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Recap written by Suzanne

Dante finds his mom at the Metro Court pool, doing menial work. Olivia is just trying to keep herself from worrying about Ned and dealing with losing him. Dante gets called away to deal with the fire at Anna’s house. Later, Ned leaves Sonny’s and shows up at the Metro Court. She thanks him for coming to her rescue and tells him that she knows now that he’s Eddie, not Ned, and she makes sure he knows that she would never have him committed like Tracy wants. They share a warm moment.

Sonny is on the phone, arguing with Selina, when Ned leaves. Betty arrives to see Sonny, as he requested. He makes sure she can stay with Avery after her summer camp, at the penthouse, because he has a meeting until 5. She readily agrees. He praises her work with Avery. He then meets with Dex to explain to him his “trap” for Betty, Mason and Austin. He has a USB drive that Brick made up with fake information about his deal with Pikeman. There’s a tracking device on it, and when they give their boss the drive, they’ll be able to use it find out who he is and deal with him.

Carly chats with Josslyn at home. Josslyn feels bad that she had her phone off all night, but Carly tells her not to worry about it. Carly explains what happened at the Highsider bar last night and why she spent the night in jail rather than get help from Sonny. Josslyn is confused, so Carly also explains why she and Sonny will always be connected. Later, Sonny drops by to see Donna and chats with Carly. He wonders why she wouldn’t let him check her out of the police station last night. She tells him that she has to be more independent and can’t rely on him any more.

Valentin tells Anna, at her burned-down house, that the police and fireman are wrapping things up. She looks like she’s in shock as she stares grimly at one of her burned photos. He suggests that they leave. He blames himself for not being there last night while the fire happened, but she tells him it wasn’t his fault. He figures this is revenge from someone that found out she was a double agent (because of Victor). Anna thinks that one of the many people she hurt in the past is out for revenge against her. Valentin tries to make her see that it’s not her fault (to no avail). Dante arrives and asks her to come to the station for a statement. They talk about what happened. Dante is clearly suspicious of Valentin and checks on his motive. Anna doesn’t think that the WSB or Pikeman targeted her. She thinks it’s someone who wants revenge.

Austin is not happy to see Mason in his office again. Mason has a headache from being hit over the head with a bottle (by Carly). Betty arrives, further irritating Austin. She tells them that she will be snooping around Sonny’s penthouse to dig up some dirt for their boss. Mason reminds Austin that their boss paid for Austin to go to medical school so that he could help them, so Austin will never be able to leave. Austin wonders why their boss wants the info, but Mason claims not to know.

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