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I’m sorry. I’m sorry if it seemed if I was attacking you for opening up Nicole’s genetic testing results. No, it’s okay. I, I understand. No, it’s not important. What’s important is the baby. Yes, that, that is what’s important. Um, Eric, earlier, whenever I got to the pub, and your dad said you guys were toasting to the new baby.

We were. Right. Look, I could just tell by the look in his eyes that he really wasn’t that happy about it. I mean, he doesn’t want his son having a baby with the pariah of Salem. So, please. Come on, Eric. Just admit it. I mean, your dad still hates me.

What’s up, Granddad? Huh? Huh? Hello. Eric and Son’s baby. Oh, that. Oh, that? Come on, Bronan. I mean, how often do you get to welcome a brand new grandchild into the family?

You know, when you told Eric about your mom’s quote, every baby is a blessing, I thought that was the beginning of you getting over your disappointment that he’s having the baby with Sloan. I’m still not quite there. Unfortunately, look, I… I’m very happy for Eric. He’s waited a long time to be a dad, but damn it, Kate.

I just wish he hadn’t chosen Sloane Peterson to be the baby mama.


And here we are, back in the common area where we began the tour.

How are you feeling? Uh, you know, just… I’m a little nervous, if I’m being honest. That’s understandable. I think you’ll feel better once you get acclimated and you start your treatments. Yeah. Thank you again for getting me admitted here. You don’t have to thank me. I’m just sorry it took so long. I guess Bayview was a little short staffed.

Even more reason I’m grateful you found a place for me here. Now I can get the help that I need and hopefully make sure I never hurt anybody again.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Ooh, let me guess, a wedding gift for Gabby and Stefan. That’d be hard. No. Then perhaps for our nephew and your full manatee? Nope. Wouldn’t buy either one of those couples a roll of toilet paper. Then who’s it for? It’s for you. For me? Why? Just… Shut up and open it. Alright.

Ooh, cigars. Cuban cigars. It’s customary for a father to be, isn’t it? Well, it’s a little old fashioned, but appreciated nonetheless. Congratulations, EJ.

Thank you. Your kindness means the world to me. How is Nicole doing? She’s going great. Uh, I flew in a high risk pregnancy expert, and, uh, she’s confident, uh, that, um, both mother and child are doing extremely well, so we’re expecting a safe and healthy delivery. That’s good news. Mm. It is indeed. Uh, how about you?

How are things going now that you’re cohabitating with the lovely Miss Johnson? Well, it would, uh… It would be going a lot better if Alex Kariakis would leave us the hell alone. Hiya, neighbor. Alex, hi. Hi. So, I ordered some Chinese food for myself, and I just realized I ordered way too much. Would you mind taking it off my hands for me, please?

Why don’t you just stick it in your fridge for tomorrow? Because I want you and Chad to have it. It’s from the same place that we ordered from, you ordered from, last time. It’s delicious. And it’s the least I could do for her. You two allowing me to tag along with you to the pub, after my horrible date with Melinda Trask.

Right. Can I come in? Sure.

Where’s Chad? Uh, he went to go see his brother. Oh. Well, did you want to eat some food now, or did you already eat dinner? Uh, no. I haven’t actually, but I’d rather wait for Chad. Right. Do you mind if I wait with you? If you do, it’s fine, I will not be offended, I mean it. No, you can, you can wait with me.

I didn’t tell you, did I, um, the reason why my date with Melinda went south? No. Why did it? Because… Of you.

Uh, I, I didn’t see you. Sorry about your, um, uh, Fried pickles and milkshake. Oh. Also, ew. It’s a craving, and a cliché, I know, but things don’t become a cliché without a good reason. And this is all I’ve wanted since I got pregnant. Ah, yes, your pregnancy.

Can I tell you something in complete confidence? Of course. But I mean it, Melinda, like, you cannot tell anybody, not a living soul, like, no matter what, nobody. I won’t. I swear. What’s it about?

Nicole Walker.

Why don’t you let me get you another round of this delicious combo? It’s the least I can do.

Well, I should be going home to EJ, but I’m starving, so why not? Great! I’ll get you some more fried pickles and a milkshake. Vanilla? Yes, yes. Oh, and I got it at Sweet Home Diner. I’ll be right back. Sweet Home Diner! Got

it! My father doesn’t hate you, but I will admit he wasn’t. Happy you and I are still together, but he’s going to come around, and when he does, he’s going to see how happy you make me. Then he’s going to realize what a wonderful person you are. I don’t know how wonderful I am, but I do hope that he notices that I’m a different person now.

I’ve changed, and maybe even warms up to me a little bit. I mean, after all, your relatives are pretty much gonna be the only family this baby has. Well, I promise you, baby is gonna have plenty of family to love and to be loved by. In fact, baby Brady is gonna have the entire village of Salem looking after them.

Baby Brady? Well, I assume we’re eventually gonna have to come up with a first name. Uh huh. Well, by what makes you think our baby’s taking your last name?

All right. I will leave you to get settled, and if there’s anything you need, anything you want, I’m only a phone call away.

I must say, I think this is a very brave decision you’ve made. Thanks again for all your help.

Harris Michaels?

Eve Donovan.

So then he moves in right across the hall from us. Coincidence? No, it’s not a coincidence. It’s not a coincidence that he’s showing up without a shirt on at all hours of the night. And, you know, there’s always some new crisis that he needs his good friend Stephanie’s help with. Hmm. Doesn’t sound like it to me.

I mean, I swear to you, EJ, you know, this guy, he acts like he’s oblivious to the fact that he’s an annoying pain in the ass. And that’s putting it mildly. You know, in reality, he’s a devious son of a bitch who will come up with any ridiculous reason to intrude on our privacy. Sounds like the man is utterly shameless.

Yeah, shameless. And totally transparent. I mean, we can’t get away from him. He’s either hanging out because he doesn’t have any hot water, or, you know, he’s interrupting our dinners. Okay, okay, this, this… This needs to stop. So you need to stop being tactful and polite because it’s obviously not working.

Okay. Then what do I do? I mean, how, how do we get him out of our apartment? Well, in my experience, Chad, the only thing that works for idiots like Alex Kiriakis is to be brutally honest. You need to put that slab of beef on notice, otherwise you are going to lose the woman you love.

So Melinda ended your date because you wouldn’t stop talking about me? No. It is not as pathetic as it sounds, really. I was just trying to explain to her how… Losing you led to my epiphany, you know, that I have to treat women with more respect. Well, here’s another lesson, um, talking endlessly about an ex on a first date isn’t exactly respectful.

Oh my god, you are so right. Damn, I still got a lot to learn. I’d say so, but… Points for effort, you know, and being humble enough to admit that you’re still a work in progress. Ah. So I’m not a hopeless case, huh? No. I didn’t say you got this.

Why wouldn’t the baby take my last name? I’m the father. And I’m the mother. What if I want him or her to be a Peterson? That isn’t even your real name. Bedford, whatever. You know, my point is, is that we’re not married. So you can’t just assume our baby’s gonna take your last name. Maybe we should be. Maybe we should be what?


Fuck, I… Damn it, I wish I could get on board with Derrick and Sloane. But no matter how much Eric protests and says she’s learned from her mistakes and is a changed woman, there’s just something about her I don’t trust. Okay? It’s a question of character. Well, I’m sure there are more than a few people in Salem who would question mine.

But still, you managed to love me. Eric and Sloane barely know each other. You can’t compare that to what we have. I love… As to the test of time, whereas Sloan Sloan is a rebound of a rebound who became a baby mama. Uh, so first of all, can we just retire that phrase, baby mama, and maybe find something a little less sexist?

Done. Sounded weird coming out of my mouth anyway. Yeah, see? Yes, right. And see? You’re always making me a better person. I doubt very much that Song’s gonna do that for my son. Maybe he’s going to make her a better woman, like you did for me. No, you did that on your own. And as a result, all the difficulties we had, they’re in the past.

Because now we trust each other completely.

Hey, what’s wrong? Is there something you’re not telling me?

What are you doing here? Well, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll go first. Okay. It’s a long, convoluted story to say the least, but the short version is, is that, um, I let vengeance consume me to the point where I lost all reason. And I could have gone to prison, but they deemed me criminally insane. So, I am here. Your turn. Uh, yeah, um, Well, let’s see, um, on more than one occasion, Stefano DiMera’s daughter, Megan Hathaway brainwashed me to kill innocent people.

God’ll love Salem. Yeah. I guess this is not where either one of us expected to be after we graduated Salem High, huh? No. But then again, I didn’t have as much fun in high school as you did.

I suppose not. Well,

I’m going to get going because I have a group session very early tomorrow morning. Uh, Eve.

Just something I have to say.

I’m sorry.

Okay. So then, what do you propose I do? I am proposing that you get Alex Kiriakis to stop darkening your doorstep. You need to fight for your woman, Chad.

When in doubt, ask yourself. WWSD.

What would Stefano do? Really? Yes. Then what do you suggest I do, lock Stephanie up in a gilded cage beneath the streets of Paris? Well, not that extreme. But you have to let Alex and his obnoxious abs know that he can’t keep interfering in your relationship, and if he does, there are going to be consequences, otherwise he is going to continue to take advantage and chip away at your relationship until there is nothing left.

You know what, EJ, for once, I think you’re actually right. Of course I am. I will see you later. Where are you going? I waste time. I’m gonna go straighten out. Alex car. Atta boy. Go beat Damira.

Oh my goodness, this is so worth the wait. It’s so salty. Oh, I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself. So, uh, I was just in court with Sloane Peterson. Yeah? So? Sloane’s a lawyer, you’re a lawyer. Isn’t court where you people see each other? Oh no, of course, I just meant that. Well, she’s pregnant too. And? So? And your ex husband is the father.

I mean, what are the odds? Must be something in the water in Salem. Oh. Really? Two women being pregnant a few months apart in the same town is hardly an expose for Lady Whistleblower.

Nicole Walker, what, what about her?

As you may recall, she’s pregnant.

Looks like I struck a nerve. What? No, you didn’t. What do you mean? Obviously, me bringing up Sloan and Eric’s baby has rained on your pickle parade. What? No. You know what? I don’t care about them. I am with EJ now and I am focusing on my pregnancy, which is going very well by the way. Oh? The genetic testing came back all clear.

And I am confident that I can carry this baby to term. Genetic testing? Are

you proposing right now? I

guess I am. I mean, we sort of did this whole thing in a crazy order. We were a lawyer client and… and friends with benefits. Now we’re having a baby. Now we’re having a baby. I want to make a commitment. To our baby. To you. I want our baby to carry Brady as a last name. It’s a name that I’m really proud of.

And obviously since it’d be a lot easier if the child’s parents had the same last name. I’d like you to carry That name too.

Kate, there’s camera here. I know, I don’t mean to. We got past you, known, Lucas kidnapped Sammy, because you swore to me there would be no more secrets. I didn’t, I meant it. Have you gone back on your word? Roman… Dammit, Kate, tell me the truth. Okay, yes, yes, there are… There’s something I’ve been keeping from you.

What is it? I asked Harris Michaels to kill someone for me.

I’m sorry for the way I treated you in high school. It was, it was a long time ago. I was, I was a total jerk back then.

You were. All I cared about was hooking up with girls and impressing my idiot friends and not necessarily in that order.

Probably thought it was cool to hook up with a girl who’d met a prostitute.

I used you. And I was stupid, it wasn’t right, and I have a lot of regrets about that. And you definitely deserve better. Like I said, it was a million years ago. Yeah, but I know I still hurt you. I’m sorry. Well, I’ve been through a hell of a lot worse since then, believe me. And I think I remember turning the tables on you back then.

When I threw that big warehouse party, got you and your friends arrested.

Yeah, and arrested almost kept me out of the military. Guess I always had a knack for revenge.

So the kids are sleeping, huh? They’re in bed anyway. I should probably go check on them, excuse me. Sure.

Alex. You’re here. Again. Hey, Chad. Yeah, I, uh, just came by to drop off some dinner. Wanted to thank you guys again for last night. It’s awful. Where’s Steph? I was just checking on the kids. And like I told her, man, I really appreciate you guys letting me tag along last night to the pub after that terrible date.

I’m sure you do. Excuse me? You can drop the act, Alex. The act? Yeah, you can save the faux sincerity, reformed frat boy shtick for Stephanie. I’m not sure I’m following. I’m all into you. You’re on to me. Do you Of course you need me to spell it out for you. Look, the little, um, little, uh, nice guy friendly stuff that you’re playing is just a scam to get Stephanie back.

And it’s not gonna work. Not now. Not ever. Okay,

please tell me you didn’t hire Harris Michaels to go after Stephan DiMera. No, of course not. Okay, good, for a second I asked him to kill Megan Hathaway. Kate. What? Roman, seriously, in my defense. I mean, she tried to use your brother to kill me first. And then she’s the one responsible for me being stuck on a fishing boat again at the mercy of her sadistic son.

Look, I’m not saying Maegre’s not a horrible person, but sending an assassin after her? Well, I mean, you don’t have to worry about it. He refused to do it anyway. Really? How come? I don’t know. It was something about adding to his body count. But he tried to kidnap her. You know, he was gonna disappear her to some off the grid black ops location.

Oh, that’s much better. But… What happened is that Megan got into his brain again, and she reprogrammed him, and she’s the one who sent him after Stefan. I mean, y you know the rest of it. Yeah.

Roman, look, I I I’m so sorry that I kept all of this from you, and… Actually, I had promised Kayla that I would tell you, but then I never… I was never really able to find the right time. Kayla knew? Yeah. I mean, I told her after everything went down. Okay. My baby sister knew my wife was running around town ordering hits.

That’s just perfect. Do you

think that I’m a monster?

So, you said it was your, uh, your knack for revenge that landed you here? Yeah, it was. Uh, if you don’t mind me asking, what, what happened to you? Well, uh, let’s just say the Demers aren’t the only ones capable of using mind control as a weapon. Would somebody use mind control on you? No. I was the one using it.

I brainwashed Hope Brady’s serial killer son in law to, uh, to murder his own wife.

Chad. Bro. Slow down, man. You got it all wrong. Slow down? Don’t tell me to slow down. I’m not your bro. Alright, Stephanie might feel sorry for you, Alex. I don’t. I’m not asking for anybody to feel sorry for me. Really? That’s your game, isn’t it? Sad, lonely guy that just needs a friendly shoulder to lean on. I know your game, Alex, and I’m done standing by watching you make moves on my woman right in front of me.

Your woman. Take it from me, pal. Stephanie’s not very fond of the possessive touch. No, no, no, don’t tell me what Stephanie is or isn’t fond of. I live with her. I know her a hell of a lot better than you do. Wow, okay, so it’s like that. Yeah, it’s like that. I want you to stop showing up at my doorstep without your shirt on.

Stop bringing over dinner. Stop coming by to shoot the breeze. Just stop. So you don’t want us all to be friends? No. Not like this. Not with you showing up purposely when I’m not here so you can hang out with Stephanie. Right? Coming up with your little excuses. You know, I don’t have any hot water. What, what shirt should I wear to go out on my date?

I mean, do you even know the meaning of the word boundaries, Alex?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I do. Then start respecting ours. Stop showing up uninvited. Stop crashing our dinners. Leave us alone.

You understand? Yes. No.

It’s been a while since I had a baby. Is genetic testing standard nowadays? Yeah, I mean with expecting mothers my age and my history. Of course. So it’s an extra step. Yeah. Although Sloan and Eric did it with their baby, so. Really? You two comparing notes now? No. I found out because Sloan ended up with my test results by mistake.

How did that happen? I don’t know. I mixed up at the hospital, I guess. Listen, thank you so much for the sacks and the scintillating conversation, but I am going to get home to my man. Oh, tell him I said hi. I’d rather not. Have a good night. Night. Oh, and… Congratulations.

Mix up my ass. What does Sloan want with Nicole and EJ’s genetic test results?

Eric, I don’t know what to say. I mean, I wasn’t really expecting this. You and I have never even talked about marriage before. I know. I wasn’t really expecting to have this conversation either. I’m sorry if it… If I’m making you feel like I’m blindsiding you, it just, it just makes sense to me. And you know that we want our relationship to be official before the baby comes.

So what do you say? You wanna get married?


There you are. Did you get to visit with Abe? Oh, unfortunately, no. I wasn’t able to see him. Oh, that’s too bad. Where have you been this whole time? I was starting to get worried about you. You know, you don’t have to worry every time I leave the house. I’ll try not to, but I just want everything to be okay.

So sweet. I just got my, uh, fried pickle and milkshake craving, so I went to Square. Well, you didn’t have to do that. I could have Cook prepare you whatever you wanted right here at home. Don’t tell Cook, but I like the fried pickles better at Sweet Home Dining. Quiet! These wolves have ears, and if he heard you say that, he might refuse to make you even the simplest things like a ham and cheese sandwich again.

Okay, well, thank you for the discretion. Mm hmm. Actually, I ran into Melinda Trask. Ugh, that must have been as pleasant as always. Yeah, like literally ran into her. She knocked over my food plate, but was kind enough to buy me a replacement plate. Really? What? Well, our illustrious district attorney may be many things, but generous is not one of them.

I wonder what she’s really up to.

Kate, I love you very much. So, of course, I don’t think you’re a monster. Even after I kept the truth from you? Almost did a terrible thing? Yes, you did. But, I knew the woman I married. Both times. And I love her. Unconditionally. Say you forgive me. I do. I do. And I have to admit I understand why you did it.

Megan tried to take everything from us. She made me believe that I had lost you forever. And she is a threat to everyone we love as long as she walks the face of this earth. But maybe next time. You’re planning your Navy SEAL. Yes, you could have gotten by me first. Do you think you can do that?

Deal! Don’t get a room,

you news about Abe. Do you have news about Abe? Um, no, I don’t. But then I’ve been over at Bayview. With Harris? I mean, he told me that he was going to have himself committed. Has he started treatment? Well, I can’t, I can’t discuss a patient, but… I can say that he is exactly where he needs to be.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like losing a daughter like that. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Paige was… she was my world. And I still miss her every single second of every single day.

But, you know, I… I’ve really done a lot of work on myself since I’ve been here, a lot of intense therapy and I’ve learned to cope with my grief in actually more productive ways, so. That’s good to hear. Yeah.

Like, I don’t even know if you, if you could have heard this, but Hope and I were together for, just for a little while recently. So, I assume that you met her daughter, Sierra, then? Yes. And her husband, my daughter’s killer? Yeah, I met Ben. And the baby. Look, I hope talking about this isn’t, isn’t triggering.

Gosh, you know what, uh,

I am never gonna forgive Ben Weston for what he did to my little girl. But you know, Sierra, she’s only guilty of having the world’s worst taste in men. I mean, I realize it was wrong of me to try to punish her for Ben’s crimes.

Well, do we have an agreement? Yeah, we do.

You know, Chad, I’ve been working on becoming a little bit more self aware. Have a little bit more respect for others. And so knowing that I’m not welcome here, and that you resent my friendship with Stephanie, and you have no desire to be friends with me either, there’s not gonna be any more neighborly visits.

I’m not gonna be tagging along to dinner with you and Stephanie. I’m out. I’m gonna back off. From both of you. Okay, good. I hope you mean that. I do mean that. So I have your word, then. Yeah. You got my word.

Hey! What’s, uh, what’s going on here? Nothing. Kids, uh, kids sleeping? Yeah, they are. So, I’ll go ahead and get dinner warmed up for us. You know, why don’t the two of you enjoy dinner alone, huh? I’m gonna, I’m gonna take off. What? You sure? Yeah, yeah, I’m sure. I got a lot of work to do tonight. Yeah. Oh, well. I mean, you gotta eat, right?

You may as well join us now. Really? I’m good, but another time, for sure. Ah, well then maybe when you finish work you come by for dessert. Next time. Thank you. Um, I’m gonna take off. I’ll see you guys around, though. Well, thanks for bringing all this food over. Like I said, it’s the least I can do. Have a good night.

Enjoy your evening. You too. Good night, Steph. Good night, Alex.

That was weird. What was? Alex, leaving so abruptly. I don’t know, he said he had work to

do. I don’t you know? Oh, I got the feeling that he was just making up an excuse to leave. But why? When he first got here, he was looking forward to having dinner with us. Didn’t say anything about having to work. Why would he suddenly be in such a rush to get out of here?

I don’t know why he rushed out of here. That was, um, weird. Out of character for him. Totally out of character. And you, urging him to stay, that was out of character too. No, I was just trying to be polite. I know you hate when he comes over here. You think that he’s trying to win me back or whatever. No, I’m over that.

I do actually feel sorry for him. I think he’s very lonely. Yeah. He is. And you are very sweet and kind to have made him feel welcome tonight. You, you are a kind and sweet one. I want you to know how grateful I am to have you in my life.

Where is this coming from? My heart.

And I also talked to my brother EJ and… He reminded me that I should never take you for granted. Uh, when I lost Abby, I, I never thought I would have love in my life again. You know, and I resisted the feelings for, for months, you know. And

you just brought so much light back into my world. I want you to know how important you are to me. I would never let anything come between us. You’re important to me too. I feel the same way. I’m so lucky to have you. So should we have a

better idea. Why don’t we skip straight to dessert?

I hope that Harris gets the help he needs, because he’s not a bad guy. Well, he’s taking responsibility for his actions, so that’s an important first step. Glad to hear that. I guess you’ve also heard about Eric and Sloan. We did.

Well, I’m happy for him. I’ve got my reservations about her. Thank you. You too, huh? Me too. Okay, look. I get it. She doesn’t exactly look like the maternal type. But apparently she suffered some terrible losses in her life. And I just think as Eric’s family that we need to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I agree. Eric’s a grown man. He can make his own decisions. And we know how much he’s always wanted a family of his own. I just hope nothing happens to mess it up.

You don’t want to marry me? What part of hell no didn’t you get? Sloane, did I do something wrong? The question is, did you do anything right with that pathetic excuse of a marriage proposal? Pathetic? Yeah, I’ve seen more romance in a blood thinner commercial. You’re upset at me because my marriage proposal wasn’t straight out of a soap opera from the 80s?

You don’t get it, Eric. I don’t need to marry you. I don’t need your last name for me or my child. As you clearly pointed out, I have two family last names already that I’m very proud of. Okay, so what do you need from me? Love. I need love, you jackass.

Sloan, it’s Melinda Trask. Let’s do lunch. I’d really love to continue the conversation we started earlier.

Now come to think of it, Trask was being pretty nosy. Of course she was. She’s probably gearing up to go after Demira with some more bogus charges. I got the sense her interest was a little more personal. Personal? How? Well, she was asking questions about our baby and Sloane and Eric’s baby. Why would our children be of any concern to Melinda Strauss?

No idea. There might be nothing. I mean, that woman does seem to not have a life outside the courthouse. Maybe she’s living vicariously through us. That maybe. Aren’t you glad we have a baby to look forward to instead of subsisting on the crumbs of other people’s lives? Wow. It’s true. Well, it sounds like baby use has been good for you.

Oh my gosh, yes. When I got here, I was at my lowest point. I swear, I had no hope. But the treatment that I’ve received here, it’s really turned my life around.

I’m actually due to get out of here in a couple of weeks. And I certainly hope

I can have I want to go to California to be near my dad and his wife Kim and my little sister Jeannie Teresa lives there. Oh yeah? Yeah, and she’s got this precious son and my nephew Tate. That sounds nice. Yeah. No, no. Maybe I can try my hand at music again. Well, you were always very talented. And it’s never too late to live your dreams, right?

Well, I certainly hope you’re right. You know, it’s not too late for your dreams too, Eris. Yeah,

we’ll see.

Well, here’s to hoping Bayview will help you just as much as it’s helped me.

Only time will tell.

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