Y&R Best Lines Thursday, August 17, 2023

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Billy: I like having my kids near us, you know? I’m not– look, let me ask you. Are– are you– you want them going away to boarding school because you do believe that’s the best thing for them or are you okay with them going away because that gives you time to focus on your work and your relationship with Nate?

Victoria: What? You cannot seriously be accusing me of sending the kids away so I can fixate on my love life. Don’t even dare go there, billy. You haven’t approved of anyone that I’ve been involved with.

Billy: How many times have I been right?

Victoria: You haven’t been wrong in some cases. You know, I’m starting to wonder if maybe you have a problem with me being happy without you. Is that– is that what you want, Billy? You want for me to be miserable?

Billy: I’ve never, ever wanted that. So, either you don’t know me well enough, which I don’t think is true, or something is– is really wrong right now.


Victoria: You’re right. I do know you better than that. I was out of line. I’m sorry.

Billy: I’m sorry, okay? Victoria, you are an amazing mother, okay? We know that. Our kids wouldn’t be the incredible kids they are if it weren’t for you.

Victoria: And yet, you have an issue with me and nate.

Billy: It’s more of a concern than an issue, okay? Because I– I– I can’t help it. I think you deserve better than what you’ve had in the past. Ashland, jt… me.

Victoria: Eh. You know. All things considered, you weren’t really that bad.

Billy: All things considered meaning that I didn’t actually fake cancer or try to kill you? Yeah, you’re right. I probably should get points for that.

Victoria: It’s the little things.


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