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elizabeth: Okay. Thank you. Willow! Hey! Hi, elizabeth. Are you okay? Have you had a setback? No. Uh, just the opposite. I want to get back to work. Do you have room for one more nurse? I hope you’ve been practicing. You’re gonna need it. You’re kidding, right? Hey, I have an 8-year-old daughter. There’s not a day that goes by at the hospital there’s not a new disease to try to challenge me with. I mean, you really think I have time to practice backgammon? Okay. The minute I knew you were coming back to town, I start practicing my ass off. Good choice because… according to my calculations, tracy 47, finn… 29. 47-29? Wait a minute. You kept that all this time? What do you think? Of course you kept it. You’re winning. I love to win. Uh-huh. And go. Sam, I’m desperate here, okay? Sasha’s in trouble. You could be my only chance. To get yourself locked up in ferncliff? To get to sasha. I think it’s a terrible plan. Well, it’s the only plan I got. Sam, please. No, I-I won’t help you, much less be the one who commits you. What do you got for me? Has the fake information that betty stole from my computer been downloaded? No, I get that, but I just — I’m impatient. I just want some answers. We have to figure this out. You know what I mean? Alright, I’ll see you later, brick. Sonny. What’s wrong? Nothing. Beautiful woman is in front of me. What could be wrong with that? Nothing’s wrong with that. Right? Absolutely nothing. Thanks for coming, mom. Honey, of course I would — I would be here. I know how much this means to you and tj. I really want you to like her. I think it’s more important that you and tj like her. Oh, we really do. She’s here now. That’s her. Andrea! Hi, this is my mom, alexis davis. Mom, andrea gates. Hi, ms. Davis. Oh, “alexis,” please. It’s very nice to meet you. You too. Let’s go sit down. Yes. Okay.

So, it’s all true?

[ Scoffs ] Can’t say I’m completely surprised. Ugh! I could kill her with my bare hands. Oh, no, no, no, no. Not — not you. I’m sorry. A certain member of my family. How’s your father? He’S…fine. Fine? Really? I was supposed to have dinner, uh, a few days ago with my sister-in-law who had to cancel at the metro court. There, I ran into your father, who coerced me into having dinner with him. Ah. How bad was the dinner? Actually, the food was much improved now that carly spencer is no longer running the show. No, no, I meant, um, how was my dad’s company? He’s charming. But he couldn’t hide the fact that his hand was cramping. Finn, what’s wrong with him? I’ll need to ask you not to pursue that line of questioning. Why? I prefer not to lie to you. Fine. Um… how’s, uh — how’s ned doing? Oh, he is still singing on street corners and hanging out with my favorite person, sonny corinthos. And how is detective chase? Well, he’s convinced you’re forcing brooke lynn to give up her music career to work at deception. I need to ask you to… not pursue that line of questioning. Why? I prefer not to lie to you.

[ Laughs ] I’m feeling stronger every day and I’ve got my energy back and I’m just — I’m really starting to feel like my old self again. Oh, that’s such great news. And, you know, as much as I love my time with michael and the kids, what I really want is to get back to nursing, taking care of people who need help, like I did during my transplant. This hospital is just full of excellent nurses who took such amazing care of me and really supported me when I needed it. And I’m not sure what I would have done without them. Well, we do have excellent nurses here. But you weren’t just any patient. You’re one of us. Well, I want to pay it forward and give that type of care back to other patients who need it. Well, that’s why we do this. And I am all for you coming back to gh because you are an amazing nurse and I can’t wait to have you back on rotation — as soon as your doctors approve your return. You know, it’d be a bad way to repay all those nurses by coming back too soon and pushing yourself too hard, compromising your immune system. Of course. I agree. That’s why I’m here — to talk to dr. Randolph and find out when she’ll clear me. Okay, great. This place needs people like you. And I can’t wait to get that documentation that says you’re ready to work. Thank you, elizabeth. Well, you know what? I don’t want to keep you from your work. Maybe you should check to see if something urgent came up. No, I’m okay. I’m just fine in your arms. Besides, there’s nothing that can’t wait. You sure about that? Yeah. I’m sure about that. I would have gotten a text or an e-mail from one of my assistants. Well, maybe it’s one of those old-fashioned phone-note things, you know? I mean, why don’t you just go check it out? Why are you acting so weird? Well, I don’t want you to miss something important. Sonny!

[ Grunts ] Huh? What’s this? Uh, I don’t know. Maybe you should open it.

[ Laughs ] It, you know, could be, you know… what — oh! Oh! My gosh. It’s from a secret admirer, isn’t it? I love it. It’s beautiful. It’s gonna be even more beautiful when I put it on you. Is this an apology for being so secretive with me? Uh, yes and no. Which is it? Uh, well, there’s a lot going on right now. Why don’t you turn around, let me put it on you? Okay. It is gorgeous. I know. Isn’t it?

[ Laughs ] Thank you. Just absolutely amazing. Okay. There we go. Wait. How does it look? You look beautiful, and that just complements it.

[ Laughs ] You always have a way of making me feel special, don’t you? What happened to you to put you so at ease? I’m just…happy. You’re just happy? ‘Cause when I saw you the other night in your office talking with ava… right. …You both seemed pretty tense. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t, I couldn’t have you committed because I’m not related to you. Therefore, there is no legal standing to do it. Easy fix. Oh, god. I can’t wait to hear this. I give you power of attorney. You become my medical executor. So, you appoint me one day, and I commit you the next. That’s not gonna look suspicious at all, is it? It’ll be enough to get me into ferncliff. And if people start asking questions about it afterwards, who cares? I care. This is a bad idea. No, it’s not. It could work. No, cody, this is a pointless discussion because I’m not gonna do it. Why? Because I won’t do anything that’s gonna make sasha worse. The sunset from this view is amazing. It is, right? You can see most of port charles from up here. Tj and i like to come here and go swimming to blow off steam. And afterwards we usually grab something to eat. I brought my husband, ben, here for his birthday dinner. It was a lot of fun. They have luau-themed nights here sometimes. Oh, we’ve come to those, too. What’s your favorite dish? Ooh. I love their chicken marsala. Mine is the vegan pesto pasta. Ooh.

I win. I have a feeling that’s your favorite phrase. Oh, it is definitely one of my favorites. Aren’t you gonna even try to beat me? Just wait till next game. Mm, I appreciate your enthusiasm. Mm. The running score is now… 48 to 29. You don’t have to say it so loud. You know, I’m surprised you don’t have your own quartermaine score tab stationery, you know, with the little family crest on it. I can see it now — one for brooke lynn, two for tracy, ned, zero. That’s a clever idea. You’re welcome. So, what are we gonna talk about now that you have removed your father from the topic of conversation? I have removed my granddaughter, and I know you don’t want to waste any more time talking about stationery. Hmm. I discovered a fascinating new bacteria at work — no, no, no, no. Um, infectious diseases is definitely off the table. Hmm. I have a topic. Monica’s cheap china or business cards? How about luke? Yep. I’ll send the labs right over. Mm-hmm. Gregory! Hi. Hello, elizabeth. Are you here to see finn? Actually, I was hoping to have a word with you. Sure. Is everything okay? Let’s just, uh, say that it’s extremely important. Cody, we have been over this. Sasha has suffered a psychotic break. Right now, she needs medical attention because she is dangerous and delusional. No, she isn’T. What are you talking about? You have a scar on your side where sasha stabbed you. I’ve been telling you, she’s being drugged, and somehow gladys is responsible for it. How am I the only one who sees it?! You may think that, but she also has a history of mental illness. Yeah, yeah, I know all about her history, but one minute she’s fine, then the next minute she’s hallucinating. How does that happen? I’m telling you, something isn’t right. Okay. Say you do get in to see sasha and you push her further into her delusion. I wouldn’T. You don’t know that. Or maybe even the worst-case scenario. Maybe she thinks that you’re cyrus renault again and she attacks you for a second time and you’re not so lucky this time and you wind up in the hospital or worse. Alright, sam, I’ve thought through all of that, okay? I’ll be on my guard this time. And, trust me, I can defend myself from sasha. I’m not worried about you, cody. Well, gee, thanks, sam. I am worried about sasha and you traumatizing her more. Are you willing to take that risk? I understand why you would feel excluded. Good. Because, sonny, I did. First, dex and gabe wouldn’t let me in the penthouse, and then when I went to your office, I found you talking with ava, and she seemed to be in the know about what was going on. Because ava and I share avery. Yes, but then you tell me that it’s for my safety that I don’t know. Come on. Who wouldn’t feel left out? Because some things in my business are better left unsaid. We’ve gone over this a thousand times. And I don’t want to put you in danger. Well, you’re willing to put ava’s life in danger?

[ Sighs ] Listen, I came here to apologize for making you feel like an outsider. I don’t — I don’t let you in on things because it puts you at risk. You know everything else. I just — [ Sighs ] Sonny, I feel like frank or gabe when your office door is shut in my face. I — I don’t ever want you to feel like an employee. I knew from day one what I was getting into when I fell in love with you. I did. And I accept all of you — this charming, amazing man in front of me and the ruthless business man. I love all of you. I don’t ever want you to forget how much I love you. That’s all that matters. Just let me in. Maybe I can help you. I can handle it. Some things are best not knowing.

Hi. Is dr. Randolph available, please? Oh, uh, dr. Randolph had an emergency that pulled her away. Hi. Willow. Hi, kristina. Hey. You — wow, you look great. It’s so nice to see you out. It’s good to be out. I’m feeling a lot better. Wow. I’m sorry I didn’t come see you. I just — I didn’t know when you were accepting visitors again and — oh, no, no, it’s okay. After I first left the hospital, I had to restrict my visitors to a small group… sure. Yeah. …Because of my immune system being compromised. But now I’m almost fully recovered, so we can see each other anytime. That’s amazing news. I couldn’t be more grateful for what liesl did for me. And I’m actually here to see dr. Randolph, too. I’m hoping she gives me the all-clear to go back to work. What about you? Wow. Um… you okay? Eh, not really, no. Um… actually, it’s probably best i don’t see dr. Randolph tonight. I’m officially on break, so I’m all yours. What’s going on? Are finn and violet okay? Yeah, they’re fine. Um… I need you to accept my apology. Apology for what?

[ Sighs ] I’ve been keeping something from you, from everyone close to me. But the time has come for me to be up-front and transparent. Okay.

[ Sighs ] I waited too long. I-I should never have agreed to watch violet the other night. What happened? I fell. And violet came in and saw me on the floor. Oh. Well, I’m — I’m sure that was really scary for her, but she’s gonna be okay. What about you? Are you hurt? Do you want to go see a doctor? No, no, no. The fall was nothing serious, but… violet was worried, and so was I. I’ve told finn, and now I’m telling you. I have als. I keep forgetting that luke is gone. The, uh… the fact that he’s no longer around to — to drive me crazy is something that I find impossible to wrap my head around. You really miss him, don’t you? Yeah. He’s left me at loose ends. So I concentrate on my good friend and focus on A… business project I’m involved in. Oh? You want to talk about it? Or is that one of those subjects that we, uh, shouldn’t pursue a line of questioning? I prefer not to lie to you.

[ Laughs ] How could you?! We’re in the middle of a game. Now you’re not.

Well, one of the perks of having my office in the metro court is that I can have them bring us dinner down whenever we’re feeling hungry and romantic. Speaking of romantic, we haven’t even, you know, talked about the details for the wedding. Well, sonny, we’ve been a little preoccupied, you with…whatever you’re doing and michael and then me with the metro court and the magazine and willow. Can we focus on us? We haven’t even set a date when you want to marry me. Well, I’m glad you asked because I want a winter wedding, and I want our table centerpieces to be filled with anemones and orchids and roses. And I was thinking about wearing an off-white gown. You thought about this?

[ Chuckling ] A little. A lot. And if we have a winter wedding, I saw these amazing gold and emerald green invitations. They’re gorgeous. And you would look dashing in a burgundy tux. And I could feature us in crimson’s january issue. What? I’m just not very happy being, you know, splashed across your magazine. But I do like a winter wedding because, you know, we have time to plan and you can have whatever you want. There’s another reason why I want to wait until winter. I want to make sure that willow is fully recovered. She’s gonna recover. Because if we have a wedding before she’s completely cleared, I think that would be disrespectful to her. You want her to come around so she can be part of the wedding? I don’t know if you heard, but I am starting an lgbtqia+ youth center here in port charles. Yes. Michael told me. I think it’s an amazing idea. Thanks. Yeah. So I asked dr. Randolph if she would be on the board of directors. She would be excellent. What did she say? She seemed interested, but I don’t know. She didn’t commit yet. So I’m here hopefully going to convince her to get on board. She will. Yeah. To be honest, I’m really glad I ran into you first. I’m just realizing I’m not really in the right head space to talk to dr. Randolph tonight, and the worst thing I could possibly do would be to throw myself into business, to distract myself, and potentially risk messing up things for the foundation, so… distract yourself from what, kristina? Uh, from — from feeling really left out of my sister’s life. So, what led you to wanting to become a surrogate? Well, like I said, I’m married. My husband, ben, and I have a young son — randy. He’s just a baby. Mm. My husband’s a plumber, and I used to work as an executive assistant. So, you’re no longer working? I really wanted to stay home with my son and not look for another job. So, after talking with my husband, we decided that becoming a surrogate would allow me to do that. And randy’s young enough that he won’t remember me being pregnant. And, you know, someday we’ll explain to him, of course, when he’s old enough to understand. We don’t want any deep, dark secret. Mm. It’s good to come clean about things like that. Yeah. At this point, he’s so young that, you know, he won’t anticipate a sibling when he sees me pregnant, so it won’t mean anything to him. What will it mean to you? I can’t think of anything more traumatic than sasha being trapped in ferncliff. Sam, please just — just hear me out. Okay. So, sasha had a breakdown after her baby and her husband died within a year. And she started using drugs. That’s when she cracked. That’s when she smashed in a windshield. Okay, well, are you trying to prove my point or yours? It’s all bad. There’s no denying it. I get it. But then she got help. She made a full recovery, and she was doing so great that she was even able to go back on tv selling deception’s beauty products. And just when she’s ready to dump gladys as her guardian and start to take control of her own affairs, she cracks again, bigger and worse than before, leaving greedy, debt-ridden gladys in control of her money? I mean, come on, sam. Don’t you find that way too convenient? I was — I was winning! Uh —

[ Clears throat ] I was gonna win. Alright, it doesn’t matter. You two should talk. It’s important you talk. Alright, I — I’ll show myself out. Good night. I apologize for the rudeness of my granddaughter. She was clearly raised by her mother. Okay. I’ll, uh — I’ll call you later. Why’d you do it? Huh? Why? Do what? Go after deception and, in the process, hurt my friends. Oh, brooke lynn, please. I have told you time and again there are no friends in business. Do you think that your great grandfather could have built elq into what it is today by making friends? Besides, they got what was coming to them. How can you say that? Easily. Lucy coe stole the designs for the deceptor. From who? You? No. Then from who?The company I’m working with. Wow. So, there it is. You just revealed the whole plot. You used me. You used me to get chase back his job. And you used that to blackmail me into hurting my friends so that you could help some random company. For what, granny? Some revenge on lucy coe? Some bizarre vendetta? What’s happened to you? Where are you going?

Sasha isn’t in ferncliff because she’s a danger to me or to herself. She’s in ferncliff because she’s a threat to gladys controlling her money. Okay. So, do you really believe that gladys had sasha drugged, had her sent to ferncliff so she could remain in control of her assets? I’ve played cards with gladys. She is an addict, just like anyone who’s addicted to booze or coke. That’s a big accusation to make. Yeah, and gladys has an even bigger debt to pay. Sam, addicts are liars. I have no idea what lies gladys has told herself to justify what she’s doing to sasha. And, frankly, I don’t care. All I care about here is the victim. So, are you gonna let sasha just rot in ferncliff? Or are you gonna help me get in there and help her? So, willow’s on the road, you know, to making a full recovery. So we have to believe that. And I do. I do. I saw her earlier at kelly’s, and she looked, sonny, a lot better. I just don’t want to tempt fate. She’s going through a lot. She’s been through a lot. She’s a fighter. She is a fighter. Right. But I still worry about her. It’s hard not to worry. We’re always gonna worry about our kids. Nothing’s gonna change that. But you’ve been doing a lot of praying, and now your prayers seem to be answered. You know, sonny corinthos, you know me a little too well, don’t you? Don’t you forget that. Listen. I know how important it is to have willow at our wedding. Yeah. I mean, we’ve made a lot of progress. We have. We’ve had some really good conversations, and she’s made it clear that she wants more of a relationship with me. That’s great. Yeah, it’s just gonna be a long, hard road, you know, to rebuild that trust. But I want her at the wedding. And we both know that she won’t attend as long as michael’s not there. And how do you feel about that? If michael wants to show up, nothing would make me happier. I mean, look, if you asked me six months ago if there was a chance that michael was gonna come to our wedding…

[ Laughs ] …I would say no way. But you got to have hope. And…him and I are doing a lot better. That’s great ’cause I know how important that is to you. We got to be thankful for everything we got. And things seem to be… looking up for us. You can talk to me. Kristina. What happened? I know I can trust you with this, willow. And the secret’s gonna be out in nine months anyway. Molly and tj have been having some infertility issues, and molly specifically has been. Poor molly. Yeah. She’s been taking it really hard. And ever since they found out, she — well, they have been talking about alternate ways to have a baby of their own. So I stepped up and committed the unpardonable sin of offering to be their surrogate. Wow. Wow. Kristina, that is — that is quite an offer. Mm-hmm. I’m taking it that didn’t go over well? No. But it should have. I mean, you’d think that molly would see it as the selfless and loving gift I intended it to be. And instead, she’s insulted and — and has completely shut me out. As I’m sure you know, alexis, there is no greater joy than being a mom. And I was blessed with an easy and healthy pregnancy. And if I can somehow pass that joy on to you and tj by being your surrogate and giving you the gift of becoming parents, while also providing for my family, then I’m willing to do it. Tj and i can’t thank you enough. And we’ll both be there for you every step of the way. Well, luckily I know what to anticipate with the pregnancy, and going into it knowing that I’m carrying yours and tj’s baby and not my own will make it possible for me to do this. And that’s why I signed the contract. Now, I know something about contracts, having been a lawyer for most of my life. I also know what they can’t do. And they really can’t spell out or capture the emotional part of what it means to have a child. So, thank you. This is an incredible gift that you’re giving to my child. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Thank you. It’s been a struggle trying to wrap my mind around it. I put off facing it for as long as I could, which is why I hid my diagnosis from finn and chase for so long. I still haven’t found the strength to tell chase. Now that finn knows, on the one hand I’m relieved, but on the other hand, I know my son. He’ll do everything he can for you. That’s what I’m afraid of. Finn will act as both my doctor and my son, and he’ll forget to feel. But he’ll need to be in touch with those feelings. And for that, he’ll need you, elizabeth. I dread what’s on the horizon for me. But knowing that finn has you beside him supporting him, I can dread it a little less. What’s happened to me? What’s happened to you? Chase has softened you beyond recognition. Thank you. That wasn’t a compliment. And luke’s death has hardened you more than I could have possibly imagined. You’ve not only destroyed a company. You have destroyed dreams. Do you understand that? Oh, please. If there is any merit to this suit, it could bankrupt deception. Well, then, lucy coe has not kept very good books if her company is that financially fragile. You’re unbelievable. This could leave deception vulnerable to a hostile takeover. Or it could crumble before it even has a chance to get back up on its feet. That’s the plan.

I’ll do everything I can to support finn and you. And I’ll be there for chase and violet. I had no doubt you’d say that. Thank you, elizabeth. Who else knows? At this point, it’s you, finn, and alexis davis. I know I’m being a coward, but I am dreading telling chase. No, no. You are anything but a coward. Facing us alone for months takes way more strength than you’re willing to admit. You’ll find the right moment to tell chase. He’S…the baby of the family. He’s my boy. The optimist. The one who always believes, no matter how bad things get, it’s gonna be okay in the end. I don’t know how I’m gonna tell him that I’m sick and getting sicker and one day I’ll be helpless. There are days when I can’t even believe it myself. But then my hands cramp up or I struggle to stand up or I fall down like I did with violet, and…it hits me. I’m going to die. This is real. Yeah. It’s real. But there are still good days ahead. And I’m gonna help you enjoy them. Thank you. What plan? What are you really after? You haven’t been interested in elq in years. You have enough money to run a small country. What’s really going on here? Who sets out to ruin people’s lives, tracy? Oh, wait. I’m sorry. Of course. A quartermaine. Well, look how well that’s turning out for this family. No wonder my dad woke up thinking he was someone else. Who’d want to be your kid? I want to thank you both for a lovely meal and even lovelier company. I’m so glad I’m in the position to help you and tj, molly. We’re the fortunate ones to have found you. Alexis, it was my pleasure. It was a pleasure for me, as well. Have a — have a wonderful night, andrea. Thank you. Bye. Bye.

[ Exhales heavily ] What did you think? And please, mom, be honest. This is too important for anything else. I like her. I think she has a good head on her shoulders. I think she has a good understanding of what it’s like to be a surrogate.

[ Sighs ] I am so relieved to hear you say that. I think you and tj are gonna make fantastic parents. Thanks, mom. If I’m honest, it feels like molly is punishing me because I can have a baby and she can’T. And I know that sounds really harsh. No, look, you — you have a right to your feelings. And I won’t pretend to have the answers. But one thing I’ve learned is that babies are great bridge builders. You know, once a child is there, once you’re interacting with this small miracle, the immediacy of them makes the old wounds seem less painful. So don’t assume that you and molly will feel this way forever. It is possible that once the baby gets here, you will just be auntie and molly will be mom and neither one of you will feel the need to be so territorial. It’ll all get easier. I hope you’re right. I really hope you’re right. And I hope — I hope the same for you and nina, too. I know there’s been some negative history there. And I get it. But I’ve been spending some time with nina, and she’s a really good person. My dad loves her a lot. Maybe it’s like you just said. The immediacy will make the old wounds less painful. I hope things get easier for you, too — and nina. I like the sound of that. You know, we —

[ Laughs ] We have to have these romantic dinners more often. Yeah, I know. I’ll see what I can do.

[ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Mnh. Mnh-mnh. I got to get — no.

[ Sighs ] Ohh. I got to get this. No. Go. Alright. What’s the update? Sam, what if it was you in ferncliff or — or one of your sisters, alone and afraid, being held against your will, being told by the doctors and staff that you’re crazy? Wouldn’t you want someone to check on you to make sure you’re safe? Wouldn’t you want someone to do something for you if you weren’t? Wouldn’t you want someone to save you if they could? Or would you prefer that everyone just stands on the sideline, do nothing, and hope for the best? ‘Cause when that doesn’t work out, sam, you and everyone that you love would regret it for the rest of your life. Okay. Okay. I’ll do it. I’ll have you committed.

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