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[ Laughter ]

Rj: Do it.

Kelly: That one is good.

Liam: Just like that.

[ Hope clears throat ]

Hope: Okay! Uh, time for presents, everyone!

Liam: Yeah!

Katie: Yay, presents.

Liam: What’d you get me?

Donna: Yay, presents!

Brooke: Honey, this is your life. This is your family.

Rj: I like ’em. It’s a good look.

Katie: Very rock ‘n’ roll.

Hope: All right! Okay. All right, do you wanna start with this one? This one?

Beth: Uh, this one.

Liam: Good choice.

Steffy: I can’t believe you put out the most recent hope for the future collection and people are already hungry for more. How are the designs coming along?

Ridge: Thomas is very inspired. So am I, by the way, now that brooke and I are back together.

Steffy: Well, I can’t wait to see the designs.

Ridge: What are you doing? You hiding from the birthday party?

Steffy: I don’t hide.

Ridge: Oh.

Steffy: But I don’t want things to be weird with hope. Kelly’s there. Mom has hayes.

Ridge: Sorry about you and finn.

[ Steffy sighing ] Last thing I wanted was for you to follow in my, uh, trauma-filled relationship footsteps. So, what’s goin’ on? Talk to me. How are you?

Steffy: Yeah, I’m not really sure how to answer that question.

Ridge: Okay. I know I’m not a world-renowned psychiatrist like some people we know, but, uh… I like to listen, and sometimes, I give some good advice.

Steffy: You do have a way of making me feel better.

Ridge: It’s such a tough time with sheila walking around and messing with your relationship. You did the right thing moving out, moving into granddad’S.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: I know. I mean, it wasn’t easy, but it was the right thing to do. And thank you for your support. It just kills me, being away from my home… my husband.

Beth: Thank you for my presents. This is the best birthday ever.

Donna: Aw!

Kelly: Happy birthday, beth. I love you so much.

[ All aww-ing ]

Katie: Oh, my gosh!

Donna: Well, I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed being a mermaid today. Katie?

Katie: Oh, yes. No, no, I will never swim without my fin ever again. Although, I think deacon took the prize for the best mermaid.

Deacon: Uh, katie, I think it’s a merman.

Katie: Oh!

Deacon: And, also, um, who the hell knew I’d look so great with red hair?

Katie: The blue scales were a nice touch as well.

[ All chuckling ]

Brooke: Well, my favorite part was spending the day with the best birthday girl ever. Yes.

Kelly: Mine was the cake.

[ All laughing ]

Deacon: That was a close second.

Liam: Yeah!

Hope: Sweetheart, what was your favorite part?

Beth: Being with mommy and daddy. I love you.

Rj: Aw. (Vo) for over 50 years

[ Donna and hope laughing ]

Hope: Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for hosting. I mean, this was amazing. Beth couldn’t be happier.

Donna: Oh, of course, of course. And you are more than welcome to bring her here any time. Like, every day, if you want. I mean, I love having her here.

[ Donna laughing ]

Hope: Thank you.

Donna: Of course.

Liam: All right, uh, everything’s all packed up. I’m gonna take the presents down to the cabin.

Donna: Oh, um, actually, why don’t you just leave beth here? Yeah? She and kelly can keep on swimming, then.

Brooke: Right! And I could bring her home later.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: All right. Um, sweetie, we’re just going to go drop the gifts off at the house real fast, but then we’ll be back, okay?

Liam: Yeah, so, we’re gonna see you real soon, but we love you so much! Mm!

Ridge: Finn is a good guy. You know that. Even good guys can have a weakness. And for him, that weakness is sheila. I can’t believe that woman is out of prison.

Steffy: Right? I just want her to stay away from me and my family. She acts like she has this weird claim to finn. It’s twisted. Yeah, she’s his birth mother. Yes, they share the same dna, but she has never been part of his life. Not to mention, she’s a murderous psycho.

Ridge: That she is.

Steffy: What terrifies me, dad, is… what sheila might do to try to get to hayes, her grandson. It just makes me sick to think about it.

Ridge: Well, then, don’t think about it ’cause I will protect you and I will protect your kids.

Steffy: Yeah, you sound like liam.

Ridge: It’s interesting you’d bring him up right now.

Steffy: Why? He’s– he’s kelly’s father.

Ridge: Kelly’s not the only person he’s concerned about. So, what’s going on between the two of you?

Liam: I think… that’s the last of it. Gets better and better, doesn’t it?

Hope: Uh, I mean, every year, I think. “This is a– a good year,” and then the next year comes along and I’m like, “this is a great year too.”

Liam: Yeah, well, let’s enjoy it while we can, ’cause tomorrow we’re gonna wake up and she’s gonna be a teenager and want nothing to do with us, so.

Hope: My mom says it’s the, uh, fastest slowest thing you’ll ever do. I mean, some days, the days go on and on. They seem to last forever. And next thing you know, she’ll be in high school.

Liam: We’ve done right by her, right? You think she’s happy?

Hope: Well, yes, right now. I mean, we still haven’t told her, but…

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: She keeps surprising me every day. She has some new, big bright idea. She’s awfully opinionated.

Liam: It’s a good day today, though, right? We got lucky.

Hope: We did.

Liam: Uh… oh, man. I didn’t wanna talk about this, especially not today, so I apologize.

Hope: Mm. Ooh, fun. What is it?

Liam: But it’s just, uh… we should probably talk about the divorce papers, right? Want luxury hair repair that doesn’t cost $50? With cirkul, your water is deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And cirkul has over 40 flavors, so your water can be as unique as you are. Try cirkul at drinkcirkul.Com

Deacon: I gotta say, this was an awesome day. Thank you so much for including me.

Brooke: Of course, deacon! You’re part of the family.

Katie: Well, I think beth had a wonderful time. She loved being with her family, especially her mom and dad.

Brooke: So cute.

Deacon: I just hope she isn’t devastated when she finds out they’re getting divorced.

Brooke: Well, hopefully she won’t have to be because… they’ll work it out.

Deacon: Yeah.

Katie: Divorce is so hard on kids. I mean, it just rips your heart out, seeing them hurting like that, knowing that you’re the cause of it. I mean, it’s got to change the way they see the world, the way they deal with relationships.

Brooke: I got a vibe from hope, though. I think she’s not so happy about rushing into this divorce. She and liam really need to fight for their marriage. Then hopefully, they’ll come to their senses before it’s too late.

Steffy: What are you talking about? There’s nothing going on between liam and me.

Ridge: We had a chat.

Steffy: You what?

Ridge: And he told me how he feels about you.

Steffy: Oh, my god. He told you that?

Ridge: Obviously, I don’t support that.

Steffy: Oh, I– I hope not. Yes, finn and I are separated, but we’re not divorced.

Ridge: Sure. But with everything going on, I just have to ask: Did some, uh, some old feelings resurface, maybe?

[ Hope clears throat ]

Liam: I, uh– I mean, I have the papers. They’re in my car.

Hope: Why are they still in your car?

Liam: I just– I knew I would be seeing you today and… technically, we still haven’t filed them yet.

Hope: Was there something you wanted to discuss before we did that?

Liam: Yeah, maybe.

[ Sighs ] Listen, you’ve only gotten more famous since the success of hope for the future and the show in rome, and, you know, eventually, the press is gonna pick up on it and they’re gonna have a field day and I know this because my father is the press.

Hope: Wha– bill would never capitalize on–

Liam: No, no! He– no, he– he wouldn’t, but he’s the first to tell you that the press is not an animal that’s easily controlled, and… I just wanna protect beth because the fact is even seven-year-olds talk.

Hope: Well, their mothers certainly do.

Liam: I don’t– I don’t think she’d understand it.

[ Hope chuckling tearfully ]

Hope: She was so happy today with the two of us. Do we really have to burst her bubble like that? Well, now that she’s back from camp, I, uh– I’ve been telling her that you’ve had a big work project and you’ve been, um, staying the night at work. So, um…

Liam: That’s good. I mean, that– that works for now. It’s just, um… I think soon, we’re gonna have to have a difficult conversation with her.

Hope: I didn’t want this for her, liam.

Liam: I know you didn’T. I didn’t either. But we know why we’re here, so…

Hope: Oh, so you’re still– still upset about thomas, all this.

Liam: Upset, yeah, but… I got us here too. I know that. You hurt me. I don’t really understand why you did it, after– after everything he’s done to us, after– after how obsessed he was with you. I mean, he tried over and over to come between us and you let him over and over again. I get– that’s just– that’s how I feel. It’s just, I can’t– I can’t fathom why you would– why you would kiss him and why you would even let him touch you. You remember everything, right? I mean, you remember everything that– that he did to us, right?

Hope: Liam, I know. I lived it. And that’s why I am so grateful for beth and so blessed to be able to hold her at night. Now, when I read her a story and she falls asleep in my arms, I know what the weight of that means. I know how lucky I am to be able to smell her hair and kiss her cheek and look in her eyes, that just… are your eyes, every single day.

Liam: So for me, that’s the paradox. How do you– how do you turn to the man who tried to keep you from smelling that little girl’s hair and looking into her eyes? I mean, what he did, it was evil, hope. How do you– how do you let him come between us? Pain hits fast.

Rj: I believe that hope loves liam. He’s the one true love of her life.

Brooke: Yes! They just need to remember how much they mean to each other, and how hard they fought to be together. How much they cherish their family.

Steffy: I– I’m not thinking about liam. Right now, I’m focused on my children and trying to find a way to put my family back together.

Ridge: Okay, I know that, but my point is, it would be natural if you were thinking about him.

Steffy: I thought you weren’t advocating for anybody.

Ridge: I’m not! You’re my daughter, I will always be your father, and I just… want you to be happy.

Steffy: Okay. Thank you.

Ridge: Okay.

Liam: I don’t know why I ask you questions like that. I know you remember.

Hope: Mm-hmm. Of course I do. It was the worst night of my life.

Liam: I tried so hard to get to you on that damn island. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it. It was too late. And our daughter was born and she was taken from us. And I think the hardest thing I ever had to do was tell you that we lost our child.

[ Hope sobbing ] At least, that’s what I thought. Turned out that… garbage human being, dr. Buckingham, stole her. He– he stole her and he sold her. To steffy, of all people.

Hope: I was a shell of myself. Wasn’t sure I was ever going to recover from that.

Liam: We just had no idea. We had no idea that steffy was raising our daughter. God, she even named her phoebe, after– after her sister. And, of course, there was this… cosmic connection between you and beth. Of course there was, and of course you started bonding with her, even if you didn’t know why. Do you see why I’ll never be able to forgive thomas? Because he knew. He knew that phoebe was beth. He knew that our daughter was alive and he didn’t– he didn’t tell us the truth. He used that information to manipulate you. And thank god…

[ Liam scoffing ] That douglas just– just overheard thomas speaking the truth and thank god that douglas was courageous enough to come to me and tell me.

Douglas: Phoebe is

baby beth.

Liam: That first time that I held beth as beth… whoa. It was like… it was like a miracle, and all I could think about was, you had– you had to experience that with me. You had to experience the same thing, and I– I would do anything. I would do anything to get to you, to tell you, to show you.

…And he knew

and he kept it from you! And thomas knew, you know. He– he got word and he was willing to do anything to stop that from happening. I had to fight the guy! Do you remem– I mean, I fought– I fought the guy to stop him from kidnapping you.

[ Hope sobbing ] It was so worth it, because… when I got through to you…

[ Hope sobbing ]

Hope: She’s alive!

Liam: …And I made you see that miracle… hope, it was like– it was like a light switch went on in your eyes. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And thomas wanted that switch turned off. He was content to let you grieve your own daughter forever. Listen… we’re only as good as our worst choices and I know this because I am no exception. But thomas is dangerous. He’s a dangerous person and yes, I’m angry, and yes, I’m hurt, and yes, I don’t understand why you would turn to him, but the fact is, I still love you and I still care about you and I just need– I need you to know, whatever happens between us, you are better than him.

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