Days Nitpicks & Flubs Week Of 9/25/23

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Kate Roberts


Philip didn’t ask Rex if he talked to Roman about the baby. He was only worried about Kate as if Roman isn’t his father too.

Sarah’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

Why would Rex tell Philip about Sarah’s baby being Xander’s in public? He should have done that in private.

You can hear Kate talking while Justin was shown.


Chloe cried without any tears.

Roman said “grammar” instead of “grandma.”

Justin cried without any tears.

Who had Victoria once Xander interrupted Rex and Sarah? Sarah and Xander were together and didn’t have the baby. Rex, Kate and Roman were inside the pub, but the baby wasn’t on the table. Philip went to see Chloe and didn’t have the baby with him.


It was daytime on Tuesday when Xander and Sarah were talking outside of the pub, but it was nighttime in this episode.

Chloe said she knew Xander had feelings for Sarah. If she felt that way, why did she agree to marry him?

Chloe told Philip her feelings for him came back when she saw him again. If she was still in love with Philip, she shouldn’t care that Xander had feelings for Sarah.


Nicole looks like she’s ready to go into labor. She wasn’t that far along the last time she was shown.

Eric conveniently had a picture of him and Nicole together.

Marlena happened to know Sloan’s address. Is her address public knowledge to everyone?


Sonny was talking while Vivian was shown.

Who told Kate about Victor having a second will? There weren’t too many people who knew the truth so why would any of them tell Kate about it?

Gwen was obvious that she knew the truth about Dimitri and Sonny. She wasn’t acting so knowingly before the audience found out that she knew the truth.


Justin Kiriakis

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