Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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Adam: Tell that to our father. Merging this company is a good idea. You know it, Sharon knows it, our father even knows it. He’s just being difficult to put me in my place. And Victoria, she won’t go along with it because she’s threatened by me.

Nick: No, Adam, no. She hates you. It’s a big difference.


Nick: You know, this. I– it’s another example. Look at me. She is not with you anymore. She is with me. You need to respect that.

Adam: Nick, Sally ordered the food. See, she set the table. She unpacked boxes for me. You see, she thinks that she loves you, and I’m part of her past because I hurt her, but the memories of that hurt are not going to last forever. And soon she’s going to remember what it’s like to be with somebody who loves her more than you ever will. Feeling sluggish or weighed down?

Nick: Now, you are delusional and selfish. Sally doesn’t want your love anymore. She doesn’t want your vision for the future. You need to move on. She has made her choice.

Adam: Yeah, you. But you’ll never put her first, and you damn well know it, nick.

Nick: You just keep bringing up that night with Cameron. Sally seems to understand, but you just can’t do it, can you?

Adam: You know, let me make something clear. I don’t owe you anything. I respect Sally’s feelings, but yours, they do not concern me. I’m fine to work with you. It’s what Sharon wants, it’s what victor wants. And it’s important assets that Sharon brings in the financial backing that victor has, but personally, I don’t care what you think or how you feel.

Nick: This is the life you are choosing. Think about it. You’re just so focused on everything that you think was stolen from you, Newman Media and sally’s love, but you can’t think beyond your own rage and loss. You have nothing and no one and you can’t blame anyone but yourself for that.

Adam: Get out, nick. Sally is waiting for you, so don’t disappoint her.


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