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[ Piano playing ]

[ Misplaying ]

[ Begins song again ]

[ Misplaying ]

[ Piano playing from phone ]

[ Eric coughing ]

Donna: Oh, for a second, I thought you were playing.

Eric: I tried.

[ Music stopping ]

Eric: They just… my hands won’t cooperate. I can’t. I can’t.

Donna: There’s more time for me to do that.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: You hear from the doctor?

Eric: No, they’re still waiting to set up some new tests, so I gotta wait for that.

[ Donna sighing ]

Donna: Cerebrovascular disease and TIA’s, huh? Mini strokes. If that’s what we’re dealing with, I think we need some answers fast.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: You okay? Something, you, um, need to tell me or?

Eric: No. Everything’s just fine.

RJ: Hey.

Donna: Hi.

RJ: What’s going on? Is everyone okay?

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Finn sighing ]

Finn: Oh, hi.

Hope: Hey. Um, Steffy texted and said you needed this for a package for her and the kids in Europe?

Finn: Yeah, you guys had it, huh?

Hope: Yeah, Kelly’s sequin pillow.

Finn: Wow. I’m surprised she left without it. Um, thanks for bringing it by. I mean, you didn’t have to come all the way up here.

Hope: Oh, I’ve been up since four A.M. anyways. You know, just trouble sleeping these days. Life.

Finn: Yeah. Well, I can, um, I can relate. It sounds like your life has been a little bit complicated too lately.

Hope: Well, thank you for downplaying it.

Finn: Hm. You know, we don’t get the chance to talk much. Obviously, I’m aware of the whole interaction with Thomas in Rome and I’m not sure exactly where that stands now, but I just wanted to say, you– you’re better than Thomas.

Sheila: Are we really doing this?

Deacon: Oh, baby, we’re doing this.

Sheila: Engaged?

Deacon: I’m gonna get you a ring.

Sheila: I really don’t care about a ring.

Deacon: No, no, no. I’m getting you one. You deserve one. You deserve everything life has to offer, including a second chance.

Sheila: Well, maybe I should have you talk to my son for me.

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah, speaking of that, I’m gonna have to figure out a way to tell Hope about this.

Sheila: Yeah, I wonder how Finn’s gonna react.

Sheila: You know, we should probably keep our engagement on the down low until we figure out how to break the news.

Deacon: Our secret. Our little bubble here. No one messing with it. Sound good?

Sheila: Yeah. I– I still can’t believe, you know, the lengths that you went through. The judge, for me, insuring my freedom and then, on top of all of that, you– you popped the question.

Deacon: I can’t help myself. I’m crazy about you.

Sheila: There’s that word again.

[ Both chuckling ]

Sheila: I just hope you’re not crazy at the expense of your relationship with Hope.

Hope: Well, everyone seems to have an opinion about my personal life these days.

Finn: Sorry. You know, I probably shouldn’t have said anything. You know, especially since I’m speaking poorly about my brother-in-law.

Hope: Welp.

Finn: Well, it’s just we all know his history, you know? And the things that he’s done, especially to you.

Hope: Join the peanut gallery. I mean, you sound like my mom or RJ or my dad.

Finn: Well, maybe you should listen to them. I mean, look, I get it. You guys, you work together, you co-parent Douglas, but there’s just always been this Svengali quality to Thomas. Hope, I’ve always thought very highly of you and I just want what’s best for you.

RJ: Granddad, you sure you’re good?

Eric: Am I sure I’m good?

RJ: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, I’m good with you at my side. I’m good, yeah.

RJ: So, you’re okay? You know, besides the tremors, you’re–

Eric: I’m okay, I’m okay. I’ve got you. Look at you. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Look what you’re doing! Look what you’re doing. You’re a great designer, you are, and your loyalty, it means so much to me. I want you to keep this secret from everybody about the tremors, and most especially from Ridge.

Sheila: My fianc√©, my fianc√©, my fianc√©. I like the way that sounds. God, I wish I could just stay like this forever because when the news gets out, it’s gonna send shockwaves through our families.

Deacon: Yeah. Hope and Brooke are definitely gonna be stunned, to say the least. Probably be disappointed, but you know, hey, I gotta believe that after a while, I’m gonna get through to them. Especially Hope.

Sheila: I sincerely wish that for you. And I sincerely wish that Finn could be free of Steffy so that I could have another chance.

Finn: Here you go.

Hope: Oh, wow, thank you. You really didn’t have to.

Finn: Oh, no. It’s the least I can do after you brought Kelly’s pillow all this way. You know, after she won that at the carnival, she wouldn’t let it out of her sight. Right?

Hope: Well, I’m glad they will be reunited soon.

Finn: So, how are you doing with everything? I mean, I know I’m going crazy here without Steffy and the kids and you know, we’re still together. I can only imagine for you. Sorry, I– I don’t mean to overstep. I just, I’m trying to make sure you’re doing all right.

Hope: No, I– I– I appreciate that. Um… okay, if I– I’m being honest, uh, yeah, no, it hasn’t been easy trying to adjust to the new normal and the new schedule for the kids, dealing with work while my marriage is– has fallen apart. Um… sometimes, it just… I get sad. All those years, just… with Liam and his divided heart.

Eric: More than anything, I want this collection to exude opulence. You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking diamonds through the bodice.

Donna: Diamonds? Gorgeous.

RJ: And expensive.

Eric: Whose side are you on?

RJ: No, I’m just saying, that’s a lot for a design, that, you know, might not–

Eric: You don’t think we’re gonna win this thing?

RJ: No, no, yeah. I think we’re gonna win.

Eric: Okay, good. You know, one thing I’ve learned in all my years of design is that you can’t cut corners with design. You don’t sacrifice quality for speed or cost, and always use the company credit card.

RJ: Yeah. Well, yeah. It’s your company.

Eric: Yeah, you got that right. We should do diamonds on every one of these designs. I’d love to see the look on Carter and Ridge’s face when they see the invoice.

Donna: Oh, you are so bad.

Eric: You got that right. Now, we’re gonna win this thing. We can do it. And when we do win it, I’m gonna take back this company. I’m gonna take back my company and my office and I’m gonna put my final stamp on this– on this fashion house that I created. Forrester Creations.

Deacon: Sheila, did I hear you correctly? That now you want Finn and Steffy’s marriage to end?

Sheila: I’m not saying that, but I can’t forget that Steffy took the kids and went halfway around the world and abandoned my son.

Deacon: Babe, you know why she did that, right?

Sheila: I am not a threat to Steffy. I just want a place in my son’s life.

Deacon: Okay, good. Just checking. Come here. I believe in you.

Hope: A lot has changed for me since that kiss with Thomas in Rome. It was a catalyst for me to address some deep-seated issues with Liam, with myself. And while I never doubted Liam’s love for me, I also, unfortunately, never doubted his love for Steffy either. Which I am sorry, no– that’s– I shouldn’t. That’s inappropriate. I don’t want to undermine what you two–

Finn: No, you’re not. You’re not. I get it. Um, Steffy and the kids, they’ve been, um, they’ve been gone a while and it’s been extremely tough, you know, but I just want my wife and kids back.

Hope: Is there any progress on that front? I mean, I know Sheila is still a threat.

Finn: Yeah, but I– I talk to Steffy everyday. We text and call each other.

Hope: Well, Finn, you’ve always been devoted to Steffy and that commitment, that is a strength. Steffy is lucky to have you.

Finn: You wanna tell her that?

[ Hope chuckling ]

Finn: That’s– that’s really kind though, thanks. Look, and I feel for you, what you’re going through with Liam. And I don’t know exactly where you stand with Thomas, but just hearing what you’re saying and talking about this self-discovery, I just think that you’re drawn to Thomas because he’s totally focused on you and only you.

RJ: So, Granddad went to go get his medication?

Donna: Yep.

RJ: For his tremors.

Donna: Yeah.

RJ: Donna, hey. It’s just us two, okay? You can talk to me.

Donna: Sure. Yeah, of course.

RJ: He’s– he’s– I don’t know, like he’s off or– or something’s off and affecting him. Like, I– I just feel like I don’t know everything that’s– that’s going on with his health because, you know, he said that it was arthritis, he said that it was carpal tunnel and he has these tremors.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

RJ: And we both have seen it. It’s gotten consistently worse, all right?

Donna: Uh–

RJ: Listen. Please, Donna. Tell me what’s really going on with him.

Donna: Listen, you gotta– you have to promise not to say anything to anyone, okay?

RJ: Say– say what to anyone?

Donna: The doctor feels that, um, Eric might be suffering from cerebrovascular disease or TIA’s. Mini strokes.

RJ: He’s having strokes?

Donna: Yeah. And if he has, um, if anything happens like a blood clot or something, Eric could die. And that’s why, um, that’s why he feels like he’s running out of time and, um, why he has to finish this collection.

Donna: Cerebrovascular disease or TIA’s? So, it’s neurological?

[ Eric coughing ]

[ Eric coughing ]

[ Eric panting ]

Finn: I’m– I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.

Hope: No, it’s– it’s okay. I mean, talking to someone other than my family is actually probably the healthy thing to do.

Finn: You know, I do know his history and his obsession. And look, Taylor and– and Ridge and Steffy, they all think that he’s changed.

Hope: I do, too.

Finn: I can only imagine, like, what the difference is for you. I mean, you go from Liam and his never ending divided feelings, to Thomas, someone who is intense and laser focused with his attention on you and only you. I mean, that must feel so good to have that. Look, and I’m sure Steffy feels something similar. You know, she has me, someone who is totally committed to her versus all those years that she was involved with Liam.

Hope: Well, like I said, she’s lucky to have you.

Finn: Yeah, I’m not sure she feels that way right now. But look, I’m not gonna let Steffy get sucked into that old rut. I’m determined to get Steffy back and reunite my family.

Hope: And I’m sure you will. That devotion is admirable.

Finn: I mean, even like, the way you talk about devotion, it’s… it’s almost like you’ve always been chasing it, you know, and now you have that. With Thomas. But, do you really want to be with him? Like, with all that history?

[ Hope chuckling ]

Hope: Well, uh, clearly, I believe in second chances, third chances, fourth chances, fifth chances, but I also believe that people can change. And being with Thomas, knowing that he is dedicated and loyal to me, I mean, that is a big change from the indecisiveness and the heartache that would sometimes come along with being with Liam. Uh… I guess I didn’t realize how much it was weighing me down. Sometimes, it isn’t until that weight is lifted that you suddenly realize, um… how ground down you were. The sadness and the heaviness of it all. Um, and growing up, you know, watching my mom in pain because of a man’s divided heart, I swore that I would never be like her, and yet, there I was, perpetuating that same cycle with a man with a divided heart. I mean, is it really so hard to ask to be loved by a man who just… loves me and only me?

Finn: Hey.

Hope: I’m sorry.

Finn: No, it’s okay.

Hope: No, it’s embarrassing.

Finn: It’s okay.

Hope: I’m sorry, Finn.

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