Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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Audra: Well, I’ve never been interested in what’s easy. I want you to stay at Newman media, you know, but it would have to be in a demoted role. I mean, that’s better than getting fired, right?

Kyle: Sweet, but you don’t need to be worried about me right now. You need to focus on keeping your position, which means we have to stop seeing each other and Nikki needs to know we have.

Audra: She just needs to think we have, which, you know, begs a very important question.

Kyle: Hm.

Audra: Do you think we can pull off a secret affair? One where no one, especially Nikki, you know, would ever suspect is going on? The right age for

Kyle: I have no doubt we could pull it off.

Audra: Yeah?

Kyle: But why risk it? You have too much to lose.

Audra: Well, not if no one ever knows.

Kyle: Hmm.

Audra: And also why does Nikki get to decide who we can and cannot be with, like–

Kyle: When we know exactly what we want.

Audra: Exactly. We just have to be very discreet.

Kyle: Absolutely.

Audra: And, you know, I– I just– I don’t want to lose this.

Kyle: All work and no play.

Audra: Ugh. Can you imagine?

Kyle: Mm-mm.

Audra: The prospect would be way too cruel.


Adam: You’re wrong, Sharon. I know what I want. It’s just that all the things I ever wanted had been taken away from me.

Sharon: Do you really believe that?

Adam: My own mistakes, sometimes. I– I will admit that. But that does not change the fact that loss has been the defining factor in my life.

Sharon: Okay. You’re slipping into your martyrdom again.

Adam: Listen, of– of course. I– I’ve never really gotten the respect of my father. Not– not on any deep level, so I can’t say that was taken away from me. And the rest of the Newmans, they’ve never seen me as one of their own, so that wasn’t taken away from me. But my mom, Cliff, the man who raised me, they’re gone way too soon. Connor’s gone, now that Chelsea took him. I lost you. I– I lost my daughter and now sally’s gone. I mean, even you have to admit, that is a lot.

Sharon: Did you really love her?

Adam: [Indistinct], Sharon, it doesn’t matter anymore, okay? It’s in the past. Sally’s out of my life for good. Besides, you won’t let me wallow for too long. I have to focus on my own evolution, changing myself.

[ Adam sighs ] So, what do you say? Will you help me, Sharon?


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