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I am so sorry that I am late. Someone thought it was a great idea to have a water balloon fight in the middle of town square. Which, you know, then means extra cleanup for you know who. Not that I’m complaining or anything. After everything I helped Collin do to Chanel and her family, I am lucky to only walk away with community service.

Although I am committing fashion crimes on a daily basis. Ada, hello? Like, are you listening to me? Sorry, I’m, I’m just, I’m just a bit distracted. Really? Well, what’s on your mind? Rafe, I can’t stop thinking about how being with me has cost him everything. Paulina. Paulina. Paulina! Take a breath, okay? Take a deep breath.

Everything’s gonna be okay. We will find Lonnie. Listen to me. I can stall the prison. No, I do not want to involve Salem PD right now. Paulina, I’m gonna find Lonnie before anyone ever realizes she was even missing, okay? Okay. Okay, good. I’ll be in touch. Okay.

Hey. Hey. So, should I cancel the reservation? Yeah, unfortunately. It’s a madhouse here right now. It’s like everyone decided to get sick on the same night. I’m so sorry. No, but we can, we can go to the beach show another night this week, okay? Sure. Yeah, that’s fine. Really. Just go save lives, Dr. Johnson. I’ll find something to nuke in the microwave and I’ll see you when you get back.

Okay? See you then.

Dear Jing, when you are right, I need to find a way to move on from Gabby for real this time I hope Matchmaker I told you about, she found someone perfect for me or so she claims, and I have a date tonight. Wish me luck.

Hmm. You know, I have to say that you, District Attorney Trascar, are the last person I expected to be having dinner with tonight. I mean, of all the women in Salem, for me to be We’re not in a courtroom, Lee. And here, I’m not the DA. Oh, no? Then, who are you? Um, I’m Melinda. I’m a woman on a date with a very attractive man that I’d like to get to know a little better.

Despite our rather… scratchy… past. Okay then, Melinda, it is.

So, um, what looks good to you? Well, uh, small bar salmon is definitely my favorite. Oh, and mine. So I guess we have a lot more in common than our shared taste in good wine.

So, tell me, why exactly did you let Dimitri move in here? I didn’t. Stefan made that decision unilaterally, which infuriated me at first. But once I had time to think about it, I realized it’s best to keep him close by so we can keep an eye on him. And hopefully influence him to vote his shares in the company.

Well, good luck with that. Yeah, I think we’re gonna need it. So, um, how was Abe’s funeral? I mean, it was a lovely service. But after standing around with friends and family, it just finally started to feel real. Mm. You know, we lost such a good man. He was so kind. Abe was like a father figure to you. Yeah.

Speaking of which, I have some news for you, Daddy. Oh. About our future child. A. K. A. Our baby. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yes,

Colin, of course I’m going to represent you at trial tomorrow. And no, I’m not too busy with my new boyfriend. No, he has no ideas. Could be the father of Nicole’s baby. Eric is completely in the dark.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So I, I kept hoping I was hearing that wrong, but did the new mayor really fire you? Acting mayor. Yeah, he did. Yeah. You heard right. What is this guy’s deal? I mean, what is he, on some kind of crazy power trip? Please, please tell me you’re at least going to fight this, right? What can I do? I violated department policy.

Ah, so. You and Detective Hunter… Yeah. Yeah. Is it serious? It’s new. We both care about each other. Yeah, I’m happy to hear that. I mean, not that, you know, you losing your job thing, that sucks. Right, yeah. But, uh. Yeah, thanks. I’m glad that you found someone. Yeah. Yeah, me too. I know it was tough. You know, the, the divorce with Nicole.

Uh huh. Yeah. It was, actually. Yeah. But you know what? We were never meant to be. And, um, everyone else saw it. You know, as soon as our marriage became a disaster, everyone knew. Everyone knew she was going back to your Uncle Eric. Yeah. Yeah. Except now she’s with my dad, and we’re having a baby, and just… What?

Nicole’s pregnant? What about our baby? Well, I talked to Dr. Swanson today. And? And everything’s fine. I’m happy to report. But she also said that at our appointment tomorrow, we can… Find out if our little angel is a boy or a girl. I mean, that is, if you want to.

I have to go. I’ll see you at the courthouse tomorrow. Hey. Hey. I didn’t know you were going to be here. Well, you weren’t here, so I let myself in. Well, that’s the point of me giving you a key. Um, how was Mayor Carver’s funeral? Stupid question. I’m sure it was terribly sad. Yeah, it was. So who were you on the phone with before?

And what exactly am I in the dark about? Oh

my god, what are you doing home? I figured you were getting all glammed up. I didn’t want to miss it. I, I know, I know, but hey, I do really love this book you got going on. No. Stop. Okay, this is the look of a woman who got stood up by her uber busy doctor boyfriend. Oh, her uber busy doctor boyfriend who managed to convince someone to go with them tonight so we can still hit up the Hmm.

Well. I was also thinking that since I was uber busy at work overseeing the new install for the security patches for BasicBlock’s entire e commerce infrastructure. That sounds like fun. Yeah, it was a blast. I was kind of more in the mood to stay in. If that’s okay with you. It’s totally fine. Besides, we do have the whole place to ourselves.

Yeah? Where’s Lee? On a date. My favorite movie of all time? Let’s see. It’d have to be Casablanca. Yours? Casablanca is definitely one of my favorites, but I have to say that, um, The Godfather tops my list. The trilogy, completely, and also Citizen Kane. I actually just saw Nope, the Jordan Peele film. Have you seen it?

It’s just great. So you’re a bit of a movie buff, are you? It’s one of my passions.

How’s your salmon? Um, it’s perfect. Yours?

It’s also perfect.

You know, um, I haven’t really hit it off. Like this with someone in a long time.

I haven’t really been dating much since my divorce. Hardly ever, really. I didn’t know you were married. I was, to an abusive son of a bitch. I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, well, I broke free before things got too ugly. I guess that’s why I have a soft spot for women like Talia Hunter. Hmm, Colin Bedford’s girlfriend.

Yeah, he had this sick hold on her and convinced her to do horrendous things to settle his personal scores. But she broke free of him, thank God. I just, I hope she makes the most of her second chance. I hope you’re not blaming yourself for Rafe losing his job. I mean, it seems like this acting mayor guy is totally tripping.

I know, but Rafe and I still broke the rules. I mean, even though our relationship was 100% consensual. I mean, he just happened to be my boss. I mean, it’s good to know he’s not the kind of guy that would use his position to get someone in the bed. Oh, no, never. Well, believe me, I wanted that man just as much as he wanted me.

I mean, Rafe is an amazing guy. He’s sweet, kind, funny. Wow, Jada, look, if you’re this crazy about this guy, I mean, it just might be worth him getting fired.

Wow, Nicole’s pregnant. I am so sorry, I, I, I thought you already knew that. No, I did not. I mean, I didn’t even think it was possible for her to have a baby. You know, I mean, to carry one to term. Well, it is considered a, uh, high risk pregnancy, but, you know, my dad flew in some expert to oversee it all, so…

Yeah, of course he did. Yeah. You know what? I’m happy for her. Yeah. I’m happy for both of them. I’m sure your dad’s thrilled. Yeah, he is. Especially now that he knows he’s the father. He’s thrilled. To what? Oh. Oh, crap. Uh, you know what? Just, just, just forget that I even said that. No, no, no, no, You gotta tell me now.

Okay, look. I’ll tell you, but you can’t go spreading this around. Okay, yeah, who am I gonna tell? Right, um, Okay, well, uh, The thing is, before they got the DNA test done, There was a chance that the baby was my Uncle Eric’s.

Oh, man.

Well, How am I in the dark? Well, I was just on the phone with my brother. He’s at the jail, and, you know, he starts his trial tomorrow. Oh, and what does that have to do with me? Well, it doesn’t, really. Not directly, anyway. He was just… He was asking about us and how things were going, and… And? And, uh, okay. I’ve been keeping something from you.

We can find out if we’re having a boy or a girl tomorrow. And if you want to. I see. So, do you want to? I don’t know, do you? I don’t know. Okay, great. It’s settled. Are you sure you’re not just saying, I don’t know, because you want me to answer first? No, is that what you’re doing? No, this is not going to go anywhere.

Um, okay, how about this? Why don’t we answer at the same time? Really? What’s wrong with that? I don’t know. It just seems kind of silly. Okay, yes, fine, let’s do it. Okay, ready? Yes. On the count of three. One, two… Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait. Is it one, two, and then our answer? Or is it one, two, three, and our answer?

The second one. So, one, two, three, answer. Yes. Okay. Okay. Ready? Yeah. Okay. One, two… Stop it. Oh, sorry. One, two, three… No.

You don’t want to know the sex of our baby. That’s why I said no. You’d rather be surprised? No, it’s not about being surprised. I’ve had enough surprises with this pregnancy. And what is it? I, I just, I guess I don’t want to, I don’t want to tempt fate. You know, finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl, that’s when it starts to feel real.

You know, I start to wonder, you know, what’s he gonna look like, or, or what’s her name gonna be?

And that’s a bad thing?

I just don’t want to risk it at this point. I mean,

what if I get emotionally attached to this baby and I lose it?

Sloane, no more dancing around. What are you keeping from me?

I’m late.

Uh, as in? Yeah, that kind of late.

Are you saying you might be pregnant?

You know what? I shouldn’t be surprised. Right? I mean, Nicole goes straight from our disaster of her marriage into a paternity mess with two of her ex husbands. It was pretty messy. Yeah. Yeah, par for the course, unfortunately. Yeah, well, you know, I’m not really one to talk, I guess. Yeah. You know what? Me neither.

And, uh, as much as it does hurt that it cost me my job, I must say that I am relieved to be in a drama free relationship with Jada. Yeah. Yeah, drama free relationship sounds really nice. You still seeing, um, Wendy shit? No. No. No, that’s… That’s over. Oh. Yeah. Oh, sorry to hear that. Well, it’s like you said, with you and Nicole, right?

It just wasn’t meant to be. She’s with Tripp now.

Yes, you go, girl. You really love this show, huh? Okay, my Zumo got me hooked. She’s been watching Body and Soul since it started. You gotta love those, uh, smutty family traditions, huh? Okay. No, I, I, okay, I get that you have a soap opera addiction, but can you please explain to me how you can eat this stuff? Oh, it doesn’t compare to filet mignon at the bistro, huh?

Well, it means fine dining when I have you.

And have I told you how happy I am that you chose me to be your boyfriend? I really like hearing it.

And have I told you how sorry I am that I put you through that dumb competition? It’s okay. It’s worth it. Not for Johnny.

Please tell me you don’t feel bad for him. I mean, he’ll probably be back with Chanel by the end of the week, or with some new girlfriend. Oh, I know. Yeah. Johnny will be fine in the romance department. Actually, it’s my brother I’m worried about. Really hope he’s enjoying himself on this date.

So, if you polled most people in Salem, what do you think they’d say about you? What do you think they’d say? That you’re ruthless and a little scary. But I’m seeing a different side of you. The compassionate side. I admire what you did for Talia Hunter. Thank you for saying that. And you know, I’m seeing a different side of you as well.

And I may have been a little harsh with you before. And yes, you did break the law. And I do not condone all you did to keep Gabby in your life. But? But, I’ve had my own run ins with her, and that woman gives as good as she gets. So you understand. No, I sympathize. She and Stefan used the both of us. And, um, in the end they left us in the dust.

They toyed with our emotions. It’s no wonder you wanted him dead. I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t you? As I’ve stated repeatedly, I had nothing to do with the attempt on Stefan DiMera’s life. Oh, come on, Lee. Don’t kid a kidder. You’re not in the interrogation room with D. A. Trask.

You’re enjoying a nice dinner with a few drinks with your new friend, Melinda. I like you, Lee. And I think something is happening here.

I just need us to be honest with each other. And I promise it goes no further than this table.

What does? You were the one that brought Rolf back to Salem to brainwash Harris Michaels, weren’t you? You were behind the assassination attempt. You

don’t forgive him for sad guy poker? Do I even want to know what that is? No, you’ll figure it out. Alright, I’ll go first. Lost my job. Ah, I think I get it now. Your turn. I lost my girlfriend. Yeah, okay. I, um, oh, my ex wife is having a baby with a guy that I can’t stand. No offense. None taken. Okay, let me see, um, Ah, the girl I was nuts about.

Chose some nerdy doctor over me and my last ex left me for my sister Not even have a hot detective to fall back on so I Think I win, right? Did I just win? I think, yeah, I think you just like you left me right in the dust there, wow I do have a hot detective in my life. So Yeah, no complaints Wow. God. But you know what?

I’ll tell you something. We’re both catchers. Yeah. We are. Right? Yeah, we are. So, you Jada, she better lock this down. And I’m talking all the way down. Down, down. Oh, man. You know? And you know what? For you, I bet that there’s some lucky girl out there right now. She’s just swiping left. Swiping right. Swipe.

Swipe right. Right. Yeah. So she’s swiping right. I’ll take your word for that. Okay. Yeah. I’ve actually got to go meet Jada at the pub right now for a beer. You wanna come? Come on, man. I’ll buy you a beer. You sure you can afford it? Well, probably not actually. You know, you buy the beers. How about that, huh?

Okay, I’ll buy the beers. I’d love to grab a beer with you. I miss hanging out with you like this. Yeah, same. Alright, come on. Let’s do it. Yeah.

What is wrong with me? Here I am with you and worried about my brother’s date. That’s okay, I get it. Lee’s life has been off the rails for a little while and you’re worried about him. Yeah, more than I should be. I mean, he is a grown ass man, for one. And, I’ve been really ashamed of some of the things he’s done lately.

But… But he’s your family. And you love him. Yeah. I do. Okay, so he was fixed up with this date through a matchmaker, right? Mm hmm. Okay, so theoretically, he would have had her vetted and ran through an algorithm of some sort. She should be a pretty decent match for him, right? I hope so. Anyway, that is enough talk about my brother for one night.

He can take care of himself. Yes, he can. Which leaves me to take care of you, Dr. Johnson.

So what do you think? Should we take this to the bedroom?

I’m not judging. I’m really not. I just want us to be open with each other. You did it, didn’t you, Leigh? You sent Commander Harris Michaels after Stefan?

What are you doing? Wait, no, you can’t do that! Give that back! You’re recording me? What? No, I don’t know how that could have happened. It must have been left on from when I was at work. Or maybe when you went to the ladies room after we ordered. No, Lee, I And to think, I was actually having a nice time. What, what did you, pressure the matchmaker service to put us together?

No, Lee, you have this all wrong. And you, District Attorney Trask, are a terrible liar. Especially for someone who gets paid to lie their ass off. Enjoy your salmon. No, I

Mind your business.

Yes, it’s um, it’s a possibility that I’m pregnant. How long have you known? Why don’t we know now? I mean. Not for sure, it’s, I’m only a couple days late. Okay, I see. You know what, look, let’s wait a couple more days and then we just see what happens. We could do that, or we could… Or what? What? I could run down to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test.

You know what, I’ll be right back, okay? Yeah, I’ll be right back.

Darling, the doctor I brought in has the utmost confidence you’ll be able to carry the baby to term. I know. I know what she said. It’s just, I’ve had so many issues. Okay, okay. So there’s, there’s no guarantees. Isn’t that all the more reason to cherish every moment along the way? I mean, learning the baby’s gender.

It can be a time for celebration. Oh, celebration? Only if it’s a boy, you mean. What? Yeah, what? I know how chauvinistic you Damaris are. Oh, you want a male descendant? Admit it! No! I will not! I will not admit it! First of all, I absolutely adore my daughter, Sydney, as you well know, and I already have a son, obviously.

And also, it’s the 21st century. I’m just as evolved as you are. I am a passionate proponent of gender equality. Yes, really. And forget about equality. Girls are now proving themselves to be superior. Outperforming boys in school, as we’ve all read. Not to mention that members of the female persuasion are just generally…

better people, in my view. They’re kinder, more caring. Wiser. Damn right.

So I would be absolutely thrilled, if our baby turned out to be a girl. So,


two cops are in the bed together, like, Do you guys wear uniforms? Okay, just stop. First of all, Rafe and I don’t even wear uniforms on the job. And second of all, my sex life is none of your business, Talia. Carl, look, my personal life is a train wreck right now. So excuse me if I vicariously live through you and your love life.

And just so you know, I’m not gonna stop until you spill. So. Okay. Fine. I’ll tell you. See? And you crack. Making love to Rafe Hernandez is mmm. The bomb. Okay, are you happy now? Way to go, buddy. Rafe,

hey. Hey. Can I talk to you for a sec? Uh, sure. I

am super mortified right now. Oh, no. Shh. Don’t be. You know, I only said that because Talia was being super nosy and annoying. And I just said that to shut her up. Oh. Okay. So you didn’t mean what you said. No, no, I did. I just… Okay, oh my god. I am usually a very private person. And, you know, like I said, Talia just wanted to live vicariously through me because she said that she’s with me right now.

It’s okay. I mean, who doesn’t love positive feedback? Yeah, yeah. So, how do you know Rafe? Uh, he is my ex stepdad. Yeah, he and my mom were married for a time. Oh. Small world. Yeah, totally. Especially in this town, I mean, uh, your sister’s dating my ex stepdad and you pretended to be interested in my ex wife.

I mean, getting a review like that, whether you were pressured into it or not… I mean, it almost makes losing my job worth it. Okay, you sound like my sister now. Well, it’s true. Well, it’s really sweet of you to say, but I’m really sorry what Rawlings did to you. Because you’re with me, your career could be over.

No, no, no, hey, I have no regrets. None, alright? I hope you don’t either. I don’t. Not one. Okay, good. Was there anything else you wanted to talk to me about? Yes, actually. I need your help.

Lee! You’re home! Sorry, uh, I should have texted. I can go. No, no, it’s fine. It’s totally fine. You live here too. Yeah, how was, uh, how was your date? Uh, so Jingwen told you about my being fixed up by a matchmaker? What was I not supposed to? No, it’s okay. What’s one more person known about my romantic failures?

Damn, I guess it didn’t go well, huh? It was a complete disaster, my boy. Another glass of wine, ma’am? I think I’ll be moving on to something a little stronger. Whiskey, need? Of course. And will your companion be wanting another beverage? I’m afraid he won’t be coming back tonight. Or ever.

Well I am glad to hear you say that. But what is most important is that we have a healthy baby. Yes, yes, that is most important by far. And also, what is very, very important, is that our baby is going to be so lucky to have you as their mother. Mm. Wanted to have you as their daddy. Oh. Daddy.

Got it right before they closed. Eric, this is crazy. Why? Well, because I’m probably not pregnant. Yeah, but you said you were late. Yeah, but I’m late by a couple days. I mean, this isn’t unusual for me. There’s only one way to find out.

Okay. Here goes nothing.

Okay, so I see that you want to do this, so let’s just do this and get this over with. I’m sure you hate my guts after everything I did to Chanel. I don’t know you well enough to hate you. But what I do know is that you hurt someone that I care about very much. And I’m not okay with that. And I don’t expect you to be.

Look, for what it’s worth… I feel awful about helping Colin get to Chanel and her family. And I’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to them. You mean that? You probably don’t believe this, but you’re not the only one that cares about Chanel. The last thing I want to do is to ever hurt her again. Well, that’s good.

Because if you

do, then you’ll have me to deal with.

So you have no idea where Lonnie is? No. She’s just gone off the radar. Damn, and if she doesn’t show up soon, it could look like she’s gone on the lam. Yeah, exactly. That’s why I have to find her in time. You can’t get the 712D involved. No. No, no, no, no, no. This is on me. I told Eli when he got called away that I would look after Lonnie.

I’ve already let Abe and his family down once. That’s not true, Rafe. Listen, I cannot be the reason that Lonnie gets more time tacked on to her sense. Listen, I know that this is a big ask. And I’ll bet that acting Mayor Rawlings is already gunning for you because of me. I need a good detective to help me find Lyne

before it’s

Lost love, Chardonnay? That’s what you ordered? Do you know it? Well, yeah, I know it. Pour me a glass and I’ll tell you the story.

Damn it, Melinda. You really screwed this one up, didn’t you?

I’m sorry to hear it didn’t go well. You want to talk about it?

Not really. Maybe tomorrow.

Wow. Sounds like it went ethically wrong. Yeah.

I feel so bad for him.

But we shouldn’t let that ruin our night. Right. Except, Wendy, I want our first time together today. Be special. No talk of ex boyfriends, no broken hearted brothers, no distractions. You’re right. Our first time. It should only be about us. Yeah.

Yes. Have I told you lately how grateful I am to be having a child with you? Well, I always love hearing it. Being this baby’s father, it means the world to me, Nicole. And I know you’re protecting yourself right now, and for good reason. But I hope soon you’ll be able to allow yourself to feel like this baby is a reality.

We are going to be parents together. This is happening.

Is it possible that, like, time could completely stop? Shh. Talking just makes it work slower. So not true. Yes, it is. Eric, look. Look, look, right there. It’s, it’s two lines. Right? Does that mean what I think it means? Yes. Yeah, that does. Oh, my God, Eric. We’re having a baby. We’re having a baby. We’re having a baby.

We’re having a baby!

No! We’re having a

baby. Hey, sweetness. Greetings from La La Land. You’re in Los Angeles? Well, did you find Jerry Prentiss? No, not yet. After John and I missed him at the, uh, bus terminal in Salem. We hopped on a plane, took a gamble that he might be headed here to resume his acting career. Well, that sounds like a good bet.

Yeah, we’ll see. Bus from Chicago should arrive any minute. Well, hopefully he’ll be on it and you’ll be able to ask him what he’s hiding about Abe. That’s the plan. Okay, keep me posted. Oh, and Steve.

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