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Hi. How are you doing? Uh, you know,

people’s cards, they, they really help. This one’s this. Um, Victor kept me laughing for 30 years. It’s from his barber. And Victor is, he was definitely funny. Yeah, a lot of people said nice things about him. It’s because of you. No. You were the best thing that ever happened to him. I think that people just probably figured, if you saw the good in him, that it must be there.

Xander said that I was the one thing that he and Victor had in common. That I brought them back together. At least for a while. That Xander called? Uh, no, I got a text. He’s, um, he’s planning on coming over later, so… Since I know you don’t want to see him, I… Um… Actually, I I already did. Oh. Oh, hey!

What is in that pot on the stove? I could smell it as soon as I got off the elevator. That is our engagement lunch. Oh, how sweet. I bet none of your other bows ever made haggis for you, did they? Haggis? My mom taught me how. She’ll need to make it on special occasions. Okay, then Haggis, it is, but before we eat, there’s something that I need to tell you.

Oh, the look on your face, it must be something pretty serious. It is. It could change our whole future.

I’m sorry if I jumped all over you about the baby shower. It was, uh, really nice of you and mom to think of it. Seems like I called you about our… Brainstorm at the worst possible time. I’ll tell Sloan that you wanted to do it. It’ll… It’ll mean a lot to her. Is there anything I can do for you to do?

Anything at all?

If I, uh, if I think of it, I’ll let you know. I… I have to go, uh… I should be with Sloane. Okay, well please tell her how sorry Marlene and I both are. I will. Oh my

god. Sounds like

Sloane lost the baby. I had so many plans for Eric and me and… Our baby.

Now it’s just gonna be Eric and me. He and I… We have to start over with a clean slate. No secrets. I’ve made up my mind, Melinda. I’m gonna tell him that he’s the father of Nicole’s baby. I guess it didn’t register with you the first time, so I’ll say it again. And I hope this time you will actually hear me.

Telling Eric that Nicole is carrying his child is a terrible idea.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I didn’t know you had seen Xander. How did that happen? Uh, he came by yesterday to see you and ran into me and got waylaid. Mm. I can only imagine. Yeah. He was very shocked by how pregnant I am. Mm. So, what did you tell him? What? What do you think I told him? I lied through my teeth. You have something to tell me that’s going to affect our whole future.

Chloe, you’re not breaking off the engagement, are you? You can’t do that. Come on, we’re fantastic together. I know it’s been a whirlwind, but look, if this is about my past, I’ve learned my lesson from losing Sarah. I’m gonna be the best husband you could ever want. Okay, stop. No, no, I am not breaking the engagement.

You’re not. No, but… You may want to. What?

I just found out that Sarah is pregnant. Oh. Yeah. Who told you that? Henderson. I just saw him at the grocery store. Wait, Henderson was at a grocery store? Yeah, it was weird. I’ve never seen that man out of uniform. Oh, he must have been getting the food for the buffet after the funeral. I mean, if anyone would know what Victor would have wanted…

Okay, why are we talking about Henderson and not Sarah? I thought you would be shocked. I was. When I find out. Yesterday. I already knew.

I really have to go. Dad, I’ll stop in later in the week and, uh, talk. Yeah, you go be with Sloane. And son, I know how much you wanted this baby and I just… I am so damn sorry. Yeah. Me too. Thanks for calling.


I’m sorry, I, I, I… I couldn’t help but hear what you were talking about. Sounds like someone lost a baby?

Yeah. I’m


I’m so sorry.

Of course you don’t want me to tell Eric about Nicole’s baby, because if I do, then you’ll have nothing to hold over my head. And you’ll have to nail Lee on your own. I’ll get him another way. Why the hell do you care what I tell Eric? Don’t tell me you got a soft spot for EJ. Like you’re so worried about this poor guy being disappointed.

I couldn’t care less what happens to EJ and Mira. You may not believe this, but I am speaking to you as your friend. This clean slate that you want, it could blow up in your face. If Eric and Nicole share this child, he may decide that he wants them to be a family. Meaning you could lose Eric forever.

I assume you told Xander that the baby is Rex’s. Yeah, of course I did. It’s, it’s simple, it makes sense. So, how does Rex feel about this? He’s, he’s fine with it. He’s more than fine with it. He’s crazy about the idea, actually. He’s crazy about me. He wants to marry me.

So, you already knew that Sarah was pregnant. And when did you find out? Last night, when I went over to the mansion to see Maggie, I, I ran into Sarah and she, yeah, she was very obviously with Charlotte. And then you came back here, and I accepted your proposal without knowing about Sarah. Why would you not tell me?!

Why would you not tell me she’s pregnant? You want me to keep quiet about Nicole’s baby being Eric’s, and you expect me to believe that you’re doing this for me? Hey, fellow lawyer, let’s um, imagine we’re in a courtroom, okay? You never ask a Witness a question that you don’t know the answer to. Isn’t that right?

You know damn well it is. And yet you think you can give this huge news to Eric and it’ll all be fine? Yeah. Because you don’t know how close we’ve grown. He took my side over his entire family’s because he believes I’m a good person and he loves me. Yeah, well he still thinks that when he knows what you did.

Yes! He will. He will forgive me. Sloane, when we’ve argued about this before, you said that it would be okay if he knew about Nicole’s baby because you were carrying his baby too. That’s not true anymore. Stop. Enough. Just leave me alone, Malika. Not until I get through to you, dammit! You said that this baby you just miscarried would bond you and Eric for life.

Right? Right?! Yes, I did. And now the only one who’s caring Eric’s baby is Nicole. I rest my case.

Hey, Private Roberts Brady reporting for duty. What’s in the bag? Well, everything you need for the baby’s shower. There’s pink and blue crepe paper, there’s a centerpiece, there’s also a pad with those stupid word games. Look, Kate. Look, I know. I know, I wasn’t a big fan of Sloane’s either, but I talked to Marlena and she told me that the two of you wanted to give her a baby shower, kind of smooth things over, and I am a team player, so…

Kate, it’s not going to be a shower. Sloane lost a baby.

This is so sudden. The last time I talked to Sloane, she said everything was great. Yeah, it was. And then Kayla discovered some kind of autoimmune disorder that Sloan had. She didn’t even know she had it. I guess it’s what caused the miscarriage. Kayla also said that, uh,

it would be risky for her to even get pregnant again.

That must have been hard to hear. Especially after what happened.

Wait, you know what? They, they told me that too, and…

Just don’t give up hope.

It’s a little too soon for that.

No. Eric, this is so unfair. I know how much you want a child, and you would make such a wonderful father.

Eric has to be devastated. Yeah, he was definitely blindsided and uh, I was useless on the phone just now. You are never useless. And you’re a wonderful father. And you’re gonna help him through this. We all, we all are. Yeah. By the way, speaking of fathers… You were right. About what? About telling Phillip that his father was dead.

So, I took your advice and I called him. I told him.

I hate it. But you’re

right. If I tell Eric what I’ve done, he’ll never forgive me. And without a baby to think of, there’s no reason he should stay with me. And then you’ll not only be Childless, and that you’ll be seen. But he won’t find out if you just keep your mouth shut.

And if I don’t tell Eric, and I don’t do what it is you want me to do, are you gonna continue threatening me? Of course not. I couldn’t do that to you, not now. So you’re really only thinking of me. Sloan, I didn’t come here as a prosecutor. I came here as your friend. I will not tell a soul what you did and that you’re keeping it from Eric.

I won’t use what I know against you. You being straight with me? Absolutely.

And all my dire predictions aside. I have no crystal ball. So who knows? Even if Eric did know about Nicole’s baby, it might not change a thing. Nicole is engaged to EJ. And, he’s rich, he’s handsome, and they both seem delighted to be having this baby together. So what does she need Eric for?

So are you, you uh, on your way to see your OB? No, actually I’m here to pick up a prescription. Oh, uh, well I, I suppose I should go back to Sloan. Listen, Eric, if, if you ever need someone to talk to, someone who gets it, you, you know where I am.

Thank you. Is

that a, is that an engagement ring?

Are you sure? Rex sincerely wants to marry you. Yes. He told me that losing me was the biggest mistake of his life, and he wants me back. He said that when Xander and I were still together, that he never stopped loving me. Rex is my future, and I am his. I called him last night to accept his proposal, and why are you looking at me like that?

I’m sorry. It’s just Sarah, he had an affair the last time the two of you were engaged. He’s not reliable. When was the last time you even spoke to him? Rex is a changed man and… There’s that look again, so you’re not going to be giving us your blessings. I can’t. Aside from Rex not being reliable, he’s cheated on you, Sarah.

You can’t go into this marriage. When the father of your child doesn’t know the truth. Zander knows that I am pregnant. I told him that it’s Rex’s baby and he totally bought it, so… Well, he bought a lie. Sarah, the baby’s father deserves to be a part of the baby’s life. Why? Why does he deserve anything from me after what he did?

I cannot believe that you are on his side. I’m on your side, too. No, it doesn’t feel that way. Well, you know, maybe, um, that’s because you haven’t given any thought to what it will be like when you have to lie to your child about who his or her father is. Can you really live with that, Sarah? You will not only be deceiving your child about something that’s so important, but what if somehow the truth comes out?

What if it all blows up in your face?

Look, I promise I was going to tell you all about Sarah eventually. I just, it’s just when I came home and you said that you wanted to marry me, you wanted to be my wife, it just, I was over the moon. I was so excited, it was all I could think about. Seriously Chloe, this doesn’t really change anything for us.

Doesn’t change anything? That your ex wife is pregnant with your baby? No, but it’s not. It’s not? No, no, the father’s Rex Brady. Rex Brady?

Are you sure about that?

Mom, I don’t want to fight with you. You are grieving the love of your life. And I know that you want Xander and I to be together and to raise this baby together, and I truly would do anything for you right now, but I just, I can’t, I can’t do that. I just can’t. It’s not a possibility for me, and it’s not a possibility for Xander at this point.

What are you talking about?

He told me he proposed to Chloe Lane, so… Well, I hope she didn’t accept. I mean, how could she not know that he’s on the rebound? You are the only woman for him. And you always will be. The only woman? Xander isn’t capable of that kind of loyalty. The only thing that he is capable of is scamming people. He’s a con artist.

You’re fooling yourself. No, you are fooling yourself into thinking that he’s just some lovely person who made some harmless mistakes. I never said that. I know his mistakes weren’t harmless. And he is deserving of my forgiveness. But you wouldn’t if you heard all the things that he said to me after we broke up.

He was hurt. And he was angry. You both were. And now you’re wasting precious time. Because the two of you are too proud to admit the truth.

You said I lost the love of my life. You’re right. I don’t want you to lose yours.

You’re asking how I know that Sarah’s baby is Rexy’s? I know because Sarah told me. And she couldn’t possibly be lying to you because she wants nothing to do with you. Sarah wouldn’t lie about something like that. What? What’s that look? Henderson told me it looks like Sarah’s in her final trimester. That doesn’t mean it’s mine, Chloe.

Are you sure? She obviously got pregnant before she left Salem. And she slept with Rex before she left Salem. It happened right after she and I split up, apparently. Oh, I didn’t know that. No, no you do. Look, Sarah and Rex are having a baby, and from what Sarah says, they’re really happy. Just like we are. If I haven’t made it abundantly clear, you are the woman that I want to be


Now, let’s tuck into that haggis.

So how did Philip take it? I mean, learning about his father’s death. Like most of us. He thought that Victor would live forever. So he was stunned. And he wants to come back here. What did you say to that? I reminded him that he did absolutely everything to convince people that he was dead and that Brady was the one who killed him.

And I asked him if he was really ready, prepared to face Brady at the funeral. And also, like you said, if he comes back here, he’s very much alive. That is not going to go unnoticed by the police. He needs to grieve for Victor. From a distant, not a jail cell. I know. I know. That’s exactly what I told him.

Did you get through? No. No. Of course not. Because he wants to honor his father, and he doesn’t care about the consequences. Well, he will care when it starts getting real. I know. I mean, I told him that I would, I would try to send him some of Victor’s ashes so he could share in the ceremony. He said that he would consider it.

Alright. Well, hopefully. You’ll realize you’re right. Yeah, hopefully. You know, Kate, When he was setting Brady up, Do you think it ever entered his mind that he would have to leave Salem, forever? No, no, because at that time he was completely obsessed with Chloe. He’s always been obsessed with Chloe. Right. Oh, God, Roman.

I have to tell you, I feel so… So badly about trying to convince him not to come to his father’s funeral. Kate, trust me, you are doing the right thing. Um, EJ


And you accepted his proposal? Well, yes, I did. In fact, he’s picking up our marriage license now. You’re already planning the wedding? I mean, it’s not gonna be that big of a deal. It’s probably just gonna be us and the kids. So is it gonna happen soon?

Yes. Yes, it is.

How come you’re so sure that EJ and Nicole are a love match? I never said that they were a love match. And knowing the two of them, it’s probably some business deal. But at the moment, EJ and Nicole are committed to each other. So keeping your mouth shut is the practical thing to do for that reason too.

Yes. Not that I wouldn’t love for EJ to find out that he was played by you. It’s a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that he’ll spend the next 20 years raising another man’s child. Gee, God, you really hate this guy’s guts. No, what I hate is how he wiggles out of paying for all the rotten and illegal things that he’s done.

Luckily, you stepped in where the law failed. He’ll find out about all this someday, and he will suffer in ways that the legal system could only dream of. And you did that. Yeah, good for me. Well, enough about him. I, I came to see you. Look, I am so, so sorry about the baby.

Yeah, well, before I lost,

before I lost the baby, I was about to tell Eric the truth. But you didn’t. Well, I started. You started? What do you mean? How much did you say? I mean, I just said that I had done something that I was afraid would make me lose him. That’s it? Yes, that’s it. And then I had these awful pains.

And that’s when I, um, when I miscarried. Well, I don’t see what the big deal is. He probably has forgotten what you told him just before such a traumatic event happened. It’s not an event, Melinda. I’m sorry, uh, poor choice of words. Something so heartbreaking happened. Yeah. Well, he definitely hasn’t forgotten about it because he asked me about it today.

So if I’ve decided to not tell him about Nicole’s baby, I don’t know what in the hell I’m gonna say instead.

Well, I, uh, I wish you and EJ the best. Thank you. And I hope that you and Sloan can work through this.

Yeah. Yes,

why. But, better go check on her. Of course. Go.

I don’t know how to explain to Eric about what I said. And right now I’m, I’m in no place to come up with a strategy. Luckily for you, I am. What does that mean? That means, I know exactly what you can tell him.

You know, I wonder if Eric would mind if I, uh, showed up at the hospital. No, he, he’s probably been by her side, I mean, since it happened. You could bring him something to eat. Good idea. And by the way, just stay as long as you want, because I will hold down the fort here. You’re the best. I keep telling you that.

You, uh, you can’t eat it, can you? I’m really sorry. I have eaten throughout most of Europe, and I’m realizing that Scottish cuisine is probably not my thing. It is definitely an acquired taste. But lucky for us, you have plenty of time to acquire it. Right. Typical. Tried to do something nice and instead I’ve turned your stomach.

You have not turned my stomach. It’s nice of you to I should finally go and see Maggie. Do not touch these dishes. I’ll clean them when I get home. I will do the dishes and haggis.

You don’t have to. No, I want to. If I’m going to be a Scotsman’s wife, I’m not going to turn my nose up at the national dish. I love you. I love you too.

Mom, I don’t want to argue with you. I know the kind of pain you’re in, grieving the loss of your husband. And I would do absolutely anything to comfort you. I would, but I cannot tell Xander about this baby. Because if I did, we would be tied together forever. And I do not want that. He’s, he’s two different people.

He’s this wonderful, sweet man that I fell in love with. And this scary person who kidnapped Bonnie and Susan. I would never know which Xander I’m going to get and neither would our child. So, I’m marrying Rex.

Do you love Rex the way you loved Xander?

Not yet, but I will. I mean, he will, he will be good to me and the baby and we will be a happy family and Xander and Chloe will be happy. Or he’ll find happiness wherever the hell he finds it, I really don’t care. Okay, well, thank you. Thank you for being honest with me. And if that’s the way it has to be, it is.

Okay, well, you better make yourself scarce. Xander’s on his way here.

Hey Trask. Hello Nicole. You’re looking well. And I probably look pissed off, too, because I am. Whoa, whoa. I know what you’re up to, Melinda. Enlighten me, why don’t you? You tried to tell EJ there’s some reason he shouldn’t marry me. Please, I, I’m… I was just playing with him. Oh yeah, well go play somewhere else because a relationship is none of your business.

When you’re right, you’re right. I apologize. You and EJ are expecting a child together, and of course you want to be married. I hope you have a long and happy life together. No you don’t. You want everyone to be as miserable as you are. Nice chatting with you.

Hey. Sorry I was talking to my dad. How you feeling? Still in any pain? No. No, not really.

You asked me about what I was good. Talked to you about last night. Oh, hey, come on. We… We don’t have to talk about that right now. No, I want to.

What I was about to tell you… Is that… Before anything happened to me with this… I woke up. And I just felt like… Something was off. You know? I didn’t know what, that I could just tell something, something wasn’t right.

But I, I couldn’t face it being true, so I just convinced myself that it was nothing. And I didn’t call my doctor. And that’s when I was about to tell you. And then you started having pain.

Oh God, I should have done something. I should have called my doctor. I should have gone to the emergency room. If I would have, maybe we’d still be pregnant. Oh, no. Hey, you heard Kayla. There’s nothing you could have done to stop what happened.

Oh, God. I mean, we may never have a baby. And it’s all because of me. No. Don’t say that, please. Don’t give up hope. Nicole was told that she could never carry a baby to term, and I just saw her in the hallway, and she said her pregnancy is going beautifully.

What? She also said to tell you that she’s so sorry. That’s really sweet of her. Would you please just hold me? I still can’t believe this. I feel like the ground under me is just…

Crumbled. Another dealing. I really thought that old man would outlive us all. Hmm. I thought I’d be with him. At the end.

Who’s gonna put me in my place now? Give me hell about losing my latest job. And make me work as his gardener. Hmm. You gave as good as you got.

Victor had a, a certain Grudging respect for you. Thank you for saying that. Even if it’s not true. Oh. So. Um, I was just wondering when you and mom are done if we could talk for a few minutes. Um, you can talk now. I’m, I’m going to be leaving. Don’t be a stranger. Wouldn’t think of it. Okay,

so what was it you didn’t say yesterday?

So here’s to you, Victor. There’ll never be another one like you.

Hey, I, I thought you were going to the hospital. I am, but I thought I would let you know who I ran into Outside. Who’s that? Your son.

Philip? Saved by the bell. Why didn’t Philip come in with you? Not Philip. Perfect timing. Keeping me from trying that disgusting slop. Whoever you are, I love you.

Oh my god. Philip?

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