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Do you even have any idea what time it is? It’s, I don’t know, afternoon? Evening? Oh, which would mean we’ve been in this bed for what, like, 12 hours and counting? Oh, we have to make up for all those times that we were interrupted?

Are you sure this is okay? Sure. What is okay?

Shutting out the world. Just being alone here with me. I am more than sure. I left my phone with Kayla and told her to only contact me if there was an emergency. And… Since I haven’t heard from her yet.

Look at you. You only wear that on special occasions. It is a special occasion. Abraham has taken me to the bistro. Ah, okay. So I’m guessing date number two went well. Well, okay. Now, you know, I’m not one to kiss and tell. Okay, okay, maybe I am. Let’s just say that the second date was better than the first.

Okay, so this is date number three. That’s a big one. I’m going out on a slow roll, Chanel. Okay, I’m taking your advice and not moving too fast. Which is weird. He is my husband. Well, hey, if things do head in that direction… You have my permission to go for it. I’m glad to hear that. Oh, well, enough about my love life.

I want to know, how are things going with you and Talia? Dr. Hunter?

You have no idea how happy that makes me to say that out loud. Yeah! I think me too. Look at you! With your lab coat and your stethoscope. And your sensible shoes. I know, right? Daddy would be so proud. You think so? Are you kidding? Here, lemme take a picture. Wait, am I allowed to take a picture? Is that like against hospital regulations?

You know what? It’s okay. I don’t care. Here. Stand by the in front of the desk and look. Doctory, my gosh. Here we go. Yeah.

Cute. Okay. Are you here to just take pictures and embarrass me or what? I wish I’m actually here on the job. I’m here to question the woman that was shot by Ava Vitale.

Before I kill these, you, uh, hmm, bad choice of words, you want the last one? I’m good. You sure? The ones at the bottom collect the most health.

We’ve been holed up in this room for over 24 hours and as much as I love vending machines, I think we’re gonna have to get some real food at some point. Yeah, well, it’s still not safe out there. EJ’s got people all over this town. Okay, I, are you sure it was EJ? And it’s just not something from your past?

Harris, I told you. I got out of that life years ago. There’s no doubt in my mind that EJ was the one who sent that woman to murder me.

Do you have an update on that patient we discussed? Yes, Mr. Mayor. The woman gets shy of Bayview. She’s still unconscious. Hmm. Well, keep watch and be sure to call me if and when she opens her eyes.

Ava, how the hell did you manage to put my hired gun in the hospital? She was supposed to put you in the mall. Dad, what’s got you so upset?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

What is taking room service so long? I’m starving. Oh, I can’t imagine how you worked up such an appetite.


Hey, uh, is everything okay? Yeah, I’m sorry to interrupt, but, uh, Kayla said I could find you here. Uh, what is it? It’s about your mother.

Look, I know EJ. One failed attempt isn’t gonna get him to call off his docs. And now we got the cops looking for us, too. Yeah, but we didn’t do anything. Yeah, but Rafe, uh, Commissioner Hernandez… He hates me. He’s not gonna believe a word that I say. We can just call EJ and tell him that his mom’s alive.

He’s not gonna believe us. We’ve got no proof that Susan survived the crash. Right. Just your word. Which means nothing to him. There’s only one way to get EJ to back off. We need to find Susan Banks and bring her home to her son.

I was just reading an article about the woman who killed your grandmother escaped from Bayview.

Ava, Ava escaped? Mm hmm, and shot someone in the process. We should shoot. Does it even matter? None of this should surprise you. The woman is a dangerous criminal. The judge sent her to Bayview for treatment. As if there is anything that could help that maniac. You dodged a bullet, literally, when you entered your association with her.

Where is she now? On the run, Rafe’s trigger happy minions will put her down like the rabid dog that she is.

This is weird. Talia and me are good. Good. Uh, no complaints. It’s just… It’s just what, baby? Johnny DiMera. What about him? He showed up and… a bomb on me. Okay. He told me that he still has feelings for me. Romantic feelings. And he wants me back.

Well, what do you know? My baby is in demand. So, Johnny

DiMera is still in love with my girl. I didn’t say that. I said he still has feelings for me. Whatever. You two were married. It’s not like he has a little crush. Fine. Put whatever label on it you want. So he just came out and told you all this? Yeah. And? And what? Oh, we are not going to play this game. I have a dinner I have to get to.

What did you say? I said… nothing. What do you mean you said nothing? You had to say something. I was about to, but then Talia came in before I had the chance. Oh. Okay, well, if Talia hadn’t been there, what would you have said?

The shooting victim isn’t critical. But stable condition. Okay. Has she regained consciousness since she got out of surgery? No. But I mean, I can text you if anything changes. No, you know what? I think I’ll wait. Jade, are you sure? I mean, that could be a while. Yeah, I, I need to be here as soon as she wakes up.

I gotta find out who hired her to kill Ava Vitale. I hope they can bring Ava in peacefully. Do I need to remind you that she killed your grandmother? You already did. Then why do I feel like you’re still defending her? The judge ruled. That Ava was not responsible for her actions at the time of the accident.

First of all, it was not an accident, and that judge was even more delusional than Ava. Either way, I just, I hope that the police can find her before she or anyone else gets hurt. That’s all I’m saying. So you’re sure you have no idea where your mother is? No, I, uh, we’ve been here. I, I didn’t have my phone on me.

Damn it. I thought she was doing a lot better. I mean, the last visit she seemed hopeful. I can’t believe she shot someone. Well, we do have reason to believe that it was in self defense. You mean the person was trying to hurt her? The woman who was shot, she, uh, She was dressed in a nurse’s uniform, but she doesn’t work at Bayview.

She’s pretending to be a nurse. Why? The evidence indicates that she went there to kill Ava.

Hey, for I can get us a burner phone, get some food, and maybe some other supplies. Are you sure? Yeah, I’m pretty good at moving around undetected. Okay. I mean, if you get a phone, I can call my son. I know that he’s probably worried sick. Yeah. I mean, it might be a little while until I see him again, so… I know.

Just, um, Be careful out there, alright? Always. Hey, Harris, just wait. Um, Thank

you. For getting, uh, food?

For saving my life. For getting me out of Bayview. You know, you could have bailed. You could have… You could have left me to die.

I’m not your problem.

Ava, you’re not a problem. At all. I’m just, you know, glad I was there to help.

You okay? Yeah, it’s um,

It’s just this hero… Thing, it’s

just… Just be careful, okay?

Yeah, um, just lock the door, okay? Do not open it for anybody. And I’ll be back soon. Here.

Hey, you know I can get free coffee right over there, right? I know, but if there’s one thing I learned is that the only thing worse than police station coffee is hospital coffee. You know what? I can’t even argue with you on that one. And I can definitely use the jolt to get through the rest of my shift.

Aw, look at you talking about shifts. I know, right? Can you believe it? It’s… Wasn’t too long ago, I almost threw away my career. And my life. Well, you get to do what you love again. And, did I mention that I’m seeing someone new? Someone that I really, really like. You and Chanel? Is it a thing? It’s becoming one.

It seems like we have another chance to have something really, really special. No, you need to get to dinner. Answer the question, Chanel. Well, how do you feel about John? Honestly, I don’t know. Look, I thought what we had was over. We’d moved on, and we’d even found a way to be friends. Uh huh. Uh huh what? You know I support you in whatever choice that you make.

I told you I’m willing to accept Talia, even knowing what she did to you, to the bakery, to her family.

She to turn her life around. But you’d rather see me with Johnny. You know, I’ve always had a soft spot for that boy. I mean, there was a time he made you very happy. And so, yes, yes, a part of me was rooting for you two to find your way back to each other. But this isn’t my decision. It’s yours. And you’re still, you’re still avoiding the questions, you know.

Oh, this whole thing, it just kind of makes me mad. I mean, why did Johnny have to drop this on me now, when I’m just starting a new relationship? And yeah, I get that it’s new, but I really like being around her. And, and Johnny, he said he wanted to be with Wendy. Oh yeah, uh, uh, uh. Only, she chose Tripp over him.

Exactly. So how do I know this isn’t some sort of rebound? Well, you don’t have to make a decision right now. But I do. I do. I’m over being one side of a triangle, and I’m sure that Johnny is too. I let things go on way too long with him and Allie, and we saw how that went. And to leave this hanging is just, it’s not fair to Talia or Johnny.

Or to you. Yeah. Well, well. What are you gonna do? Who are you going to choose?

Enough about Ava. Yeah. When we last spoke, you were about to go tell Chanel Dupree about your feelings for her. Yes, and I did. And how were they received? What did she say? Actually, she said nothing. Uh, As soon as I told her how I felt, Talia walked in and I did not want to have that conversation in front of her, so.

Okay, so what did you do? I left. You left? Yes, I left. So she hasn’t given you an answer? Nope. Well, what the hell are you doing here? You need to go back and get Chanel and demand an answer. Does she or does she not want to be with you? Yeah, I’m not gonna do that.

Hey, I’m gonna go get changed. Let me know if you need me.

So, uh, the one that my mom shot, she… She, uh, was taken into surgery and where it is, she survived, but, uh… She’s been unconscious, so we have not been able to question her. Okay, so then after the incident, my mom, what, just slipped out of Bayview? Huh. Well, she had some help from Harris Michaels. Michaels? Mm.

Are you sure? Yeah, yeah. Actually, uh, saw them walking out on the security footage. Look, Tripp, I don’t have to tell you this. Obviously, uh, Ava escaping from the hospital doesn’t help her case. Yeah, so you came here asking if, uh, I’d heard from her. Right. Which, clearly, you have not. But, uh, if she does try and contact you…

I’ll let you know. Good. And I’m assuming that you’re already investigating the person who sent that woman to kill her, right? Yeah, but you say that like you… I don’t know who it is. I mean, isn’t it obvious? P. J. DeMera. Oh. Paris will be fine. He will be. He’s done this kind of thing a million times before. Oh, he knows how to take care of himself.

I swear, he locked that door. Hello

again, Eva! Did you miss me?

How did you find me? Well,

we asked when you’d leave it down at the end of Lonely Street. Wait, are you… Are you dead? Are you a ghost? No, I look in white!



Where’d you go?

I knew she weren’t juvier

than a a bag of Coal Ranch corn nuts right now. So you’re not really here? Duh! Okay, wait, wait, wait a minute. Okay, back in Bayview, I thought that I was hallucinating because I was feeling so much guilt over your death. Although now I know that I don’t need to feel guilty because I saw you stumble away from the burning car before it exploded.

Boom. Okay, so you’re not a ghost. I’m not hallucinating.

Okay so what are you using your psychic powers to appear to me? Susan, Susan, you have to tell me where you are. Please, please Susan I need to find you so I can keep your son from trying to kill me again. I know there’s bad blood between Ava and EJ. Worse than bad blood, he blames her for his mothers death.

I just ran into him yesterday, I was telling him how well my mom was doing and that she might even be let out of Bayview sooner. How do you take that? Well, let’s just say he wasn’t exactly thrilled. Okay, well, did he make a direct threat against her? No, but it’s not like he’s gonna tell me that he’s hiring someone to kill her.

Yeah. Right, of course. Well, let’s hope this woman wakes up soon and we can get some answers from her. We will go after EJ. Listen, I promise you, if there is any evidence that implicates EJ in a plot to kill your mother, we will find it.

So you’re just giving up? Instead of making a fool out of myself? Yes. Fine, well then I assume you’re just not all that crazy about the woman. I mean, to just bow out like this. Come on, of course I’m crazy about her! Dad, I mean, Chanel and I would probably still be together now if the devil himself hadn’t come between us.

So you’re just going to sit back and let her take her sweet time in letting you know what she wants? Fuck. I put myself out there. I opened up my heart to her if she wants to give us another shot. She knows where to find me.

Thank God for second chances, right? Seems like I got a lot of them from half the people in this town. I mean DHS, Dr. Johnson. But Chanel, I almost destroyed her business. I targeted her family. And somehow she seems to forgive me after all of that. Well, that’s great. But are you sure you’re ready to date again?

You mean so soon after Colin? I mean, he did put you through hell. Yeah, Jada, and I almost didn’t survive it. But somehow, look, I got my life together. And no, I didn’t know that I wanted to be with a woman. But now I have no doubts. I genuinely want to be with Chanel, and I am so lucky that she wants to be with me, too.

If your grandfather were here, he would tell you what I’m about to tell you right now. DeMiras don’t let others decide our fate. We never leave anything up to chance. Don’t wait for this woman to come to you, son.

Hey, I was just thinking about you. Are you busy? Not at all. Can you come back to my mom’s? Right now? Yeah. I’ve been thinking about what you said. You put your heart out there. And, you deserve a response. In person. Okay, yeah, um, I’ll be right there.

She wants to see you. Yeah. Okay, uh, Guess I’m gonna find out if she wants to be with me. Or with Taya. Wish me luck. Like I said, son, Make your own



Uh, Paulina, hi. Oh, good to see you, Johnny. Yeah, you too. You look nice. I look a whole lot better tonight. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you. I got a date. Oh, someone I know? Is with my husband. Oh, Abraham, he may not remember me, but you know, when you share the kind of love that we did, it never really goes away. I agree.

Well, I hope it goes well. Yeah, well, thank you. You too, you take

care. Bye. Bye. Thanks for coming. Yeah. I’ve, uh, I’ve had some time to think about what you said. Take. As much time as you need, okay? I know I kind of caught you off guard with all that. You did. And the thing is, I started seeing Talia. I know. And, and to be completely honest with you, Johnny, I really like her.

And before you came here to tell me how you feel, I was, I was really looking forward to seeing where things would go.

And now?

I am really happy for you, Talia. And I am so proud of you that you got your life back after such a difficult, painful time. Oh, you better check that. Might be about my patient. It is. She’s awake. Can I talk to her? Give her a doctor a few minutes to check her out. And if he says she’s up for it, you can go get your answers.

You should hope the Salem police find you first, Ava. Because one way or another, my mother will be avenged.

Elvis, he is a very good boy. Your very good boy sent a very bad woman to try and kill me. Why would your death. But only you and I know that you aren’t really dead, so tell me where you are. So I can prove it. And why would I want to help you after what you did to me? You drove me off the cliff in a car.

And it was only through divine intervention that I did not go up in flames. And now I am stuck in the big smoke. I am really, really, really sorry about that. I wasn’t well at the time. But now, you and I, we could help each other. Look, I know, I know you are a good, kind, and compassionate person. Oh, and you are one of the most mean, mean, meanest persons I know.

Well, second meanest anyway. What if you hurt me again? Oh, that’s not gonna happen. No, I promise you, I just want to reunite you with your Elvis so we can all just move on. Please, Susan, please just… Tell me where you are.

Well, He’s not where you think. Ava, what are you doing? Harrison. Susan is here. She was…


Is that about my mom? Did you find her? No, not yet, but I gotta, uh, I gotta go follow up on a lead. If you hear from your mother or Michael’s, tell them to turn themselves in. Yeah, yeah, and another thing, they left Bayview with a gun. Which means my people, they have to consider them armed and dangerous.

So, you, you believe Susan projected herself into your mind? Well, yeah, she’s, she’s, she’s got some, some sort of psychic powers. I think that she’s been trying to reach out to me this whole time.

Okay, okay. If she’s really out there, why wouldn’t she contact EJ or somebody else in her family? Who knows? Look, Susan Banks says a lot of things, but logical, it’s not one of them. I kept asking her where she was, and all she wanted to talk about was how I kidnapped her, and I left her to die in a burning car.

And she kept saying that she was, she was stuck in the big smoke. But I know she wasn’t stuck anywhere, right? Because I saw her run away from the wreck and never look back. Okay, so she said she was stuck in the big smoke? Yeah, why? Big Smoke, that’s an old nickname for London. Maybe Susan’s trying to give you a clue on where she is.

Oh, come on. Why would she be so cryptic? I don’t know. It’s all we have to go on, though. Okay. All right. Well, assuming we did go to London and we somehow got there and didn’t get caught, how are we gonna find Susan’s big city? Well, I can take care of the first part. I got some contacts for the fake passports and travel arrangements.

As far as the second part…

We’re just gonna have to London. God knows it’s too dangerous here. Cops could be kicking down the bar any minute. It’s

Chanel. Leave me a message. Hey you. It’s me. I stopped by the bakery to see you, but it’s closed. So I was thinking I’d stop by your mom’s. I have something special for you.

You, uh, you want to give it a shot with Talia. I understand. No. No, I don’t think you do. It’s alright, okay? You don’t… You don’t have to let me down easy. I was honest with you. And now you’re being honest with me.

But you just said you wanted to see where things could go with Talia. I did. Until you told me you wanted to see where things could go with us. See, my connection with you is, well, I have suppressed my feelings for you for a while now, and it was because I wasn’t hopeful that they’d be returned. And, then so many things, they just got in the way of us being able to make it work.

And, obviously, but, now, now those feelings are…

They are anything but suppressed. So, are you saying that,

uh… Yeah. I am.

Here’s to your grandson getting his heart’s desire.

Do you have an update on the patient? Yeah, she just woke up. The police? They’re questioning her as we speak.

I’m Detective Jada Hunter, Salem PD. Glad to see you made it through surgery. Thanks. I’m still a little out of it though. I understand. And I’ll let you rest. Just as soon as you answer one question for me. Who hired you to kill Ava Vitale?

Why don’t I pack the food and we can take it home? I’m not sure I can even eat right now anyway. Your mom’s gonna be okay, Tripp. She’s a survivor. I’m not sure who I’m worried about more, finding her, EJ or the cops. Well, she’s got Harris Michaels with her, right? The guy’s a Navy SEAL. He’s gonna protect her.

Yeah, I’m not so sure about that. I mean, yeah, I know Michaels was brainwashed and all, but it wasn’t that long ago the guy tried to kill my whole family with an exploding pizza.

So the manager down the block at the pizza place, he recognized Michaels from a photo in the paper. The desk clerk, he made a positive ID of the man and the woman in the room. Be careful. Tally and Michaels, they’ve both killed before. The situation calls for, hey, I hesitate to use deadly force. Gotcha. Alright? Yeah.

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