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 Sorry I’m late, man. John and I had an all nighter. So, how’d your date with Paulina go? Ah, well, in a word, it was a disaster.

Higher price. Something I can do for you? Yes. You can stop dragging your feet and accept my job offer. Oh, do come in. I want you as my police commissioner and I’m not leaving here until you sign on the dotted line.

I think it’s for the best, Brady. All I can say is Philip is damn lucky that the Salem PD were in between police commissioners when I left that note. Otherwise his ass would be in jail exactly where it belongs, Belle. Sorry, I know that you have compassion for him. Listen, I just know that he, he wasn’t in his right mind.

He needed help. And yes, I am compassionate to that, considering everything that’s going on with Sean. Have you heard from him? No, not since mom put him on that 24 hour hold. It’s been the longest 24 hours of my life.

Sean, how are you feeling today? I’m, I’m grateful actually, that you put me on that hold. I’d like to put you on a 24 hour hold so we can assess you and figure out the next step. I would feel a lot better if you would agree to that. Whatever you think is best. Doesn’t have to happen right this minute. We could, we could talk for a while.

I said, look at me. We’re in this together. We’ll get through it together.

I’m, I’m sorry I let you down. You did not let me down. I’m so proud of you that you came here and you asked for help. Okay. We’re gonna be okay. Everything is gonna be okay, but when I, I think about yesterday, it’s, it’s like I was a completely different person. And to be honest with you, I’m, I’m kind of embarrassed.

There’s no need to be. You were in pain. You did the right thing. You, you asked for help. And I got it. Marlena, I know, I know that me staying here last night, that was a good thing for me. But, um, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to go home. Now. Kayla,

Oh, sure, sure. What do you need? One of our officers was patrolling the outskirts of town, and they found an elderly man wandering alongside the road. Hi. He seems really sweet, but he’s also a little confused, and he has some scrapes and bruises. Would you take a look at him? Oh, absolutely, no problem. Thanks.

Hello, sir. Hi, I’m Dr. Johnson. Can you tell me your name? I was hoping you’d tell me.

Sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Look, I know that one night in the hospital didn’t, I mean, didn’t cure me. And, um, and I realized that quitting therapy, that was… That was a big mistake. And like I said last night, I, I want to get started again. And this time, I want to, I’m going to stick with it. Promise. But I just think that, you know, if I’m going to get better faster, I think that I’d be better off being at home.

You know, with Belle. Yeah.

I know Belle would like that too. And judging by your session with Dr. Patel, I’d say there’s No reason not to lift the hold. Thank you. I will get the paperwork started. Sean, if you begin feeling the way that you did yesterday again, promise me you’ll get help. Promise me.

Boy, you could be sitting there for quite a while. Because unless the City Council amends its policy on supervisors dating subordinates, I’m not going back. I filed an appeal first thing this morning. I asked them to change the rules so that each reported relationship can be evaluated on a case by case basis.

And? They’re going to vote on it. When? They didn’t say. Of course they didn’t. You see, I know how this works. These decisions, they could take weeks, even months. And until then, I am not going back to that job. Or, maybe you could just stop seeing Jada.

So, you don’t know who you are? This, uh, attractive young officer here, I’m sorry, is it okay if I call you Mr. Fairfax? Well, just this once. This attractive young officer here and this other attra… Oh. It’s okay, but one more attractive and we may need to write you up. Well, I like to keep up with the times.

Okay, how about this, uh, this, uh, efficient officer here and this other efficient officer there told me that was John Doe. Um, I don’t think that’s really my name. You don’t, huh? Um, any ID? No? Um, well listen, how about this? Uh, sir, uh, uh, we need to take a look at you and make sure that you’re alright. So, would it be okay with you if we just admit you as John Doe and that way we can just get things rolling?

John Doe doesn’t have a lot of pizzazz to it. Although, I’ve been called a lot more than that in the past. It’s funny, I can’t remember those names either. Well listen, why don’t we get you settled in a room, okay? Can Officer Silver come with me? Oh, why do you, why do you say that? Well, look at her. Wouldn’t you like to have her for company?

Well, that’s very kind of you, but I do need to get back to work. Oh, too bad. It was a real pleasure meeting you, and I wish you all the best. Always the same as you, honey. Uh, maybe we’ll see each other sometime? You never know. Well, man can dream, can’t he? You take care of yourself, okay? And the same to you.

Look, thank you both. You’ve both been very efficient. It was our pleasure. Ah, she doth teach the torches to burn bright. Oh, you can add a broken heart to my ailments right now. Ah, duly noted. Well, apparently we don’t need to worry about your eyesight, huh? For my taste.

Alright, it is time for me to get to the hospital. Hey, keep me posted, okay? Yes, I will. Oh, hey, Dad. Hey, yourself. How you holding up, sweetie? Uh, as well as could be expected. Right, right. Hey, I got my kids here. Can I buy you lunch? Oh, I was actually going to see Sean. Right, right. Well, just let him know that he has our full love and support.

Just like you do, and don’t you ever freak him out. Oh, okay. Thank you. Alright. Love you, Tink. Love you. Gina, hey. Sean, hey. I’m, uh, I’m glad I ran into you. You, uh, you heard that Pauline will leave me and my doo doos as commissioner, right? Yeah, she said she wants to reinstate Rafe. Yeah, she came by yesterday to ask him to come back.

That’s great. And, listen, I want you to know that I, I think that she’s making the right decision. What happened to Rafe, uh, he doesn’t deserve it. I’ll tell him you said that. Also, I, I wanted to ask you how you feel about, uh, being partners with me again. Look, I know that, I know that things have been awkward between us for a while, and, uh, I know that I screwed up pretty badly, but I just Sean.

It would be great to work with you again. That’s awesome. I, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I just, I hope that Ray feels the same way. I think he does. He hasn’t accepted the job yet. In fact, he’s seriously thinking about turning it down.

Mayor Price. Paulina, please. Paulina. Look, we’ve already established that even if the City Council admits that they were wrong and wants to change the decision, it could take a long time. I don’t want to be separated from Jada for months, a week, or even a day.

Ah, I can see it in your eyes. I’m not going to change your mind. You’re not. I suppose I can understand. I’ve been separated from Abraham for months and it’s been killing me. Yeah, I know. How’s that going? Has he made any progress on getting his memory back? No. Although he, he did take me on a date. Really?

Wanna go? My guess is that last night, was a swan song to our marriage.

Come on, man. Date couldn’t have been that bad. It was okay, at first, I guess. Then, uh, Then what? I asked her to tell me how we had met. And she told me that she was planning to bulldoze this entire square. And to destroy my reputation in order to pull it off. Oh. Well, I guess that wasn’t her finest hour. But you two got past it, didn’t you?

Oh, and I remember that, don’t I? Look, lying seems to be her modus operandi. And after the last few months, I’m just sick of being lied to. I’ve had it up to here. I would much rather be alone than to be lied to again.

Well, you’re pretty dehydrated, so we’re going to give you something that’ll perk you up. Oh, uh, intravenous single malt, maybe? Uh, more like a vintage Ringer’s Lactate, uh, you know, pairs well with Jell O. Okay, listen, I’m going to ask you a few questions, all right? And listen, don’t worry about it, if you don’t get them right or you don’t remember, it’s no big deal.

Not to you. Touche. Okay, uh, let’s start with, um, do you know what year it is? Uh, 2023, Year of the Rabbit. Oh, you show off. Um, how about, do you know who the current President of the United States is? You know, I try to stay out of politics. Oh, fair enough. Okay. How about, um, Do you know how old you are? Well, you know, from the looks of it, I’m pretty old.

If I’d have known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself. I’m charming, though, right? Yes, yes, I would agree with that. So, Doc, what’s the verdict? Have I got all my marbles? I think you did pretty well, actually. But I’m going to go away, let you rest for a bit, and I’ll come back and we’ll reassess.

Okay, but just so you know, I have got to get out of here as soon as I possibly can. Really? Yeah. Why is that? Well, you may not know it, but look at me. I’m on a very important mission.

Okay. I know Paulina made some mistakes, but she eventually owned up to them, right? I mean, she’s not lying anymore, is she? Why would I want to fall in love again all over with a woman like that?

Sigh. Oi, what? Maybe, because the dude who fell in love with Paulina before wasn’t a self righteous prick.

Sorry, things didn’t go well with Aiden. Is there anything I can do to help? You could reconsider my job offer. Besides breaking up with Jada and taking the Commissioner’s job. Sigh. If you’re so dead set on turning me down, maybe you can help me figure out who to hire. I need someone in place ASAP.

What about her?

Sean. Oh, oh, hey, Val. I was just texting you. Oh. Your mom, uh, she lifted the hold. I’m just waiting for the paperwork to come through. Does that mean you’re feeling better? Yeah, yeah. I feel, I feel like I’m, you know, getting back to my old self. Good. I’m so glad. You really scared me last night. Look, I know. I know I did, and I’m sorry about that.

It’s not gonna happen again, I promise you. care about is that you’re okay. Yeah, well, I, uh, I am now. Good. And you know no matter how hard things get, you can always, always count on me. And that goes for my whole family. I actually just saw my dad and he said to tell you that everyone loves you. And that we’re all here for you.


Okay, I guess I’m glad that Phillip’s alive. But you know what I’d like to do is go over there and wring his little curiocus neck. Come on, Sonny, I put you through all of that, and now it’s like, Oops! Oh, my bad! Sorry, my bad! Hey, I know, I know. Okay, so you sure you don’t want to press charges? Part of me does.

Big part of me does, dad, but honestly, Chloe and Belle are right. It’s not what grandfather would have wanted. And there’s a part of me that…

I want to honor that man’s memory somehow. Yeah. Yeah, I get that. Kinda. I don’t know, dad. I miss him. It wasn’t easy being his grandson, I’ll tell you that, but I, I know he loved me. Dammit, I loved him. Too. The man had a big heart. I’m saying that because after your mother died, we, um, we kind of looked out for each other.

Actually became friends. Which is pretty crazy considering you two were once mortal enemies, right? That’s a fact. From the moment he brought me from that hospital in Miami up here to Salem to be the pawn in his game. But you know what, back then I was so messed up. And I was suffering from memory loss and I didn’t even know who the hell I was.

Mr. Doe? Um, I’m going to go set up your CT scan, but in the meantime, I brought my good friend and colleague, Dr. Evans, to chat it up with you. Is this a hospital or a modeling agency? One beautiful woman after another. You are incorrigible. But charming. Well, that’s true. All right. I’ll see you later. Well, Doctor.

I’m not new to the rodeo here. You’re shrink, I guess. Yes. I am a psychiatrist. Oh. Well, uh, no offense, but I’m, I’m not crazy. I’m not even a little bit neurotic. Well, we don’t think that you are. I was wondering, uh, if I could maybe spark your memory a bit. Would that be helpful to you? Oh, completely. Have at it.

Okay. Dr. Johnson tells me that, uh, you were found on the side of the road. Do you know how you got there? Walking. Yeah. And apparently your shoes were rather worn out. Yeah. Do you know how long you were walking? Um, a couple of days. Wow. That’s a long time. I’d have been better if I’d had a flying car or even a regular car.

Yeah. But given your determination to get here, do you recall what your destination was? Here. Salem. Oh. And do you recall why you were coming here? To find someone very important to me. My son.

So, your son lives here in Salem. I don’t know. I’ve been looking for him for a long time. Years, actually. Then a couple of nights ago, I had this dream that he was nearby. And I put on my sturdiest walking shoes and I started walking. What’s your son’s name? I don’t know. I never knew him. Never met him. But thanks to this dream, I’m sure he’s right in this area.

Well, if you don’t know his name, and you’ve never met him, how will you know when you find him? Pretty good question, but some I… I’m feeling it in my heart. You think I am crazy? No, I think it’s normal. It’s a very strong bond between parents and children. And that’s why I have to find him. My son needs me.

I need him. You know, I wish I could have been there when he was growing up. There was so much fighting going on. And I had to get home. I remember, yeah, I had to get home. And what do you remember about home? I remember a farm. Well, maybe, maybe, maybe you’re from Brookville. There’s a lot of farmland there.

It doesn’t ring a bell. Do you think you were a farmer? No, it doesn’t ring a bell either. For all I know, I could have been a chimney sweep or a street artist or something like that. But all I know is I’ve got to find my son. It’s the last thing I ever do.

So how you holding up, kid? It’s been a rough couple of months here. Victor and losing custody of Rachel. And then, uh, Chloe being engaged to Xander. Yeah, it’s been, uh, It’s been a walk on the beach, Dad, but I’m hanging in there, you know. There’s not any chance that you can talk Chloe out of marrying that son of a bitch.

I’ve tried. I think it’s a lost cause. I think it’s just something that I’m gonna have to suck up and deal with and move on from, and… I need to focus on getting Rachel back anyway. Yeah, that’s, uh, that’s great, that’s important, that’s, uh… Just don’t give up on love completely, kid. I don’t know, Dad, I mean…

Maybe it’s just something that’s not in the cards for me. Ah, come on, that’s a bunch of bull. I don’t know. You never know what tomorrow’s gonna bring. And I know that there is a woman for you out there. Somewhere. Eventually, I’m sure of it.

I was thinking that, uh, maybe I should go to a meeting with Brady, like you said. I, I don’t, I don’t think that I’m an alcoholic, but I do know that I’ve been drinking too much. And that needs to stop. Well, I think Brady would be more than happy to go to a meeting with you. As long as it’s your idea. Even after how I spoke to him yesterday?

Saying that his life was a hot mess? Well, I don’t think Brady’s gonna hold that against you. He knows you were in an… Great shape at the time. Yeah, well, great shape or not, I, I owe him an apology. Uh, which reminds me, I, uh, I ran into Jada earlier, and we cleared the air. Good, good, I’m glad to hear that. Yeah, I asked her how she felt about being partners with me again, and she said she was fine.

So, if the, uh, new commissioner, who may or may not be Rafe, doesn’t have a problem with it, then that means I’m gonna be able to go back to work. What? Sean, I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

So, uh… What’s going on here? Well, Mayor Price needs a new police commissioner. And since they haven’t changed the policy on dating, I was recommending you. Me? Well, when Rawlings hired Sean, we agreed that you’d have been the perfect choice. Jada is extremely qualified, not to mention she has the best closed case record on the force.

She is smart, level headed, and an excellent administrator. And not only that, she’s respected by everyone. You make a strong case, and I am all for supporting my fellow women of color. Oh, trust me, you will not find anyone better than Jada. In fact, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t hire her immediately.

I can think of one.

If I become the commissioner, the current dating policy would prevent you from coming back to the force. You would become my subordinate. Well then maybe I wouldn’t come back. No, forget it. I’m not about to let you throw away your career because of me. Well, I’m not about to let you pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thank you, but I’m Jada. Wait, wait, hang on a second, hang on a second, I just got a text. The city council has agreed to amend the policy. Oh, see now? There’s nothing to stop you from returning as commissioner. Well, what about Jada? This isn’t about me. Yeah, of course it is. How? Now that they changed the policy, you can come back.

Working for you? No. Okay, wait. Just stop right there, the both of you. Now you can argue till you’re blue in the face. It won’t make a damn bit of difference. I’ve already made my decision.

So you think I’m a self righteous freak? No, no, no, no. Dude, I’m really sorry I called you that. I think I’m just frustrated because you don’t remember how happy you were with Paulina. Happier than you’ve been in years.

I’m scared.

So there, I’ve said it. She gets to me. I don’t even remember her. But she gets to me. I’m scared. Of course you are. Cause love is freaking scary, man. By definition, you’re out of control. You can’t figure out how she makes you feel the way you do. So all your instincts tell you to run. And the whole time you’re running, you’re telling yourself you’re just being rational.

Who needs to be happy anyway?

I’m sorry, man. I’m really tired and I… I just popped off and told the truth.

You don’t think I should go back to work? No. No, not right now, Sean. You’ve been going through so much. I just think that you should take some time off and not jump back into such a high pressure job right now. Okay, well, listen. I get where you’re coming from, okay? I do. But I can handle this, I swear. Hey, look, if things get to be too much at work, then I’ll just stop.

Plus, I’m going to be seeing your mom twice a week, so she’ll keep me honest. Listen, I really think I’m going to be fine. I do. Okay. If that’s what you want. Thank you.

Locked my gut to defining him than ever before. Of course I can’t do it while I’m stuck in this bed. Hmm. Well, nobody’s gonna keep you from finding your son. But I think for right now, you would, you would do well to stay here, rest up, and get your strengths back. And what I’m gonna do is try to put the pieces of your life together.

And hopefully help you find your son. You really mean that? I do mean that. In fact, my, my husband John, um, is a private investigator. Another, uh, John Doe? No. No, his name is John Black. And, um, he calls me Doc as well. But I’m sure he’d be happy to take your case, if that’s okay with you. Are you kidding? I need all do.

You know, everyone here’s been so nice. You know, maybe it was meant to be that young officer brought me here, and led me straight to you, Dr. Evans. You know, this could be the beginning of a real friendship. I think you may be right.

Paulina made a very wise decision. Oh, I don’t know about that, but, um, I’m happy to be back. Yeah, well, you belong in that chair. And the fact that you said all those wonderful things about me… Oh, come on, they were all true. Yeah, well… I really appreciated that. It meant a lot to me. And, uh, you You told me that you were falling in love with me.

And I want you to know that I feel the same way. I’m falling in love with you

too. Well, the mayor’s office just put out a press release. Looks like Rafe has been reinstated as commissioner. Oh, that’s great. Now, if I could just… Get out of here and get back to you and the job and my life. Okay, well I’ll go see what’s taking the paperwork so long. Alright, thank you. But then after that…

Listen, you are not going back to the station. You’re coming home, and that is final. You are taking the rest of the day off, and that is settled. You’ve got no arguments from me. Good. And then maybe I can make us lunch, and we can binge watch something. Oh, there’s a new show on Peacock I wanted to check out.

Okay, as long as it’s not a rom com. Would I do that to you? No, it’s a murder mystery. I don’t remember the name of it, but it got really good previous. But like I said, after that I think we should just get back into a normal routine. That sounds great.

I’m so glad your square wasn’t torn down. You

seem like, like very nice people.

Unlike me, right?

Well, you know. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bother you. I know you won’t want anything to do with me. No, that’s, that’s not true.

What do you say if we start over again? Really? Really? I

think I like that.

Yeah, I sure do hope Abe and Paulina find their way back to each other because they deserve each other. Unlike our client and her cheating spouse. So what do you say, partner, take the rest of the day off and do a little celebrating? Yeah! Celebrate! Oh! Hey, Doc! Yeah, we’re gonna celebrate. Black patch just wrapped up our latest case.

Oh, that’s wonderful. Because I think I have a new case for you. And I think you’ll find it very interesting.

Okay, the CT scan is almost set up. So if you can just sit tight here, somebody will come and escort you to it. Thank you. Um, how did things go with Dr. Evans? That woman is an angel. Her husband gonna help me find my son. He’s a private eye. Yes, I know that. My husband is his partner. And if anybody can find your son, they can.

From your lips.

Theresa? Hey Brady. It’s been a while.

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