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Eric hugs Sloan and apologizes if he came off like he was attacking her for opening Nicole’s test results. Sloan tells him it’s okay and she understands. Eric tells Sloan that what’s important is the baby. Sloan brings up Roman saying they were toasting to the new baby at the Pub, but says she could tell by the look in his eyes that Roman wasn’t that happy about his son having a baby with the town pariah. Sloan tells Eric to just admit that his dad still hates her.

Kate joins Roman at the bar of the Brady Pub and encourages him about getting to welcome a new grandchild in to the family. Kate thought Roman was getting over his disappointment that Eric is having the baby with Sloan but Roman says he’s not quite there. Roman assures that he’s very happy for Eric but he just wishes he hadn’t chosen Sloan Peterson to be the baby’s mom.

Nicole walks through the town square until Melinda rushes by and crashes in to her, causing Nicole to drop food and drink.

Marlena escorts Harris Michaels on a tour of Bayview and asks how he’s feeling. Harris admits he’s a little nervous. Marlena thinks he will feel better when his treatments begin. Harris thanks her again for getting him admitted. Marlena is sorry that it took so long as they were short staffed. Harris is grateful to get the help he needs and hopefully make sure he never hurts anybody again. Someone seemingly watches them from behind a plant in the room.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion with a gift box. EJ guesses it’s a wedding gift for Stefan and Gabi or for Dimitri and Gwen but Chad says he wouldn’t buy either couple a roll of toilet paper, so EJ asks who it’s for. Chad reveals it’s for EJ. EJ questions why. Chad tells him to just shut up and open it. EJ opens it to find a pack of Cuban cigars which Chad calls customary for new fathers. EJ calls it old fashioned but appreciated. Chad congratulates EJ and they hug as EJ thanks him and says his kindness means the world to him. Chad asks how Nicole is doing. EJ responds that she’s doing great and that their specialist is confident they are doing great, so they expect a healthy delivery. EJ asks Chad how things are going for him and Stephanie. Chad responds that it would be going a lot better if Alex Kiriakis would leave them the hell alone.

Alex shows up at Stephanie’s door with a bag of Chinese food, saying he ordered too much and offers it to her. Stephanie asks why he doesn’t just keep it in the fridge until tomorrow. Alex responds that he wants her and Chad to have it as it’s from the same place they ordered from last time and it’s the least he can do for them letting him tag along to the Pub after his horrible date with Melinda. Alex asks if he can come in which Stephanie allows. Alex asks where Chad is. Stephanie informs him that he went to see his brother. Alex asks if Stephanie wants to eat now or if she already ate dinner. Stephanie responds that she’d rather wait for Chad. Alex asks if she minds if he waits with her which Stephanie allows. Alex then brings up that he didn’t tell her why his date with Melinda went south and states that it was because of Stephanie.

Melinda apologizes to Nicole for not seeing her. Nicole complains that fried pickles and a milkshake are all she wanted since she got pregnant. Melinda thinks back to when Sloan was going to tell her something about Nicole. Melinda then offers to get Nicole a replacement which she accepts, so Melinda heads back to the diner.

Eric insists to Sloan that Roman doesn’t hate her but admits that he wasn’t happy that they are still together. Eric assures that Roman will come around and see how happy she makes him, then he will realize what a wonderful person she is. Sloan remains unsure but she hopes that Roman notices that she’s a different person now and that she’s changed. Sloan notes that Eric’s relatives will be the only family their baby has. Eric promises the baby will have lots of love from family and refers to it as Baby Brady. Sloan then questions what makes him think that their baby is taking his last name.

Marlena tells Harris that she will leave him to get settled and that she’s only a phone call away if he needs anything. Marlena calls this a very brave decision that he’s made. Harris thanks her again for all her help as Marlena then exits. Eve Donovan then appears in the room and calls out to Harris.

Chad explains to EJ about how Alex moved in right across the hall from them and he’s showing up without a shirt on at all hours of the night and always needs Stephanie’s help with a crisis. Chad swears that Alex acts oblivious to the fact that he’s an annoying pain in the ass when he’s really a devious son of a bitch who will come up with any reason to intrude on their privacy. EJ remarks that it sounds like he’s utterly shameless. Chad complains that they can’t get away from him. EJ decides he needs to stop being tactful and polite because that’s not working. Chad asks what to do and how they get him out of their apartment and their lives. EJ responds that in his experience, the only thing that works is to be brutally honest. EJ instructs Chad to put Alex on notice or else he’s going to lose the woman he loves.

Stephanie grabs beers for her and Alex as she questions his date with Melinda going south because he wouldn’t stop talking about her. Alex insists that it’s not as pathetic as it sounds and that he was just trying to explain how losing Stephanie led to his epiphany that he has to treat women with more respect. Stephanie advises Alex that talking endlessly about an ex on a first date is not exactly respectful. Alex complains that he still has a lot to learn. Stephanie acknowledges his effort and tells him that he’s got this.

Eric asks Sloan why the baby wouldn’t take his last name when he’s the father. Sloan asks what if she wants them to be a Peterson or a Bedford, arguing that they aren’t married so he can’t just assume their baby will take his last name. Eric then suggests maybe they should be married then.

Roman sits with Kate and says he wishes he could get on board with Eric and Sloan, but no matter how much Eric protests and says that Sloan has changed, there’s just something about her that he doesn’t trust. Roman calls it a question of character. Kate is sure more than a few people in Salem would question her character but Roman manages to love her. Roman argues that Eric and Sloan barely know each other so she can’t compare them when their love has stood the test of time. Roman states that Sloan is a rebound of a rebound who became a baby mama. Kate suggests getting rid of the sexist term “baby mama” which Roman agrees to and calls that Kate making him a better person, which he doesn’t think Sloan will do for Eric. Kate suggests Eric will make Sloan a better woman like Roman did for her. Roman argues that Kate did that on her own and all their difficulties are in the past because now they trust each other completely. Roman then asks Kate what’s wrong and if there’s something she’s not telling him.

Eve questions what Harris is doing in Bayview. Eve decides she’ll go first and calls it a long, convoluted story but in short, she let vengeance consume her to the point that she lost all reason and she could’ve gone to prison but they deemed her criminally insane, so she’s here. Eve then tells Harris that it’s his turn. Harris responds that on more than one occasion, Stefano DiMera’s daughter Megan Hathaway brainwashed him to kill innocent people. Eve remarks that you gotta love Salem. Harris guesses this is not where either of them expected to be after graduating Salem High. Eve then points out that she didn’t have as much fun in high school as he did. Eve says she has to get going because she has a group session very early tomorrow morning. Harris stops her and says there’s something he has to say. Harris then tells her that he’s sorry.

Chad asks what EJ proposes he does. EJ proposes that Chad gets Alex to stop darkening his doorstep and urges Chad to fight for his woman. EJ advises Chad to ask himself, what would Stefano do? Chad jokes about what he expects him to do. EJ tells Chad that he has to let Alex know that he can’t keep interfering in his relationship and if he does, there will be consequences, otherwise he’s going to keep taking advantage and chipping away at their relationship until there’s nothing left. Chad declares that for once, he thinks EJ is actually right. Chad says he’ll see him later as he’s not going to waste time and he’s going to straighten out Alex Kiriakis. EJ encourages Chad to go be a DiMera. Chad looks to the portrait of Stefano and then exits the mansion.

Nicole and Melinda sit together in the town square as Nicole enjoys her fried pickles. Melinda brings up just being in court with Sloan. Nicole asks so what since they are both lawyers. Melinda says she just meant that Sloan is pregnant too and Nicole’s ex-husband is the father. Melinda asks what are the odds and jokes that there must be something in the water in Salem. Nicole blows it off as there being nothing to it. Melinda thinks back again to Sloan almost telling her something about Nicole being pregnant. Melinda remarks that it looks like she struck a nerve. Nicole disagrees but Melinda feels that bringing up Eric and Sloan’s baby has rained on her parade. Nicole insists that she doesn’t care about them as she is with EJ and their pregnancy is going very well as the genetic testing came back clear so she’s confident that she can carry the baby to term. Melinda then questions genetic testing.

Sloan asks if Eric is proposing right now. Eric guesses that he is and says they kind of did this whole thing in a crazy order as they went from lawyer and client to friends with benefits and now they are having a baby. Eric wants to make a commitment to their baby and to her. Eric wants their baby to carry Brady as a last name as it’s a name that he’s really proud of. Eric adds that it would be a lot easier if the child’s parents had the same last name for his kid to carry that name too.

Roman tells Kate that she’s scaring him here and says they got past her knowing that Lucas kidnapped Sami because she swore to him there would be no more secrets. Roman asks if she’s gone back on her word and demands the truth. Kate then admits there is something she’s been keeping from him. Roman asks what it is. Kate then reveals that she asked Harris Michaels to kill someone for her.

Harris apologizes to Eve for how he treated her in high school. Eve calls that a long time ago. Harris says it doesn’t matter as he was a total jerk back then which Eve agrees with. Harris admits he only cared about hooking up with girls and impressing his idiot friends. Eve brings up her past as a prostitute. Harris admits he used her and he has a lot of regrets about that as it wasn’t right and she deserves better. Eve repeats that it was a million years ago. Harris is still sorry about it. Eve responds that she’s been through a lot worse since then and she remembers turning the tables on him back then when she threw the big warehouse party where Harris and his friends got arrested. Harris points out that almost kept him out of the military. Eve guesses she’ll always have a knack for revenge.

Alex comments on the kids sleeping. Stephanie decides she should go check on them and heads to their room. Chad then comes home to find Alex there again. Alex says he just came by to drop off dinner to thank them for last night. Chad calls that thoughtful and asks where Stephanie is. Alex informs him that she’s checking on the kids and repeats that he’s really grateful for them letting him tag along to the Pub after his awful date. Chad tells Alex that he can drop the act and save the faux sincerity for Stephanie. Alex claims he’s not following. Chad says he’s on to him which Alex questions. Chad tells Alex that his nice guy friendly stuff is just a scam to get Stephanie back and it’s not ever going to work.

Roman questions if Kate hired Harris Michaels to go after Stefan. Kate says of course not and clarifies that she asked Harris to kill Megan Hathaway. Kate argues that in her defense, Megan tried to use Bo to kill her first and she was responsible for her being stuck on a fishing boat at the mercy of Dimitri. Roman says he’s not saying that Megan’s not a horrible person but questions sending an assassin after her. Kate says Roman doesn’t have to worry since Harris refused to do it anyway because he didn’t want to add to his body count. Kate adds that Harris was going to kidnap her and have her disappear to an off the grid location, but Megan got in to his brain again and she’s the one who sent him after Stefan. Kate apologizes to Roman for keeping all of this from him and admits she promised Kayla that she would tell him but she wasn’t able to find the right time. Roman questions Kayla knowing. Kate confirms that she told Kayla after everything went down. Roman complains that his baby sister knew his wife was running around town ordering hits. Kate asks if Roman thinks she’s a monster.

Harris sits with Eve and asks about her knack for revenge being what landed her here. Harris asks what happened to her if she doesn’t mind. Eve reveals that the DiMeras aren’t the only ones capable of using mind control as a weapon as she used it to brainwash Hope’s serial killer son in law to murder his own wife.

Alex tells Chad to slow down. Chad argues that Stephanie might feel sorry for him but he doesn’t. Alex says he doesn’t need anyone to feel sorry for him. Chad accuses him of playing the game of being sad and lonely needing a shoulder to cry on. Chad declares that he’s done watching him make moves on his woman right in front of him. Alex questions Chad saying his woman and warns that Stephanie isn’t fond of the possessive. Chad argues that he lives with Stephanie and knows her a hell of a lot better than he does. Alex questions it being like that. Chad wants Alex to stop showing up at his door without a shirt on, bringing over dinner, or coming by to shoot the breeze. Alex questions Chad not wanting them all to be friends. Chad says not like this with Alex showing up purposely when he’s not there so he can hang out with Stephanie and come up with excuses. Chad asks if Alex knows the meaning of the word boundaries and tells him to start respecting their boundaries. Chad orders Alex to stop showing up uninvited, crashing their dinners, and to leave them the hell alone. Chad asks if Alex understands now.

Melinda asks Nicole if genetic testing is standard nowadays. Nicole says it is with expecting mothers her age and with her history. Nicole adds that Sloan and Eric also did it with their baby. Melinda jokingly asks if they are comparing notes now. Nicole explains that she found out because Sloan ended up with her test results by mistake. Melinda questions how that happened. Nicole guesses it was a mix-up at the hospital. Nicole thanks Melinda and says she’s going to get home to her man. Melinda congratulates Nicole as she walks away. Melinda remarks to herself on the supposed mix-up and wonders what Sloan wanted with EJ and Nicole’s test results.

Sloan tells Eric that she doesn’t know what to say as she wasn’t really expecting this and they never even talked about marriage before. Eric admits he wasn’t really expecting to have this conversation either and apologizes if he’s blindsiding her, but says it just makes sense to him as they want their relationship to be official before the baby comes. Eric then asks Sloan if she wants to get married. Sloan responds by saying hell no.

Nicole goes home to EJ at the DiMera Mansion. EJ asks if she got to visit with Abe. Nicole says she unfortunately wasn’t able to see him. EJ asks where Nicole has been all this time as he started to get worried. Nicole tells him that he doesn’t have to worry every time she leaves the house. EJ says he’ll try not to but he just wants everything to be okay. Nicole explains that she had her fried pickle and milkshake craving so she went to the town square. EJ says she didn’t have to do that as he could’ve had Cook make her anything she wanted at home. Nicole jokes that she likes the diner’s fried pickles better. Nicole adds that she ran in to Melinda Trask. EJ guesses that was unpleasant. Nicole explains that she literally ran in to Melinda, who knocked over her food plate and she was generous enough to buy her a replacement. EJ remarks that Melinda may be many things but generous is not one of them, so he wonders what she’s really up to.

Roman tells Kate that he loves her very much, so he doesn’t think she’s a monster. Kate asks even after she kept the truth from him and almost did something terrible. Roman hugs her and says he knows the woman he married both times and he loves her unconditionally. Kate asks if he forgives her. Roman confirms that he does and admits he understands why she did it since Megan tried to take everything from them and made him believe that he had lost her forever. Roman jokes that next time she wants to hire a Navy SEAL, she could run it by him first. They kiss until Marlena enters the Pub and greets them. Kate asks if she has any news on Abe. Marlena says she doesn’t but she’s been at Bayview with Harris. Kate asks if Harris has started treatment. Marlena responds that she can’t discuss a patient, but she can say he’s exactly where he needs to be.

Harris can’t imagine what it would be like losing a daughter like Eve did and says he’s so sorry for her loss. Eve responds that Paige was her world and she still misses her every day. Eve talks about doing a lot of work on herself since being here and lots of intense therapy so she’s learned to cope with her grief in more productive ways. Harris says that’s good to hear. Harris doesn’t know if Eve heard that he and Hope were together for awhile recently. Eve assumes Harris met Hope’s daughter Ciara then, which Harris confirms. Eve adds that he would’ve also met Ciara’s husband Ben, her daughter’s killer. Harris hopes talking about this isn’t triggering. Eve declares that she will never forgive Ben Weston for what he did to her daughter, but Ciara is only guilty for having the worst taste in men, so she realizes it was wrong of her to try to punish Ciara for Ben’s crimes.

Chad asks Alex if they have an agreement. Alex responds that they do. Alex states that he’s been working on becoming more self aware and having more respect for others, so knowing that he’s not wanted here and that Chad resents his friendship with Stephanie, there won’t be any more neighborly visits or tagging along to dinner. Alex declares that he’s out and he will back off from both of them. Chad hopes he means that. Alex assures that he does and gives him his word as they shake hands. Stephanie comes back in and asks what’s going on here. Chad claims it’s nothing. Stephanie confirms the kids are asleep and says she’s going to get dinner warmed up for them. Alex tells them to enjoy dinner themselves as he’s going to take off. Chad questions if he’s sure. Alex says he has a lot of work to do. Chad points out in front of Stephanie that Alex has to eat so he might as well join them now. Alex says he’s good and maybe next time. Chad suggests maybe when he finishes working, he can come by for dessert. Alex insists on next time and thanks him. Alex says he’ll see them around. Stephanie thanks Alex for bringing all the food over. Alex repeats that it’s the least he could do. Alex tells them to enjoy their night and exits. Stephanie finds it weird that Alex left so abruptly. Chad blows it off as Alex saying he had work to do. Stephanie remains unsure as she got the feeling that Alex was making up excuses to leave, but wonders why since when he first got there, he was excited to have dinner with them and didn’t say anything about having to work. Stephanie wonders why Alex was suddenly in such a rush to get out of there. Chad claims not to know why and agrees it was weird and out of character for him. Stephanie adds that it was also out of character for Chad to urge him to stay. Chad claims he was just trying to be polite. Stephanie acknowledges that Chad hates when Alex comes over and thinks he’s trying to win her back. Chad says he’s over that and that he feels sorry for Alex as he thinks he’s very lonely. Stephanie agrees and calls Chad very sweet and kind to have made him feel welcome. Chad responds that she is the kind and sweet one. Chad tells Stephanie how grateful he is to have her in his life. Stephanie asks where this is coming from. Chad says from his heart and he also talked to EJ, who reminded him to never take her for granted. Chad adds that when he lost Abigail, he never thought he would have love in his life again and he resisted the feelings for months, but she brought so much light back in to his world. Chad wants Stephanie to know how important she is and that he would never let anything come between them. Stephanie responds that she feels the same way. Chad brings up dinner but Stephanie suggests they skip straight to dessert, so they head to the bedroom.

Kate tells Marlena that she hopes Harris gets the help that he needs because he’s not a bad guy. Marlena calls taking responsibility for his actions an important first step. Marlena guesses they’ve also heard about Eric and Sloan which Roman confirms. Marlena admits she’s happy for Eric but has her reservations about Sloan. Roman thanks her and says him too. Kate gets that Sloan doesn’t look like the maternal type but she’s apparently suffered terrible losses in her life, so she thinks they need to give her the benefit of the doubt. Marlena agrees since Eric is a grown man and can make his own decisions. Marlena brings up how much Eric has always wanted a family of his own, so she hopes nothing happens to mess it up.

Eric questions Sloan not wanting to marry him and asks if he did something wrong. Sloan calls it a pathetic excuse of a marriage proposal with no romance. Sloan argues that she doesn’t need to marry him or his last name since she already has two family last names that she’s proud of. Eric asks what she needs him from him then. Sloan responds that she needs love and calls him a jackass.

Melinda calls Sloan and leaves a message, inviting her to lunch as she’d love to finish the conversation they had started earlier.

Nicole tells EJ that Melinda was being pretty nosy. EJ guesses she’s probably gearing up to go after DiMera with more bogus charges. Nicole senses it was more personal as Melinda was asking questions about their baby and Eric and Sloan’s baby. EJ wonders why their children would concern Melinda. Nicole says she has no idea. EJ suggests maybe it’s nothing, then remarks that Melinda has no life outside of the courthouse so maybe she’s living vicariously through them. EJ is glad they have a baby to look forward to as they kiss.

Harris comments that it sounds like Bayview has been good for Eve. Eve says when she got there, she was at her lowest point and had no hope but the treatment has really turned her life around. Eve reveals that she’s actually due to get out in a few weeks and she hopes for a fresh start. Harris asks what she plans to do. Eve responds that she’s thinking about going to California to be near Shane, Kimberly, and Theresa with her nephew Tate. Harris says that sounds nice. Eve suggests maybe she could try her hand at music again. Harris acknowledges that she was always very talented and it’s never too late for your dreams. Eve encourages that it’s not too late for his dreams too. Eve hopes that Bayview will help Harris just as much as it helped her. Harris says only time will tell.

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