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Brooke: No. No, I’m sure I didn’t hear you right.

Rj: I’m sorry, mom. I really– I wanted to tell you and dad. I did, but granddad, he– he insisted he didn’t want anyone to know.

Brooke: So, this is really– really true? Eric is– he’s dying?

Donna: Okay. Okay. Why don’t we just sit down for a minute? It’s been a really big day.

Eric: An amazing day.

Donna: Yes. Yes, an amazing day. But also lots of stress and lots of pressure. I– I’m sure you– you must be tired.

Eric: No. No, quite the opposite. I mean, I’m so– I’m so excited. I really am. I’m all fired up. Wow.

Donna: Okay. Okay. Okay, let’s just sit down for a minute. Okay? Please?

Eric: No, no, no. Donna, I think I did it. I think I did it. I think– I think I sold out every piece. I could see it in the eyes of the buyers, multiple bids on, uh, on each gown. This is my finest collection. It really is. The best. I think I beat ridge.

Ridge: Hey, carter. It’s not what best friends do, right? Come on. You said one collection sold out, okay?

Carter: It was close, but one designer was victorious.

Ridge: You’re not gonna tell me? What do you? My– my dad is my dad. He’s an icon. He’s– he’s done amazing things long, long ago. That’s history. If we want to move forward with this company, it’s got to be me. So… what do we have?

Brooke: Rj, no. No, it can’t be. You must have misunderstood or something.

Rj: No. I– I wish I had. He’s been sick and– and it’s been getting worse. I’m sorry, the doctor said he only had a few months left to live. But that’s– that’s why he keeps calling this his grand finale. That’s why he wants so bad to win today.

Katie: All right. Follow me. We will finalize your bids. And this is amazing, I recognize it from a winter collection. Oh, look, this is my sister, donna.

Mr. Lords: What a remarkable show.

Buyer 1: Oh, we were just telling eric how honored we were to be included. One of the best shows I’ve ever witnessed.

Donna: Oh, thank you. Thank you. It was our pleasure to have you in attendance.

Buyer 2: The collection was truly inspired.

Donna: Thank you.

Katie: All right. Just follow me this way. We are gonna finalize your bids. Get you a little forrester swag.

Luna: It was remarkable.

Donna: Yeah. Yeah, it really was, wasn’t it? But we still don’t know who won, ridge or eric?

Ridge: You’re not gonna give me the numbers? You’re not gonna tell me? Don’t make me call jeresa and take that necklace back.

[ Carter laughing ] All right. And there it is. I won. I beat my dad.

Eric: We should know the results by now. I mean, it’s a surprise we haven’t heard from ridge.

Donna: Oh, I’m sure he’s just licking his wounds.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Losing for somebody like ridge is going to be a big bruise to his oversized ego.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Katie: So, how’s it feel? Your first show under your belt?

Luna: I mean, it’s– it’s pretty surreal to be a part of this. Like, from eric’s design team to helping you and your staff and it was definitely an organizational feat.

Katie: Well, it was a team effort.

Luna: It was awesome to be a part of it. But seriously, you are like a machine.

Katie: Well, it wasn’t hard. The designs were breathtaking. All I had to do was frame the narrative and let ridge and eric shine. Rj deserved a little bit of that sparkle too.

Luna: Yeah, I’m– I’m really proud of him.

Katie: Picking up on that. You really care about him. You know, don’t you?

Luna: Uh, uh, about eric?

Katie: Yeah.

Luna: Yeah. Um, rj confided in me about that.

Katie: It’s pretty big.

Luna: Yeah, I mean, you know, it’s been really hard for him to keep the secret. He loves his granddad and he wants to do right by him, but, you know, I also know that he feels really guilty for not telling his parents about it, especially his father.

Brooke: Oh, I can’t believe this. I can’t believe that eric is dying.

Rj: It’s been awful. It– it– it has just been so hard not to just tell you and dad. I…

Brooke: Honey, it’s okay.

Rj: It’s not.

Brooke: I understand. You were just taking care of your grandfather and that is admirable.

Rj: No, but every– every single time that dad was in there, he was asking me, “is my dad okay? Is granddad, okay?” I was– I was fighting not to tell him. I was trying so hard because he– I’m sorry, is my dad gonna hate me for not telling him? I should have told him, right?

Brooke: First of all, your father is never going to hate you. You can’t keep this a secret. You’ve got to tell your father. He deserves to know about his dad, okay?

Rj: Okay. I’m sorry, mom. I’m sorry.

Ridge: I won. I beat my dad on the runway. That’s his domain. Do you know what that means? My vision for forrester is correct.

Carter: Yes, it is. And I’m sorry for making you squirm, but it was really fun to watch, man. Congratulations. It’s a hard-fought battle, but you earned it.

Ridge: Yeah. It was a battle. I didn’t want that. He wanted it. He pushed it and he got it and he lost. And if it’s okay, I’m– I wanna be the one to tell him.

Carter: Ridge.

Ridge: Just look, I’m gonna do it the right way. I respect him. I love him. But I think it has to be me, all right? Hey.

Brooke: Hi. We need to talk to you, ridge. Carter, could you give us a minute?

Carter: Of course. Good job today, man.

Ridge: Actually, I was about to go down to the showroom and talk to dad about the fashion show–

Brooke: Okay. That can wait.

Ridge: It can wait? You don’t want to know who won?

Brooke: Um, something more important that we need to discuss.

Ridge: More important than that? I get– what?

Rj: Dad.

Ridge: Okay, okay. All right. Okay. All right. All right. I won. And I’m sorry, man. I– I know the work you did with granddad was amazing and your time will come, but not right now. Right now, it’s me. And, um, I would have been happy for you, if it were you. But can you be happy for me?

Brooke: Of course, we’re happy for you.

Rj: No, of course. Yes, your line was beautiful, but–

Ridge: Thank you.

Rj: No, we need to talk though.

Ridge: Come on. Can’t it wait? I want to talk to dad and see what he’s gonna say.

Rj: No! No! It can’t wait. We need– we need to talk now, okay? There’s no more time for this.

Ridge: Ah, dude. What’s going on here?

Brooke: Honey, do you want to tell him?

Ridge: What? Tell me what?

Rj: That– that I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry. Dad. Granddad’s dying.

Katie: I can see the toll this is taking on rj. Keeping this secret from his parents. I mean, even before I knew it was going on, I just chalked it up to nerves. First time designing, but what he’s doing for his grandfather, supporting him the way he is. It’s pretty incredible.

Luna: Yeah. I mean, he’s– he’s a really good guy. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like him.

Katie: Well, he’s gonna need your support over the next few months. It’s not gonna be easy on him. It’s not gonna be easy on any of us. I mean, eric’s presence has always just seemed like, given. I can’t really imagine life without him.

Luna: Well, I’m gonna do whatever I can to be there and support rj.

Katie: Good. And we’ll do whatever we can to support eric. It just seems so unreal. But eric is gonna know how much we love him. I’ll make sure of it.

Eric: This is taking so long. Why– why is it taking? It shouldn’t take this long?

Donna: Okay. Okay. First of all, it has not been that long. And– and ridge is carter’s best friend. Of course, he’s gonna share the results with him first.

Eric: Yeah. I mean, what if– what if ridge wins? I mean, I’m just trying to be realistic here. I mean, ridge is a wonderful designer. He’s one of the– he’s one of the best in the world.

Donna: Oh, and you’re not?

Eric: Yes. Yeah, but he put on a really good show.

Donna: Eric…

Eric: I mean, what if he wins? What if he pulls it off?

Donna: No. Hey. Are you okay?

Eric: I’m okay.

Ridge: What are you talking about? My dad is dying. What is that?

Brooke: Ridge, I’m sorry. It’s a shock–

Ridge: No, no, no. Hang on, hang on. All right. Um, why are you saying these things?

Brooke: Just tell him what you told me?

Rj: Okay. Grandad, he came to me and he asked me to help him to design because he was struggling. He– he was having these tremors in his hand and he wasn’t able to design. He said that it was carpal tunnel or arthritis. And so, I just– I wanted to help him and– and he could mentor me, and–

Ridge: Okay. I heard what you said, right. So, how did it come from that to dying? I– I don’t get it.

Rj: Well, the symptoms– his symptoms got worse. Sorry. And– and the doctor said they couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with him.

Ridge: Okay. Worse how? Tell me. What–

Rj: He said that it was– it was T.I.A. Strokes. And then… I’m sorry, dad, he started coughing up blood.

Ridge: And this is the first I’m hearing about this? Right now?

Brooke: Eric didn’t want him to say anything to anybody.

Rj: I’m sorry. I wanted to. I wanted to. I sat– I stood right here and I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to betray him. He said he didn’t want anybody to know about it. But, especially you.

Ridge: Me? My father didn’t want his son to know?

Rj: Well, he said he didn’t want anyone’s pity and– and that he wouldn’t be able to stand it.

Ridge: Oh, okay.

Rj: But dad, that this– but this– this is why he wanted to complete this last collection so bad and– and why he–

Ridge: I got it!

Rj: I’m sorry.

Ridge: All right. So my father, the man who’s given me everything, he’s dying. That’s– that’s where we are. Yes? Is that it?

Rj: I’m sorry. I’m–

Donna: Eric, please. You, listen, you’ve got to take care of yourself. You are not well, and you cannot get yourself so worked up.

Eric: Worked up. Worked up?

Donna: Yes.

Eric: Donna, you saw this. You saw this collection. You saw it as some of the finest work of my life. This– this is my finest achievement, my greatest achievement. But this could easily be my– the final designs of my life. If I don’t win this, it’s over. All of it. I’m afraid that, uh, I’ll lose the excitement and– and the anticipation and the thrill of watching buyers bid on these– these wonderful pieces that we do. Oh, god. Let alone getting my office back. If I– if I don’t win this, it’s all over.

Donna: Stop. Stop talking like that. Okay, I can’t stand–

Eric: All right. All right. All right. Listen.

Donna: …Talking like that.

Eric: It’s all right. I understand that this is probably my last collection. I– I accept it. I– I’ve come– I’ve come to a peaceful place for that. But I– I just can’t wait for the end– the final tally. That’s what I wanna know. I wanna know how this ends up. Uh, uh, have you heard anything? Have you heard anything from ridge and from carter about this?

Katie: No, no, not anything yet.

Luna: Yeah. He said it should take some time.

Eric: It shouldn’t take this much time. It’s taking too long. Come on. Let’s– let’s– I don’t want to wait. Let’s find out– let’s find out what’s going on. Let’s go to the office. Come on.

Ridge: My dad is dying. Well, that doesn’t seem real, does it?

Brooke: No, it doesn’T. He is the backbone of this family and I don’t know what we’re gonna do without him.

Rj: Dad, I’m so sorry. There were so many times that I came so close to tell– we stood right here and I– I wanted to tell you, but I could hear him pleading with me in my head not to tell you and I just didn’t wanna– I just didn’t want to let him down. You understand that, right?

Ridge: Yeah. Sure. How long does he have? Do you know?

Rj: The doctor says he has a few months.

Brooke: This was a great burden for you to carry, sweetheart, but you did right by your grandfather. You need to know that.

Rj: I– I don’t know if I’ve done right by my father, mom.

Ridge: We’re fine. Um, so this is why you worked with granddad? This is why?

Rj: Yes, I needed him. He needed me. I mean, you know how I felt about the family business when I got back to L.A. He– he made me realize I have a passion for this, dad. I love this. I– I wanna do this for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t have that if– if he didn’t show me that. I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to repay him for that.

Ridge: I’m proud of you.

Rj: I love him.

Ridge: Well, we all love him, son. We all do.

Brooke: We are strong and we are resilient and we will get through this together, as a family.

Rj: Dad, you– you get now, why he– you know why he wanted to win the fashion challenge so bad, right? It– it was just because he wanted to solidify his legacy. That’s why he wanted to do this, the whole grand finale.

Eric: Well, here you all are. In my office. Why am I not surprised? Well, I assume from your silence that you know who won the fashion challenge? And I can see from the look on your faces that you know.

Ridge: Yeah, I know.

Eric: So, what’s the count, ridge? Who won this thing? You or me?

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