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Please tell me everyone’s okay. Everyone’s okay.

[ Sighing ] Oh, my god. Well, uh, come in. Uh, d-donna’s asleep, you know. I mean, she’s — she’s been asleep for a while. I figured. And here you are? Here I am. You must want a favor. Tracy: [ Groans ] Whoever you are, go away.

[ Exhales sharply ] I was under the impression that things were good between us. They were. They are. But not good enough for you to invite me over for a family gathering? It wasn’t a family gathering. Except for one sister, it was. It’s — kristina, it’s getting really late, okay, and tj’s going to be getting back — tj’s the one who told me about your sushi party, the one you had for our mother, our sister, and your mother-in-law. But, somehow, I don’t know, I guess my invitation got, what, lost in the mail? God, that terrible day is over. You will not believe what happened to me tonight. Oh, yeah? Try me. Okay. Okay.

[ Cellphone ringing ] You have falconeri. You checked the surrounding areas, too? So valentin cassadine’s car never went into the elq parking lot the night anna devane’s townhouse burned down? Okay. Why are you lying to anna?

[ Keypad beeps ] Well, it’s a lot nicer than the place we stayed last night. I’m sorry the metro court was booked, but it’s available now, and you can have it as long as you want to. I guess this is home. No, it’s not home. It’s just temporary. As far as hotels go, it’s pretty comfortable. You should know. You’ve stayed in plenty of hotels. Right, but then I always had a home to go back to. And now I don’T. Oh. Hey, let me get that. It’s okay. Ah, thanks. Hey.

[ Sighs ] Dad, are you okay? Yeah, fine. Just — just — just tired and clumsy. [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Is that why you fell? Or was it something else? Yes, something else. Something awful. Something awful? Yeah. Are you sick? Have you, uh — have you been diagnosed? Yes. Well, maybe I’ll, uh — I’ll be able to help. Um… can you tell me what it is? Als.

Evening. Oh, god. It would have to be you. Huh. Never took you for someone who was a hard partier. Would you stop talking and just leave? Oh. Ohh. Ha. You are drunk as a skunk. No. I’m not drunk. I’m not drunk. I just — I just — oh, I so wish this room would stop spinning. I don’t even know what I bought. What is wrong with me? Your house burned down. Yeah, but I’ve been through worse. Come on. I know. That’s true. And I wasn’t in any danger. You know, I was out running. And thank god charlotte wasn’t there. She was with dante and sam, and you were at elq. And I have to get that into my head, that I have a lot to be thankful for and I need to just move on. You’re not a machine, darling. You’ve lost your house. It was a violation. And we can be grateful that no one was killed. But you don’t have to pretend that losing your house doesn’t hurt. It really does. I’m with you. You’re going to get through this. We’re going to get through this together. And we will find who did this to you, and we will stop them from hurting you again. You trust me? Look, if this is about avery having another sleepover, you know she’s welcome any time. No, the whole avery situation’s under control. Oh. Well, great. I’m sure ava is relieved. She was really worried about something. Yeah. I’m not here for a favor. Uh, actually, uh, I’m in a position to do you a favor. No, thank you. Important? Uh, no, you know, nothing that can’t wait. But there is something that can’t wait. What’s that? This. Oh. You know, no matter what kind of day I have, I know, when I get to see you, everything’s going to be okay. Hey, you stole my line. Well, it was my line, ’cause I just said it. Well, I was going to say, when I have a day where I feel like I’m not going to be able to sleep at night, I think about coming here and getting into bed with you and turning down the lights… yeah? …And everything just sort of melts away. Well, maybe we can, you know, talk a little bit before we turn out the lights. You go first. No, you go first. No. Well, I’ll rock, paper, scissors you for it. Oh, my god. Are you 12? I’m 12 1/2. Okay.

[ Groans ] Boom. Got me. I did. [ Laughs ] Grr! And the floor is yours. Okay. My crazy day. Where do I start? Molly and kristina, they are headed for world war iii. Molly: This is so typical. You not inviting me to something? Yeah, I agree. No, your reaction. I’m not allowed to have a dinner party and invite who I want? Molly, you invited everyone in the family but me. Okay, fine, kristina, I’ll say it. You weren’t invited. Because in spite of what you always think, it wasn’t about you. It was about tj and me. I wanted to share the good news with mom and sam and jordan that we found a surrogate. Lou gehrig’s disease. Yeah. Hey, you know, there are — there are other conditions that have the same — similar early symptoms. I mean, a-are you — are you certain? Yes. When I told you that I was going to milwaukee to do a seminar, I was actually in rochester at the mayo clinic. They did extensive testing, and the results were conclusive. That trip, that was more than six months ago. Have you… you’ve known all this time? I’m so sorry, son. I… couldn’t bring myself to tell you. Oh, dad, why not?

[ Sighs ] Oh, you read my mind. So, what are we going to toast to? I have no idea. Alright, then. To us. To our future together, which can only get less complicated and less dangerous. I’d like to believe that.

[ Glasses clink ] Mmm. You may not believe it now, but we do have a lot to be grateful for. Look, I-I promise I’m not just going to keep wallowing in self-pity. I-I promise. Just — it’s not self-pity. You’ve been traumatized. You’re dealing with some very powerful emotions, but you’re going to work through them. You will. And we’re going to find out who’s behind this. Yes. In the meantime, I have something to talk to you about that’s important. Alright. I’m going to buy season tickets to the ballet in new york. Charlotte still loves dance. I know you do, too. So why don’t I buy three tickets? You can join us. Uh, my house just burned to the ground, and someone is trying to kill me. I — and you’re talking about “swan lake”? I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than spend time with the two women I love most in this world. And I like “swan lake.” I like it, too.

[ Knock on door ] Wait. Who is that? Hello, martin.

[ Chuckles ] Evening. It is a bit late for a business call. Whatever this is, I’m going to deal with it quickly. Leo says a guy like me needs 15 1/2 cups of water a day. Leo’s a very smart kid. Ohh. I can’t tell you how grateful I am he’s not here now. You don’t seem very experienced with this sort of thing. If, by that, you mean I don’t seem like someone who gets drunk all the time, I didn’t get drunk this time. You didn’t get drunk? No. I did not. Well, I did, but…

[ Sighs ] …It was not my fault. Somebody insisted on putting, uh, too much alcohol in those mai tais at the metro court pool. Ugh. Oh. Some old bartender trying to loosen you up for your dough? No, actually, it was not some old bartender trying to loosen me up. It was your daughter. Not that you even acknowledge you have one. Ohh. I don’t understand. You… I don’t understand. You think I couldn’t handle it? No, it wasn’t you. It wasn’t you. It was me. After all these years, we were finally getting to spend time together as a family. You, your brother, violet, and me. It was so special. It is. The big stuff, you know, christmas and — and — and halloween with violet, and little things like me bringing over muffins from eckert’s or showing violet videos of her uncle chase singing. Dad, that wouldn’t have changed. Of course it would have. And it will. It already has. ‘Cause when I look at you, I can see it in your eyes. You know what this disease does. You know I’m dying. You’re not even going to listen to me? You don’t listen to me! Did you not hear me at the police station? That was different, because i was there for ned, to help ned. You were there, so I thought I’d help you. Yeah, you showed up, and you decided that I needed help. You didn’t listen to me. And when you turned me down, you spent the night there. Yeah, and I was fine with that, okay? I can take care of myself. Oh, I know you can. Come on, sonny. Look, it — it’s taken a while, but — but we’re both moving on, right? I mean, you know I respect you. You respect me. We both want each other to be happy. Mm-hmm. And as you can see, there is no for sale sign in the front yard, because kelly’s is doing great. Business is doing fine. I’m going to take care of myself on my own. So whatever your favor is, no, thank you. I don’t want it. Where are you going?

So why didn’t molly invite her? Because she was revealing her big news that her and tj had found a surrogate and that she was perfect. And I think that molly didn’t want to hurt kristina’s feelings. Well, I understand that. I mean, it is molly’s decision. No, I-i understand that, too. But I also understand kristina being hurt. Right. You — you know, I’m — I’m sorry. For what? I shouldn’t be going on about this with you. For what? Because — what? What are you talking about? It’s fine. Because of the situation that you and lulu had with maxie, and I just — hey, wait, stop. It’s okay. That was a long time ago. Tj and molly just got to figure out and realize that that’s a big decision. Right? They can’t take this lightly. So you think that molly is making the right choice by not having kristina be the surrogate? That’s great. I-I didn’t even realize you had started interviewing surrogates yet. We wanted to keep it quiet. Yeah, got that. I’m sure mom and sam and jordan were thrilled to hear that news. They seem very happy for us. This is what we want, kristina. I know it is. I know. And the woman we found is perfect, and she’s ready to start the process right away. That’S… very exciting, molly. It is. After everything we’ve gone through, there’s still a good chance that tj and i could have a child within the next year. I’m happy you’re so happy. I am. And I-I planned on telling you first thing tomorrow. Right, just not tonight with the rest of the family. I wanted it to be a happy occasion. And I knew mom, sam, and jordan would be happy for us. And I wouldn’t? I would have spoiled that? I don’t know. Molly. We’ve been getting along so well, but I-I didn’t want to take the chance that tonight would turn into a discussion of why we turned to a surrogate instead of you. Okay, well, now that everyone’s gone, and since you brought it up, why are you paying a stranger to have your baby when I was willing to do it? Six months, dad. We could have done so many things together. The last six months have been perfect. What I didn’t want was to be a burden to you or have you spend time with me out of some sense of obligation. That wouldn’t have happened. Of course it would. I know you and chase, son. I’m so proud of both of you. And you and I finally had the time to really get to know each other. That has meant everything to me. I’m the one who’s sorry here. I’m the one for — sorry for costing us all that time. No, no, there’s no need to rehash that now. Getting to know you and to understand and appreciate your incredible accomplishments over the years has been so rewarding for me. You and your brother make it almost impossible for me not to become one of those obnoxious bragging fathers. I’m one of those, too, when it comes to violet. Violet. What a gift she is. Every single moment I spend with my granddaughter is better than I ever imagined. Yeah, well, she pretty much thinks her grandfather is the greatest guy in the world. How is she going to feel when all I can do is sit and stare at her, when I can’t even speak her name? So, why would brook lynn give you too much booze? No, she’s up to something. And I should have known the minute I saw the fire eater. Fire eater? It was a luau, with tiki torches and leis. Wow. Sounds like fun. Mm-hmm.

You would think so. I should have gone right down to the lobby and ordered a car. Sounds like maybe you had a lot of fun. Oh, my god. That’S… what’s wrong with that? …All you ever think of, having fun and being eddie maine. Yeah. Anything to avoid facing the reality of your life. Do you understand this is critical? I do. Will you act like it, please? You know something? My fee, exorbitant as it is, grants you 24-hour access. It does not give you or any other client the right to abuse me. Yeah. Point taken. I got a lot on the line. I understand. And, yes, that’s hot off the wire. Okay, this looks good. Thank you. You’re welcome, though why you insisted on doing this tonight instead of first thing tomorrow morning makes no sense to me. Valentin: Good night. Oh, was that important? Not really. Martin can worry about anything. Why he insisted on coming by in the middle of the night is beyond me.

You want me to face the reality of my life? Which means you want me to ride around in limousines and pretend to be some hotshot, tax-dodging executive? It’s a start. Or you could just… stop singing on street corners, running around all night to sleazy bars, getting arrested for fighting. Is that embarrassing you somehow? No, it’s embarrassing to the whole family. So it’s better just to shut eddie up? You’re not eddie. And you want to prove that by having someone strap me down to a table and have electricity shot through my head. What? I’m onto you, lady. I overheard you tell olivia that you want me committed. I don’t know if you know this, but drew is in solitary confinement. I know. Of course you know. You’re protecting him, yeah. Look, I’m worried about him, sonny. I’m really worried about him. I know he went through worse in crete, but still. He’s been through a lot. He’s going to make it through this. Do you think you can get a message to him? I might be able to do better than that. You have to give violet more credit, dad. She constantly surprises me with how much she understands. I hope you’re right, son. What are the doctors telling you in terms of prognosis? Luckily, I was, uh, still in the first stage when I went to the mayo clinic. Uh, muscle cramps and occasional difficulty walking. And now? It’s progressed. My hands cramp more frequently than before. What happened tonight? I was trying to help violet make some bracelets. I-I can barely hold onto the thread. I don’t think she noticed. But then she got up to go get some clasps in her bedroom, and I-I tried to stand up to shake out my hands, and that’s when I-I fell. Thank god she wasn’t here to see it. But she came back in. Yeah. I told her I tripped over the coffee table, but I-I know she — she had to watch me struggle to get up here on the couch. Oh, dad. I know, son. I know. I can’t hide my disease any longer. And I’m so ashamed about tonight. I am so glad I didn’t invite you tonight. Oh, great. That, you’ve made perfectly clear. Molly, just — just answer the question, okay? Why would you rather a stranger have your baby as your surrogate than your own sister who offered to do this for you months ago? Because with a surrogate, we sign a legal, binding document. I know how it works. She rents out her womb and — and throws in an egg at a discount. Both sides benefit, kristina. She gets money she needs for her family, and we get the child we want. The child that you want. There it is. As opposed to the child I am offering to give you that you clearly do not want! The surrogate is performing a service, kristina, not racing around town working on some pie-in-the-sky project… hey. …And letting everyone know how she’s saving her poor sister from her own infertility! Molly, if you have a stranger as your surrogate, you’re not even going to be related to the baby! I’m sorry. I shouldn’t put you on the spot like that. It’s just — it’s a really confusing situation. I get it. And stop apologizing, or I’ll rock, paper, scissors you all night long.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. It’s a personal thing for molly and tj, that’s all. And I’m sure kristina had the best of intentions when she offered to be their surrogate. No, I understand that. But kristina and molly, they just, you know, they haven’t been close lately. You know, I know you, like, love your sisters, and you want to fix all sorts of things for them all the time. I know what you’re gonna say. But maybe this one — do you? Like, maybe this time — I should let them work it out themselves. Maybe. Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe. You’re right. Okay. Now it’s your turn. Spill. Alright, well — no, mm — no, you spill. It was just kind of a, you know, regular kind of weird day. And then cody shows up at the station while gladys is there filing a restraining order against cody on sasha’s behalf. Cody loses his mind completely in the middle of the squad room, saying that gladys is the one having sasha drugged. He lost it. He went crazy. Me and mac had to restrain him. Wait, did you have to arrest cody? No, not this time. But those two, they, like, hate each other, eh? Cody and gladys? Yeah, it’s weird. Definitely. Yeah. You know, the whole time this is happening, I’m investigating anna’s townhouse burning down. Which reminds me… did you leave me any hot water? I feel like, uh, metro court has an unlimited supply. Give me five minutes. Okay.

[ Water running ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hello, dante. Anna, hey. I’m sorry to call so late. There’s just something I thought you should know. Alright. I had one of our tech guys look at the elq security footage from the night your house burned. Valentin’s car never exited or entered the elq parking garage. I had them check the surrounding areas to see if the car was parked somewhere else, too, and I got nothing. I see. You also told me that — that the reason he went to elq was because there was a water main break and he was worried about the computer mainframe being ruined. That’s right. There wasn’t a water main break. Thanks for that information, dante.

Yes, I, uh — I did ask olivia to commit you. Because I embarrass you? Because this can’t go on. And I thought maybe, just maybe, if you were in a hospital, they could help you stop faking this ridiculous — I’m not faking anything! I am eddie maine. And by the way, I didn’t ask to be in this house. You all want me here. So I’m trying to make you all understand that I can’t choose who I am. I’m eddie maine, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Fine. You’re eddie maine. But i am ned quartermaine’s mother. And I am never going to stop fighting for my son. You have nothing to be ashamed of. No, I do. I do. I’m so selfish to have put your daughter at risk. Violet’s okay. No, I-I shouldn’t have agreed to watch her alone tonight. I — somehow, I convinced myself I’d be okay. And everything turned out okay. But I had no right to take that risk. You know [Sighs] The other night, I-I went to one of those hatchet-throwing places, you know, and I-I did it! And I don’t know, maybe it’s human nature, but I think I — I’ve been trying to convince myself that maybe I could beat this thing, or at least… hold it off. But that’s just denial. And I need to stop that before I put someone else in danger like I did violet tonight. Hey. Hey. This is happening to you. It’s happening to — you have to figure it out on your own. I need to stop driving. I shouldn’t have been driving this long. Okay, so stop driving. No one’s going to judge you for how you’ve handled this so far, dad. No one’s going to judge you, alright? I just — I wish you would have had someone to talk to, someone besides your doctor. Dealing with this all on your own all this time must have been hell. Alexis knows. Alexis knows?

[ Sighs ] She was snooping around, and — and we got in a big argument, and I collapsed, and I-I had to tell her. But I couldn’t bring myself to tell you, because I didn’t want to see the look on your face that I’m seeing right now. Is this the favor you came over here about? Before you turn me down, hear me out. I’m listening. When I got news of drew’s situation, I did some digging, and I have a connection to someone who can arrange for drew to get out of solitary early. Oh, my god. Sonny… and so, when he’s released, you’ll be able to go see him. Is drew going to owe anybody anything? Absolutely not. What’s this costing you? Well, from the look on your face, I’m, you know, it — it means everything to me. Drew’s going to wonder why the sudden change. Well, when you talk to him, just tell them that there’s no strings attached. It’s just a gift from me. He knows that you’re protecting him. It’s just, you know, I don’t know how he’s going to feel about this. Well, this isn’t a gift to him. This is a gift to you. Are there any stipulations for me if I accept?

[ Sighs ] Oh, no. Looks like your rotten day is still with you. It’s just hitting close to home, this one. And you can’t get into specifics. Well, I can tell you that valentin is being dishonest with anna.

[ Chuckles ] When has valentin ever been honest? You’re right, but it’s weird. Like, I just — I just — I thought he really cared about anna. And she really cares about him. And then he told her all this, like, pretty surprising stuff, you know? Well — but then he lies about where he was the other night. I’m not that surprised about it. I know he does live a complicated life, but who knows what he has going on? Well, I want to know what he’s got going on, ’cause his daughter’s in a room down the hall. You lied to me.

I’m sorry, dad. No, I understand. You’re a doctor. One of the best. You know all about this hideous disease. You know what it’s going to do to me. But I look at you now. You look fine. You look good. That’s what’s so hard to grasp, you know? I-I look in the mirror or I-I’m feeling fine, but… I know this thing is in there somewhere. And I also see — I see — I see the father I grew up with, the man who used to toss me so high in the air, and I was never once afraid that he wouldn’t catch me. I remember that guy, too. As you get older, you try to hang onto that self-image as long as you can. The thought that I’ll be less than that for you, for violet — never less. You’re still that man, and you will always be that man, no matter what happens. Thank you for that. You also need to know I know what you’re facing, dad. There’s no point in trying to tell me no, ’cause I’m going to be by your side every step of the way from here on out. Do what you have to do. But I have one favor to ask. Anything. Help me tell your brother, ’cause I’m afraid this is going to crush him. It will. But we’ll be there for him.

[ Voice breaking ] I love you, dad. I love you, too, son.

[ Crying ] Does fighting for your son mean locking me away somewhere? Stop being so dramatic. If you overheard me say that, then you also heard olivia refuse. And she’s your — s-she has final say. Yeah, but I’ve watched you. You can be very persuasive. What’s to stop you from changing her mind about putting me away? Answer me something. If you are really so worried about us putting you away, why are you still here? Why aren’t you at sonny’s? Sonny is a nice enough guy, but, um… too many goombahs around. And there it is. I knew it. You are in there, ned, somewhere. There’s no strings attached for you, either. But I’m sure that drew’s going to be happy to, you know, get out of that little cell, right? I want to be clear that this is for you. Or not. It’s your decision. You’re unbelievable. Mm-hmm. Yes. You came to the police station the other night, and you were so offended that I wouldn’t let you help me, you came up with a favor you knew I couldn’t turn down. Maybe I was just, you know, being nice. Yeah, okay, yeah, you are. But you still win. Is that a yes? It’s a yes. Please, get drew out of solitary. Alright. Uh, I’ll let you know when it’s done. Okay. Sonny? Yeah. Thank you. You’re welcome. That was mean, even for you, kristina. Okay, it came out wrong. No, no, no, I think you said exactly what you meant. Molly, I d– fine. Okay, you know what? Fine. If we’re saying what we really mean, then why don’t you say what you really mean? You would rather have a baby from a stranger than one from your own sister. Yes. Yes. And, you know, it’s true that I might not be biologically related to the baby, but tj will be. And that baby is going to be created for us as a result of our love for each other. Molly, if i have the baby for you — then it wouldn’t be ours. It would be a gift from my sister, and no one would ever be allowed to forget it. Wow. I guess I really never realized just how selfish and insecure you are. Charlotte is rocco’s sister, so we do need to find a way to get along with valentin. I know. And I’m — I’m glad she’s here staying with us, especially with the — with the threat to anna. Well, yes. Anyone burning down someone’s house is definitely a threat. Right. Any theory on why valentin would lie to anna? No. Not yet. I j– I never really trusted that guy. Well, as much as we don’t trust him, I do believe that valentin loves charlotte. And I don’t think he would ever do anything to hurt her. No, I agree with you. Intentionally, he would not hurt her. And he probably loves anna. But you don’t think anna trusts him? No, and neither can we.

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