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Steve meets Abe in the town square and asks how his date with Paulina went. Abe calls it a disaster.

Paulina goes to see Rafe at Jada’s apartment and tells him to stop dragging his feet and accept her job offer. Paulina declares that she wants him as her police commissioner and she’s not leaving until he signs on the dotted line.

At the Brady Pub, Belle encourages Brady that she thinks it’s for the best. Brady remarks that Philip is just lucky the police department was in between police commissioners, otherwise Philip would be in jail after he left the note for Shawn. Brady apologizes as he knows she has compassion for Philip. Belle says she just knows he wasn’t in his right mind and needed help, so she is compassionate for that because of what’s going on with Shawn. Belle mentions not hearing from Shawn since Marlena put him on 24 hour hold and calls it the longest 24 hours of her life.

Shawn meets with Marlena in her office at the hospital. Marlena asks how he’s feeling. Shawn responds that he’s grateful that Marlena put him on the 24 hour hold but when he thinks about yesterday, it’s like he was a completely different person and he’s kind of embarrassed. Marlena understands he was in pain and says he did the right thing by asking for help. Shawn knows staying here last night was good for him, but he’d like to go home now.

Jada finds Kayla at the hospital and asks if she has a minute because an officer found an elderly man wandering on the side of the road. Jada notes that he seemed slightly confused and had some bumps and bruises, so she asks Kayla to take a look at him. The officer wheels the man in. Kayla greets him and asks for his name. He responds that he hoped she would tell him.

Shawn knows one night in the hospital didn’t cure him and he realizes quitting therapy was a big mistake. Shawn wants to get started again and promises to stick with it this time. Shawn thinks he will get better faster by being at home with Belle. Marlena knows Belle would like that too and says there’s no reason not to lift the hold. Shawn thanks her. Marlena says she will get the paper work started. Marlena asks Shawn to promise to get help if he starts feeling the way he did again.

Rafe tells Paulina that unless the city council amends it’s policy on supervisors dating subordinates, he’s not going back. Paulina assures that she filed an appeal first thing this morning, asking them to change the rules so that each relationship can be evaluated on a case by case basis, but they have to vote on it. Rafe argues that he knows how these things work and they can take weeks or months, so until then, he’s not going back to the job. Paulina suggests he could just stop seeing Jada.

Kayla questions the man at the hospital not knowing who he is. He explains that the officers told him that he was John Doe but he doesn’t remember his name and he doesn’t have an ID. Kayla says they need to take a look at him and make sure he’s alright. Kayla asks if it’s okay to admit him as John Doe to get things rolling. He jokes that he’s been called worse in the past but he can’t remember those either. He asks for the officer to keep him company but she says she has to get back to work. She tells him that it was nice meeting him. He thanks them for their help. Kayla then takes him to a hospital room.

Belle tells Brady that she has to get to the hospital. Brady tells her to keep him posted. John arrives and asks how Belle is holding up. Belle says as well as can be expected. John offers to buy them lunch but Belle says she was on her way to see Shawn. John assures that he has their support as Belle exits.

Shawn finds Jada at the hospital and says he’s glad he ran in to her, bringing up that Paulina relieved him of his duties as police commissioner and that she wanted to reinstate Rafe. Jada confirms that Paulina came by yesterday to ask Rafe to come back. Shawn says that’s great and that Rafe didn’t deserve what happened to him. Jada says she’ll tell him he said that. Shawn also wanted to ask Jada how she feels about being partners again since he knows things have been awkward between them and that he screwed up pretty badly. Jada assures that it would be great to work with him again. Shawn says that’s awesome and he can’t tell her how much that means to him. Shawn hopes Rafe feels the same way. Jada thinks he does but notes that Rafe hasn’t accepted the job yet and is seriously thinking about turning it down.

Rafe tells Paulina that they have already established that even if the city council change the decision, it could take a long time and he doesn’t want to be separated from Jada for even a day. Paulina sees in his eyes that she’s not going to change his mind which he confirms. Paulina understands since she’s been separated from Abe for months and it’s been killing her. Rafe asks if Abe has made any progress on getting his memory back. Paulina says no, though he did take her on a date. Rafe asks how it went. Paulina guesses that last night was the swan song to their marriage.

Steve encourages Abe that the date couldn’t have been that bad. Abe guesses it was okay at first, but then he asked Paulina to tell him how they met and she told him that she was planning to bulldoze the town square and to destroy his reputation to pull it off. Steve guesses that wasn’t her finest hour but points out that they got past it. Abe argues that lying seems to be Paulina’s modus operandi and he’s sick of being lied to. Abe declares that he’d much rather be alone than be lied to again.

Kayla checks on the man in the hospital and notes that he’s dehydrated so they are going to get him fluids. Kayla starts asking questions by asking what year it is. He confirms it’s 2023 and the year of the rabbit. Kayla asks if he knows who the President is but he says he tries to stay out of politics. Kayla asks how old he is. He jokes that he must be pretty old. He asks Kayla what the verdict is. Kayla thinks he did pretty well and decides that she will let him rest, then she will come back to reassess. He tells Kayla that he has to get out of here as soon as he can, because he’s on a very important mission.

Steve tells Abe that Paulina made some mistakes but she eventually owned up to them and she isn’t lying anymore. Abe questions why he would want to fall in love all over again with a woman like that. Steve suggests that the dude who fell in love with Paulina before wasn’t self righteous.

Rafe tells Paulina that he’s sorry things didn’t go well with Abe and asks if there’s anything he can do to help besides breaking up with Jada to accept the commissioner job. Paulina suggests Rafe could help her figure out who to hire because she needs someone as police commissioner ASAP. Jada then comes home, so Rafe asks what about her?

Belle goes to the hospital and finds Shawn, who says he was just texting her. Shawn informs her that Marlena is letting him go home and he’s just waiting on the paper work to go through. Belle asks if that means he’s feeling better. Shawn confirms he’s starting to feel like his old self. Belle says she is so glad because he really scared her last night. Shawn apologizes and promises it won’t happen again. Belle says she only cares that he’s okay and no matter how hard things get, he can always count on her and her whole family. Belle adds that John said to tell him that everyone loves him and is there for him as she hugs Shawn.

John tells Brady that he guesses he’s glad Philip is alive but complains about all that Philip put Brady through. John asks if Brady is sure he doesn’t want to press charges. Brady admits a big part of him does but Chloe and Belle are right that it’s not what Victor would’ve wanted and part of him is going to honor that man’s memory somehow. John gets that. Brady admits that he misses Victor and that it wasn’t easy being his grandson, but he knows Victor loved him and he loved Victor too. John states that Victor had a big heart and that they looked after each other after Brady’s mother died and even became friends. Brady brings up that they were once mortal enemies. John talks about Victor bringing him to Salem to be a pawn in his scheme but back then he was so messed up, suffering from memory loss, and didn’t even know who he was.

Kayla returns to John Doe’s hospital room with Marlena. He jokes about all the beautiful women around. Kayla then exits the room. He identifies that Marlena is a shrink which she confirms. He tells her that he’s not crazy. Marlena says they don’t think he is but she was wondering if she could spark his memory a bit. Marlena brings up Kayla saying he was found on the side of the road and asks if he knows how he got there. He said he was walking for a couple of days. Marlena calls that a long time. He jokes that it would be better if he had a car. Marlena asks if he recalls what his destination was. He tells her it was Salem. Marlena asks if he remembers why he came. He reveals that he came to Salem to find his son. Marlena questions his son living here in Salem. He says he’s been looking for him for years and a couple nights ago, he had a dream that he was nearby, so he started walking. Marlena asks what his son’s name is but he says he doesn’t know as he’s never met him, but thanks to his dream, he’s sure that he is right in this area. Marlena questions how he will know when he finds him then. He calls that a good question and asks if she thinks he’s crazy. Marlena understands there’s a very strong bond between parents and their children. He says his son need him and he needs him. He talks about wishing he was there for him growing up and recalls a lot of fighting at home. Marlena asks what he remembers about home. He remembers a farm. Marlena suggests he could be from Brookville but he says that doesn’t ring a bell nor does being a farmer. He declares that all he knows is that he has to find his son if it’s the last thing he ever does.

John asks how Brady is holding up since it’s been a rough couple months losing Victor and losing custody of Rachel. Brady adds Chloe being engaged to Xander and admits it’s been no walk on the beach but he’s hanging in there. John asks if there’s any chance he could talk Chloe out of marrying Xander. Brady admits he tried but thinks it’s a lost cause so it’s just something he will have to suck up, deal with, and move on from as he needs to focus on getting Rachel back anyway. John encourages Brady not to give up on love completely. Brady says maybe it’s just not in the cards for him. John disagrees and argues that he never knows what tomorrow is going to bring. John is sure that there’s a woman out there for him eventually.

Shawn tells Belle that maybe he should go to an AA meeting with Brady like she wanted. Shawn doesn’t think he’s an alcoholic but acknowledges that he’s been drinking too much and that needs to stop. Belle thinks Brady would be more than happy to go to a meeting with him as long as it’s his idea. Shawn asks even after he called Brady’s life a hot mess. Belle doesn’t think Brady will hold it against him. Shawn feels he still owes him an apology. Shawn mentions that he ran in to Jada earlier and they cleared the air which Belle is glad to hear. Shawn adds that Jada said she was fine being partners again, so if the new commissioner doesn’t have a problem with it then that means he can go back to work. Belle doesn’t think that’s a very good idea.

Jada asks what’s going on as Rafe explains that Paulina needs a new police commissioner and since they haven’t changed the policy on dating, he was recommending Jada. Rafe reminds Jada that they agreed she would be the perfect choice when Rawlings appointed Shawn. Rafe praises Jada to Paulina and adds that she’s respected by everyone. Paulina acknowledges that he makes a strong case and she’s all for supporting fellow women of color. Rafe assures that she won’t find anyone better than Jada and he can’t think of any reason not to hire her immediately, but Jada says she can think of one. Jada points out that Rafe would be prevented from coming back to the force and she’s not going to let him throw away his career because of her. Rafe argues that he won’t allow her to pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity. Jada thanks Rafe but says she’s going to have to decline. Paulina then gets a text and announces that the city council has agreed to amend the policy so there is nothing to stop Rafe from returning. Rafe asks what about Jada. Jada points out that now that the policy is changed, he can come back. Rafe and Jada go back and forth until Paulina announces that she has already made her decision.

Abe questions Steve thinking he’s self righteous. Steve apologizes and is just frustrated because Abe doesn’t remember how happy he was with Paulina. Abe admits that he’s scared and that Paulina gets to him. Abe states that he doesn’t even remember her, but she gets to him, so he’s scared. Steve understands love is scary and out of control. Steve knows Abe’s instincts tell him to run. Steve apologizes and says he’s really tired so he just popped off. Abe acknowledges that he told the truth.

Shawn questions Belle not thinking he should go back to work. Belle says not right now when he’s been going through so much, so she thinks he should take time off and not jump back in to such a high pressured job. Shawn swears he can handle it and that if things get to be too much, he’ll stop. Shawn adds that he’ll be seeing Marlena twice a week, so he really thinks he’ll be fine. Belle then agrees if that’s what he wants. Shawn thanks her and they hug.

John Doe tells Marlena that his gut tells him he’s closer to finding his son than ever before, but he can’t find him while stuck in a hospital bed. Marlena says nobody will keep him from finding his son, but she thinks it’d be best for him to rest here and get his strength back up. Marlena adds that she will try to put the pieces of his life back together and hopefully help find his son. Marlena brings up that her husband John is a private investigator and she’s sure he would be happy to take his case. He agrees that he needs all the help he can get. Marlena says they all do. He talks about everyone being so nice so maybe it was meant to be that he was brought here to Marlena. He declares that this could be the beginning of a real friendship. Marlena says she thinks he may be right.

Rafe returns to his office with Jada and places his police commissioner name plate back on the desk. Jada praises Paulina’s decision and tells Rafe that he belongs in that chair. Rafe says he doesn’t know about that but he’s happy to be back. Jada brings up all the nice things he said about her which Rafe says were all true. Jada says she really appreciated it and it meant a lot to her. Jada brings up Rafe telling her the other day that he was falling in love with her. Jada wants Rafe to know that she feels the same way as she’s falling in love with him too. Rafe and Jada then kiss.

Belle gets a text that Paulina put out a press release about Rafe being reinstated as police commissioner. Shawn says that’s great and if he can just get out of here, he can get back to her, his job and his life. Belle says she will go check on the paper work to see what’s taking so long. Belle adds that after that, he is coming home and taking the rest of the day off. Shawn says he won’t argue. Belle suggests she can make them lunch and they can binge watch a new murder mystery on Peacock. Belle thinks after that, they should get back in to a normal routine. Shawn says that sounds great as Belle walks away.

Abe stands at the Tom and Alice plaque and says he’s so glad their town square wasn’t torn down as they seem like very nice people. Paulina approaches and guesses he means unlike her. Paulina says she didn’t bother him as she knows he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Abe says that’s not true. Abe asks Paulina what she says to starting over again. Paulina responds that she likes that.

Steve joins John at the Pub. John hopes Abe and Paulina find their way back to each other because they deserve it. John and Steve toast to taking the rest of the day off and celebrating. Marlena enters and asks about them celebrating. Steve announces that they just wrapped their latest case. Marlena calls that wonderful because she has a new case for them that she thinks they will find very interesting.

Kayla informs John Doe that his CT scan is almost ready so someone will escort him to it. Kayla asks how things went with Marlena. He calls her an angel and says that her husband is going to help him find his son. Kayla mentions her husband being his partner and declares that if anyone can find his son, they can.

Brady is at home with a photo of Rachel when he is surprised by his ex Theresa Donovan showing up at the door. Theresa greets him and says it’s been awhile.

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