Days Short Recap Friday, September 29, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Vivian. Vivian said Maggie was trespassing. Maggie said she wasn’t. She showed Vivian Victor’s new will. Vivian didn’t believe it. Maggie let her see the will. Vivian ripped it up. Maggie said it was a copy. She said the original was filed in probate. Vivian said she wasn’t leaving. Maggie said she thought she would do that. She had a deputy escort Vivian out of the mansion. Sonny went to Alex’s apartment. Sonny said their father told him what happened. Alex corrected him and said Justin was not his father. Sonny told him not to think like that anymore. Alex said he didn’t have a choice. He said Justin not being his father explained why he was bad. Sonny said that wasn’t true. Sonny tried to convince him that nothing changed with them. He told Alex that Justin was still his father. Alex wasn’t convinced. Sonny told him Justin was hurting the same way he was. He advised Alex to talk to Justin. Alex didn’t think it was a good idea. He was upset with Victor for not telling him the truth. Sonny told him to think about Justin too. Alex said he needed time to think. When Sonny left, Vivian showed up. She tried to get Alex to work with her to go against Maggie. He threw her out of his apartment.

Kristen and Gwen saw each other in the DiMera mansion. They plotted against Dimitri and Leo for their betrayal. Leo had a dream that Dimitri killed Stefan and Gabi. Dimitri went into the room with Gwen and Kristen. Gwen told him she and Kristen were planning a surprise. Gabi was upset that Dimitri was ignoring her and Stefan’s texts. He wanted to put more pressure on Dimitri. He said even with Dimitri and Megan’s shares, they will only be tied for majority. Dimitri went to answer the door. Kristen told Gwen they had to kill Dimitri. Dimitri answered the door to Leo. Leo wanted him to tell him he didn’t kill Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri said he didn’t kill them. Gabi and Stefan talked about the stockholders. She said she might be able to convince LI to side with them which would give them control. Stefan asked how she was going to do that. She said she would seduce him. Gwen told Kristen she didn’t want to kill Dimitri. They got into an argument over it. Gwen said she could get Dimitri’s money out of the bank and split it with her. Kristen agreed to it. When Gwen left, Kristen got a gun out of the safe. Leo tried to talk Dimitri out of killing Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri agreed not to kill them. They hugged outside. Gwen saw them hugging. She came out and pretended not to see what they did. She let them know she was going to be running some errands. When she left, Dimitri told Leo that everything was going to work out. Dimitri went back inside the mansion. Kristen pointed a gun at him, He said she was bluffing. She cocked the gun and asked if he was sure she was bluffing. When Leo went back to the hotel, Gwen showed up with a pie. She put the pie in his face. Dimitri managed to get the gun from Kristen. She said this wasn’t over. When Gabi and Stefan came into the room, Dimitri pointed the gun at them. Leo asked why she put the pie in his face. She said he was sleeping with her husband. Gabi and Stefan tried to talk Dimitri out of shooting them. A gun went off. Gabi and Stefan realized they weren’t hit. Dimitri fell to the floor. Vivian was behind him holding a gun.

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