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by Michele & Cheryl

Xander Cook

This was quite a week. We had two paternity reveals in one week. We will get into that soon. We also saw a couple of people put others ahead of themselves. We were shocked to see that happen because they have shown how selfish they could be. Someone was put in her place, and we couldn’t be happier about that. Without any further delay, we will talk about this week’s episodes of Days Of Our Lives.

We are disappointed in the writers for what they are doing to Victor’s memory. We understand that John Aniston passed away so they wrote out Victor. We don’t have a problem with that. We do have a problem with the fact that his character is being destroyed to boost up the storyline. We found out that Justin isn’t Alex’s father. Victor is his father. We read the spoilers so we knew that “plot twist” was coming, but we weren’t happy about when we read it. We don’t approve of the fact that Victor betrayed Justin the way he did. We weren’t watching Days when Anjelica was on the show, but we are familiar with the fact that she was with Justin. We don’t believe that Victor would have hurt Justin by being with her. Maggie and Justin found out the ugly truth while they were reading Victor’s second will. It was a classic soap moment, but the writers have decided to rewrite the soap’s history with this plot point. We don’t approve of this twist. We are big fans of twists. Twists give us a chance to be shocked and we’re normally here for them. We just didn’t like what they decided to do with this plot twist.

We can’t stress enough that Victor wouldn’t have done that to him. There was no hint at all that Victor hurt Justin that way. We are watching a show take place in Salem. How did a secret like that stay hidden all these years? We all know that people talk about their secrets in the open all the time. It’s hard to believe that Victor didn’t have one conversation about something that big. The characters talk about the smallest secrets out loud all the time, but he managed to keep this one hidden. He also could have told Maggie this secret. The writers didn’t have to butcher Victor’s character again just because he’s no longer with us. Victor was never a saint on the show, but he wouldn’t have done that to his favorite nephew. It’s obvious that the writers wanted to build up Alex’s character so he had to become Victor’s son. We get that the writers love the actor so much they will come up with any way to give him screentime, but this didn’t make any sense at all. It’s a blatant attempt to build up a useless character by giving him a storyline like this one. Speaking of Alex, we will get to him next.

Alex was hit with a huge shock when he found out that Justin isn’t his biological father. He had a right to be upset and shocked. His reaction to that was understandable, but he didn’t think about the shock that Justin had. He found out that a man he raised wasn’t his son. Justin was heartbroken by the news, but he didn’t want things to change between them. Alex had to be in his feelings about it and wanted to be alone. Justin tried to assure him that nothing had to change between them, but that didn’t matter to Alex. Sonny also showed up to let him know that things didn’t have to change and that they were brothers. Alex said that Justin wasn’t his father and that he wasn’t his brother. We wanted to throw something at the screen while we listened to that garbage. We couldn’t believe the way Alex was acting. He was talking to a man who was adopted that Justin wasn’t his father anymore. They are still family regardless of which man is his father. We were waiting for Alex to tell Sonny about being adopted. The writers missed a beat by not having Sonny mention that he wasn’t biologically related, but still considered Justin his father. Unfortunately, the writers dropped the ball when they missed that beat. We aren’t fans of Alex’s character as it is, and this upcoming storyline isn’t going to make us root for him. We are hoping that the letter was a forgery, and that Alex isn’t really Victor’s son.

It’s time to get to the other paternity reveal. This reveal was more exciting to us than the previous one. We were waiting for this one to be revealed. It was a contrived reveal, but it got the story out so we won’t complain. Chloe heard Rex tell Philip about Sarah’s baby being Xander’s. Rex was an idiot for talking about something like that outside so anyone could hear it. This man spilled his guts out and told Philip everything about Sarah’s baby and how she still loves Xander. It would make sense to look around before you start talking about something important like that. Anyway, Chloe heard them and could have kept the secret. Chloe went to Xander and told him the truth about Sarah’s baby. We weren’t sure if she was going to say anything about it. She knew the risk and told him the truth anyway. We were surprised that she actually did that. She didn’t beat around the bush. She told him the truth. Chloe deserves a round of applause for what she did. She knew Xander could have gone running to Sarah as soon as he heard the truth. He wanted to stay with her, but she wouldn’t let him do it. She wanted him to find Sarah and be with her. She might have been saving face, but we will give her the applause she deserves for doing the right thing.

Philip also deserves a round of applause this week. He knew the truth about Sarah’s baby and could have used the opportunity to destroy Xander and Chloe’s relationship with it. He could have made a move on her, but he didn’t do that. He wanted to make her feel better about it. He put her feelings ahead of his own. He wanted to be a friend to her. We have been Phloe fans so it was nice to see him being a comforting friend instead of scheming to get her back with the information. We do wish that Jay Kenneth Johnston were playing the role when this story unfolded, but we’ll take what we can get at this point. We do have a complaint about these two.

Chloe claimed that she wasn’t over Philip. We weren’t sure what was going on with that. She didn’t give Philip a thought since he was gone and now she suddenly had feelings for him. Give us a break. We love Philip and Chloe together, but we’re not buying that she suddenly had feelings for him out of the blue. The writers will have to do better than that. She was just in love with Brady when she fell for Xander so we don’t believe that she never got over Philip. She has been with several men while he was gone so we don’t believe that she suddenly fell for him again. We want them back together, but we don’t want it to be a rebound thing or something rushed. We know we’re not going to get either one so it’s hard to be happy about them possibly getting back together. We would have loved to watch a Phloe reunion, but we know it won’t happen the way we want it to happen.

Let’s shift gears a little and talk about the showdown we were waiting to see. Xander confronted Sarah about keeping the truth about Victoria from him. He rightfully yelled at her for keeping the truth about her from him. She had the gall to try and justify her actions. She kept putting him down as if that excused her behavior. We loved that he didn’t back down to her. He called her out for her actions. She was playing judge and jury with their baby. We were cheering him on when he told her that he had the right to know the truth about the baby. He had every right to tell her about herself. She didn’t have the right to keep the truth from him. She had a lot of nerve doing that because she’s not a saint. She threw up his past mistakes in his face. It’s too bad that he didn’t remind her what she did when she kidnapped Rachel. She proved that Xander wasn’t the only one who could make mistakes. We don’t know why she thought she would win the argument by throwing his mistakes up at him. She’s not perfect so she shouldn’t have judged him. We don’t normally root for Xander, but we had to do it with this story. She was walking around like Miss High and Mighty as if she is without sin. She should have listened to Maggie when she kept driving it home that she tell Xander about Victoria being his daughter. She thought she was right to do it and she paid for it when he went off about it.

It’s time to talk about Gwen. She was acting very different this week. As we all know, Gwen seemed like she was in the dark when it concerned Dimitri and Leo being together. She appeared to believe everything they told her. For some reason, her attitude changed. Now she’s parading around as if she knew the truth all along. She is being smug towards Leo and bragging about what’s going on with Dimitri. She also kept doting over Dimitri when she caught them. It’s funny how easily she caught them together this week when Dimitri had his pants down and she didn’t think anything of it. She could blow Dimitri and Leo out of the water by getting away from him. She doesn’t gain anything by staying with him. He is making her look like a fool so she could stop him from getting his inheritance and that would be the perfect revenge for her. She works at the newspaper so she would be fine if he lost his inheritance. She could also fire Leo from the paper to pay him back for what he did to her. It’s just too obvious that she knows the truth now. Dimitri and Leo should know that she knows the truth because she’s acting different from how she was before.

Chloe Lane

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