sloan worries about the family finding them and fighting for custody, noting that Eric will never be okay with this. Melinda argues that Eric never has to know as it’s not like Sloan doesn’t have other secrets from her husband.

Nicole exits the Pub and runs in to Eric. Nicole calls it a coincidence as she was just talking about him. Nicole notices Eric is carrying a box for a wooden baby gym. Eric then informs her that a baby boy was found for he and Sloan to adopt, so he’ll be coming home soon.

Everett tells Stephanie that it’s obvious that the Spectator has a massive PR problem and that’s why he’s here, because he knows she is just the woman to fix it. Stephanie says she’s flattered but as much as she would love to help, her plate is already full. Everett admits he’s desperate and doesn’t know what to do if the paper goes belly up. Everett says it’s not her problem but he has to start paying his medical bills from the accident. Stephanie then agrees to take the job, as long as he promises to be respectful of their relationship and respect her boundaries. Everett agrees to do that and says he respects that she’s in a relationship now. Everett hopes that things are going better with her and Chad as he asks if they have worked out their problems.

EJ asks Chad if Everett is still interested in Stephanie. Chad says it’s obvious by the way he was looking at her and that he introduced himself initially as her boyfriend. Chad thinks Everett was trying to push him aside and stake his claim. EJ asks how Stephanie reacted. Chad says that she was quiet so he has no idea what she was thinking, but when he first saw them in the park, they were hugging and she forgot to tell him about Everett stopping by the apartment the night before. EJ guesses that isn’t like her which Chad confirms. Chad worries that Stephanie is stepping back from their relationship. Chad says he doesn’t know what to think and jokes that he doesn’t want EJ’s advice after things blew up in his face with Alex. EJ informs Chad that he was thinking he should try a maybe less direct approach. EJ points out that Chad said Everett is using his job as a reason to hang around and asks what if the Spectator came under new ownership and Everett was relieved of his position. Chad asks if EJ is saying that he should buy the Spectator.

Jada orders Leo and Dimitri to put their hands where she can see them and pulls out handcuffs. Jada demands Leo handcuff Dimitri. Leo questions why he should help her. Jada reminds him that he doesn’t want to get shot. Dimitri then charges Jada and her gun goes off.

Melinda assures Sloan that the attorney is going to convince the other family that the adoption fell through. Melinda adds that they won’t have details so they’ll both have plausible deniability. Melinda says they will have to compensate the lawyer. Sloan says she’d pay anything to have a baby but she doesn’t feel great about taking a baby that’s supposed to go to someone. Melinda notes that she told the lawyer that she had to run everything by Sloan first, but he also said they have to work quickly and that he’s waiting for her call. Melinda adds that if Sloan wants, she will tell him that she doesn’t want to do it but warns that she and Eric might have to wait a very long time for another chance at being loving parents of a beautiful baby boy.

Nicole can’t believe Melinda found Eric and Sloan a baby so fast as she heard adoption can be very complicated and sometimes take years. Eric says they feel very fortunate and asks how Nicole is feeling. Nicole responds that she’d say she feels fortunate but that doesn’t even cover it after all the disappointments and heartbreaks she’s been through. Nicole says with her baby due in just a couple weeks, she feels like it’s a miracle. Eric asks if she knows if she’s having a boy or girl. Nicole tells him that they wanted to be surprised. Nicole adds that Eric and Sloan getting married right after she told him about her and EJ was also a surprise. Eric admits that running off to get married was a reaction to hearing about Nicole and EJ.

EJ tells Chad that it’s an open secret that the Spectator is in trouble as Xander is more concerned with his custody battle and he’s also low on funds after being cut out of Victor’s will. EJ thinks Chad should make a generous and anonymous offer and that Xander would jump at it, then Chad could fire Everett, forcing him to seek work elsewhere while Stephanie wouldn’t know.

Stephanie tells Everett that she and Chad have issues like all couples but that is her personal life and if they do this, it’s strictly business. Everett says he gets it and how he feels about her hasn’t changed, but he will respect her boundaries. Stephanie tells him that her relationship with Chad will be off limits for discussion. Everett apologizes for asking if they worked things out as that was out of line. Everett decides her problems are not his business and suggests they start fixing his problems. Stephanie suggests they start by talking about Leo Stark.

Dimitri steals Jada’s gun and says he doesn’t believe Jada has backup coming or else, they’d already be there. Jada warns that someone will have heard the gun go off. Leo worries that they need to get out of there. Dimitri tells Jada that she made a horrible mistake as now they are going to take her hostage. Dimitri demands Jada’s car keys which she turns over to Leo. Leo asks Dimitri if they even have room to take her with them. Dimitri admits there’s not but they can’t just leave her since she knows they are getting away. Dimitri guesses they only have one choice and declares they are going to have to kill her. Jada says he doesn’t need to do this. Dimitri orders her to turn around with her hands on her head. Leo tells Dimitri that he agrees with Jada but Dimitri insists there’s no other option. Leo reminds Dimitri that he’s not a killer anymore and that he loves him. Leo warns Dimitri that if he does this and gets caught, they will take his life and he’ll have no reason to live. Dimitri then hits Jada in the back of the head with the gun, knocking her out. Dimitri tells Leo to grab his bags and they run out of the room.

Everett tells Stephanie that he thinks the biggest problem is Leo and that they should put out a statement, distancing themselves from a crazy criminal. Stephanie says that’s why he needs her, because that’s exactly what he should not do.

Chad tells EJ that buying the Spectator is an interesting idea. EJ calls it a bold choice that he should consider. Chad wonders if maybe he’s overreacting. Chad assures that he trusts Stephanie as she’s never had a problem setting boundaries. Chad adds that maybe Everett will respect their relationship and stay away from her so that he doesn’t piss her off. Chad tells EJ that he has to go and walks away. EJ questions Chad trusting that boundaries will be respected after Everett blurted out that he was Stephanie’s boyfriend and calls that a serious case of wishful thinking.

Nicole questions EJ rushing in to marrying Sloan as a reaction to her marrying EJ. Eric admits that he did because it was a little tough for him to hear that Nicole was about to become EJ’s wife, so he thought it was time for him to do something bold and get married. Eric tells Nicole that they’ve pretended not to have feelings for each other for a long time, but they always will. Nicole admits that he’s right. Nicole congratulates Eric on his marriage and his new baby. Eric congratulates Nicole on her marriage to EJ and says he really does look forward to meeting her baby. Eric then heads in to the Pub while Nicole walks away.

Sloan tells Melinda that she doesn’t want to wait, she wants the baby as she doesn’t want Eric to have to wait another day to be a father. Melinda encourages that she made the right choice and when she sees Eric holding their son, the guilt she feels will disappear. Sloan hopes she’s right. Melinda points out that Sloan has kept Eric from knowing that Nicole is carrying his child and now she’s just making up for it. Sloan agrees and instructs Melinda to call the lawyer as they will do anything they can to make the baby boy their own.

Roman greets Eric at the Pub. Eric shows Roman the box for his wooden baby gym and informs him that they found a baby to adopt which means they will bringing home his new grandson any day now. Roman hugs him and congratulates him.

Sloan tells Melinda that she can’t wait to meet her son. Melinda assures that it will be wonderful. Melinda then calls the lawyer but is surprised by what she’s told. Melinda questions it being final, then says she understands and that there’s no reason for them to talk again as she hangs up. Sloan asks what happened. Melinda responds that she’s so sorry but she’s afraid she’s lost the baby.

Dimitri and Leo go driving. Leo gets a text from Dr. Rolf that the submarine is leaving soon, with or without them. Dimitri assures that he will get them there in time.

Stephanie and Everett go over the numbers for Leo’s gossip column in the Spectator and how people see Leo as a folk hero rather than a criminal. Everett feels editorials is out of his wheelhouse as he’s a newspaper man. Stephanie points out that he’s also a businessman now and to stay in business, he will have to keep people reading. Stephanie talks about his online readers driving his ad revenue, so he will have to give them what they want. Everett points out that Leo really is a criminal. Stephanie says he can’t think of it that way and that he’ll need to put out a statement backing Leo the way his fans see him, as someone sympathetic who would do anything for love. Everett says he gets that and can relate to that. Chad then comes home. Stephanie greets him. Everett says he was just leaving. Stephanie explains that Everett was just over because SJPR is going to do some PR work for the Spectator. Everett tells Stephanie that he’s so grateful for her help and he’ll see her tomorrow as he then exits.

Jada regains consciousness in the motel and grabs her phone to call Rafe. Jada says she needs his help as she found Dimitri and Leo but they got the drop on her and she thinks they took her car.

Leo warns Dimitri that he’s driving too fast as the roads are slick. Dimitri declares that he’s not missing the submarine. Leo argues that they’ll definitely miss it if they get into an accident..

EJ goes home to the DiMera Mansion and calls Nicole, telling her that he just got home and asks where she is. Nicole tells him that she’s driving and on her way to him. Nicole tells EJ that she loves him and she is so happy that she’s having this baby with him.

Leo warns Dimitri that he’s sliding in to the other lane. Dimitri says he can’t control it.

Nicole tells EJ that she’ll be home soon but then gets in a car crash, causing EJ to panic.

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