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Finn: You say you love me. And I can see it in your eyes, you miss me just as much as I miss you. So don’t fight it, Steffy. Come back to me.

Steffy: I wish it were that simple.

Finn: It can be, Steffy. Look, we almost lost each other once. We can’t let that happen again. I can’t be apart from you ever again. I can’t spend one more night away from my beautiful wife.

Wyatt: Hey, I got your text. Uh, is this about the Eaton deal?

Liam: Uh, no. No. We’re actually still waiting to hear back on that.

Wyatt: Okay. So, what’s up?

[ Liam chuckles ]

Liam: So hope called me, and she wanted to talk. And she asked for forgiveness.

Wyatt: What– what did you say?

[ Liam sighs ]

[ Deacon chuckles ]

Deacon: All right, look. You know this isn’t my first rodeo, right? I mean, I– I have never done that, whatever the hell that was. Insane.

Sheila: Something to be said for experience.

Deacon: Yeah. We can’t keep doing this.

Sheila: That’s not what you were saying a few minutes ago.

Deacon: Well, I say it every time we’re together, and we always wind up right back there.

Sheila: So, are you saying I’m irresistible?

Eric: So you think you can just throw me away? Just replace me?

Ridge: What are you– that’s not what I’m doing. We’re talking about a stapler.

Eric: No, my stapler. That stapler was very significant to me. That stapler was on my desk here the very first day of Forrester. It stapled together all of our orders and our receipts. It was– it held together all the evidence of my very first success in this business.

Ridge: Okay, I’m sorry, Dad. I’m sorry. I had– I didn’t know it meant that much to you. I didn’t– it was old. It didn’t work anymore.

Eric: Like me?

Eric: You know, the past needs to be valued, Ridge. It can’t just be thrown away like some piece of garbage.

Ridge: Okay, Dad, I think you’re overreacting–

Eric: I keep telling you about this line, this new line I want to produce and you keep putting me off. I’m not gonna let you put me off any longer.

Wyatt: Look, I know you and hope signed divorce papers, but I– you also told me that you weren’t gonna file ’em. I kinda thought there was a ray of hope there. Sorry. That’s a– that’s a poor choice of words.

Liam: It’s okay, I’m used to it. No, listen. I– [ Clears throat] I’m always going to love Hope. And I told her as much. I mean, I– we’ve just shared so much together. It’s just… I just know that I’m never gonna be able to forgive what she did with Thomas, especially after everything he’s done to us. And– and the fact is, she’s probably never gonna get over my history with Steffy.

Wyatt: Yeah, but… [ Laughs ] …Liam, come on. I mean, Steffy is the reason you’re not exactly running back to your wife. Am I right?

Sheila: Come on, admit it! You can’t say no to me.

Deacon: Mm, it’s one of my many character flaws.

Sheila: Yeah, well, you know what? I want you flaws and all. And I know that you want me.

Deacon: You picked up on that, did ya?

Sheila: Yeah, you gave me a hint or two.

Deacon: Should probably have my head examined. But yeah, I just, uh… can’t seem to stay away from you, can I?

Sheila: You know, and I’m really hoping that Finn is gonna feel that way one day, too.

Steffy: Finn, I never wanted this. I hate being away from you. Keeping Hayes away from his father, it is killing me. I never envisioned this, raising my children without their father, the man that I love. And I do love you.

Finn: Well, that– that’s all that matters.

Steffy: You know it’s not that easy. I had to leave. I had to protect my children from Sheila.

Ridge: Dad, no one is putting you off.

Eric: No, I think it’s pretty clear that you are. My input and my– my opinions are not treated with any respect anymore. They’re not valued anymore. My whole position here is not respected anymore. The use of my office is not respect–

Ridge: The use of your office? What are you talking–

Eric: I’m talking about everybody being in here. Every time I try to come in here to do some work, it’s full of people. Everybody’s in here. You and Steffy and Thomas and Hope and– and– Zende and Paris, for god’s sake. And Pam– Pam and Charlie have lunch in here.

Ridge: Steffy’s your CEO.

Eric: This is my office. Look, I just don’t feel that my place in this company is being treated with any respect, and that’s gonna stop right now.

Wyatt: Hope was concerned about your feelings for Steffy, right? So, I mean, was she really that far off? I mean, you said to me yourself that you kissed Steffy despite the fact that she was still married to Finn.

Liam: I know. And– and I– I really shouldn’t have. I never wanted to be a– a homewrecker.

Wyatt: I wasn’t suggesting that, but… now how do you feel?

Liam: We– now? I mean, now my respect for Finn has obviously taken a hit ever since I saw him hugging Sheila. Oh, and that whole thing where, you know, he almost got my daughter killed.

Wyatt: Yeah. So the good doctor’s not so good because of his connection to Sheila.

Liam: Exactly right.

Deacon: So you’re still holding on to hope that you and Finn can have a relationship.

Sheila: Oh, my gosh. Are you serious? After everything we’ve been through, you’re doubting me?

Deacon: I gotta admit, you and your nine little piggies have wiggled your way out of some pretty tight situations.

Sheila: Finn and I, we– we have a connection. It’s something that only a mother and son can experience. I– it’s– when he embraced me, it was– it was visceral. It was like an electric current running through the two of us. And I know he felt it. I felt it too. Finn is a part of me, and I’m not gonna let that go.

Finn: All right, look. I completely understand your feelings about Sheila–

Steffy: No. No, my fears. That is why I’m here and I’m not at home with you.

Finn: Okay, I know. And I hate that you had to leave our home, and that you– you had to leave me in order to feel that way. It kills me that you don’t trust me to protect you and the kids!

Steffy: I’m sorry, Finn, but I didn’t have a choice. My children’s safety comes first.

Finn: Okay, I know. But you need to believe me when I tell you that I will do everything in my power to keep Sheila away from us. Steffy, Sheila will have no place in our lives. She will have no place in our family.

Ridge: Dad, this office– I’m sorry, your office–

Eric: My office.

Ridge: Has been a common space for a long time.

Eric: Common space? It’s not a common space. This is my space, Ridge. This is where I’ve been coming for decades. A private space where I can feel creative. Where I can do my work. This is– this is where I came up with Forrester creations and where I created the legacy that you’ve all been living off of–

Ridge: You know what? That’s on me. I didn’t know how strongly you felt about all this. I’ll be in the design office, is that okay?

Eric: Nah, it’s not about that, Ridge. I just feel that everybody’s become a little too complacent about my role around here. I think I’m just now degenerated into some kind of a figurehead.

Ridge: That’s not true at all.

Eric: Yes, I think it is. I’m the soul of this company! Every line and every design that’s come out of this company over these decades has been born of a seed that I planted a very long time ago. You can’t dismiss me, Ridge.

Ridge: I’m not dismissing–

Eric: That’s what you’re doing, you’re doing it right now! You’re not listening to me, Ridge. You’re not hearing me. That’s gonna stop, and it’s gonna stop right now.

Wyatt: So you think Finn–

Liam: Bottom line… Finn’s got Sheila’s DNA in him, right? Now, either he’s more like his bio-mom than any of us thought, or he’s not. But either way, I’m not taking that chance with Steffy and the kids’ safety.

Deacon: Lord help me, but you are damn sexy when you get fired up. What do you say to another round?

Sheila: Ooh, cowboy.

Deacon: Yippee-ki-yay.

Sheila: But you really don’t believe in me. You don’t think I have a chance at a relationship with Finn, that that’s crazy.

Deacon: Well, I think we’ve established that you don’t like the C-word, but there was that little incident in the alley with the gun.

Sheila: You keep bringing that up. You know, shooting Finn, it was a terrible, terrible accident.

Deacon: Mm-hmm. What about Steffy?

Sheila: Okay, Steffy was a mistake.

Deacon: Uh-huh.

Sheila: She wouldn’t move on from the past. She couldn’t accept that I’ve changed.

Deacon: I’m guessing she still hasn’t accepted it.

Sheila: Well, that’s too bad, because I really believe things could be very different if Steffy wasn’t in Finn’s life.

Finn: You know, I love you so much I would give my life for you.

Steffy: You almost did that night in the alley.

Finn: And I would do it again. Never doubt that.

Steffy: I don’t. I still have nightmares. [ Sighs ] I wake up in a sweat from the sound of a gunshot in my head. Even happens when I’m awake. I hear a door slam and then I’m suddenly transported back in that alley, and I just see you on the ground, bleeding. Sheila pointing a gun at me. God, she had so much hatred in her eyes.

Finn: God, I’m sorry I brought Sheila into our lives.

Steffy: No, you didn’t… you didn’t know who she was. When I found out that Sheila held you prisoner, while I know that you were just so terrified.

Finn: I knew that I needed to find my way back to you, and Sheila wasn’t going to stop me. You know what it was for me? It was the thought of you that kept me alive. Steffy, we were meant to be together. Because we saved each other. I took a bullet that was meant for you that night. And you… you gave me the will to live. You gave me the strength to fight. Nothing was gonna stop me from getting back to my family. Or my beautiful wife that I love more than life itself. It wasn’t gonna happen then. And nothing is gonna keep me from you now.

Eric: Ridge, I’m the surviving founder of this company. And if I choose to put out a new line, I expect the full force of Forrester Creations behind it, including you.

Ridge: You have that. We’ve always supported each other. You’ve always been there for me. You’ve asked me to run this company.

Eric: What’s your point?

Ridge: No, what’s your point? I’m your son, so what, you have to teach me a lesson or two every day? What is that? I’m not a novice. I’ve been doing this. I’ve been doing a really good job with this. Let me tell you the truth. There’s a whole generation of people behind me that are pushing up, that want my job because they have new, fresh ideas. And that’s good, because the fashion industry is a living, growing thing. That’s what makes it so great. And that’s why we’re successful at it. That’s why.

Eric: At my expense, apparently.

Ridge: No, but– okay. You want me to step down? Is that what you want? Fine. And I will enjoy my retirement. I’m not gonna play golf or pickleball. I’m gonna be on my 1949 Chris-Craft with a couple of beers, watching the sun go down, and that’s it. But who’s gonna run this place? Steffy? She’s a great CEO, but she doesn’t know design. Thomas? He’s not ready to do this. And RJ doesn’t even wanna be here. So who’s gonna do it? Who?

Eric: Me. It’s gonna be me. Everything you know, Ridge, you learned from me. I cultivated you. I fed you. I built this business. I built you. People think about Forrester Creations, they don’t think Ridge Forrester. They think Eric Forrester. I’m gonna create this new line, Ridge, and it’s gonna be the crowning achievement of my career. And I’m gonna do it, with or without you. You can go.

Liam: Not gonna let anything hurt you, Steffy.

Deacon: Sheila, it makes me very nervous when you say things like, things would be different if Steffy wasn’t in Finn’s life.

Sheila: It’s a musing, okay? A hypothetical.

Deacon: Musings have a way of taking up space in your brain, and you have been known to act on some very dangerous hypotheticals. Just– just think about this for a second. You’re out of jail. You won. You beat them. Don’t do anything that’s gonna put you back behind bars.

Sheila: Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere, cowboy. Nowhere at all. Hey. Promise.

Steffy: I wish I could just put Sheila out of my mind. If only Bill’s stupid plan hadn’t backfired.

Finn: Yeah, I’m just as upset that Sheila’s free again.

Steffy: Yet… you embraced her.

Finn: Look, that was one of the biggest mistakes in my life, okay? I– I can’t explain it.

Steffy: You can’t explain it? See, that, that’s what scares me.

Finn: No, but, Steffy, whatever connection that I had with Sheila, nothing, nothing… compares to the love that I have for you and the kids.

Steffy: I don’t want to be apart from you, Finn. And I really, really do hope that we will find our way back to each other and be together. Please believe me when I say I love you. I still love you.

Finn: Okay, I can live with that. That’s what I need. I just… I need to know that you love me. Okay, and that you still believe in me.

Sheila: I am staying right here. Where I’ll eventually be a part of my beautiful son’s life.

[Sheila chuckles]

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