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Adam: Oh, yes, I should have known that I would be hearing from you about the intel I have on Tucker. I heard that he’s back from, uh, Paris without Ashley. What’s that about?

Billy: Not quite sure yet. Word on the street is things between them disintegrated, both personally and professionally.

Adam: Hm. That’s pretty quick, even for Tucker’s standards. So, if it’s true, it sounds like a really pissed off megalomaniac, which means he’s probably back for revenge.

Billy: Yeah, that’s the theory.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Well, there’s no wonder you need something to stop him in his tracks then. Well, Billy, I guess I would ask you the same question that I asked you last time we talked about this. What are you proposing to offer me in return?

Billy: Well, I guess I would give you the same answer until or unless I have an idea of what this information you claim to have on Tucker is or how damaging it is to him. I can’t possibly know what it’s worth.



Audra:  What’s with this edge I’m hearing in your voice? Okay, I’ve heard you direct that at other people, but never at me, and frankly, I don’t appreciate it.

[ Kyle chuckles ]

Kyle: I’m surprised, that’s all.

Audra: At what?

Kyle: At how quickly you were able to turn off your feelings. We went from your hotel suite to distant acquaintances in the blink of an eye.

Audra: Hm, well, I mean, you talk like we had some sort of storybook romance.

Kyle: I thought it meant something.

Audra: Yes, it did. Two consenting adults who were attracted to each other. You know, we had fun. The sex was great. And now, we move on with our lives.

Kyle: I see.

Audra: Don’t look so wounded. Your pride might have taken a hit, but your heart, it’s just fine. Look, we both know the truth here. You’re not the love of my life and I’m not the love of yours. That would be Summer.

Kyle: Okay, how many times do I have to say it? It is over between me and Summer. There’s no hope of us finding our way back to each other.

Audra: Well, if that’s true, you know, which I doubt, I’m very sorry for you.

Kyle: Don’t be.

Audra: Look, Kyle. Look, I know that this, okay, was just about you trying to forget how much Summer means to you. But if you dig deep, and take a long, hard, honest look, I think you’ll discover that you miss her and you still love her much more than you’re willing to admit


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