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Sonny, it’s, it’s me. Um, I hope I didn’t wake you up.

I’m, uh, I’m afraid I have some, some bad news. It’s about your uncle, Victor. There’s been an accident.

Oh, what is it? What happened? Uh, my dad said that they, they found the wreckage of the Titan jet in the Mediterranean and they recovered Victor’s remains. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, that can’t be true. It is, honey. I’m so sorry. Oh, my God. I wouldn’t… Even when I found out that he was missing, I never… I never thought that…

Look, he… he was supposed to be home last night, and… And I blew off his homecoming dinner because I didn’t want to see him. And now I… Look, now I’m never going to see him again.

Kate? Hi, Kate. I heard about Victor. I’m, I’m so sorry. It was such a shock. Yes, it was. And I know it’s been years since the two of you were married, but… You shared a child together. And you buried that child together. So I’m sure that right now you’re thinking about both him and Philip.

You have no idea.

I know I haven’t been the best uncle to you in the last few years. But you have proven to me that you are a true Kidiakis. And of that I’m very proud. That means the world to me, Uncle. I appreciate the help you’ve given me with Sarah and Maggie. And for that reason I want you to have this.

Is that from the old country? Yes, this coin belonged to Yorgos Kiriakis. My father. Your grandfather. He used to give one to the children that he loved. On their wedding day. He would say, as long as you carry this, your family will carry you. I know if your father was here, he’d want you to have one. I don’t know what to say.

Thank you so much. Go get ready for your wedding


Henderson said you were not to be disturbed, but I thought… I thought maybe you could use a friend.

Oh, honey. Oh, honey. Like

sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Well, you’re right. Victor’s death, it hit me harder than I thought it would. That’s not surprising. You and Phillip and Victor were family once, and… Now, losing Victor, I imagine it’s bringing back the pain of losing your son.

You know, I figured it out a long time ago. Figured out what? Why I was never as close to Victor as, say, Phillip, or Brady, or Sierra. Honey, don’t do this to yourself. No, it all started when I was born. When my parents named me, they named me after the man who raised my father, and they didn’t name me after Victor.

Why would you go there now? Honey, even if that was true, how could you have helped what your parents named you? Do you remember, do you remember when Claire was a baby? When Philip and I were both so in love with you? Do you remember when Victor and Kate covered up Claire’s paternity so that Philip would think that she was his kid and not mine?

Listen, my grandfather, he didn’t give a damn how bad that hurt me. Or you. Or Claire.

I always looked up to you, Victor. Even when people told me that you were a crook and a criminal, somehow I thought you had morals. I respected you. How stupid was I? Sean, come on. I don’t want to hear you talk. I don’t want you to explain. All you’re going to do is lie. Then why are you here? I am here because I want you to feel exactly the same way I feel right now.

I lost my child and now you are going to lose yours. And your grandson and your great granddaughter. Sean. Listen, that was a long time ago. You and Victor have moved past that. You had a really good relationship with him in the end. I don’t know, Belle. I just don’t know.

I keep trying to remember the final conversation in my mind. Just trying to remember the last thing I said to him.

Was it I love you?

Or was it, um, Don’t forget your raincoat. Darling. Darling. Victor knew you loved him. And that man loved you so much. You were the light of his life. You

know it’s no secret that our families disapproved of our relationship early on. But we knew we had something special. So we hung in there and here we are. About to start the next leg of our life together. Most people think of me as a man who’s rich and powerful. You saw me as a man who was humbled by the fact that an amazing woman like you loves me.

I promise to spend the rest of my life making you happy. And proving myself worthy of your love.

He made me so happy, Julie. So happy.

I’m sorry to interrupt. It’s fine. I wanted to, uh, wanted to make sure you knew about Victor. Yeah, Justin told me. Actually, I was, I was gonna go and try and see Maggie. Sandy, um, I just came from there. She wants to be alone right now. Oh, yeah, of course. I’ll try and see you later then.

Is there something else you wanted?

Look, it’s easy to forget that we’re family. But we are family. So out of respect for Granddad, I, uh, I wanted to apologize to you. For what? For, for, for kissing Chloe. Wait, you did what, Max? She didn’t tell you about it? No, she didn’t tell me. Why did you kiss Chloe? Because I wasn’t thinking, alright? And I was upset because I just lost Rachel.

And yes, admittedly, I was trying to talk her out of marrying you. Oh, you absolute bastard!

Why are you being so nice to me? It’s kind of adding to my paranoia that the entire universe is off kilter.

Uh, maybe you’re not being paranoid. Maybe the universe is off kilter. I kind of feel the same way too. I’m just thinking… To when I met Philip way back in high school. Victor hating me was one of the few constants in my life.

She’s dealing with Medusa here. She destroys anyone she comes in contact with. Victor. I’m not exaggerating, Maggie. What she’s done to my family. She’s hurt Phillip, and Daniel, and Brady, and your family. Poor Lucas almost drank himself to death because of her. No! Not because of her! People drink because they choose to.

Lucas let his demons take control of him, yes. And yes, Chloe betrayed him. But he survived, and he forgave her. Because he, uh, he understood something. Something that you obviously don’t. Chloe is a human being. With a heart, and a soul, and feelings just like the rest of us. Oh, that’s debatable. And right now she needs help.

Oh, right now she needs a place to regroup until she decides whose life she’s gonna destroy next. Oh, God. I can’t imagine what he would say about Xander and me. What about Xander and you? Oh, you didn’t know. I thought everyone did. But we are in a relationship. We originally moved in together for convenience sake.

But then things just kind of progressed. Wow. And I’m sure your ex Brady is handling that with infinite maturity and restraint. Am I right?

Sorry, this is, uh, all we have on hand. I know. Well, I’m sorry, Brady. I… I shouldn’t have lost my temper like that. It’s all right. Yeah, I think probably I deserve that one, Xander. Just so you know, by the way, Chloe shut me down. I mean, she told me she’s moving on and she’s not looking back, so… Yeah, if that was really the case, then she would have accepted my proposal by now, wouldn’t she?

No, not necessarily. Look, she… Xander, you haven’t been together for a long time. It’s you don’t know. It’s you. Both of you. You and Philip. Victor’s golden boys. I don’t think she’ll ever get over the feelings she has for either of you.

Well, I wish you were here too, Sonny. But we just have to remember and be thankful for all the years we spent with your Uncle Victor, especially these last few years.

I love you too, son.

Justin. Honey.

I know you felt you had to be strong for Sonny. No.

Honey, you don’t have to be strong for me. Baby. Oh, baby. Baby. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Shawn, you cannot possibly doubt Victor’s love for you. You told me that he regretted lying about Claire and that he apologized to you. And you forgave him. Yeah, but do you, do you think that he was ever going to forgive me for shooting my father? Yes, I do.

I think Victor knew in his heart that what happened to your dad was a terrible accident. But I didn’t pull the trigger by accident, Belle. Look, and now my grandfather, he’s, he’s never going to be able to hug his son, Beau, or, or hear his voice ever again. Honey. You know, and that’s another reason, that’s another reason why I can’t forgive myself.

I was thinking of Belle. When we all found out for the first time that you and Victor had fallen in love. How wrong we were. Wrong? We thought it would never last. You were such different people. Yeah. That we were. But it did last. Because of you. Because you were the only person in the world that always told Victor the truth.

Kept him honest. Well, mostly. Yeah, mostly.

You held his family together. You held the company together. And you brought out the best in him.

A Victor Kiriakis ornament on the Horton Christmas tree for years. That’s because of you. Maybe. He brought out the best in me, Julie.

I was so consumed with grief when I lost Mickey.

I was just existing. I wasn’t living. And then Victor came along. I remember being young

and stupid. Like it was yesterday. Some boy smiles and all common sense just flies out the window. Some redhead turns you down, you don’t sleep for a week.

Around you,

I feel young, and stupid,

and mixed up, and angry, and happy, and scared, curious. I can’t help it. Around you, I feel alive.

Mickey would be so furious with me. If I turn my back on that. Are

you saying… It’s hard to fend you off, Victor. I’ve tried. I… I think this lunch was my way of saying

that I’m giving up trying.

Do you need

a handkerchief? What you said makes me happy and I don’t give a damn if I’m a little emotional about it.

And you can trust me, I won’t tell Brady or Phillip, uh, Henderson, Kate, that you aren’t really as tough as you seem. You really enjoy torturing me, don’t you? I do. I really do. Ha! I’m so happy too, Victor. I like looking forward, wondering what’s going to happen. I can tell you one thing that’s going to happen.

We are going to have fun. Thank you. Thank you, Horton, my dreams. No, Victor, don’t toast me. To

us and the future.

The future.

When I lost Mickey, I thought I would never fall in love again. You still… wrong and disloyal to even think about another man romantically

when you say that vowel hmm when you say those words till death do us part

you’re not thinking about the day when that will inevitably happen

the pain of losing Mickey

Even if I had been interested in another relationship.

You were just trying to protect your heart. From feeling that kind of grief, that terrible deep grief again. Yes. Yes, that’s it exactly.

But Victor, he made me realize that it was, it was worth it.

No, don’t be sorry, honey.

This is so cool. When was this taken? Oh, I don’t know. Obviously a long time ago. Well, Victor didn’t change much over the years, did he? Um, I don’t know about that. He actually mellowed as he got older. That was mellow. We should have known before. When, uh, when Andrea and I first got together, he really, really did not like her.

And he was determined to drive a wedge between us. Until in the end, he decided to just, uh, swallow his pride. He gave us his blessing.

You know, Justin, all my adult life I’ve dreamed about celebrating my son’s marriage. Of proudly returning to my home village with my rightful heir and his bride for an old fashioned Greek wedding. I guess it’s part of my heritage. But up until recently, I never thought that was going to be possible. Now with your wedding, I feel…

Well, like it’s a dream come true. As if my own son were getting married. Oh, Victor, would you be my best man?

Now, Tustin, I would have thought you’d want one of your friends. You my friend? I mean somebody your own age, a contemporary. Well, Victor, there’s no man that I consider a better friend to me than you’ve been. And, uh, there’s no man’s friendship that I want more than yours. You’re my closest relative, and, um, frankly, in my heart, you’re my best friend.

And I would be honored if you were my best man. Of course, if you’re too busy planning the wedding, uh, Justin

would be the greatest honor of my life. He

truly was like a father to me. He’s the only father that I really had most of my life. God, I’m really gonna miss him. His humor, his wit, his passion for life. For the people who loved him. And the people he loved.

Hey, look at me. You cannot blame yourself. Alright? You’re making a lot of progress in therapy. Yeah, that was when I thought that my grandfather was going to eventually come around. Phil, I haven’t spoken to him in months because, because I could tell how badly he hated me. He didn’t hate you. Yeah, well, he sure as hell blamed me for what happened to my dad.

And now… Now I’m never gonna get the chance to know whether or not he and I could have ever worked things out. You know the worst part? The worst part is that he never would have been on that plane if it wasn’t for me.

Is that what you think? You think Philip and I were, were, were, uh, Grandad’s favorites? Well, I never saw you mucking around in the menu. No, no, Xander, we didn’t have to do that, but do you know how many times that man fired my ass? Come on, are you kidding me? Phillip and I had to deal with the same kind of problems that everybody else did.

The impossible demands, the ultimatums. I mean, my God, if you didn’t do exactly what that man told you to do and how to do it, you would find yourself fired. You would find yourself kicked out of the mansion. You would find yourself disowned. Sometimes all three. Did this come from Ciara? It’s her crazy theory that I’m trying to destroy the company to get back at you.

Are you? Trust me, Titan is in very good hands. Sierra is just upset because I denied some of her business proposals, that’s all. So she ran to Grandpa with a silly accusation just because I didn’t give her a gold star. Sierra never said a word to me. I’m monitoring your business decisions, Peggy. Not only are they unsound, they’re reckless.

Based on what? Well, for starter, you substantially overpaid for a company that couldn’t possibly be integrated into Titan. No, that’s your opinion. No, that’s fact.

Also, you got your revenge against Xander when I handed you the company. That wasn’t enough for you. You had to get revenge against me as well. By imploding the company that I built from the ground up. God, was there ever a man that was… More enthralled with his own power. He pitted us all against each other.

Because he thought that that was bringing out our competitive spirit. Instincts. To make us better at business. Make us tougher. Make us more ruthless. We all hated it. But we all fell in line. Because… All we really wanted to do was please that man. Because…

We loved him.

Brady definitely didn’t take it well when he found out that Xander proposed. Xander

proposed to you? You’re not wearing a ring. Yeah, um, I told him I needed some time to think about it. Because of your feelings for Brady. Well, that’s part of it. But Xander only proposed after he found out that Gwen is marrying Dimitri and that Sarah is back with Rex. What? Rex never mentioned to me that they were involved again.

Oh, well, apparently they are, but my point is I’m just trying to get a handle on Xander’s feelings and mine. Oh, my relationship with Brady ended so abruptly, and, and honestly, there’s Philip. Philip? Yeah. He and I had gotten so close before he died, and then, hearing about Victor’s passing, it just, it brought back a flood of memories.

All the good times that he and I had together, and how, you know, we truly loved each other once. Kate, I can’t imagine how much you miss him. And the thought of losing a child, I, I just could not imagine that.

Why would Philip fake his own death? And he also framed Brady for the murder. But trust me, Victor, he was not in his right mind when he did it. She was a trollop, Chloe Lane. She, she, she drove him to this. I mean, he believes it. Everything he’s done he’s failed at. He believes that no one loves him. I’m afraid he really thinks that life is not worth living.

He needs help.


I have something, I have something to tell you.

I know words are a cold comfort right now, but I must remind you, you got past losing Mickey. You’re gonna get past losing Victor. Cause you’re strong. Cause you have so many things to live for. Your children.

Your money?


No. No, thank you, Julie. I’ve spoken to Sarah and Melissa.

I just wish they weren’t so far away. I’m sure you do. I’m sure you do.

I’m thinking about all of the things. All of the battles. You fought and won. You learned to walk again. You got sober. And you stayed sober. And you help so many other people to stay sober, and oh my, come on. Remember when you came back from the dead? Well… You beat Bonnie Lockhart at all her ridiculous games.

How dare you speak to me like that! I hired you to clean this house, not to take it over! A house is a pile of bricks, Red. A home needs excitement to make a man want to put his key in the door at six o’clock. Hmm. Well, that shows you what you don’t know. See, Mickey needs to have peace and quiet after a stressful day.

And a restful environment to come home to. You know what? Stop trying to tell me that you’re some kind of prude. I saw you crawling in that bed with those red shoes of yours. Damn straight, Max. Excuse me. Ah. Time for a refill.

Oh, I’ve had it with your owner, Max. I’m trying to be understanding. I mean, after all, Mickey thought I was dead. So he was vulnerable to her charms. And who would have predicted that Bonnie and I would be living under the same roof again? Who indeed? But she didn’t get her claws into Victor. Well, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Mmm, oh, that blew my mind when he agreed to let me move back in here. As I recall, you two didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. Hmm. Kind of an understatement. Look at this gorgeous fruit. Yummy. What do you say, Victor? Would you like to sample my melons?

Lord, I will never forget the look on his face. Priceless. And then, when we told him we were getting married.

That went well. Victor sure was a tough old bastard. And he did give me a hard time.

I’m gonna miss him so awful.

Oh, honey. Honey, you cannot blame yourself. Okay, you just can’t. But he wouldn’t have been visiting my dad in some secret hospital if I didn’t We don’t even know where he was going when his plane went down. He could have been on a business trip for all we know. Listen, this, this is your grief talking. Okay, you’re just, you’re not in your right mind.

Listen, I’m not crazy. I didn’t say crazy. And I’m also, I’m not the only one that’s blaming myself. Everyone out there, they’re all blaming me too. Chloe, um,

what is it?

Um, look, I know that I know that you really, you really loved Philip. And Brady. And um, I’m sorry for how much you suffered because of both of them. And whatever the future is with Xander, I’m glad that you’re there for him. Because his relationship with Victor was fraught. Maybe you can help him heal. And vice versa.

Yeah, maybe.

Alright, okay, I should go. How’s that nose? Uh, I think you straightened it out a little bit, so, thank you. Look, just for the record, Xander, uh, I still can’t stand you, and I’m still gonna pray that Chloe comes to her senses and doesn’t marry you, alright? Duly noted. And just for the record,

I don’t care what you think. Duly noted. Oh. Oh, Julie. Bless your heart for lifting my spirits and making me laugh. Laughing is my specialty, you know. It certainly is. God, we’ve been through a lot of things together. Good times and bad times. Crazy times. Everything in between.

That’s true. I’m so grateful to have you. Not just as a niece. But as my dearest friend, you are the sweetest, most generous friend anyone could ever ask for. Back at you, kiddo. Back at you. Cherish me.

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you, remember?

Fake! Oh.

I am lucky to be your friend.

And now… I think I will get my friend a little rest. Yeah, I think everything is kind of catching up with me. I’m going to close my eyes for a bit. Yeah, you do that. Can I bring you anything? No. But, you could come back tomorrow. Oh, well, try and stop me.

You know, your memory’s a victor. Everything that makes you cry today, it will comfort you tomorrow. And in years to come, it will give you joy.

Yeah, I know.

You always say just the right thing.

I’ve been so very blessed. We both have.

Oh, Jolie.

Sean, why would you think everyone blames you for Victor’s death? You haven’t even talked to anybody. You didn’t even know about it until I told you just now. Exactly, Belle. All right, my grandfather dies dramatically, unexpectedly, in a plane crash, for God’s sakes. And nobody can pick up the phone and let me know?

I’ve got to find out from your father? I’m sure it was an oversight, okay? Everybody is really upset and, and confused. No, no, no. Belle, it’s because they blame me and they think that I’m guilty. And you know what? I am guilty. I’m guilty and I’m, I’m just, I’m angry. And you know what? It’s like, I gotta get out of here.

I just gotta get out of here. You’re good. Let’s go home. No. No, no. I want to, I want to be alone, okay? No, no, please, please, Sean, please don’t, don’t go to a bar, okay? You cannot afford to get suspended again. Belle, please just leave me alone, okay? For God’s sakes, just leave me alone. Let me go.

So, sorry, because you probably came by here to get some food, and I kept you from that. No, it’s okay. I actually just came here to get Xander some food, but he just texted me saying he’s gonna check on Maggie, and I’m not really hungry, so… So, kind of a waste of time. No, it wasn’t. Kate, it was actually really nice talking to you.

I was just thinking the same thing. Actually, I guess it shows us this is the first time for everything. So anyway… Good luck to you. And take care. Thank you, Kate. And you take care, too.

Hey. Hey, Philip. It’s Mom.

I have something to tell you. It’s kind of… It is sad news. And it’s about your dad.

Hey, Julie. How’s Maggie doing? Well, we had a good talk. She’s a strong woman, as you know. How are

you doing? A little numb. I think we all are. I mean, Victor seemed invincible. Hard as nails. I don’t think many people realize just how vulnerable the man was. Vulnerable? Now that’s not a word I ever associated with Victor. Really? If you walk me out, I will tell you stories of your uncle that nobody’s ever heard.

I would love

that, Julie.

Who is it? It’s Bonnie.

I’m trying to get some rest, Bonnie. I have some tea that might help with that.


come in.

Oh, sorry. I won’t stay long. I just wanted to bring you my special sleep remedy. Oh, no, no, don’t worry. It’s the virgin version. It’s guaranteed to knock me out any time my mind’s racing. Thank you. That was very thoughtful. Yeah. I hope you had a nice visit with Julie. I did.

We had a long stroll down memory lane. Mm, uh oh. Um, did my name come up? No, did… Don’t tell me. I can only imagine. Hey, Maggie, um,

This might not be the right time to bring this up, but… But what?

Losing Victor…

Reminds me of a time that you lost someone else you love very much. Nikki. Maggie,

just so you know, deep down, I knew I never had a chance with that man.

His heart belonged to you from the moment you two met.

Here we are. Get the screen. The hinge is loose. Yeah.

Good, thank you very much.

Fifty years ago. Hmm. And sometimes, it feels like yesterday.

Oh, hey, Clyde. Belle, hi. How are you? Uh, well, I don’t know if you heard. Yeah, about Victor. Um, how’s Sean doing? Oh, God, he’s devastated. Blaming himself. Blaming himself? Why? How could he be responsible for a plane crash? Well, he feels responsible because Victor took the trip in the first place to go see Bo.

Anyway, he took off earlier and I thought maybe he’d be here. Well, I haven’t seen him, but do you want me to help you look for him? Um, no, it’s okay. He said he wanted to be alone. I’m just really worried. I bet. Well, I’m here if you need anything. Thank you. Oh, you know what, Chloe? Before you go… I wanted to apologize for being so negative about Xander proposing to you.

You know that whatever you decide, I support you. Thank you, Bell. That means a lot. Because I was actually thinking about saying yes.

Maggie, are you in? Yeah.

Sarah. Dancing

lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold. My scar. I’m not ready

for you to see it. We’ll wait till you are ready. I’m so scared, Mickey. That you won’t think I’m beautiful anymore. Life gave me myasthenia gravis. And marital problems. So I said, okay, life. I’ll just… Get drunk. You are an alcoholic? Yes, I am an alcoholic.

Ah, way to go, Maggie. Maggie, open your eyes, please. I need you. I love you. Thank God. Thank God!

Soon enough we’ll be dancing the night away just the way we used to. Maybe we can try a little dancing now. Mm.

Mm, I rock.


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