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[gentle music]

[inhales sharply]


Mm, now, that’s a hell of a way to wake up.

Mm, well, I can think of a better one if you’re up for it.



With you, Gabi, I’m up for anything. Why are you in such a good mood?

I’m always in a good mood.

[laughs] Sorry.

That’s not funny. OK, fine, yes, today I am in an exceptionally good mood. But that’s because today’s the day we put our plan into action.

Yes, we are finally gonna get Li Shin.

[dramatic music]

Thank you again, Dr. Evans, for seeing me on such short notice.

Well, I know how eager you are to get started,::, on our first formal session.

I am. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to get over Gabi.

Hey, hope I didn’t wake you.

No, no, you didn’t. I’m actually already at the pub. My dad suggested I take an early shift, get some work done before school. What’s going on?

Oh, I just had to tell you about this dream I had last night. You were in it.

You–you dreamt about me?

Yeah, it was completely crazy. I asked you to help me get Johnny away from Chanel. And then Chanel ended up wilding out and killing you.

Oh, no. Poor me.

Yeah, poor you. And then she tried to kill me. She was, like, totally furious with me for going after her boyfriend.

[suspenseful music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Mm, revenge is sweet.

Mm, and ever so satisfying.

And you, even more so.

High praise.

So any ideas on how to make Li’s shares ours?

Well, just what we were talking about yesterday. We were able to secure Kristen’s shares by prying them from her grubby little hands by threatening to blackmail her about, you know, her abusing her daughter.

Hmm, which involved proof that we manufactured.

Yeah, well, you’re not having second thoughts, are you?

[inhales deeply] No.

OK, good, because even if your conscience is slightly off about Kristen, but you’re definitely more in, like, ruthless mode about Li, right?

%. Son of a bitch tried to kill me.

Right, so he deserves to be punished. And if we happen to profit from it-

Even better.

Right, so we just need proof that he was planning your demise. And then we can–

Force him to fork over his shares.


Why don’t you tell me about some of your previous relationships, how you felt about-

about the women? You did–you did have serious relationships before you fell in love with Gabi, didn’t you?

[dramatic music]

[sighs] Only one.

OK, tell me about her.

Her name was Xiao-Xing. We met in high school. I know it might seem silly to call going steady a serious relationship.

No, not if it was important to you.

It was. We spent every moment we could together. We’d sneak off during lunch so we could find someplace and be alone. And we’d…talk, and we’d kiss and discuss our future… How we’d–how we’d get married one day and have lots of children. I thought she was my one true love. I thought we’d be together forever.

What happened?

My father happened. He found out how I felt about her, and that was that.

Wow, like you said, pretty crazy dream, both of us getting murdered by a jealous Chanel all because you wanted to make a play for Johnny DiMera. Wait, but you said Chanel tried to kill you too. Did she–did she succeed, or–

Hey, I got to go. Bye.

Hey, sorry to interrupt you.

No, you didn’t. It’s all good. I mean, it was nothing important.

Oh, really? It sounded kind of important. You said some girl was trying to kill you.

Oh, God, no, not really. It was just a dream I had… about this girl from my school who’s, like, super jealous of me.

That sounds kind of serious. Hey, she’s not bullying you or anything like that, right?

Oh, no, not at all. Like I said, she’s just jealous because she thinks her boyfriend is into me.

And is he?

I’m not actually sure.

OK, would you want him to be?


Oh, my goodness, look at that. Perfect timing.

Just the two people we were looking for.


Why is that?

Nicole and I have some– have some news.

EJ and I are getting married… today.


Tate, I heard you were in town.

Uncle Eric, it’s good to see you, man.

You too. Gosh, and I see my brother has put you to work.

Yeah, remind me not to pull any more fire alarms.

That’s good advice. Hey, I’m sorry about what happened at school, getting kicked out. But coming here, that must be a big change.

Yeah. Yeah, it sucked, to be honest. Low-key, leaving all my friends was a little bit depressing. But…

Yeah, well, I know it’s gonna take some time, but I’m sure you’re gonna make some new friends at Salem High.

Yeah. Yeah, I actually already made one.

Really? That’s great.

Yeah. Yeah, it is. I just–can I be honest with you?

Of course.

I– I kind of want it to be more.

Wait, what? You guys are getting married today?

Wow, that–that– that is some big news.

We’ve been dragging our feet long enough. And this baby will be here before we know it, so…

And we’d rather not add a high chair to the seating chart, so here we are.

Yeah, I mean, wow, this–this is– this is so great, you guys. Dad, I’m–I’m– I’m really happy for you.

Thank you so much, son. Thank you.

Thank you, Johnny. Your blessing means a lot to us. And, honey, we’d love yours too. So what do you say? Are you OK with this?

[dramatic music]

Oh, man, this totally sucks, Holly. I mean, I really wanted to be your boyfriend. But now that our parents are getting married, it’s kind of like we’re siblings, you know, stepbrother and stepsister.


So… don’t you think that might be a little incestuous?

Ew, no. Look, I get that maybe it’s a little weird. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be together. What about Josh and Cher in “Clueless”? They were stepbrother and stepsister.

Former stepbrother and stepsister. Their parents were divorced, remember? Besides, that was a movie. This–this is real life. Otherwise… I would be totally into it.

Holly? Honey, you didn’t answer me. Are you OK with us getting married?

Actually, I’m not. I don’t think it’s such a good idea.

So should we go downstairs and get some breakfast?

I thought we were strategizing.

We are, and I do my best thinking on a full stomach.

Ay, Dios mío, poor hungry baby. OK, listen, how about this? How about we come up with a plan and then I’ll give you a reward?

Why do I get the distinct feeling that that reward’s not gonna be food?

It’s gonna be great. Do you want it or not?

Yeah, definitely.

OK, attaboy, start thinking.

OK, so the best way to get proof that Li was in on the plan to kill me is obviously to get it from one of his coconspirators, right?

Right, right, but the thing is, Harris never saw Li, so we can’t use him.

Right, and Megan’s in the wind, so the best way to get it is to get Li to confess.

Yeah, but Li’s not stupid. I mean, he’s a lot of things. He’s definitely not stupid. He’s gonna know that he’s being played, and we’re gonna have to just be very shrewd.

OK, well, it’s a good thing we know what his Achilles’ heel is.

What’s that?

His obsessive love for you, of course.


Li, you said that your father found out about your relationship. I’m assuming that you’d been keeping it a secret.

Yes, I was, from him. I was afraid of how he’d react.

And why was that?

Xiao-Xing was working-class. And as you know, our family was not. I knew he’d never approve of my relationship with her. But I never expected him to do what he did.

What did he do?

One day… I was looking for Xiao-Xing. And as I told you, we’d always sneak off during lunch. And that day, it was to this little area behind the math room. And I waited for her. She was late. And when she finally came, she told me that she had to break up with me, that she and her family were moving to a province far away and we’d never see each other again.

[sighs] I– I remember, in that moment, feeling like I couldn’t– I couldn’t breathe. And for days after that, I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. And my–my father, he eventually became… impatient with my dark mood. And one day, he lost his temper. And he yelled at me, and he berated me, and he told me that I was dishonoring him, all because of a girl who never really cared about me. And that’s when he told me what he did.

What did he do?

He found a note that I had written to her. That’s when he realized the depths of my feelings for her. So he went to her and he told her that if she ended her relationship with me, then he’d offer her father a really good, well-paying job as a foreman in a factory , miles away from where we lived. He said she accepted immediately, that that’s how much our relationship meant to her.

Maybe that wasn’t true. Maybe your–maybe your father just made up that story.

Well… I don’t know, because we never-

we never spoke again, she and I. And after my father told me the truth, he expected me to just get over it, to just get over her. And the truth is, I did. Eventually, I just buried my feelings down for her, never even mentioned her name again.

[scoffs] That is, until now.

So… when you found out what your father had done, that he had deliberately broken up you and Xiao-Xing, how did that make you feel?

[dramatic music]

Powerless. She was the best thing in my life, so sweet and beautiful. My father just took her from me.

I imagine you wanted to make sure that… nothing like that ever happened again.

Well, at the time, I thought it couldn’t happen again, because I would never love anyone the way I loved Xiao-Xing. And I never did… Until…


G–Gabi, right. And when we became involved, I started feeling the same way for her as I had with Xiao-Xing. But also, I–I was afraid that someone would take her from me… Just like my father had with Xiao-Xing.

Someone like?


OK, so–so we prey on Li’s obsession with me and– which, by the way, I did– I pitched that to you. I don’t know if you recall. And we use that weakness to get him to confess.

Except for one thing. Li knows that you hate his guts, so he’s gonna sense that something is up.

Good point.

So maybe we need to take a more… unconventional approach.

How unconventional?

Nothing too crazy, maybe something involving a certain asset who could maybe nudge Li in the right direction.

Interesting. And how do we acquire that certain asset?


So this friend who you wish could be more, did you meet her in class? I mean, we’re talking about a her or–

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely a–definitely a her. And no, we met before classes even started. Actually, I met her the first day I got here, in the–in the park.

That was fast. But that’s great. What’s she like?

She’s awesome. She’s awesome. I mean, now that I think about it, you– you probably know her. She’s–she’s Nicole’s daughter, Holly.

You don’t think it’s a good idea that EJ and I get married?

No, I don’t.

OK, look, it’s getting late. Maybe you guys can start getting ready.

Yeah. Yes.

Right. Right, we should. And can you do me a favor and run an errand for me after you get changed?

Of course.

Thank you.


Bye, see ya.

OK, what’s going on? I thought you liked EJ. Don’t you?

No, I do like him, OK?

OK, so then what’s the problem? Why don’t you want us to get married? Sweetheart, you know we’ve been planning this wedding for a while now. I thought you were happy about it. Did something change? Sweetheart, you can talk to me. You know that, right?

It’s because of–

Because of what?

Because of… Eric.


Don’t you worry. The asset has been contacted and should be arriving in Salem any moment.

Oh, really?


How are you so sure about that?

You forget you’re talking to Stefan DiMera here?


OK, OK, maybe that came off a little more unnecessarily arrogant than I had planned. But I am sure because I put out feelers and should be hearing back anytime.

Oh, all right, then, Mr. Stefan DiMera. Speaking of feelers, do you have any idea what we should do while we wait?

I think I could come up with a few ideas.

[both laugh]

So you were afraid that Stefan was going to do exactly what your father had done to you, that he was going to take away your girl.

[dramatic music] So I imagine you did everything in your power to make sure that wouldn’t happen… Which included hiring someone to kill Stefan.

So you think… everything I did to try to keep Gabi, it was because of what happened with my father all those years ago.

I think your obsessive behavior, even though irrational, comes from that early trauma that you suffered, the loss of that. And I think we may have gotten to the core of your problem.

Hey, Steph, it’s me. I just– I’m sorry to bug you. I know you had an early-morning meeting. Yeah, we just didn’t get to see each other this morning, so I thought maybe we could talk.

[knock at door] Call me– call me back if you can. OK, bye.

[chuckles] Hey, EJ, what are you– Come on in. What are you doing? What brings you by?

Well, I’ve been meaning to stop by for ages, see the new place. It’s–ah, it’s quite cozy, isn’t it?

[scoffs] Yeah. Yeah, compared to where you’re living.

[laughs] Well, as long as you are happy here. I would have brought you a housewarming gift, but there was no time. I’m afraid I’ve come on a rather urgent matter.

Is everything OK?

It’s more than OK. In fact, my life is about to change, much for the better, actually.


This is about Eric? That’s why you don’t want me to marry EJ?

Well, I–I mean, you know how much I care about Eric. I have ever since I was, like, a little girl. He was my stepdad, but he felt like my real dad. And I don’t know. I just loved him is all.

Honey, I know you do. And–and he did too. I mean, he still does.

I guess.

Of course he does. And just because I’m not married to him anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t have a relationship. He’s always there for you. You know that, right?

I do. But you guys loved each other so much. It’s, like, childish, I guess. But I always thought you two would get married again one day.

It’s not childish, honey. In fact, I used to think that too. No, but that’s not gonna happen, right, because Eric has moved on with Sloan and I have moved on with EJ. And the three of us, you, me, and EJ and– ooh, and your little brother or sister…

[chuckles] We’re gonna be a family.

So you’re into Holly.

Yeah. Yeah, she’s great. I mean, don’t you think so?

I do. I love that girl. I mean, we–

[chuckles] We spent a lot of time together when I was married to her mother.

Right, yeah, and I was-

I was sad to hear about it when my dad told me about the divorce. You guys seemed like the perfect couple to me.

Yeah. So did– did you ask Holly out?

Oh, no. Nothing’s gonna happen there.

Why not?

[sighs] OK, if I tell you, Uncle Eric, you just got to promise not to say anything, OK? If Holly found out I told you, she’d just– she’d be totally pissed at me.

OK, she’s not in any kind of trouble, is she?

Oh, no. No, no, no, nothing like that. It’s just, she’s into this guy, but he’s totally wrong for her. I mean, for one thing, he’s just, like, way too old for–

[sighs] Wow. I haven’t thought about Xiao-Xing in so many years. But… talking about it today made me feel… better, somehow lighter.

I’m glad.

And maybe now that I understand my behavior with Gabi, the desperation, maybe now I can… finally be free of the hold she’s had over me.

I hope so. You should be so proud of yourself for having the courage to be so open about your feelings, about your pain.

[dramatic music] I hope you continue your therapy. I hope you continue to be as open as you have been today. And I hope you’re determined to drop these destructive patterns that you have.

Oh, I am, Dr. Evans. I’m determined. This whole time, I’ve just been telling myself that I can get over Gabi and I can do it on my own. I was trying to convince myself that that was true. But I know now that it wasn’t. I know I needed help and still do. But today… because of you, for the first time, I actually think I can get over Gabi.


I got to hand it to you, that was a– that was a great way to kill time.

I told you I’m full of ideas.

[sighs] Any word?

Not yet.

Oh, well, then round two?

What, are you trying to kill me? I thought Li was the target, huh?

[phone beeps]

Oh, wait, is that what I think it means?

Oh, pay dirt. All right, no time to waste. Got to go pick up the asset.

OK, go, go, go, go. Go get dressed. Go get that asset.

I’m going to get that asset.

Johnny, hey.

Hey, hey.

You need a table?

How are you? Actually, no, thank you. But I do need something else. Listen, I know it’s a little early in the day, but I was hoping I could get, you know, a tray of sliders, maybe a few pigs in a blanket.

[laughs] Of course. I think we can manage that.

All right.

What’s going on? You having a party?

No. Actually, my– my dad and Nicole are getting married today, so…



Well, that’s– that’s great. Yeah, Nicole, she always did love those sliders.

Yeah. Yeah, my dad said he just wanted to make sure she had everything she wanted today.

OK, so how many you think you’re gonna need?

Sweetheart, I know how you feel about Eric. But in time, hopefully you’ll have just as close of a relationship with EJ. In the meantime, can you find it in your heart to come to our wedding? I mean, I don’t want to pressure you, but… I would really– be really sad if you didn’t come.

[sighs] Of course I’ll be there, mom. I know this day is really important to you.

Thank you. You know you’re, like, the best daughter in the world, right?

Yeah, you’ve told me only, like,million times.

Well, it bears repeating over and over and over.

[both chuckle] Listen, I have to go because I made some alterations to my dress at that shop at the square. Have to make it a little more baby-bump friendly. So I’m gonna go.

Do you want me to come with you?

No, that’s OK. You can use that time to get ready. Why don’t you wear that green taffeta dress, you know, we got at that little boutique on Magnolia, the name of which I can’t remember, but it’s really pretty?

I was thinking of the black one, actually. We got it at the same place.

Yeah, black one, isn’t that a little, like, you know, fitted and tight?

No, it really isn’t. OK, fine, the green one, whatever.

[chuckles] I will see you at the wedding. Mwah.

Yup, see you at the wedding.

Mm-hmm. Love you.

Love you.

You and Nicole are getting married today?

[laughs] We are. We are. Nothing–nothing extravagant, just a small gathering at the house, just the two of us and Johnny and Holly, of course.

Wait, what about Tony and Anna?

They’re out of town, unfortunately. And of course, I’m not on the best of terms with Stefan and Gabi at the moment.

Oh, yeah, were you ever?

My point is, I would like to have at least one of my brothers there. And I’d be thrilled if it were you. And of course, we’d be delighted to have Stephanie as well.

Yeah, Stephanie and I, we’re not really in the best place right now.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?

We got into a fight. So I’m not really sure what’s gonna happen.

A fight? What–what was it about? Sorry, never mind. None of my business.

No, it’s fine. It’s fine. It’s– you know, it’s Abigail.


Stephanie feels threatened by– by me not being able to move on the way she wishes I could. And I still feel attached to Abby or, I don’t know, at least the memory of her. And, you know, I just can’t fully commit to anyone else.

Yeah, I get that.

Yeah. Anyway, like I said, though, she had a– she has an early-morning meeting, and I don’t really know what the rest of her day looks like, So I can’t speak for her. But me, I’m– I’m happy as hell. I’ll be there.

I’m glad. I’m glad. Because honestly, we can’t have it without you.

What do you mean?

We want you to perform the ceremony.


[laughs] Yes.

You want me to marry you and Nicole?

Yes. As you know, I’m not a religious man. And honestly, I think a priest would have some reluctance setting foot in my house, let alone consecrate my marriage.

You got a point there. What about a justice of peace?

Too impersonal. This is an important day, and I want to be surrounded by people we love. And even more than that…

[sighs] All right, it’s my wedding day. I’m allowed to be sappy, so I’m going to tell you just this once.



[dramatic music] I admire you, Chad. I know it’s a bit odd. I’m the older brother, after all. But the fact of the matter is, I look at you as a role model. I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but… when all is said and done… You are the type of man that I wish I was.

Oh-ho-ho. I’m touched. I really am. And it would be an honor to marry you guys.

Excellent. Excellent. Well, everything is set. Now all I need is my bride.

My dad and Nicole are getting married today.

Eric. Eric.


Hey, Holly.

Oh, hey, Johnny.

Wow, you look great.

You think so?

Yeah, that’s a great dress.

Oh, thanks.

Yeah. Listen, what was-

what was all that about earlier? You really–you’re not cool with the wedding?

Not exactly.

Why not? I mean, why don’t you want my dad to marry your mom?

[phone ringing]

Why are you calling me? What do you want, Gabi?

Li, I need your help, please. I’ve been kidnapped!

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