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Sloan is tossing and turning in her hospital bed. Eric wakes up from the chair next to her and asks if she’s having a bad dream. Sloan responds that she had the worst dream that she lost the baby. Eric sadly informs her that was not a dream and their baby is gone.

EJ has a nightmare about the night his mother died when Ava drove Susan off a cliff. EJ then wakes up in a panic.

Ava envisions Susan Banks in Bayview and screams, telling Harris that Susan has come back from the dead. Harris encourages her that it’s okay and it’s not Susan. Ava rushes up to the woman and says she didn’t mean for her to die. The woman remarks that Ava must be off her meds. Ava argues that she’s trying to trick them and shouts for Susan to leave her alone.

Roman and Marlena sit together at the Brady Pub, talking about how they still can’t believe Victor is gone. Roman questions if Marlena is mourning him. Marlena admits they had their issues as she flashes back to arguing with Victor in the past. Marlena knows that Victor caused a lot of chaos and difficulty in Salem but admits that he did make the place more interesting which Roman agrees with. Marlena adds that they are very close to a lot of people who did love Victor. Roman acknowledges that Victor and Kate share a son and they know the lifelong bond that creates. Roman asks how Brady is holding up. Marlena says he’s alright but it’s a little more complicated because of what’s going on with Kristen and Rachel. Marlena adds that Belle said her family is having a hard time too. Roman states that Victor was a big part of everyone’s life and a force to be reckoned with. Roman and Marlena toast their coffee to Victor and those who loved him. Marlena guesses Roman has heard that Eric is engaged. Roman says not to remind him. Marlena admits she wasn’t thrilled when he told her that Sloan is pregnant, but that would mean Eric is a dad and they’ll be grandparents. Marlena notes that regardless of how they feel about Sloan, they are going to get married.

Sloan asks why this happened to them when she was having a healthy pregnancy. Eric responds that he doesn’t know and they are running tests but the doctors said that sometimes this happens. Kayla comes in to ask how Sloan is feeling. Sloan asks how she thinks when her baby is dead, then apologizes for snapping at her. Kayla expresses being sorry for their loss. Sloan asks if they got their test results back because she needs to know why she lost her baby.

Melinda wakes up in bed with Li. Melinda slips out of bed while Li is asleep and says she’s going to look for the proof she needs that Li was behind Stefan’s attempted murder. Melinda searches the room and finds Li’s phone. Melinda begins to go through it when Li wakes up and questions what she thinks she’s doing. Melinda pretends that she thought it was her phone and jokes that they will have to get different cases as Li takes his phone back. They talk about the good time they had last night and this morning. Melinda states that she didn’t plan on coming over to sleep with him. Li guesses that he swept her off her feet. They start kissing again and Melinda says she really wants to but she has to get to the courthouse. Li jokes that this is so much more fun than putting bad guys behind bars. Melinda agrees but says she has to earn a living. Melinda then goes to take a shower. Li grabs his phone and wonders what exactly Melinda is up to.

Kayla asks Eric to give her and Sloan a moment alone but Sloan wants Eric to stay. Sloan gives Kayla permission to share everything with Eric since it was his baby too. Eric thanks her. Sloan asks what the tests revealed. Kayla reveals the test results show that Sloan has an auto immune disorder where her body mistakenly creates antibodies that attack healthy tissue which is most likely why she passed out. Kayla thinks that is probably what caused the miscarriage but encourages that there are effective treatments. Kayla says she will print out papers for them to read and understand more of what they are dealing with. Eric thanks Kayla as she says she’s so sorry for their loss. Kayla then exits the room. Eric tells Sloan that at least they know now why this happened. Sloan cries that she knows exactly why it happened and it has nothing to do with an auto immune disorder. Eric questions what she means. Sloan cries that she’s being punished for being who she is and the choices she’s made. Eric argues that God does not work that way. Sloan complains that God took their baby for the decisions she’s made.

Nicole joins EJ in the bedroom and asks if he’s okay. EJ says he’s fine and claims it’s nothing. Nicole worries that he looks like he’s seen a ghost. EJ responds that he has in a matter of speaking but it was just a nightmare. EJ calls it a series of memories of the night that Ava Vitali killed his mother.

Ava continues envisioning the patient Midge as Susan Banks and says she’s come back for revenge. Midge questions what she’s talking about while Harris says she’s just confused. Ava argues that Susan is standing right there and insists that she didn’t mean to kill her. Ava screams for her to leave her alone. Harris holds Ava and says it’s okay while Midge walks away. Ava cries that Susan came back for revenge to punish her and she deserves it. Ava repeats that she can’t handle it. Harris assures that he is there and that woman was not Susan. Ava then sees Midge and not Susan so she says she’s so sorry. Harris tells her it’s okay. Ava asks how it will ever be okay if she’s still seeing dead people which means she’s still psychotic and she’s never going to get out of here or be well again. Harris hugs Ava as she breaks down crying.

Nicole asks EJ how long he’s been having nightmares about Susan and Ava. EJ says ever since the night Susan died. Nicole questions why he didn’t tell her. EJ says it’s not every night and seems to occur when he’s under duress. Nicole asks if he’s talked to anyone but EJ says he doesn’t need anything like Marlena. EJ declares that it’s obvious that his loss is unresolved because he hasn’t been able to avenge his mother’s death. EJ argues that Ava faked a mental breakdown to get shipped off to a mental hospital and questions where the justice is in that. Nicole doesn’t think Ava is faking mental illness and attests that Ava is deranged. EJ complains that Ava is still alive and well while his mother was sent to an early grave so he feels the nightmares will continue to plague him until he makes sure Ava gets what she deserves.

Ava tells Harris that she thought she was getting better after her visit with Tripp. Harris tells Ava that he’s the last person to give advice on mental health but he’s learned that reclaiming your sanity is not a straight line as there will be good days and bad days. Harris suggests maybe she just needs to adjust her meds. Ava wonders if she’ll ever get better and asks what if the doctors see this as a major setback and isolate her without any visitors. Harris doesn’t think they will do that. Ava cries that she needs to see her son. Ava worries about if they see her as incurable and as always a threat to society. Harris encourages that he can get her a psychiatrist that will see her without judgment in Dr. Marlena Evans.

Marlena tells Roman that it would be nice to have a grandbaby to spoil again which he agrees with. Roman admits he misses it since Allie moved to New Zealand with Henry. Marlena suggests they have a baby shower for Sloan right here at the Pub. Roman asks if she’s serious. Marlena says it would be for Eric too but Roman says he’ll pass. Marlena thought he was looking forward to another grandchild. Roman argues that it doesn’t mean he has to throw a big party for Sloan Peterson. Roman complains that Sloan also insulted his clam chowder. Roman declares that Sloan might be carrying Eric’s baby and she might marry him one day but that doesn’t mean he has to feed or like her.

Eric doesn’t understand why Sloan is saying she deserves punishment and asks what she did. Sloan thinks back to altering Nicole’s test results. Sloan tells Eric that it’s all the terrible things she’s done. Eric feels she’s being way too hard on herself. Sloan cries about if he knew some of the things she’s done. Eric remembers her trying to tell him something before she collapsed and asks if that’s what this is about.

Kayla talks to Tripp on the phone. Tripp asks if she’s sure he doesn’t need to come in. Kayla assures him and encourages him to rest. Tripp asks about Sloan. Kayla calls it quite a blow for her and Eric. Tripp asks if Kayla has figured out what might have caused Sloan to miscarry right as Melinda walks in and questions Tripp about Sloan losing the baby. Tripp thanks Kayla for the update and hangs up. Melinda asks Tripp what happened but Tripp says he’s not at liberty to discuss patients. Melinda argues that she’s friends with Sloan, so Tripp tells her to talk to her. Melinda says she will then. Tripp tries to remind her that she’s not supposed to know but Melinda rushes out.

Eric asks Sloan what she was about to tell him before she got sick and passed out but they get interrupted by Kayla coming back in with the papers on what she found about Sloan’s auto immune disorder. Sloan asks if this condition means she will never be able to have a baby. Kayla says there is a medication that she can take to lessen chances of a miscarriage. Eric asks if it’s curable. Kayla responds that it’s treatable but not curable. Sloan realizes it’s something she will have to live with for the rest of her life.

Nicole tells EJ that when it comes to revenge schemes, she usually jumps in with both feet but says things are different now because they are having a baby. Nicole reminds EJ that there were casualties last time he went to war with Ava and they don’t want anything to happen to their baby. EJ assures he would never let anything happen to her or their baby. Nicole asks him to let this go then. EJ is afraid he can’t do that because as long as Ava is out there, she’s a threat to his family and so is anyone else willing to help her.

Ava asks Harris why Marlena would want to help her. Harris says that’s what she does. Ava says Harris doesn’t understand as she and Marlena have history. Ava acknowledges that she’s done really dirty things to the people Marlena cares about, including sleeping with her husband. Ava adds that John and Marlena are really good friends with Steve and Kayla and she made their lives hell when she first returned to Salem. Ava brings up Shawn Brady dying in a plane crash that she caused and Marlena being close with Susan. Ava then informs Harris that she also blew up the church at Susan’s funeral which Marlena was at. Harris admits that is a lot but that he’s also done terrible things to Marlena’s loved ones and she’s been helping him. Harris calls Marlena remarkably non-judgmental. Ava points out that Marlena did treat Ben Weston. Harris asks Ava to let him give Marlena a call so Ava tells him to knock himself out and go ahead to call Marlena. Harris goes to use the phone while Ava tries to approach Midge from before but she runs away from her.

Marlena gets the call from Harris and says he’ll be right there and see him soon. Roman asks if everything is okay. Marlena tells Roman that a patient needs to see her so she has to run. Roman appreciates the time they had. Marlena says she enjoyed it and asks Roman to call Eric to let him know they’ve decided to give them a baby shower. Roman questions why he still can’t say no to her. Marlena says she’ll be in touch with Kate about the details. Marlena hugs Roman and then exits the Pub. Roman feels he’s going to regret this as he picks up his phone to call Eric.

Sloan asks Kayla if she has to worry if she tries to get pregnant again. Kayla encourages that the doctors will keep an eye on it and there are medications. Sloan asks what kind of percentages they are talking about. Eric thinks they are getting ahead of themselves and need to focus on her recovery. Eric then gets a text from Roman to call him but says he’ll do it later. Sloan tells Eric to go ahead and call Eric as she admits she could use a moment alone to process everything. Kayla says she will be in her office if they need anything as she then exits. Eric asks Sloan if she’s sure she wants him to go. Sloan confirms that she’s sure so Eric says he’ll be right outside by the nurses station. Eric kisses Sloan and then exits the room. Melinda then enters and asks if Sloan is okay. Sloan questions what she’s doing there. Melinda says she heard about the baby. Sloan asks how. Melinda admits she overheard Tripp on the phone. Sloan complains about him saying it out in the open. Melinda repeats that she’s so sorry about the baby but Sloan questions if she is.

Li comes out of his room and asks Tripp where Melinda is. Tripp informs him that she left. Li asks if he should be offended that she didn’t say goodbye. Tripp says she said that she had to run. Li jokes that he hopes they didn’t disturb Tripp and Wendy last night or this morning. Tripp tells him it’s all good. Li says he was worried they might have been a bit too active. Tripp claims he didn’t even notice. Tripp guesses Li took his advice in giving Melinda another chance. Li says he could say that. Tripp asks if they are back together then. Li responds that they will see what happens. Tripp asks what that means. Li says it means they’ll see and he knows a lot of men would find it hard to get past a woman trying to trick them in to confessing to attempted murder. Tripp calls it good that he’s more forgiving. Li adds that it helps that Melinda is a fascinating woman. Tripp wishes him luck with that and says he’s going for a run so he’ll see him later. After Tripp exits, Li pulls out his phone.

Nicole asks EJ how Susan would feel about his plan to go after Ava. Nicole says she could hear Susan quoting a bible passage and the Susan that she knows would want EJ to turn the other cheek. EJ argues that Susan is not here now and Ava is the reason. Nicole says if the memory of Susan’s faith is not enough for him to drop this, she reminds EJ that they are getting married and calls it unattractive and distracting for him to be plotting revenge when they should be in the honeymoon phase and focused on each other. EJ insists that he can multi-task but then gives in and admits that the timing is not ideal. Nicole tells EJ that they are building a life together and vengeance plots don’t seem to fit in. Nicole then gets a text from her doctor who has refilled her prescription. EJ offers to give her a ride but Nicole says she will go while EJ goes to get the forms for their marriage license. EJ remembers not making it last time because he ran in to Melinda. EJ complains about Melinda implying a secret reason that he shouldn’t marry Nicole. Nicole argues that she’s not worried because for once, her conscience is clear and they are committed to each other and the baby. Nicole wonders what reason there could possibly be as they kiss.

Melinda insists to Sloan that she is sorry about her baby. Sloan complains that less than 24 hours ago, she was trying to blackmail her. Melinda says that was nothing personal. Sloan tells her to save her excuses as it doesn’t even matter now. Sloan declares that this is what she gets for lying to Eric; her baby is gone while Eric could still be a father. Melinda feels she shouldn’t worry about that right now. Sloan questions why Eric should suffer like she is and declares that she gets the message loud and clear. Sloan declares that she’s going to tell Eric that he’s the father of Nicole’s baby as soon as he gets back because she’s done with the lying. Melinda responds that she doesn’t think she should do that.

Eric calls Roman and asks him what’s up. Roman thanks him for getting back so quickly. Eric asks if something is going on. Roman explains that he and Marlena have decided they’d like to throw a baby shower for he and Sloan at the Pub. Roman acknowledges that he hasn’t been Sloan’s biggest fan but Marlena has convinced him that he needs to get over himself since Sloan is having Eric’s baby and no grandchild of his will go without a proper baby shower. Eric stops him and shouts that he doesn’t understand as Nicole arrives at the hospital behind him. Eric then declares that there can’t be a shower because Sloan lost the baby which Nicole overhears.

EJ walks through the town square with his forms for the marriage certificate as Tripp comes through on his run and runs right into EJ. EJ calls it a coincidence to run in to Tripp since just this morning he was thinking about how Tripp’s mother killed his. Tripp argues that Ava was suffering from a mental health relapse at the time which EJ helped exacerbate. EJ asks if he’s blaming him for Ava’s crimes. Tripp recalls being kidnapped by EJ’s goons. EJ remarks that lack of remorse must run in the Vitali bloodline. Tripp is sorry that EJ lost his mom and calls it a terrible tragedy. Tripp adds that his mom is finally getting the help she needs and is actually getting a lot better. EJ doubts that but Tripp calls it the truth and they hope one day she will fully recover and be released. Tripp declares that when that day comes, EJ will just have to deal with it. Tripp then continues his run. EJ remarks that they’ll see about that.

Marlena goes to Bayview. Harris thanks her for coming as Ava greets her. Marlena questions what is going on here. Harris asks if they can talk in private so he steps out with Marlena while Ava waits. Ava then imagines Susan appearing behind her and warning her that no one can help her until she starts telling the truth.

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