Y&R Best Lines Friday, August 11, 2023

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Nikki: Hey.

Victoria: Hi. How was your meeting?

Nikki: It was good. Oh, I ran into Diane. That always kills a good mood.

Victoria: Can’t believe Jack actually married her.

Nikki: Well, Billy, tucker and Ashley were also there and she brought up their wedding invitation.

Victoria: Well, there’s another odd coupling.

Nikki: I know. I don’t understand it. I don’t even know if victor’s gonna wanna go, even if he does get back from his trip in time. So… what did you and nate talk about after I left? And what do you think about his suggestion?

Victoria: You first.

Nikki: Well, you’re not gonna like what I have to say.

Victoria: When has that ever stopped you, mom?

Nikki: I think Nate is testing the waters and this is the first step of a power play.


Victoria: I actually agree.   We’re never gonna be best friends, Lauren.

Lauren: Well, did we think that that would ever happen?

Phyllis: You, on the other hand, are… you’re an incredible friend. You stood by me when I never thought I was gonna get out of this mess and you put your arms around me and you kept on telling me it’s gonna be okay. And michael too. Oh, you two– you two are the best friends in every sense of the word.

Lauren: And we always will be.

Phyllis: Champagne?

Lauren: Yes. Always.


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