Y&R Best Lines Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Victoria: Dad, that is so unfair.

Victor: Really? I think the results speak for themselves.

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: Well, here’s another thought.

Victor: What?

Victoria: You took charge because you can’t stand not being in control and I was set up to fail. I blame myself for not seeing this coming from the start.

Victor: I’m sad to say you don’t see a lot of things.

Victoria: Well, then please, daddy, please. Enlighten me, because I’m– I’m always here to learn.

Victor: When I handed over the company to you and your brothers, I was hoping that you would create a united front, a united powerhouse. That didn’t happen, did it? Now, I have to step in and clean things up! Run the damn company again! Otherwise, you and your brother would be at each other’s throat! And Nikolas would leave the company once again!

Victoria: He’s already done that, dad. And it’s all your fault, not mine. Not even Adam’s. It’s all on you


Victor: You damn well know. You more than anyone else should know a company of this size is not run by consensus. It’s run by one person. And that person is me from now on.

Victoria: Then why even bother to keep me around? Or Nikolas, for that matter?

Victor: I don’t want to argue about this. It’s how it is, period!

Victoria: Not in my opinion.

Victor: Your opinion is irrelevant.

Victoria: Oh, thank you, daddy. You just proved my point.

Victor: Newman Enterprises is bigger than you or your damn feelings! You either accept this or you can leave.

Victoria: I disagree with you and you just want to throw me out of your kingdom.

Victor: That’s your choice.

Victoria: You know what, dad? If I left, everything would fall apart. Everything.

Victor: What the hell do you mean by that? What do you mean by that?


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