Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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Adam: Listen to me, come on, sharon. I know you, okay? I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to save me from myself. This is about ava and it’s about sally, but I don’t need anyone’s pity, okay? Definitely not from you.

Sharon: No pity. I promise. Just partnership.

Adam: Listen to me. Think– think this through, sharon. If I feel you’re trying to manage me, I’m gonna be difficult and I’m gonna be argumentative. I’m gonna question every move you make. I’m gonna second guess every look you give me. This evolving friendship that we’ve managed to maintain, it’s gonna be blown to hell. Are you willing to risk that? Because I’m not. Not when you’re one of the only friends I have in this town.

*******************Chloe: You know, I was just giving my friend a career pep talk and I was going quite well without you intrusion.

Billy: Pep talk, right? Uh, to me it sounded like you’re doing a bang-up job explaining what’s in it for you. Truth be told, I’m– I’m on her side. I think it would be a great opportunity for you. It’s bold. It’s big picture, and with your talent, I think you’d knock it out of the park.

Chelsea: Thank you. I’ve been thinking about it, too, you know? My time with omegasphere is almost over and I need a new direction. Working on the game has been helpful and cathartic, but I need to focus on the future and I love fashion design. And I’ve run my own business before. I know both sides of the industry.

Chloe: I can vouch for that.

Chelsea: I mean, wouldn’t it be cool? Wouldn’t it be great? This company that’s already established, already so big, they already have funding. They already have support.

Billy: So? Go for it.

Chloe: It would be a great new challenge for you.

Chelsea: I think you’re right. I think I have to do it. Well, I– I just have to run it by the boss first.

Chloe: Ah. Connor.

Chelsea: Yeah. We thought he was bouncing back. He was acting like his old self again and now he’s just shut down. I think he had gotten really used to the idea of having a baby sister. But maybe my exciting new job news will help break him out of his shell.


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