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by Michele & Cheryl

Theresa from Days

This week wasn’t as exciting as last week’s episodes. The writers dealt with the aftermath of last week’s reveals. We will get into detail about the stories for the week.

For some reason, the writers decided to recast Theresa in the middle of her storyline. The writers decided to use Gwen in the role. The actress is known for playing Gwen. Now we have to get used to her playing Theresa. She still has her accent and for some reason she is sporting a blonde wig. The writers should have given us more time to adjust to her being the character. She was shoved at us too fast. She needed more time so we could get used to her. They never had to stretch her story if they weren’t going to keep the other Theresa in the role. We don’t think we will get used to Emily O’Brien playing the part. Changing her hair isn’t the only thing that will help us get over the fact that Jenn Liley isn’t playing the part. Here’s a question for you. Was her role that vital to the show that she had to be recast like that? We don’t think she needed to be part of the show like that anymore. The show needs more Bradys, but we don’t need her playing the part. We barely got a chance to see the fallout with Gwen/Leo/Dimitri when she was pushed into another storyline.

Brady is suddenly acting like he’s the doting father. He wasn’t around Tate when he grew up, but he’s acting like he is father of the year. We were waiting for Tate to tell him that he wasn’t there for him. He lost Rachel so now he wants to act like he’s the greatest father in the world. We know that he doesn’t care about him. He only cares now because he’s in Salem. We hope that Tate tells him about himself so he can realize that he should have been more involved in his life. Tate is going to be a handful the same way he was when he was a teenager.

We were surprised by Alex’s attitude towards Justin. Last week, he was ready to write Justin off as his father. He acted as if Justin didn’t raise him. He surprised us this week when he had a conversation with Justin. They straightened things out when Justin went to see him. He accepted him as his father. We applauded him for doing that. We thought he was going to keep acting that way towards him. Alex even wanted him to let him know if he gets too big for himself. We liked that. Alex didn’t get too bigheaded yet. Hopefully he won’t get out of hand now that he’s in charge. His conversation with Stephanie probably played a role in his decision to accept Justin as his father.

Belle decided to give Shawn another chance. She wanted to work things out after he was with Talia. We didn’t expect that to happen any time soon. She just found out that he was with her, and she was willing to work on their relationship. There must have been something about her conversation with Philip that made her want to work things out with Shawn. He threw her for a loop when he said that he was going away. He decided to leave town and be with his mother. He didn’t want her to be with him. We weren’t sure what to think about that. You would think that he would want to wo work things out with her, but he wanted to work on himself first. That might be a good thing, but she was willing to fix their relationship. We know Belle decided to leave and we’re not sure if Shawn was fired or not, but there was no reason to write them out that way. They needed a better way to write them out of the show. They are legacy characters and shouldn’t be treated as if they don’t matter to the show.

What is wrong with Susan? Why would she want to defend Xander after what he did to her? He kidnapped her and she begged EJ not to go after him. You would think that she would want him to get revenge after what he did to her. He robbed her of her chance to see her family and she acted like it wasn’t a big deal. We get that the writers want us to forget that he hasn’t been redeemed, but we didn’t forget that. He didn’t pay for his crimes and he needs to in order to be properly redeemed. She was also singing Ava’s praises. Ava didn’t save her because she felt like she should be with her family. She saved her because she wanted to clear her name. Susan is very gullible to think that they cared about her other than to clear their names. It’s too bad that EJ won’t decide to go after them anyway.

Speaking of Xander, he wanted to go after Sarah and sue for full custody of Victoria. He told Sloan how she’s a terrible mother because she was keeping a father away from his child. Does this sound familiar? Sloan is doing the same thing to Eric. He wanted the judge to see that Sarah wasn’t perfect because she lied about her baby’s paternity twice. Sarah would deserve it if Xander won the custody battle.

Sarah found out that Susan was alive. She realized that Xander didn’t kill Susan. She had to rethink things because she knew he wasn’t a killer after all. She will probably expect Xander not to go after the baby. She may know the truth about Xander, but that doesn’t change the fact that she lied to him about the father of her baby. She shouldn’t be let off the hook because she found out what really happened to Susan.


Susan from Days

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