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Ava, what the hell are you doing here? I thought you were on the run. Well, now I’m back. And I brought you a little surprise. Not that you deserve it after trying to kill me. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Save me the phony denials, CJ. I know you sent that woman to Bayview to murder me. And that’s why I’m here.

To end this. Now. End it how? See for yourself.

Mother! It’s you, it’s me! Mother? Oh,

that’s baby! So it’s my

You’re leaving Salem. Do you mean with Xander? Aren’t you getting married after all? No, um, now that Xander knows that he’s the father of Sarah’s baby, what he and I had, um, is over. I’m sorry. Yeah, me too. We obviously can’t live together anymore, and there’s no way I can stay at the Spectator, so without a job and no relationship, there’s nothing really keeping me here.

Come on, Victoria. Please just nap a little bit so that mommy can rest too. Ugh.

Sarah? Kate! What’s wrong? What’s wrong is that you have dragged my son into this psycho drama with Xander Cook and now you’ve put a target directly on Rex’s back.

What the hell do you want?

You mean, what am I doing here? You texted me to come over. What? Talk about Sarah’s baby. No, I didn’t. But, Sarah, I don’t have time for your games and your crap. Just stop lying. I’m not lying. I sent you a text. Then who did?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

What’s that? It’s a text you sent me. That’s not my number. I didn’t send that. If you didn’t send this, who did? I don’t have a bloody clue, but since you’re here, Rex, look, we should talk about the baby. My baby. The one whose father you’re pretending to be. There’s no pretend here. I am legally Victoria’s father.

My name is on her birth certificate. You think a line on a piece of paper is going to keep me from my daughter? No, but a judge will. Then I’ll show the judge a DNA test that shows clearly that I’m Victoria’s biological father and you’re just some pathetic loser that Sarah roped into perpetuating a fraud.

We have been over this. You can fight it all you want but there’s not a court on the planet that is going to award you custody. So get over it. It’s over. Move on. Never. So, what’s the plan, Anzander, hmm? Well, for starters, you’re gonna give up any claim that you have to Victoria, and then you’re gonna divorce Sarah.

Oh, I’m so sorry, Kate. I’m, I’m quite sleep deprived at the moment. What, what are, what are you talking about? Okay, don’t try to play on my sympathies as a mother, because you have put my child directly in the line of fire. The line of fire? Okay. You know, maybe you want to have a romantic relationship with Xander Cook.

That is your decision. But you have been finally woken to the fact that he’s a homicidal maniac. So I do not appreciate you using my son as your human shield. I mean, what do you want, Sarah? Do you want to see Rex dead? Is that it?

Nigel, you were alive, but I didn’t think it was possible. I, I, I have so many questions, I don’t know where to begin.

What, just, you know what, start at the very beginning, like I always say, sweetheart. You, you, you look good, you sound good, are you, are you alright? Are you okay? Are you okay now? Well, especially now love you. Mother, I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you so much. PJ’s car’s down. It’s time to make the move. We have to get that confession.

We promised rape bombs. Don’t worry about it. Hey, Susan. Susan, I’m really glad that I was able to get you reunited with your son back home, but, um… You think you could help me out? Oh! You want me to help you out? Okay, you know what? I could do a reading for you, and, you know, a poem writing, or an oral reading.

No, no, no, not that kind of help, Susan. Just… Maybe you could ask your son to apologize for sending that woman to Bayview to murder me. Oh, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right. You know what, son? You’re going to listen to your mama right now. Now you are going to confess your sins.

Right this moment. And you’re going to beg Ava for her forgiveness. Hmm?

Where will you go? Well, um, my parents and Parker are in New York, so it makes sense for me to go there. You know, I just need a little bit of… Time to process all of this and figure out what’s next. Alright. Well, thanks for telling me, Chloe. You didn’t have to. I wanted to. What, you thought I’d just take off without saying anything?

Um, well, in the past you might have. I wouldn’t have blamed you. Yeah, you’re right, but in the past I would have worried that this kind of news was going to send you into some obsessive tailspin. But, like I told you last night, Philip, I know that you have changed and I’m not worried about you anymore. I’m glad.

I’m glad, too. I’m so glad that you’re alive, and I’m so proud of you for doing all that work to get better. And reconnecting with you has been…

It has been pretty great.

New York’s beautiful this time of year. Yeah, I know. And a change of scenery will be good for me, but I will miss you.

Miss you too.

Of course I don’t want Rex dead. What kind of a question is that? The whole reason that you didn’t want Xander near your baby is because you were terrified of him, right? You knew he was a dangerous man. You knew that if he was in Victoria’s life that she would never be safe, right? That’s, that’s right.

Okay. So, it was alright if my son isn’t safe, though? I mean, I, I don’t get that. I, I, it, this plan of yours for him to pretend to be the father of your baby, did you really think that you could pull that off? My, yeah, my hope was that it would, the truth would never come out. Okay, but you knew that it would.

And when it did, Xander would be out for blood, right? I mean, the thing is, I understand you wanting to protect an innocent child, but why would you do that and risk my son’s life? I mean, is that okay? You’d have to ask your son. What the hell does that mean? What it means, Kate, is I didn’t come up with the idea to lie about Victoria’s paternity.

Rex did.

We just got married, you idiot. Your marriage is a joke. She only did it to stick it to me. She did it because she thinks you’re a threat to her daughter, which you are. You guys are both insane. If you think I’ll ever do anything to hurt Victoria, you, on the other hand, I’d have no problem causing you a great deal of pain.

You need to get out of my face and stay out of Sarah’s life and her baby’s. And if I don’t? What are you gonna do, Rex? Are you gonna kill me? Of course you aren’t.

He’s not gonna kill you. That’s my job.

I’ve showed her confessions are good for the show. Now I want you to admit to Ava what you did. And I want you to call off the assassin, hmm? Now I’m alive, sweetheart. There’s no need for vengeance now. There is another

sitting duck waiting for you. Right here in Salem, in fact. Another tag at home. It was accomplice, Xander Cook.

Oh my God. What is it? That’s good. Good. Do you know what to I, I, I have to go. I, I, I just remembered I have a critical business engagement. Well, wait a matter of, it’s a matter of life and death. I’ll be back soon. I love you so much, brother. I’ll be back. I promise. Oh, I forgot about me getting into that boy’s bonnet to make him run out of here so fast.

What the hell are you doing? I’m gonna shoot you, then I’m gonna put the gun in his hand. You know Rex? I know he’s going down for murder. Whose murder? Yours. I’m sure somebody heard you guys arguing. Once they hear this gunshot, they’ll call the cops. By the time they get here, I’ll be long gone. You’ll be dead.

And this poor sucker will take the rap for it.

So, what are your plans? Uh, actually I don’t have any. Just taking it one day at a time. Though I’m sure my mother has my entire life all mapped out for me. I’m sure she does. Truth is, she can plan all she wants. Us karaoke says we don’t stick to the script. Like to keep things interesting. Oh yeah? Like what’s going on with my family right now.

It’s like that show, the one with Cassandra and Rhett. Body and soul? You watch that. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. Anyway, it’s been wild. First, Vivian shows up out of nowhere. Announces she’s entitled to my father’s entire fortune. Then they find his revised will. Thank God. So she gets nothing. Maggie gets half.

The other half goes to my brother Alex. Oh, yeah, I heard about that. Alex’s victor’s son. Your brother? That must be strange for you. Well, he was always family. Now he’s closer family. Me, Bo, and Alex. Victor’s three sons. Though I’m not sure where I belong in the new configuration, but I’ll figure it out. I’m sure Victor loved you all equally.

Yeah, I think he did. And although my dad and I didn’t have the smoothest relationship of all time, I loved him too. Very much. I just wish I had a chance to say goodbye.

But, luckily… No! That’s not the right word. Uh, it should be… Thankfully. I get to say goodbye to you.

Don’t be a stranger, okay? I won’t.


Don’t leave me. Do you think that maybe you would… Want to try to figure things out in New York?

What the EJ is onto us? I don’t know. Well, I know we just missed our one chance to get him on tape admitting what he did to me. I mean, we could, we could wait and try again. No. No, no, no. When EJ saw his mother, that was the time. We’re not gonna get another chance. Look, I guess it’s time. I guess we go back down to the station and tell Rafe the bad news,

huh? You know, to come back, and I’m gonna get Harold to make us some fried bologna and manny sandwiches. Oh, Susan, I don’t really have much of an appetite. Oh, no, no, no. You gotta try one. Oh, they’re so delicious. You think, you know, Harold, he makes that lunch meat so crispy just the way I like it. Yeah, Susan, I think that Harris and I, we’re just gonna head out.

Oh. But um, before, before we do go, I want to say one thing to you.

When I had you in that car, I was in a very, very dark place. And um, I was hurt, and I was angry, and I wasn’t thinking straight. And the issues that I had, they were with EJ, they were not with you. And I never should have dragged you into it. And for that, I was wrong. And I am truly sorry. Live and

you shall be forgiven. That’s what the Bible says and that’s what I believe. Thank you, Susan. Thank you, I really am grateful for that. And I am so glad that you are okay. Okay. Oh, hold on, hold on! Wait, wait, wait! What’s, what’s uh, next for Miss Ava Vitae? I

don’t know, I um, I guess they’re gonna send me back to Bayview. Oh, you

know, given what happened to me and, and Big Crumb?

I don’t have to do this. I’d do it if I’m gonna get paid. I’ll pay you. I’ve got tons of cash in the other room. I’ll just run and get it. Yeah, yeah. No, no, no. I don’t think so. Listen, I know what you’re going through. I’ve been in your situation more times than I care to care. Not holding a gun on someone because I needed money.

I don’t need the money. I do this because I want to. I’m one of those lucky guys, I love my job. So someone hired you. Not back and guessing exactly who did that. Oh, and here he is. Hi, EJ. Come to make sure the job’s done right.

So, pretending to be the father of your baby, that was Rex’s idea? Bonnie Lockhart showed up unexpectedly to Rex’s place in Chicago and saw that I was pregnant and Rex jumped in and said the baby was his. So why didn’t you just tell her or anyone else that Rex was lying? You’re right. Yes, I could have. I could have.

You could have, but instead you decided to take advantage of his feelings for you. Well, hang on. I have always been completely honest about my feelings for Rex from the beginning. He knows that our relationship is purely platonic. Yeah, but you knew that he wanted a lot more, didn’t you? I mean, Roman and I just had breakfast with him this morning and, uh, well, he kind of laid out the, the whole plan, you know.

Even though the truth of Victoria is out, you’re going to stay married. He called me after he told you. He said that Roman was very understanding and that you were less so. Yeah, you’re right about that. Because even though Rex knows this relationship isn’t real, he’s going to do everything he can to win you back.

And you have him believing that the longer you play house together, the better the chances are that you’ll fall back in love with him. But we both know you won’t. I, I can’t predict the future, Kate. Can you? Yeah, in this case I can. Because you strung him along all the way up to the altar. You’re still feeding him false hope.

I knew there was something wrong with you and Rex right from the beginning because he was so secretive and he was so evasive about you. Two days in, before we find out about the birth of our grandchild that turns out not really to be our grandchild. But then again, all of it makes sense now, doesn’t it?

I’m sorry, Kate. I had to put my daughter first. Well, I’m not sorry. I need to put my son first. So you are greatly mistaken if you think I am going to stand by and let him take a bullet for you.

We have a deal, and I will honor my part by releasing you from your obligation to honor yours. Once I start a job, I need to finish it. Besides, this guy’s seen my face, and I don’t like to leave witnesses. Oh, there’s no problem there. I have a terrible memory for faces. I’m sure I’ll forget yours the moment you walk out that door.

You work for me. When I say the job is done, it’s done.

Fine. As long as I still get paid. You will.

I assume that you sent him here because of what I did to Susan. Why’d you call him off? Circumstances have changed. Oh, so?

Turns out my mother is still alive. Uh,

uh, come in, come in. Just, uh, take a seat, just give me a second, I want to finish this.

Okay, now what?

Susan? Yes! Susan

Delilah Banks! No, wait a minute, hold it, should it be me, or… Okay, I can just do confused, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. You’re alive. Oh my gosh. I’m not dreaming now, right? No, no, no. You’re not. You’re not dreaming. I’m real. I’m real. And if you don’t believe me, why don’t you come over here and give your good friend a great big hug.

So, Susan somehow managed to get out of the car before it blew up and, what, she’s been living it up across the pond? I wouldn’t say she’s been living it up, but yes, she survived the crash and has been in London this whole time. Oh my god, this is a miracle! Thank you, EJ! Well, thank you for coming here and telling me that.

I… And, thank you for stopping your goon from doing me in. Who are you calling? Who else? The cops. Why? Why do you think? I didn’t tell Ray Fernandes that you just hired somebody to put a bullet in

me. Sir Gray’s on a call. He should be back soon, I hope. He’s not.

Um, can you help me with this on, on my back? Yeah. Yeah? Mm hmm. Okay. Yeah, just go ahead and rip, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, just rip it off. Go ahead. Ooh. Okay. Um.

Thank you.

Like, I’m sorry we couldn’t get EJ to admit that he ordered that hit. Yeah. Me too. I was hoping it would help my case. And maybe even get the Salem PD and Rafe off my back. Maybe into my corner. Well, we may not have gotten the confession from EJ, but I mean, Susan being alive It’s gotta help.

Wait, wait. You were in London all this time? Yes, yes, I was, I was chained up in my ex hubby’s, that bedroom. I, I, I, until Ava Vitale and, and Harrish Michael showed up. Well, you must have done a wonderful job of helping them find you. Oh, yeah, I, well, but when they showed up to Edmund’s place, he took them prisoner, too.

But you know what? Thanks to Lord, we are all safe now. Yes, that’s all that matters. And… It’s a miracle, Dr. Marlena Evans?

Is being here and standing right with you right now. You so dang much. I’ve missed you too, Susan. Look, there’s something I just don’t understand. Uh, uh, so you, you crawled away from the car before it exploded. And, who found you and, and took you to Edmond? You know, much to my frustration and vexation, Uh, I still haven’t solved that one yet.

Doesn’t matter. You’re here now. With all the people that love you most in

the world. I like to say it. On hold. Are you sure you want to do this? Oh, I’m sure. And I’m sure Rafe would leave any excuse to lock you up. That is true. But I’m quite certain the Commissioner would relish the opportunity to put you behind bars as well. And what possible reason could he have to do that?

Well, the only reason you’re not in prison for kidnapping is that Rafe couldn’t find a witness to implicate you. Bonnie Kiriakis never saw your face, but my mother did. You have a point. Given the sheer hell you put Susan through, I have no doubt she’ll want to press charges against you. Unless… Unless what?

I could talk to her. Convince her to let it all go. As her one and only son, she’ll listen to me. But if I’m incarcerated, as you ratted me out to the cops… Forget it. She’ll get on the stand, tell a jury in extraordinary detail what you did to her, and then you’ll end up in a jail cell right next to me.

Despite Rex’s attempts at concealing the truth, you now know

that you’re a father. Do you really want to get to know your daughter in the visiting That is, if Sarah and her new husband would even allow it. But do you want to be free so you could fight for your daughter? So you can claim that little girl as your own. Well done, Counselor. You win. I do. Now, before I leave, let’s relieve, shall we?

Other guy was sent by the gas company to fix a leak. And I’ll talk to my mother, who will find it in her generous heart to forgive and forget. Alright, jackass. Wake up, nap time’s over. This may be hard

to hear, Kate, but… Rex is a grown man, and you need to let him make his own choices. Mm mm. No, it’s not about Rex making his own choices. It’s about me protecting him from a calculating predatory woman, and I’m never going to stop doing that. You’re using Rex. You’re using Rex to keep your ex husband away.

Look, I know that you’re worried about Xander hurting him. No, no, no, no. I’m also worried about you hurting him. And if you do, you’ll answer to me.

Get off me! Just put your right back down on the floor if you like. Dude, you did this? You used the baby to get me over here? Only to have some thug knock me out? I have no idea what you’re talking about. You hired somebody to knock me out! Don’t be ridiculous. No, no, no. We were talking about the baby. It got a bit heated.

You got very emotional and you fainted. Passed out. Shot. Hit your head on the ground. You’ve been out for half an hour. I know you did this. Because this is what you do. You hurt people. You knock them out. You kidnap them. You kill them. So I’ll tell you what, biology or not, you will never be Victoria’s father.

So do her and yourself a favor and stay the hell away from my family.

Chloe, what are you saying? You want me to move to New York with you? Okay, to be clear, I know that we both acknowledge that we have feelings for each other, but I literally just broke off my engagement and I’m nowhere near ready to jump into anything new, so if you did come, I can’t promise you anything, but I would still be really happy if we took this journey together.

And I think a change would be good for you too.

I totally get it. And look, I know I used to say I’d respect your boundaries and then blow right past them, but… I promise, Chloe, there won’t be any more of that. So, from here on out, nothing happens unless you’re comfortable with it. I know, that’s why I asked you to come. You’d really be okay with me tagging along?

At a respectable distance, with absolutely no pressure or expectations? I would be more than okay.

Then yes, I will accompany you to New York. Okay, great. So, this isn’t goodbye for us. But there are a few people that I need to tell that I’m leaving. Me too. Good luck with that. I’m gonna need it.

Yeah, I’m calling because I have some news. No, it’s not bad news. Nicole. Nicole, listen, I’m fine. I will be fine, uh, but I just don’t want to share it over the phone. So can we meet for lunch somewhere? Okay, great. Anywhere except the pub.

Hey, mom. Hey, sweetheart. I am so happy that I’m finally going to have a little quality time with one of my sons. I know how much you value our time together. So do I. Okay, um, I think I sense something here. I think I sense a butt coming. You know how much you value your time with me, butt? We’re not going to be having quite as much of it as you’d like.

Well, I think the worst they can do is send you back to Bayview. And if you go back, I’m going with you. Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Oh, it will if Dr. Evans says it should. Remember, I asked to be committed so nobody else could use me for their dirty work. Remember? Yeah, and I’m all for therapy, but I think you are way beyond needing to be locked up.

I’m sure if you asked Marlena, she’d just, she’d let you go. Or maybe I don’t want to ask her. I mean, look, we’ve been through a lot together. Almost killed by a fake nurse. Chained up by some crazy guy in London. There’s a lot of dangerous people in this world. And if you’re in there and I’m out here… Who’s going to wash my back?

It’s a nice back, by the way. Hey. I’m crazy. I’m not blind.

Mother! Mother, where are you?

Mother! Oh. Mother, I know you were here. There’s a bouquet of fried bologna mayonnaise in the air.

Where have you been? I just went to see my BFF M. E. M. D. Sorry?

My best friend forever, Marlena hmm?

I told you I had some business to take care of. Oh, more important than being with your mama who you thought you had lushed forever? There’s nothing more important than you, Mother. You know that. But now that all my business is taken care of, you have my undivided attention. Hmm,

this is what I’m going to find out from you, little shunny. When I was gone, did you behave yourself? Were you a good boy? Uh, I would love to say that I was, but where’s the fun in that? Oh,

have to your mom, don’t you?

Oh, I love you too, mama.

Stay away my arse.

Yes, sir, Xander Cook. There’s been a development in my case. Yeah, I just found out that Susan Banks is in fact alive and well. Well that does change things, doesn’t it? Changes everything. All of a sudden I’m a much more suitable parent. So, I want to sue for full custody of my daughter.

Oh, you will not believe what just happened to me. And I want to hear it, I do, but, um… There’s something I need to tell you first. What, what is it?

Sarah. It’s me, you can, you can tell me anything. Really, whatever it is, just, just, just say it.

I want a divorce.

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