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Nikki: What’s wrong, darling? Or do I already know?

Victor: Thinking about our family. How fractured it all is. Maybe, this is the beginning of a downward slope. I certainly have tried everything in my power to bring our family together again. Nothing seems to work.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Hey. I’ll get a single malt. Neat. Thank you.

Nick: Would you leave sharon the hell alone? Stop trying to find new ways to drag her down.

Chance: Hey! Oh, no. Am I too late? I see you’re closing up.

Sharon: Good eye, detective.

Chance: Yeah, well, I understand if you wanna turn me away, but I’ve just come from booking phyllis.

[ Sharon gasping ]

Sharon: You finally caught her?

Chance: No. She came in on her own. I figured you’d be interested.

Sharon: Are you kidding me? For that, I will keep the place open.

Chance: [ Laughs ] All right.

Victoria: Lucky me you had some free time.

Nate: Lucky me that you were thirsty.

[ Both laughing ]

Victoria: Well, lucky me that you realized that the bar was boring and you suggested that we bring our drinks up here.

Nate: It’s not that it was boring, it’s just I couldn’t do what I wanted to do to you in public, with all those annoying people around. At least, not without getting arrested.

Victoria: Well, lucky you, I would have bailed you out. Then, brought you up here.

[ Nate sighing ]

Nate: You know, I’d like to think that this, whatever we’re calling it, is– is more than just spontaneous sex in a corporate hotel suite.

Victoria: It is much more to me.

Nate: Good. I’m glad to hear it.

Victoria: I’ve actually been trying to think about the best way to bring that up to you.

Nate: Ooh, the dreaded talk.

Victoria: Mm-mm, I dread nothing.

Nate: One of the things I admire most about you.

Victoria: Seriously though… what do you want from this relationship, nate? Experience the feel of a dentist’s clean at home.

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Nikki: Now, victor newman, you listen to me. I have never known you to be a defeatist and I’m not going to let you go there now. What has happened to make you feel this this way?

Victor: You know, victoria has become totally unpredictable. I don’t like it.

Nikki: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Victor: When I asked her to take over mccall and have adam run it, she refused, against my wishes, and now, she has pushed her brother, nicholas, out of the company. No warning, nothing.

Nikki: I’m none too pleased about it either.

Victor: I just asked nicholas to join his brother and rebuild mccall into a viable company.

Nikki: Do you think nicholas will agree to do it?

Victor: As long has he moans and groans about the destructive ways of his brother, he might as well join him and prevent him from making further mistakes.

Nikki: Well, maybe, in a perfect world.

Victor: No, sweetheart, in this world, you know? And then, there’s adam. My problem child, adam. He feels totally isolated now that he has lost the baby. You know, it makes me so damn sad. No matter how many times I’ve tried to make him a part of our family, he doesn’t feel like it at all. He feels like an outsider. In many ways, I feel I’ve failed. What I now know… is that I’ve given my children too much reign.

Nikki: I’m not sure I like where this is going.

Adam: Look, I’m not dragging sharon into anything. It was her idea that we merge companies now that she’s the surprising owner of a new one.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Well, undo it now.

Anything. Tell her you changed your mind.

Adam: Nick, I haven’t decided anything, okay? I’m not even sure it’s a good idea.

Nick: From no angle is this a good idea. Have you forgotten how many times over the years you have put sharon though hell?

Adam: How is this any of your business, nick? Or is it all just part of a, “hey, let me show my brother what an ass I think he is?” I mean, shouldn’t you be with sally right now, helping her heal?

Nick: Sally’s strong. She is resilient. She doesn’t need me hovering to help her with her issues. She knows I will be there for her as much as she needs me.

Adam: But your ex is defenseless and needs you to save her from the big, bad wolf, is that it?

Nick: Stop, adam, just stop it. This is not about the women in our lives. As usual, this is about us. Why is it that we can’t trust each other? Why is it that we can’t remain civil with one another for longer than five minutes? I mean, why do we even try? Let’s just quit pretending. Let’s just stop forcing this issue of us being brothers.

Adam: Have you tried, nick? I mean really, sincerely tried. Or is it always about fate stepping in and guiding your hand?

Nick: [ Scoffs ] Fate?

Adam: Faith, for example. That is the closest that you and I have ever come to an actual accord. I mean, I had to risk my freedom, I had to save your daughter’s life and give up a bodily organ for you to be civil to me! And that barely lasted a year. So, who knows? Yeah, maybe, it all is just a wasted, uh, energy. Some pointless exercise trying to appease our father.

Nick: You really believe that?

Adam: Well, just because we’re family, doesn’t mean we have to be nice to each other. So maybe, you’re right, maybe, we’re better off not trying.

Chance: Don’t go in any trouble now.

Sharon: No, no. It’s no trouble.

Chance: Oh, come on, you’ve got the espresso machine off already, it’s fine, don’t worry.

Sharon: Listen, you. I’m gonna give you a black eye whether you like it or not.

[ Laughs ] You know what? Think about it. How many cops can I say that to and get away with it?

Chance: Not too many.

Sharon: Or would you prefer three shots of dead eye?

Chance: Ooh, boy. Yeah, do your worst.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. You are going to be sorry.

[ Chance laughing ]

Chance: I usually am.

Sharon: So, tell me, how did phyllis seem after being on the run for so many months?

[ Chance sighing ]

Chance: I would say resigned. You know, not defeated. Overall, contrite.

Sharon: I’m sure that michael told her to act that way. And keep her mouth shut.

Chance: Yeah, yeah, if so, she took his advice.

Sharon: Well, phyllis is way too smart not to. Or at least, she thinks she is.

Chance: It was a usual perp walk. You know, fingerprints, photos, arraignment, hearing set. The whole nine yards.

Sharon: Well, tell me, on a scale of one to ten, how much trouble is she in?

Chance: Thirteen and a half, and that’s without the murder charges, which show no signs of going away.

Sharon: I wonder why she decided to turn herself in now?

Chance: Like I said.

Sharon: Right. Kept her mouth shut, for once. Maybe, she was just tired of hiding.

Chance: I got no idea. I guess, we’ll find out soon enough. There was one interesting thing, though.

Sharon: Oh, yeah? What’s that?

Chance: Yeah, baldwin implied they have some special stay-out-of-jail card. I don’t know.

Sharon: Hm, that had to get your radar up.

Chance: Oh, yeah.

Sharon: Well… here you go.

Chance: Thank you.

Sharon: Cheers.

Chance: Cheers. Mm. Nice.

Sharon: So, um, do you want to sit? Or are you still too wound up?

Chance: No, we can sit. Come on. I got time. We could, uh–

Sharon: Oh, I should clean all this up.

Chance: No, this is good. Cameron kirsten is the name on every page. What is this? Is it business stuff? What are you doing with it?

Sharon: I own it now.

Chance: What?

Sharon: Cameron left his company to me and his estate. You’re looking at the new owner of kirsten incorporated.

Nate: I want it all.

Victoria: Do tell.

Nate: I want to work alongside you every day. Become a permanent denizen of the c-suite. Because you and i are an unstoppable force that can take newman enterprises to even greater heights. Crushing the competition, dreaming big and making it happen. Then, going back to our place. A couple that thrives off the energy of working together and then brings it into their personal lives. No– no conflict. No hesitations. No problem we can’t overcome together. And… the sex is always great.

Victoria: You have thought this out.

Nate: Actually, I haven’T. I’m building a vision of the future for you to respond to, in this moment. But it’s sincere.

Victoria: I can see that.

Nate: Looking at you… those beautiful eyes… my path forward is crystal clear. And I have no shame about any of it. The ambition. The desire, the success.

Victoria: Well, like you said, you want it all.

Nate: Tell me you don’T. And then, give me one good reason why we couldn’t and shouldn’t have it. Hey, dad. I got an a on my book report.

Nikki: You have shown remarkable restraint in letting your children guide their own lives. Yes, nicholas is going through a difficult time, but being back at newman reinvigorated him. And victoria, I mean, she’s really come into her own.

Victor: Yeah, well, true, but at what cost? She tossed her own brother aside. And you know why. To allow her lover, nate, to come in through the back door. I don’t trust that guy. Not after what I have seen him do to his own family. And then, there’s adam. I gave him the keys to a new camelot and what does he do? He uses that power to come after newman media. Maybe, you’re right. Maybe, all the restraint has unleashed all of that nonsense.

Nikki: So, where is all of this going?

Victor: I have been too damn easy going with everyone. I’m going to put an end to it.

Nick: This is ironic. We finally agree on something and it’s about us giving up on each other.

Adam: Hmm, well, hey, there’s no rule saying we have to get along just ’cause we are biological brothers. So, it’s best if we just stay out of each other’s way.

Nick: Well, that’s easier said than done, adam, because our father has other plans where we are concerned. He is still really pushing me to go work with you at mccall.

[ Adam scoffing ]

Adam: He’s still on that? I thought I shut him down about that weeks ago.

Nick: Oh, no. He is determined to make that happen. Especially, now that I’ve been given this awesome leave of absence from newman.

Adam: Oh, by victoria paving the way for her new boy toy, that doesn’t surprise me at all.

[ Nick laughing ]

Nick: You knew about that?

Adam: So, how does it feel being cast out of the garden? You know, the first time is always the worst, but you’ll adjust.

Nick: Thanks for the tip.

Adam: Personally, I’m starting to like it here better. There’s way fewer snakes.

Nick: And to think, I was actually considering teaming up with you. I mean, I would much rather be the one to keep an eye on you than sally or sharon.

Adam: Listen to me, sally has nothing to do with this. I offered her a job and she shut me down. And sharon came to me with a business proposition. The last thing I need is big brother watching me and reporting back to victor. So, if you think that’s what the endgame should be here–

Nick: No worries, man. All right, you helped me talk myself out of it.

[ Phone chiming ]

Adam: What the hell is this about?

Nick: There’s only one way to find out.

Nate: Uh, victoria.

Victoria: Yeah, I know, I– I just got the same text message. Dad’s summoning us all to the ranch.

[ Sighing ] I’m calling him. Hi. Uh, is everything okay? You– you’re fine? Mom’s fine?

Victor: Everything is fine. There’s been no accident, okay? I just want you all to come out to the ranch.

Victoria: And nate?

Victor: Bring nate along.

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: I really don’t like this. There’s been no medical emergency, and yet, he’s calling the family and you together.

Nate: It’s about newman.

Victoria: Most likely. And I have a feeling that it’s not gonna be good.

Trelegy for copd.

Nick: Mom? Dad?

Nikki: We’re in here, honey.

Nick: Hey.

Victor: Son, thank you for coming.

Nick: Yeah. Before anything, are you guys okay?

Nikki: We are both just fine.

Nick: Okay, good, that’s all I could think about on the way over here.

Nikki: Oh, I’m sorry. I asked your father to make sure that it was clear in the text, but…

Nick: What’s going on? Why’d you call us?

Victor: I’ll let you know once everyone’s here.

Adam: I assume this is another step in your futile plan to force me to hire nick at adustus international.

Nick: That’s what you’re calling mccall now?

Adam: Mm-hmm. You like it?

Nick: No. Not really.

Nikki: Adustus? What does that even mean?

Victor: Singed and burnt.

Adam: I prefer scorched. As in “scorched earth.” Which is how I plan to proceed now that I’ve seen your latest attempt to manipulate me and control my future.

Victor: That’ll all stop tonight.

Tucker: Hey. Oh, no. You look like you world’s about to come to an end. What’s the matter?

Audra: Nothing I can’t handle.

Tucker: Ah, so, there is something.

Audra: Why are you in such a good mood?

Tucker: Mm, audra, stars are aligning for me in ways that I didn’t think was possible six weeks ago. My life is finally coming together, at long last. In fact, I would like to buy you a drink to celebrate. May I?

Chance: Kirsten left you his company?

Sharon: I know. I couldn’t believe it either.

Chance: This is the last thing I expected you to say.

Sharon: Well, think about how I felt. I had no inkling this was coming. It was a total shock.

Chance: Yeah. I can imagine.

Sharon: When cameron’s law firm sent me the notification letter, I was really weirded out. I thought, “why me?” I know that the man was obsessed with me, but–

Chance: That’s next level.

Sharon: Yeah, and then I realized, “why not me?” The last I knew, cameron didn’t have any family to speak of. And then, it occurred to me, maybe this is the one positive legacy that mad man will leave behind.

Chance: What you gonna do? Are you going to sell it and donate the money or what?

Sharon: Unfortunately, cameron left his company in shambles, so I doubt there would be very many buyers. I mean, the books are a mess. Several of the entities are near bankruptcy. And, you know, the balance sheets are–

Chance: I get it. [ Laughs ]

Sharon: So, suffice it to say, I will not be selling.

Chance: But you do have a plan though, clearly.

Sharon: Yes, I do. I am going to run this company and turn it into something new. Revitalized.

Chance: Wow. Wow, sharon, that– that’s amazing.

Sharon: And I have to say, it’s doing the same for me. I haven’t felt this energized in– I don’t know when.

Chance: I can tell. I really can.

Sharon: At first, I was repulsed. After all the horrible things that man did to faith and me, the whole thing seemed like the equivalent of blood money. But then, I don’t know, when I looked into it, I saw that these core businesses are sound. I mean, they may be understaffed and– and somewhat of a shambles, but they’re still generate a revenue.

Chance: You, uh– you saw the possibilities, yeah?

Sharon: I saw an opportunity, chance. To turn evil into something good. And even with cameron’s craziness hanging over this… him leaving me this business has given me a new direction. It’s given me new purpose and I just can’t wait to see where this takes me.

[ Chance chuckling ]

Chance: Look at you, sharon. This is– this is amazing how this has you right now and it– it makes me really happy.

Sharon: Well, you might not like this next part. I approached adam about merging this company with mccall unlimited. When I did my research, I found that his streaming entities rely on the proprietary software that kirsten incorporated produces.

Chance: Well, that sounds pretty reasonable.

Sharon: Except for the adam part.

[ Both chuckling ]

Chance: Look, I– I know some of the history just seems like it never really ended well for you.

Sharon: Well, you don’t have to give up on someone entirely, right? I mean, especially when there’s this happy coincidence, and especially when there’s such potential for mutual success for both of these companies. And the key word there is mutual because I’m doing this just as much for me as for adam, if not more so. I mean, I don’t know if a merger is going to happen, but I’m very optimistic.

Chance: Well, sharon, who am I to rain on all that joy? In fact, it’s pretty infectious. I just– I love seeing you this way. Somedays, I cover up because of my moderate

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. What can you do with sensitive skin?

Sharon: Wait. Wait a minute.

[ Keys jangling ]

[ Lock clicks closed ] Hold on.

[ Both panting ] Let’s go back to my office.

Chance: Good idea.

Audra: I’m surprised you’re even talking to me.

Tucker: Why would that be, for heaven’s sake?

Audra: Well, tucker, we haven’t been on the best of terms.

Tucker: Oh. I forgive you. Now, what’s your poison?

Audra: Uh, something red.

Tucker: Hm. Evan, how about a glass of that not so bad cabernet I had the other day for lunch. Actually, you know what? Italian. Borgo. Your best borgo. And I will have un altro. Grazie.

Audra: Italian’s a new flavor for you.

Tucker: Well, I’m a man of the world, which is my oyster. Or whatever mollusk you want.

[ Snorts ] I love that word. Mollusk. You can’t say it without clipping the k at the end. Try it.

Audra: No, I’m good thank you.

Tucker: Oh. Mollusk. It’s fantastic. What were we talking about?

Audra: Oh, yeah, you were, um, about to satisfy my curiosity about, you know, whatever’s going so incredibly right for you.

Tucker: We were talking about tucker mccall. Well, I’ll tell you this. I am on the verge of everything.

Audra: An all-encompassing list.

Tucker: That’s right. You want to know what the key?

Audra: Oh, I’m dying to hear.

Tucker: You got to throw away the past, audra. That’s right. You gotta get rid of all that bad karma. Mccall unlimited. [ Scoffs ] Let adam sink into the mire with that thing. And I’m free, baby. I am– I’m focused and passionate. Ah. Grazie. The world with all its enthralling possibilities is now mine.

Victor: I have come to the disappointing conclusion that I gave all of you too much power, too much freedom, too much reign to do as you saw fit with whatever company I gave you, okay? I gave you the chance to run mccall. Turned it down. For what reason, I don’t quite understand.

Adam: What’s so hard to understand?

Victor: I am talking. Then, you pushed your brother out of the company. We all know why. To bring in nate. Be part of the inner circle. I don’t blame you for seeing promise in nate. I do too. But I don’t trust you, after what I’ve seen you do to your own family. Now, after you refused to run mccall, I bought the damn company, I gave it to you. What did you do? You used it as a bulldozer to come after newman media! I’ve had enough! What does that mean? It means that from now on, I call the shots. I lay down the law. You do as I want you to do.

Audra: You’re, uh, glowing and talking in generalities. Haven’t told me anything specific. So, to be honest, you sound drunk and you’re rambling.

[ Tucker laughing ]

Tucker: Oh, dear audra.

Audra: Am I wrong?

Tucker: No, you’re not wrong. I am rambling. As for drunk, I am a bit giddy. Just because I’m so freaking happy. I don’t think it has anything to do with the whisky.

Audra: Look, I don’t know what that has to do with anything. You know, you keep avoiding the particulars. Is it a secret? The catalyst for all this joy?

Tucker: Hm.

Audra: Or are you just making the whole thing up?

Tucker: Hm, I would be more than happy to enlighten you as to the particulars of the catalysts of my joy, but not at this time, you see, because I’m a bit afraid of jinxing it. And, all due respect, whether you believe or don’t believe what I say is true, won’t mean a thing to me.

Audra: Hm. Well, this is a new tucker. You know, in the past, when I’ve accused you of lying, you’d just get all cagey and defensive. Could it really be that tucker mccall is evolving? But I’m happy for you because my future is looking very promising as well.

Tucker: Is it?

Audra: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: Do tell.

Audra: Hey.

Tucker: Kyle abbott?

Audra: Oh, my god.

Tucker: That’s what you consider a promising future?

Audra: Mm-hmm.

[ Both panting ]

Victor: Starting tomorrow, nicholas, you will help adam run adustus. Make it a strong, viable company. Whatever’s good for the company you keep, the rest out. Nate, you will continue as coo under victoria. Once adustus has become a strong, viable company, we’ll make it a subsidiary of newman enterprises as it should have been long ago.

Adam: Listen to me, we– wh– I thought we had an agreement.

Victor: I don’t give a damn about past agreements. This is how it will work. You don’t like the new arrangement, walk out the door. I want an answer now.

Nick: Sure. Fine.

Victoria: Well, you haven’t really left me much of a choice.

Victor: How about you, son?

[ Adam scoffing ] Kayaking is my thing.

Audra: Do you have something against kyle?

Tucker: Nah, of course not. Nah, he’s just another spoiled rich kid who lucked his way into a high-ranking position through no merit of his own. He certainly likes to pretend he cares about it all. He’s very handsome. So, if you want to have a good time with him, go for it. I just wouldn’t expect too much to sink your teeth into.

Audra: Well, I disagree. I see real potential in the man. And so much so that I hired him to be my right hand man–

Tucker: Get out.

Audra: At newman media. Yes I did.

Tucker: Was that before or after you had a little, uh, roll in the hay with him?

[ Both laughing ]

Audra: I’m not playing this little game with you, tucker. I’m very pleased with my decision and where things are going for me all around.

Tucker: I’ll bet you a trip with me to vegas that he’s going to let you down.

Audra: Well, I’m not going to take that bet.

Tucker: Yeah, it’s ’cause you know you’re gonna lose. And you’re going with me to vegas.

Audra: No. Because I don’t want to mess up your little apparent, uh, winning streak you’re on. All right.

Tucker: All right.

Audra: Good night. Thanks for the drink.

Tucker: Got get ’em, tiger.

[ Audra sighing ]

[ Victoria chuckling ]

Nate: This is exactly how you hoped it would all play out.

Victoria: We have mccall unlimited with little to no bloodshed, I might add. Adam is humiliated and he’s either subservient to us or he’s gone. I could’ve done with a little less scolding, but if that’s all it took…

Nate: Easy-peasy.

Chance: Mm. You know, when I came by earlier…

[ Chance chuckling ]

Sharon: You didn’t expect the evening to end this way?

Chance: Mm-mm. Any regrets?

Sharon: No.

[ Knocking on door ]

Chance: No one’s here, man. We’re closed.

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Chance sighing ]

Sharon: Hmm. Sounds a little more urgent than someone wanting coffee.

[ Knocking on door ]

Chance: Jeez.

Sharon: Oh, look. Two calls from adam.

[ Knocking on door ]

Nick: I haven’t seen you this fired up in a long time, dad.

Victor: Well, my boy, thank you for falling in line with what had to be done.

Nikki: Unlike adam.

Victor: I gave adam a choice. He made it. So be it. We move forward.

Nick: You pushed him into a corner. He reacted.

Nikki: He may change his mind.

Nick: Oh, I fully expect him to. If adam goes along with this, he’s going to be more volatile and unpredictable than ever.

Victor: I promise you one thing. If he doesn’t get in line… I’m done with him.

[ Knocking on door ]

Adam: I saw– I– I saw your car in the lot, that’s why I knew you were still here.

Sharon: Adam, is everything okay? What’s going on?

Adam: Victor pulled a fast one. I’m walking away from adustus. So, your proposed merger is now moot. But I’m happy to come in with you though. We can turn kirsten’s company around together. I want nothing more to do with my family… or my father.

[ Adam sighing ]

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