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[ Door opens ] So this is where you’ve been hiding out? I haven’t been hiding. I’ve been making a home for us. Charlotte: Papa, why is the door open? The met was amazing. Yeah. Were you really surprised? Yeah. I mean, I knew that we were going to the met, but a first-class tour through the archives? I didn’t expect that. Yeah, well, it makes me very happy to see you so happy. It was like a backstage pass to a taylor swift concert. Wow. I couldn’t believe that you did that for me. Well, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you, trina robinson. Enough? Feeling any better?

[ Groans ] Some. [ Sighs ] Thanks, bro. My eyes were really starting to burn. Okay. Yeah, listen, I know they teach the, uh — the gun safety there at the academy. What about the, uh — the pepper spray safety? Oh, that’s funny. I’ll have you know, your little brother was able to defuse a volatile situation without any gunfire. It was worth the collateral damage. Well, good. No driving for half an hour. That’s doctor’s orders. Yes, sir. I’ll, uh — I’ll see you in the lounge when you’re done. Thanks again. Okay.

[ Door opens ]

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Elevator dings ] Dr. Finn! Congratulate me. Congratulations. Who’d you fire this time? Oh, sadly, no one. Ah. But I did just get reinstated to the hospital board. Hm.

[ Knock on door ]

[Muffled] Come in. I know you’re swamped, but did you get a chance to read my op-ed piece? I e-mailed it to you. And I will check my box as soon as I get a chance. I have a hard copy here. Save you some time. Okay. I’d love for you to read it. And I will. I’m almost done, and as soon as I finish this, I will read it. Thanks. Thanks. Oh.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] Skydive. Visit the van gogh museum in amsterdam. Take violet to disneyland. Hot yoga. Read “anna karenina.” Hike machu picchu. Going to racing school. Let me ask you one question, gladys. How are you going to pay for this trip? ‘Cause I already know that you stole sasha’s money to pay back your gambling debt to selina wu. No, that’s not how it — shut up. I don’t want to hear any more lies. I’m gonna make sure that you don’t lie again. Do you understand what I’m saying? Sonny, please — no. What do you want? You want me to listen to more lies? You want me to ignore that you betrayed my trust, that you dishonored your own son and robbed his widow? Sonny, I never meant for — I don’t care what you meant! I know exactly what you did. And now you’re going to pay for it. Daniels, I need you to get a prisoner from the holding cell and bring him to interrogation one. Which prisoner, sir? Cody bell.

[ Screams ] What the hell are you doing here? Drop the syringe. Let sasha go. Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t take orders from mental patients who committed assault and kidnapping. He was trying to save me from you! And the other cuckoo bird sings. Hey, hey, hey, hey. I’m walking out of here, and I’m taking her with me.

Hi, charlotte. Hi. Anna. How do you like our home? Well, um… it’s lovely. Thank you. Jake asked if we could meet at the skateboard park. Really? I was thinking maybe we could — papa, please. He wants to show me a trick wyatt taught him. I finished all my homework at school. Okay, fine. Have fun. Be careful. I always am. Bye, papa. It was… lovely. [ Laughs ] Yeah, sorry about that. She’s enjoying the new house and being close to her friend jake. Sure. Come in. Anna. I owe you an apology. Ohh! I hate that we have to leave today. I know.

[ Sighs ] Our time here went by so fast, but I’m gonna remember every single moment. It was amazing watching you at the museum today. Watching me? Mm-hmm. You’re supposed to be looking at the art. Yeah, but I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I don’t know. You were so in your element. You seemed so happy. Seemed so intense. Be careful, spencer. You’re gonna make me fall in love with you even more. Me? Y-you’re in love with me? You know I am. I guess that works out pretty good, because I am crazy — I mean crazy — in love with you.

[ Knock on door ] So, what do you think? I’m sure it was perfect. Look, thanks, but I was really hoping you’d read it. I always respect your opinion. And I will. I-I’ll read it on my phone during one of my endless circulation meetings. Okay. Oh.

[ Sighs ] Board of directors? That’s a lot of work. What possessed you? My family has donated a great deal of money to this hospital, and I felt it would behoove me to make sure our investment isn’t mismanaged. Okay. Well, now that you’re, I guess, technically one of my bosses, I probably should pretend to be working. Backgammon thursday? Definitely. Okay. It’s time to come clean, gladys. You stole from sasha. And then when she was ready to get her money back, you hired a doctor to mess with her head.

[ Breathes shakily ] Actually, it was worse than that, sonny. What can be worse than that, sam? The doctor was gladys’ poker buddy, and he put sasha on a medication that made her hallucinate when taken in combination with her antidepressant. And that’s when she stabbed cody? I swear, I never asked him to drug sasha. When I found out what he was doing, I tried to make him stop. I did everything I could to set sasha free. Another lie! Sorry, chief. Cody bell isn’t here. What? He’s not in holding. He was let out in the custody of detective falconeri. Said he was taking him back to ferncliff. Oh, boy. Come on, let’s go. Dr. Montague: Get away from the door. You know this can never work. I know it can work. Mnh-mnh. There’s enough propofol in this syringe to turn sasha into sleeping beauty. Only all the prince charmings in the world would never be able to wake her up. Or if she’s just lucky, it’ll kill her. Is that how you want this fairy tale to end, mr. Bell? Don’t listen to him, cody. Shut up! I have nothing to lose now. And that makes a man brave. You want to gamble, cody? It’s gonna be okay, sasha. Dr. Montague: That’s right, sasha. Everything is going to be just fine. Dr. Montague? Oh, good. I’m gonna need your help, janice.

Call security, janice. Don’t listen to him. He kidnapped sasha and assaulted me. What are you doing, dr. Montague? He’s been drugging me since before I even got here. I’m gonna call security. You’re not going to move unless you want sasha’s death on your hands. Now, you listen to me. You are gonna make sure that every security door is open so me and my friend here can get out the back entrance. And if I hear any alarms go off when we walk out, she dies. And you are going to stay here, mr. Bell, or she dies. Now, janice! Cody!

[ Cody grunting ]

[ Both grunting ] Cody. If you wanted to set sasha free, you would have come to me. You would have told me what you did. That would have been thinking of her safety instead of trying to save your own skin. Yeah, but when has she ever cared about anyone else? Never. Never. That’s not true. Brando was everything. Yeah, bran– you said — you said brando was dead because you wanted to collect the insurance money. And then when my father got alzheimer’s, you wanted to worm your way into the family. No. No. I loved mike. Okay. Look. Do not lie to me again.

[ Sighs ] So, how did you manage to get us a private tour through the archives? I pulled a few strings. Oh, did you? Mm-hmm. I had no idea that you were gonna like it as much as you did, though. Are you kidding?

[ Laughs ] Seeing the artists’ work in different stages and hearing the tour guide just talk in such great detail — I loved it, and I feel like it’s gonna make me see art in a different way now. Yeah? How so? Mm. If I tell you, it’s gonna sound ridiculous. Tell me! Okay. Um… I feel like I’ve been looking at paintings through my eyes, my perspective only. And — and after learning about such amazing works of art, like the process, and the politics of the times, the materials, I feel like it helped me to see art from their perspective — like if I’m seeing it through their eyes. I’m sorry. I know that sounded ridiculous. I told you it would sound ridiculous. No, no. No, it doesn’t sound ridiculous at all. I think it makes perfect sense. Sorry. It was in with the article. It’s alright. I guess I was trying to decide what should be next on the list, and somehow the page got mixed up in the article. It’s a very impressive and diverse list. You helped me get rid of one of them. I saw that.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. What’s next? Skydiving.

[ Sighs ] What do you say? You want to help me knock another one off the list? Of course you’d have to pick that one first. Yes, monica, it was pointed out to me that the hospital board is a lot of work. Monica, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you at home. Chase? Are you alright? I’m fine. You’re clearly not fine. Did something happen to brook lynn? No. Is it your father? Did he fall down again?

The E.R.?I was just talking to finn. We should go get him. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. Slow down. What — what are you talking about? Well, you were crying, so I thought that — that my father fell? I got hit with some pepper spray. It’s nothing. Oh. Oh.

[ Laughs awkwardly ] Don’t they teach you how to use that stuff? I hope it — I hope you feel better. Oh, no, not so fast. Wait. You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on. Nothing’s going on. I was mistaken. Ms. Quartermaine, I can see that you know something that I don’T. Now tell me what it is. So do you really think it makes sense when I talk about art? Mm-hmm.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Yeah. Trina, when you look at a painting, you don’t just see brushstrokes and style and… balance, I don’t know. [ Laughs ] No, I think that you see the — you see the artist’s intent and you see their passion and the underlying humanity of the painting. And it really doesn’t even come as a surprise to me because I think that that’s just who you are. That’s who you’ve been since the day that I met you. You’re a vibrant person. You’re an empathetic person. And you’ve completed parts of me that I never even knew needed to be completed. And what we were able to share together this weekend is… it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

[ Chuckles ] I’ve been keeping secrets.

[ Laughs ] So I see. Yeah. Well, you know what? So have I. I think that’s the pattern in our relationship. After the fire, you were so despondent, I went looking for another home, and I found this place. And the deal was difficult, so martin stepped in and finessed the negotiation. Oh, god, I knew he was involved. You did? Yes. Because I followed you here one day. I didn’t know who it was that you were meeting, but then I remembered that martin had come to our hotel room with paperwork for you to sign, so then it kind of all made sense. I have given you far too many reasons not to trust me. Yes, you have. Anna: I don’t understand. Why would you feel the need to keep this secret? You never loved my dad. And if he hadn’t gotten alzheimer’s, he’d have seen that. You saw it as an opportunity to come into the family saying how great family is, how much you believed in family. And I let you go along with it because it was m-my dad’s last days and I wanted them to be good days. Or maybe I just believed a bit. I don’t know. It was true. It was a lie, like everything else! You used my dad like you used your son and you used sasha. And I’m gonna tell you right now, the days of you using anyone are over. Cody, let him go. What the hell is going on? Oh, thank god you’re here. This man tried to kill me, and your own officer witnessed it. That’s a lie. Of course she would side with him. She is a very sick woman. And he broke her out of here. Did you see what happened? I called her for assistance. Before she was about to call security, this officer stopped mr. Bell. Is that what happened? No. Dr. Montague was holding that syringe on miss gilmore. He threatened to kill her if I didn’t let him escape. Cuff him. Detective, maybe you should read him his rights. Dante: Will do. Dr. Montague, you’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent… it’s finally over, sasha. Thank you, cody. Thank you.

No one can ever take away the time that we spent together this weekend. I’ll never forget it. And not just because of this beautiful necklace you gave me. This was actually a selfish gift. Now, whenever you wear it, I’ll be reminded of the incredible weekend that we had together, which I needed. It’s been so nice to have some time away from port charles and all of the distractions there. It’s made me see so much clearer just how much I love you.

[ Laughs ] I love you, too. You know, we still have time before we have to leave. Should we go out for one last meal?

[ Laughs ] You’re making it sound like we’re facing a firing squad. Well, I’m just trying to be considerate. I know that you haven’t eaten since breakfast, and you pointed out that one restaurant near lincoln center. Yeah, I’m a little hungry, but, um… I’d rather just eat here. At the hotel dining room? In bed. Oh, in bed? Oh, okay. That sounds pretty good. Room service it is. Valentin: At first, I kept it a secret because I-I didn’t know if we were gonna close, and I didn’t want to disappoint you. You didn’t want to disappoint me? Anna, I bought the house for you. Oh, for god’S… for us, so that we could move in here with charlotte. We could start a life together. Leave him there while you get the nurse’s official statement. So you thought cody should come to ferncliff for some official reason? Yeah. You know, mac, I thought it would look good on the department if he was evaluated, you know? Very clever. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, technically — you covered your ass. Yeah. So how did cody end up confronting montague? Well, montague was leaving ferncliff. Cody wanted to follow him, but I made him stay here, and I followed him. He looked like he was gonna leave. He took a turn down the dirt road near the entrance, ditched his car and came back here. And you got back here just in time to stop cody? Yeah. You know, this guy’s been drugging sasha for months, nearly killed her. Now, we got a solid witness in that nurse. Cody did good. Yeah, cody did good. That doctor’s going away for a long time. Thank you. I was so afraid this was all gonna blow up in our faces and dr. Montague would get away with it. But he didn’T. Yeah. And gladys won’t either. Can you excuse us for a second? Sure. Don’t — don’t — don’t — don’t leave me here with — I am sure sonny’s gonna do exactly what needs to be done. Sonny, please. Please.

[ Door closes ] I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. It was the gambling. It’s — it’s a disease, an addiction. And I had no control over it. I got in over my head and there was no way out. None of this was supposed to happen. But it did happen, gladys. And now you’re gonna pay. Look, chase, I-I think you should speak to your father. About what? My father only puts up with you because of brook lynn. So how could you know something about him falling that I don’t know? I didn’t say that I know anything. Tracy, damn it, just tell me what’s going on. I — oh, god, chase. Your father has als. Oh, my god. Pick something else. Alright. Skydiving is out. Machu picchu will have to wait. Yeah, definitely. I’ve got it.

[ Sighs ]

Ah, can’t we just stay like this forever? Yeah. I wish that the world worked that way. But there are people back in port charles who miss you, like your mom and your dad. Mm-hmm. Thinking about what happened to my dad made me realize how fragile life is. And thinking about what he’s going through right now makes me feel guilty for being so happy. No. Come on. No, they want you to be happy. Your mom might not be terribly pleased with the person who makes you happy, but — I-I just — I just think she’s being protective. Deep down, she knows that you’re a good person. She knows that you love your little brother and that you’d do anything to protect him. I just don’t want him to feel abandoned. He won’T.

[ Knock on door ] Man: Room service. Hey. Alright. You stay here. I’ll get it. Well, it certainly is a very beautiful house, valentin, in a gorgeous location. It’s perfect. I should have talked to you about it. I just wanted to ride in like your white knight and say, “here, anna, here’s a wonderful new home. Come live with me.” But I should have asked what you wanted. But you can’t blame me, ’cause all I’ve ever wanted is a life with you. Victor: My dearest charlotte, it is with a heavy heart that I must write to you and share my concerns about our family’s future, a family I cherish and would give my life for. My concern centers around your father and a path I believe he’s headed down, filled with unhappiness and danger. I’m afraid your father has gotten weak, charlotte. I had so much hope for him. But he’s forgotten how truly important family is since he’s fallen in love with anna devane. Anna has completely manipulated your father. She has taken advantage of his infatuation with her. God knows her charms escape me, but she’s used them to control your father. Her extensive training in espionage has afforded her the ability to mask who she really is. I tell you this — anna devane is not who she seems. Do not trust her. Not for a minute. And it is imperative you never forget you are strong, charlotte. The cassadine women are often the most formidable. Even if valentin brings anna further into your life, I know you’ll never succumb to her so-called charms. You won’t let her destroy what our family stands for. She is a liar, capable of treacherous deceit. Be wary and be warned. Be armed. You must stay strong. You must use any weapon you can to defeat anna, because your father clearly will do whatever she asks. And she will use his feelings. She will use your father and lead him into danger. She will lead him to his death. My dear charlotte, you are the only one who can protect your father from anna devane. You, his most cherished possession, must save him. To guide you, I’m giving you these very special tarot cards. They are powerful tools, charlotte. You’ll find them helpful. Use them wisely. Use them to protect and save your father, a man we both love dearly. Your ally and loving grandfather, victor cassadine.

Woman: Thank you for coming, everyone. Thank you newcomers. Namaste. Nama-hot. Well, that was a lot better than I ever thought it would be. Are you kidding? Right? Oh. Thank you for enduring the class. Oh, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I really did. I feel great. Oh, good. You know, actually, it wasn’t — it wasn’t that bad. So you’ll be back? No. Okay. What’s next? Uh, I guess a shower. No. I mean, what’s next on your bucket list? Oh, uh, I’m gonna wait to decide until after I tell chase. You haven’t told chase yet? No. No. He’s been so happy with brook lynn. And I know when I tell him I have als, it’s gonna break both of our hearts. Chase: Is it true? Yes. Is he here? No. I know this is difficult. Try to stay calm. Our father is dying. He was gonna tell you. Wait. How long has he known? A few months. What? A-and you have, too? No. He only told me a couple of weeks ago. A couple of weeks? How could I not know, but he tells the son who cut him out of his life for 20 years? This has been very difficult for him. Wait, and you knew? No, it wasn’t like that. Like what? Like you and my brother knew that my father was dying and nobody cared to tell me? Chase. Wait. Don’T…even think about it. And thank you, tracy, for being honest with me. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I really thought that you knew. Yeah, well, obviously, you were mistaken. You saved my life, cody. You believed in me. Yeah, well, I wasn’t the only one. Only one what? That believed in sasha. He’s right. If you and sam hadn’t believed in me, I could have been locked in here for the rest of my life. Or worse. Well, this guy made a compelling case. And you know what, sam, you know, she believed in you from the beginning. She knew from the start there was something wrong, and she was determined to prove it. And when she is determined, it’s best just to stay out of the way… not a good feeling, is it, doc? Now you’re the one in sasha’s place. Trapped, helpless. Sit down, gladys. Sit down. Alright. In these situations, I think it’s always best for, you know, people like you to get everything off their chest before it’s all over. Over? Over? Yeah, I want you to tell me everything without whining and excuses. This is something that you need for your soul. The gambling debt was to selina wu. She threatened me, so I paid her with sasha’s money. I owed her even more when sasha wanted to end the guardianship, so I made a deal with montague to make sasha look unfit. He gave her a drug that was just supposed to confuse her. But, sonny, I swear to you — stop whining. I told you to stop whining. You used sasha, you took advantage of her love and trust, and you locked her in a living hell. Just say it! I used sasha and took advantage of her love and trust. Finish it. And I locked her in a living hell. That’s good. But now you’re gonna have to see what it’s gonna cost you. Frank!

Spencer: Okay. Boarding passes are downloaded and the bellhop has our bags. I’m so glad you left room in your suitcase, because I never would have gotten all the stuff that I brought here. I can’t even get it closed. Let me get it. Let me get it. Thank you. Ooph. Thank you. Okay, you all set? Yeah. Alright. Goodbye, room. Thank you. So you might not have handled this perfectly, but I — I do think the sentiment is kind of beautiful. You really think so? Yeah, I really do. Unfortunately, now that we have the house, the circumstances have kind of changed. Oh, what’s happened? Well, after the fire, I lost focus on what was going on with my daughter. Oh, yeah. You know, she’s had a lot of adjustments this year. Of course. She has. Boarding school. Life with laura and sam and dante and their kids. Yeah, yeah. She seems very happy now, though. But it’s made me realize that I need to give her my undivided attention right now. Okay, I get that. Yeah. I’m so sorry. I bought this house for you, and now I realize that it’s not the right time to ask you to come and live with us. I understand that charlotte — she needs some time alone. She does. Okay. You know, your love for your daughter is — is…very beautiful. Anna, I promise, as soon as everything is right, we’ll move in together. Victor: You must use any weapon

you can to defeat anna. I hope at some point, you’ll read my op-ed piece. I promise I’ll do it as soon as humanly possible. Thank you. Thank you for everything, alexis. Thank you. Hey, I’ve got a question. Shoot.You never read “anna karenina”? I’m starting it tonight. Finn. Finn. I’m so sorry. I-I saw that he was crying, and I naturally — not your fault. It’s not your fault, tracy. It’s — took way too long. We should have told him. I — I should have told him. He had a right to know. You were just trying to respect your father’s wishes. Finn, there’s no good way to handle a situation like this. But I handled it the wrong way. All wrong. Oh, cody, really screwed up this one, didn’t you? Mm. Assault. Kidnapping. My lawyers are going to explain this away just as a misunderstanding. I was merely defending myself. Mm. Yeah. You know, I don’t think that’s gonna happen, but just in case.

[ Groans ] Let’s go, cody. Everything okay? This man assaulted me again, and your officer saw it. Dante? No, mac, I didn’t see anything, actually. What? Mac: Daniels. Get the doctor ready to be transported back to the station and booked for attempted murder, among other things. I’m so sorry, sasha. It’s not your fault. He had a lot of people fooled. Sasha. Hey, you ready to get out of here? Can we go? Absolutely. Thank you. Frank’s gonna take you on a little ride. Sonny, please. To bridgeport, back to your old life. And if you leave bridgeport, I’ll know about it. Talk to anybody, you know, about the fact that we’re related, I’ll know it. If you — even if you put a quarter in a slot machine, I’ll know about it. You do any of those things, and frank’s gonna take you on another ride, which will be your last ride. I understand. Sonny, I don’t know how to thank you for everything. Don’t thank me. Get out of my sight. Don’t touch that luggage, ’cause that’s — sasha paid for that luggage. It’s not yours.

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