Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of 10/9/23

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Brady from Days


Stephanie went to Titan to tell Vivian that she quit. She should have seen Alex’s name on the desk. There was a clear shot of his name, and she didn’t see it. She also should have seen him sitting in the chair.

Brady felt like he should be the one to call Roman about Tate working at the pub. Theresa is his niece so she should have been the one calling him.

Theresa (now being played by Emily O’Brien) has an accent that keeps coming through while she’s talking.


It was daytime in Monday’s episode, and it was dark in this episode.

Tate and Holly should know each other since their parents used to be together.

Nicole said she had to see pictures of Tate online. Brady could have shown her the pictures anytime.


Johnny and Chanel were sitting when Holly asked them if they were back together in Tuesday’s episode, but they were standing in this one.

Ava said that she and Harris had to complete their court ordered time at Bayview. Harris wasn’t at Bayview because of a court order. He went there voluntarily.


Why did Tate automatically stay with Brady? Why couldn’t he stay with Theresa?

Chloe cried without any tears.


Why would Roman let Harris stay at the pub when he is indirectly responsible for why Bo was in a coma?

Susan defended Xander when he kidnapped her.


Harris from Days

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