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Jerry Prentiss, are you in there? My name’s Steve Johnson, I need to talk to you about Abe Carver.

Hey! Sorry Jerry,

I didn’t want to do this. Dr. Johnson’s husband’s getting very suspicious and it was you or me, so I had to throw you under the bus. Hopefully you’re long gone by now. This time, I was up against a wall, and I had to choose myself. Nurse King! Oh,

sorry. I hope I’m not interrupting anything. Um, it’s all right. I know why you’re here. Lonnie’s furlough is over. Yeah, I’m gonna take her back to prison. Not commissioner anymore, but, uh, I did volunteer to oversee the transfer. It’s gotta be easier for her to deal with someone she knows. And likes. Thank you.

Yeah. So, uh, you wanna call her? The thing is, um, you’re here. And she’s not.

Jerry guy telling me the truth? Could dad really be alive?


Dad, are you in there?


Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

She’s not here? That’s what I said. Yeah, Paulina, that’s not good. There’s not much time for me to get her back before her furlough expires. I know, I know, but she just wants to sit in the park alone. Pull herself together after the funeral. Okay. Well, there is actually a little bit of time, but she can’t be late.

She’s gonna screw up her chances of getting an early release. She won’t screw this up. She, she wants to get back to Eli and her babies as soon as possible, but… Maybe you should call her. I can’t call her. She’s a prisoner. She’s not allowed to have a phone. Oh, I forgot. She has, she has been gone a while now.

I’m gonna go to the park. I’m going. Oh, well, I’ll come with you. I just pray, I just pray to God that she hasn’t lost track of time. No more. No more. It’s true. Oh, my He wasn’t lying. Who are you? Dad, I’m Lonnie. I’m

your daughter. I’m sorry. I don’t know

you. That’s right, you have amnesia. Dad, everything’s gonna be okay now, okay? I’m gonna take you home, to your family, to everyone who loves you. Daddy, come home.

Dr. Johnson, you startled me. Oh, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help but overhearing that you… You feel like you’re against the wall? I mean, is there something I can do to help? No. No, no, no. Everything’s fine. Well, I don’t mean to pry, but it didn’t sound like everything’s fine. I mean, you said something about choosing yourself first over who?

No, not, not who. It’s more of a what. It’s just that as much as I love this hospital and this town, it’s time for me to put myself first and Say goodbye for good.

Just get it before a judge, okay? ASAP. Hey. Hey. I was just getting a new search warrant for the DiMera place. Oh. Well, that may not be necessary because Brady may be getting Rachel back as we speak. Oh, good. So Kristen admitted to hiding Rachel? Well, let’s just say she hinted at the fact that Rachel would magically reappear if Brady signed a new custody agreement.

So, I wrote one, and Brady should be signing it right about now. Rachel! What is the matter with you, Brady?! I thought we had an understanding. I thought we were gonna work this out. An understanding? No, no. What you did was blackmail, okay? You don’t get to kidnap my kid. Ow! Ow, okay. And then use her to dictate custody issues.

That’s not how it works. You I had a feeling that she was gonna re appear once you know what? Now, who’s to say? Huh? I am!

You came armed, Brady? For this? Since when do you own a gun? It’s my father’s and it’s loaded and that’s all you need to know. So, so if Rachel doesn’t appear, you’re gonna shoot me in cold blood? I’m thinking about it! Now where is she? I am telling you I don’t! No! But if you feel like you need to wave that gut around a little longer, if you’re feeling manly, but then we need to get down to business.

Now did you bring another copy of the agreement? You don’t, you don’t, you don’t get it. There’s no more agreement. There’s not an agreement and you’re not calling the shots. Do you understand? You’re not! I am.

Jerry Prentiss, can you hear me in there? I got here as soon as I can. How’s Jerry Prentiss? Nurse King saw him outside Abe’s room. Yeah, the day Abe disappeared. And he also happens to be the guy who saw Abe go off the docks. Hell yeah, we want to talk to this guy. No, I don’t know man. He’s either stonewalling me or napping in there.

Ah, not with the racket you’re making. I could hear you all the way out in the street. Well, if we don’t have an invitation, I guess our options are limited. That’s a fact. So let’s go to work. One for the money. After you. Two for the show.

This is where I left her. Okay, so where did she go? Huh? Maybe she said goodbye to someone before she left? No, no, I don’t think so. She saw everyone she knows at the funeral. Okay, but this is a straight shot back to your place, so if she was going back there, we’d have crossed paths with her. Oh, Rafe, this just doesn’t make sense.

I mean, yes, yes, she was grieving over Abe, but, uh, you know, maybe she needs some time alone to collect herself, but she knew she had to get back. Now, why would she forget about that and just disappear?

Ted, you have to take my word for it. This isn’t your home.

You know, I know

this. Paulina, she, she brought me home when I got out of the hospital. I, I, uh, she told me this. This is my home.

Whitley told you this

was your home? Paulina told me. Paulina, if you, if you were my daughter, you’d know this. Right there. Right there is our wedding picture. It’s right there.

It’s your card.

Okay, dad. You have to understand me, okay? That woman in that picture is not your wife. She is not Paulina.

You’re quitting the hospital? Yes. Today. I hope I’m not leaving you in the lurch. No, uh, no. It just seems kind of sudden. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, actually. I just made the decision. I’m moving back to Scottsdale. Actually, I told your husband about it a little while ago. Oh, you saw Steve? Yes, he introduced himself and wanted to talk.

Uh, well, about Mayor Carver, I assume. He’s investigating what happened to Abe. Yeah, well, I told him everything I knew, although it wasn’t much. I feel terrible that I can’t be of more help. Well, we all are concerned about Abe. But I still don’t understand why you’re leaving. Well, it’s not that complicated, you know, although I love this hospital and this town.

It just… Feels as if things are different. They’re, they’ve changed. How so? Oh, I don’t know really. It’s just, things feel different since Mayor Carver died. So, um… You’re quitting your job without notice and leaving town for good all because of Abe?


looks like someone knew you

were coming.

Not leaving because of Mayor Carver. Not exactly. It’s just that he’s like a metaphor. For what? Well, him dying sort of sums up how the whole town is ailing too. It seems that way to me, anyway. So, like I told your husband, it’s time for me to put my needs first. And so, I’m gonna go, and I’d like to use my vacation time for my two week notice.

Well, I, uh, doesn’t look like I’m gonna be able to change your mind. Uh, well, why don’t we go back to my office, and we can talk about your exit package? Oh, no, no, no, that’s not necessary. Plus, I’ve got to get home to my cats and I’ve got to start packing. Well, this is pretty important stuff. I mean, you don’t want to put it off.

It’s probably on the website, so I’ll just, you know, work that way. Sorry. I gotta go. Okay, well, it’s gonna take me a minute. I gotta get on the phone to accounting. They’ve gotta, they’ve gotta cut you a check. You know what? You could just mail my check to Scottsdale. I’ll give you my address when I land. It has been wonderful working with you.

You are a great lady. You’re really great.

Okay, I gotta go. It doesn’t make sense that… She finally knew she could be late reporting back to that prison. She knows she has to keep a spotless record. She’s been counting the days till she gets out of that place. All right, all right, hold on. Let’s just take this one step at a time. You said she wasn’t going to go anywhere to say goodbye to anyone, right?

Okay. So let’s just think. What would she be thinking about if she knew that she was going back to prison this afternoon? What would she be trying to do? She’d make it back to my place in time. Now that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. No way she’d screw this up. Oh my god. Oh my god! Oh my god! Pauline and Pauline.

Hey, please. Just try and calm down, okay? I promise you, I am going to find her. And you mean the way you found Abe?

Okay, so let me get this straight. Kristen said that if Brady signed a custody agreement that Rachel would just magically reappear? Well, that’s what she implied. But Kristen is too smart to actually admit that she had Rachel. Well, it’s still blackmail and kidnapping. Yeah, and Brady knows that. But he also knows how dangerous and volatile Kristen can be.

He would do anything to get Rachel away from her, and he’ll deal with Kristen later. But this is exactly what Kristen wants. He is playing right into her hand, and you are helping him do it. Okay. I get that you’re frustrated. And I get that you’re frustrated about more than just this case. Listen, I hate what happened to Rafe.

And just so you know, Sean is miserable. He hates that the acting mayor overheard him talking about your relationship. Oh, that’s good to know. But the fact of the matter is that Sean is only suspended. He can come back to the force, but thanks to him, Rafe’s career is over. We don’t know that. Well, what I do know is that if Rafe was here, he would be just as pissed at Brady for pulling this end run as I am.


see that you’re here for business. I give. I give. You won. You won. Now, Rachel, she’s… She’s down there in the secret passage.

She’s… Go! No! Brady! Brady! So! So! I’m sick of your damn games, Kristen. You’ve been using our daughter like a chess piece. You did the same thing, Brady! I did it to protect her from you! Because you are crazy! You are nuts! You’re incapable of loving her at this point! Damn you, Brady! No, you do not know how to love!

All you want to do is win! You don’t want to lose. That’s why you’re here because you’re lost in court and you hate losing just like your sociopathic father. Our girl is our daughter. She is not some prize. She’s mine too. She is not a possession, Kristen. And I can’t have you in her life. I don’t want you in her life.

I don’t want her to have this. I might as well just kill you right now. Daddy. Okay.

Dad, do you understand what I’m saying to you? Huh? The woman in that picture is not your wife. Dad, she is not Paulina. If I had a phone, I could show you, okay? Dad, I know you would remember her. You love her so much. Paulina

never said I had a daughter.

She said I had a son. Theo. Dad, she’s He was here. No, Dad. She’s lying to you. She’s tricking you. Uh, why? I talked to Theo earlier. And he is so worried about you. I saw him on TV. Dad, look. We can talk about all of that when I get you home. Okay? But I need to get you out of here, Dad. Paulina says I can’t leave the house.

Dad. Dad. That woman is not Paulina. She is a nurse at the hospital who somehow got you out of there with no one seeing you. And she has been keeping you here. Paulina works at the hospital. No, dad. Whitley works at the hospital. And she knows everyone is looking for you. Your family, the police. She faked your death, dad.

She made it look like you drowned. Dad, I was at your funeral this morning. Okay, she made it to where everyone would stop looking for you. She faked your death, Dad. You watch Body and Soul? This could be one of their stories. Please, Dad. Please. You have to come with me, okay? I will help you to your chair.

Okay, you have to come with me, and we can go. No! I can’t let you do that.

Baby? Sweetheart, come here. Come here. What are you doing? Stay out of it. Baby, baby. Oh my God, you’re okay? You’re okay? Hey, look at me. Everything’s okay. No, it’s not okay. You said you were gonna kill Mommy. No. No, no, no. Honey, no, I would never do that. I, I need, I needed her to tell me where you were. I heard you.

No, I, you, honey, you disappeared from camp. I didn’t know where you were. Nobody knew where you were. And I, I, I would do anything to make sure that you were safe, okay? But I would never kill anybody. No. Rachel, baby, come here. Rachel, come here. You stay out of it! Don’t talk to her like that! Just don’t!

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. There’s no need to take this out on you. I understand that Sean feels terrible about this, but he shouldn’t. It’s not his fault. It’s ours. Rafe and I brought this on ourselves. We kept working together even though we knew. We knew how we felt. I think the blame goes to whoever created these draconian regulations.

I feel so awful. I mean, here I am, I’m still at work. While Ray P, he’s out on the streets. Listen, if there’s anything I can do legally, you know I will. I don’t think there is. We knew the regulations, and we knew what would happen. God, it’s just so stupid. I mean, we, we need Rafe. We have a missing child, and we don’t even know what the hell really happened to Abe.

Well, no clothes, no suitcases. No Clifton on the counter over there. Son of a bitch took off in a hurry. Why? Did he know I was coming? I mean, Nurse Ting was the only one who knew I wanted to talk to him, and it wouldn’t have made any sense for her to warn him. Well, nothing about this case has made any sense, has it?

Well, maybe he started feeling the heat and decided, uh, to get out of here before people started putting two and two together. Yeah, if he was behind what happened to Abe. And that’s still a big if, which is why I wanted to talk to him. By the looks of this place, it looks like he booked out of Salem. Yeah.

So, how’d he haul out of here, plane, train, car? Bus? Clean up. Hey, we can’t cover the airport, the train, and bus stations between the two of us. No, we’re gonna need some help with that. Let’s see if I can get some. Hey, Jada.

Steve, what’s up? I’m calling about that witness who saw Abe fall off the docks. Jerry Prentiss, the actor? That’s right. John and I decided to have a little talk with him. Turns out, he was in the hospital near Abe’s room the day Abe went missing. Now he’s gone too. We’re in his apartment. Looks like he grabbed his stuff and ran.

You want me to put people at the airport, train, and bus stations? Yes, please. I’m on it. If he’s still in Salem, we’ll find him. Thanks, appreciate it. She’s on it. Alright, thing is, we don’t know when the guy split. I just hope it’s already not too late. Don’t you look at me like that! We both know none of this would have ever happened if you weren’t spending your time sneaking around with detective hunter This isn’t about me and Jada.

All right, and we need to stay focused and try and find Lonnie This is about you and Jada. You were fired for sleeping with a subordinate And if you two had focused on your jobs Instead of each other, maybe he would have found Abe before he fell off that dock.

Then there wouldn’t have been here. Maybe she wouldn’t have been so sad and felt the need to be alone. Maybe she would have got back later. Now she can’t be


too much! Shh. Shh. Elena. No, Dad, that is not Paulina. Paulina, you won’t believe what this woman’s been telling me. And who is this woman? This woman is your worst nightmare. I’m Lonnie Grant, Abraham’s daughter and wife of FBI agent Eli Grant, who is going to be very interested to hear all about what my father is doing here.

He’s, he’s very ill. He’s being nursed back to health. And it is imperative that he not have any stress whatsoever. So I’m gonna have to ask you to Shut up! Just shut up. Do you have any idea the hell that you’ve put all of us through? His family, his wife? We were at his funeral this morning. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.

This is just ridiculous. Get out of my house right now. No, no, I don’t think so, Nurse King. Jerry told me everything. Jerry Prentiss? The guy that you hired to play my brother? But your act is over. I am taking my father home, and you are going to prison.

Prison? Who’s going to prison? It’s alright, Dad. We’re gonna get out of here now, and you’ll start feeling better soon. Okay? Don’t do this to us. Abe and I have a future together. We love each other. Please don’t do this to us. Stay here, Daddy. I’ll get your chair. No, I didn’t mean any harm. I was just trying to help him.

Can’t you see? Please, please, just have some mercy. Mercy? For you? I suppose I should feel bad that you’re sick and depraved. A. K. A. you’re crazy. But all I feel for you is contempt. And I am going to make you pay. I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. I’m getting this chair. I can’t let you do that.

So, if this actor is the guy we’re looking for, what’s his motive? Was he maybe looking for a ransom? Well, if so, he’s taking his own sweet time getting around to it, isn’t he? Well, maybe something went wrong and he had to put things on hold. Mm hmm. Like what? Somehow Abe got away. Jerry said he saw Abe fall into the water.

Well, that’s better than him saying he pushed him in. Partner, if this is a kidnapping, why would you kill the hostage without even asking for a penny? Oh, b b better yet, better yet, if he saw Abe fall into the water, why did he even open his damn mouth? You and I both know how many rants have been paid out for people who are already dead.

And, and, and why in God’s name would he hang around until the police showed up? The only reason we know his name is because he talked to Eli and Rafe. So think about it. If Prentiss is the guy who kidnapped Abe, then everything he did after that makes absolutely no sense. Yeah. Maybe the guy’s just dumb as dirt.

Hey. Machine’s talking. Got an error message. Maybe he was trying to print something before he left. Ticket. Boarding pass.

Document jam.

Here we go.

Okay, Ty. I just got myself worked up to the point where there just, there was just no turning it off. Well, you have been pushed to the limit. Why don’t you just sit here for a little while and try to relax, all right? I’ll come back and recheck your numbers. But I really do think you’re gonna be fine.

She’s wrong. I’m not gonna be fine. Not after the things that I said to you. I was, I was cruel. The last thing I think is that you and Detective Hunter weren’t doing everything you can, and I’m, I’m just so sorry, and I’m mad at myself. Like Kayla said, you were pushed to the limit. We’re good. Yeah, but Lonnie, Lonnie isn’t.

She’s got to get back to the prison in time, and we still don’t know where she is.

Is that her? No. It’s the prison in Maryland.

Do you really think you should talk like this in front of our daughter? This is not helping the situation, Brady. This is a situation that you created. You created it, okay? So it’s over. It’s over. Quiet. Come on, we’re going. Honey, we’re going. But what about Mommy? Mommy? Mommy needs some time to think about what she has done.

Okay, but we, um, I want you to wait by the front door, okay? Rachel. Please wait by the front door, okay?

Fine! You… You’ve gone too far. All this to terrorize me. No, I’m not trying to terrorize you! Shut it! The only thing… The only thing that you had left… Was the fact that I have not told our little girl what kind of woman you really are. But that’s over now. She’s gonna know everything now. Don’t yell at her like that.

I don’t want to go to stay here with mommy. Honey, honey, it’s not gonna happen. We are leaving. We are leaving. We’re leaving. We’re leaving.

Well, said you wanted to see me. What is this about? Uh, well. Brady, he, uh, tore up this custody agreement, and it’s still legal, isn’t it? He tore this up? What happened? Where’s Rachel? Okay, everything just fell apart. Um, but Brady, um, he’ll listen to you, Belle. He’ll listen to you, and he needs to sign this. He does.

He needs to sign this, because you know you’re a mother, and you know…

You know how important it is that Rachel is not cut out of my life. Again. Where is Rachel? She’s with Brady. So where has Rachel been all this time?

You’re not gonna tell me, but I can make a pretty good guess. So let me just say this, Kristen. When you go too far, there are consequences.

Yes, baby. Baby, listen. You have to understand, I didn’t know where you were. Nobody did. I didn’t know if you were safe. I was fine. But I Honey I didn’t know that!

Listen, I want you to go to your room because I don’t know who that is, and then we will talk, okay? I don’t want to talk! Rachel! Go to your room and we will talk. Fine!

Just a minute!

Detective, hi. I was gonna call you. Uh, Rachel’s back. I know. Yeah, and I was right all the time. Kristen had her this whole time. So, you’re welcome to go to the DiMera Mansion and arrest her for kidnapping, please. I’m sorry, Brady. I’m here to arrest you. What are you talking about? What? Did you pull a gun on Kristen and threatened to kill her?

Is that, okay, is that what she told you? She kidnaps our daughter and, and she calls the cops on me? Mommy I did! Yeah,

lookie here. We got today’s bus schedule. About a dozen destinations. And each of those connect to a dozen more. A hell of a lot of places Prentiss could be headed to. Yeah, we gotta get to that terminal before he boards. Was that

smart? Letting it go to voicemail? They were calling to ask where Lonnie is. I just said she’s missing. They would alert federal marshals, she’d officially be a fugitive, and it would only get worse from there. So, what do we do? I have an idea.

Hi, this is Ray Fernandez. I am returning your call about prisoner Lonnie Grant. Yes. Well, I’m with her right now, and I will have her back at the prison before lockdown. Okay.

Well, that bought us some time. Let’s hope it’s enough.

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