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Steve finishes a call with Kayla as he is preparing for Abe’s funeral. John shows up at the door. Steve asks if there’s any news on his granddaughter. John responds that it’s obvious Kristen got her, they just don’t know where the hell she took her.

Brady is posting missing persons posters of Rachel in the town square when he runs in to Marlena. Marlena mentions going to Abe’s funeral but offers to help. Brady says she doesn’t have to and admits it’s kind of pointless because they know who has Rachel.

Kristen comes down the stairs at the DiMera Mansion, texting Rachel to remind her not to text her friends and not to open the door to anyone. Lani then shows up at the door, shocking Kristen who excitedly hugs her.

Chanel and Paulina prepare for Abe’s funeral. Paulina asks for Lani but Chanel says she just went to run an errand. Chanel and Paulina hug as they hold back tears. Paulina wonders how she will make it through the funeral.

Whitley brings Abe breakfast and comments on taking good care of him. Abe argues that she is not Paulina and she is not his wife.

Steve asks John if there’s anything he can do to help. John wishes there was but says the cops searched the DiMera Mansion from top to bottom and found nothing. Steve asks what Kristen’s endgame is and if she plans to take Rachel and run. John doubts that because if she left town, that would mean she’s giving up on Brady and he doesn’t see that happening. John adds that he has Kristen under surveillance 24/7 just in case. Steve offers him a cup of coffee and asks if he got any sleep at all last night. John says not really because he kept having a nightmare about Abe. John informs Steve that it’s the second time that he had the exact same dream about Abe disappearing from the docks. Steve admits that would shake him up too. John then declares that he’s starting to wonder if maybe somehow it was more than a dream.

Chanel tells Paulina that she wants to be strong for her now, especially since her mom, Olivia, can’t be there. Paulina says that just looking at her gives her strength. Chanel assures that she is always there for her. Chanel talks about being grateful for Abe and comments that it was like having a dad again after so many years without one. Paulina agrees that they were both so lucky to have Abe in their lives as they hug. Chanel guesses she’s not as strong as she thought as she cries. Paulina encourages that they will just have to lean on each other.

Whitley tells Abe that she is Paulina. Abe argues that he saw Paulina’s picture and it wasn’t her. Whitley prepares another dose in the syringe and says this medicine will get him all cleared up. Abe complains that he doesn’t want it, but Whitley injects him anyway.

Marlena knows Brady believes that Kristen is behind Rachel’s disappearance. Brady asks why Kristen would demand a warrant from the police to search the DiMera Mansion if Rachel was really missing. Marlena agrees that Kristen would leave no stone unturned to find Rachel if she really believed that she had been kidnapped. Brady complains that he’s out running around in circles while she’s sitting home in the DiMera Mansion.

Kristen brings Lani in to the living room and asks how she managed to get free. Lani explains that she’s not free and was only allowed out to attend Abe’s funeral as she shows Kristen her ankle monitor. Kristen tells her that she’s so sorry about Abe. Lani says she can’t stay long but she just had to see her, especially when she heard that Rachel was missing. Kristen blames Brady for making Rachel go to a camp that she hated and running away. Lani stops Kristen and asks if she would be lying to her.

Theo joins Paulina and Chanel. Paulina is glad he’s there and mentions asking him to go with them to the funeral. Chanel is glad they are all going together. Paulina reveals that they are not because she wants Chanel to go get pictures of Abe from Steve and Kayla. Chanel says she could just text them to bring the pictures but Paulina asks her to just do that for her and that she and Theo will meet her at the church. Chanel then agrees to do that and exits. Theo questions Paulina seemingly sending Chanel away on purpose which she admits to. Paulina tells Theo that there is something she wants to talk to him about.

Steve questions John thinking his dream was like a premonition. John talks about Abe’s death and all the unanswered questions after everything they went through Marlena and Kayla. Steve relates to having a dream that Kayla was trying to reach him. John feels that’s exactly what this feels like. Steve asks if John thinks Abe might still be alive. John calls it possible, pointing out that they don’t know how he disappeared from the hospital, where he was the whole time, or how he got down to the docks. John adds that they can’t say anything to Paulina without anything concrete but it doesn’t make sense. Steve argues that they’ve gone over the evidence a million times. John suggests going back to the beginning and retracing every step because they have to be missing something. Steve agrees to start from the beginning with Whitley King’s statement.

Whitley encourages Abe that all his thoughts will seem like a bad dream, insisting that she is Paulina and she loves him. Jerry shows up at the door. Whitley questions what he’s doing there as their business is done. Jerry asks why she’s suddenly so freaked out to see him. Jerry pushes his way inside and sees Abe passed out, so he questions what she has done to him.

Marlena asks if Brady really thinks Kristen has Rachel hidden in the DiMera Mansion. Brady insists that he feels it in his bones and he knows it. Brady decides he’s going there now to get the truth out of Kristen once and for all. Marlena stops him and says he can’t do that.

Lani asks Kristen if after all the time they spent together in the convent, she would lie to her best friend. Kristen argues that she’s not lying and that the police searched the place top to bottom, so if Rachel were there, they would have found her. Lani remarks that if anyone could outsmart the police, it would be Kristen. Kristen claims that she’s not there. Lani questions why Kristen isn’t out looking for her then because she doubts Kristen would be here shooting the breeze with her if Rachel was really missing. Lani reminds Kristen that kidnapping is a crime. Kristen questions how it could be kidnapping when she is her daughter. Lani argues that she can’t be this stupid, reminding her that she is the parent without custody. Lani points out that Kristen just got out of prison while she has to go back later today. Lani encourages Kristen to enjoy her freedom and find a way to legally see her daughter. Kristen complains that she can’t even see her daughter without working things out with Brady. Lani advises her to do that and start with their love of Rachel. Lani tells Kristen that if she knows where Rachel is, now is the time to tell Brady.

Theo asks what Paulina wanted to talk to him about. Paulina knows he plans to give the eulogy at Abe’s funeral and thinks that’s so brave of him because of how much he hates speaking in public. Paulina states that today is going to be a very emotional day, so she doesn’t want him to feel the pressures of anyone else’s expectations. Theo says he doesn’t really and that he just wants to do it for Abe. Theo talks about doing hard things his whole life, but admits he is really nervous. Theo asks Paulina to let him practice his speech on her, noting that he did so with Chad for Juneteenth. Paulina agrees to listen as they hug.

Steve goes over how Rafe and Eli both talked to Whitley and her story has been consistent that she checked on Abe, he was confused and she left but when she came back, he was gone. John brings up none of the cameras picking up any of Abe’s movements which makes it hard to believe that he was just wandering around. John feels someone moved Abe, who knew where all the cameras were. Steve suggests someone who worked in the hospital but notes that Kayla talked to everyone on duty that night and says no one saw anything. John says that brings them back to Whitley. Steve mentions Eli doing a background check on her and Kayla said she’s a great employee who never took any time off outside of when her husband died. They talk about Whitley going home sick on the day that Abe went missing, despite not missing work for 15 years until her husband died. Chanel then shows up at the door. John hugs her and says he’s sorry. Steve guesses she came for the pictures that Kayla found which Paulina asked for. Chanel thanks them. Steve asks if she needs anything else. Chanel says they have everything they need and talks about everyone being so kind. Chanel mentions that Abe’s nurse even stopped by to see if Paulina was okay the other day which John questions.

Whitley steps out with Jerry and argues that Abe is fine and she just had to sedate him, which she blames Jerry for. Whitley explains that Abe saw Jerry on Body and Soul and figured out that he’s not his son, so she had no choice but to give him a break from reality. Jerry argues that this isn’t right and says he came to tell her that he met Abe’s son and daughter, who are wrecked thinking that Abe is dead, all because of Whitley and her crazy scheme. Whitley argues that it’s not a crazy scheme and that she loves Abe, he was meant for her, and she’s the only one who can care for him. Jerry questions her keeping Abe from his family and says if she really cared about him, she would let him go. Whitley tells him to shut up as he has no idea what Abe’s life was like with those people. Jerry argues that she doesn’t either, but he does know that they will be grieving for no damn reason and crying at his funeral when Abe is sitting in there right under their noses. Whitley declares it won’t be for long because she’s leaving Salem and taking Abe with her.

Kristen knows Lani is out on parole in six months, so she doesn’t want her to do or say anything that will jeopardize her getting back to her family. Kristen acknowledges Lani being unfairly separated from her children, so she knows exactly how she feels. Lani says she wants the best for her and Rachel as she knows how much she loves her, but Brady is her father and he loves her too. Kristen complains that she doesn’t get to see Rachel. Lani brings up Kristen still having feelings for Brady, so she questions why she would want him to suffer. Lani points out that all the time she’s been away, her kids have had Eli and she can’t imagine how painful it would be for them to be separated from him and that’s what Brady is for Rachel. Lani urges Kristen to think about it. Lani says she has to get to the church. Lani tells Kristen that she loves her as they hug. Kristen wishes she could be at the funeral for her and Theo, but she doesn’t think anyone would want her there. Lani tells her not to worry about that and to just focus on reuniting her beautiful family. Kristen says it was wonderful to see her and she hopes they get to see each other very soon. Lani assures that they will and it will be in Salem, not in federal prison. Kristen tells Lani that she loves her and kisses her on the cheek as Lani then exits the mansion.

Brady tells Marlena that he will be civilized with Kristen. Marlena asks when that’s ever worked with her and suggests he let her go to the mansion to try to talk to Kristen. Marlena says she might not be a trained detective, but she’s trained to know when people are lying to her and getting people to open up to her. Brady acknowledges that no one is better at that than her. Marlena agrees to go there after dropping the pictures off. Brady hopes that Marlena can get through to Kristen and find out where Rachel is. Brady thanks Marlena and hugs her.

Theo reads his eulogy speech to Paulina, talking about not thinking Abe would fall in love again after his mother died, but then he met this amazing woman who changed their lives. Theo talks about how much he and Abe loved Paulina and promises to take care of her. Paulina cries that they will take care of each other as they hug.

John asks Chanel about Whitley coming to their apartment. Chanel confirms that she said she wanted to give her condolences about Abe dying. John wonders how Whitley got their address. Chanel suggests that she probably got it from Abe’s medical file or from when she worked on Abe’s last mayoral campaign which John questions. Chanel talks about Whitley being a big supporter of Abe’s and even being in the park when Abe and Paulina got married. Chanel then exits. John and Steve agree that they need to take a harder look at Whitley.

Jerry questions Whitley leaving Salem. Whitley responds that she’s quitting her job and taking Abe somewhere far away for a fresh start. Whitley adds that she will pay Jerry a big bonus if he leaves town too. Jerry questions why he would leave Salem. Whitley argues that he’s up in his neck in this too, so it would be better if he were away from prying eyes and all the questions. Whitley adds that there’s nothing for him here as an actor. Whitley says she has to get back inside to Abe and she’ll be in touch about his bonus. Whitley reminds him not to say a word to anyone as she heads back inside. Abe wakes up and questions why “Theo” was there. Whitley claims he just forgot something and had to come all the way back. Abe argues that was not his son. Whitley says she has to get to work and he can watch his stories, then when she comes back, they can start a whole new life together. Abe repeats that was not Theo and not his son.

A few hours later…

Kristen is texting Rachel as Marlena emerges from the tunnels and asks if she’s interrupting. Kristen says no and that Marlena could’ve used the front door like a normal person. Marlena feels she wouldn’t have answered the door and says she doesn’t mind going through the tunnels as she knows her way around there after having been held captive numerous times in the past. Kristen asks to what she owes the pleasure. Marlena thinks Kristen can figure out that she’s here on Brady’s behalf about Rachel. Kristen asks if she took a good look around the tunnels. Marlena confirms that she did. Kristen says she can see for herself that Rachel is not here. Marlena doesn’t believe her. Marlena suggests Kristen make it easy on herself and everyone who loves Rachel by telling her where she is.

Brady meets John at the Brady Pub. John asks how he’s holding up. Brady admits he’s nervous as Marlena just went to the DiMera Mansion to confront Kristen. John then gets a call from Steve, who says he just gave Kayla a ride to the hospital so he’s going to check if Whitley is on shift and maybe have a word with her. John tells him to let him know what goes on as they hang up. Whitley then approaches Steve and questions who he is and why he wants to talk to her.

Abe watches Body and Soul where he sees Jerry’s character saying he’s done pretending to be somebody else. Abe remarks that he’s not Theo either.

Paulina, Chanel, Theo, and Lani are together in the park after Abe’s funeral. Chanel calls it a beautiful service. Theo comments that it seemed like the whole town was there including people he didn’t even know. Paulina mentions not seeing Whitley and asks if they did. Chanel suggests maybe she had to work. Theo says he didn’t see her, but he did see Jerry in the back of the church. Paulina decides she’s ready to go home. Lani says she’s going to stay there for a minute. Paulina tells her not to stay too long as Rafe will be at the apartment soon to take her back to prison. Lani assures she will be there in time. Paulina leaves with Theo and Chanel while Lani sits down on the bench in the park. Lani thinks back to seeing Jerry tell Theo how sorry he was about Abe. Lani then gets up and walks away.

Kristen tells Marlena that her psychological insight knows no bounds and asks if she really thinks that’s going to work. Marlena brings up that yesterday, she helped Kristen through hypnosis to get her memories back after Megan kidnapped her and injected her with mind altering drugs. Kristen says she thanked her for that. Marlena points out that she didn’t pay her for it and she doesn’t want her money, but she could pay her by letting her know where her granddaughter is. Kristen responds that she’s sorry but she can’t help her with that. Marlena argues that Kristen can’t keep going on like this. Kristen says if she did know where Rachel is, she’s not willing to give that information up for nothing, so she would need something in return.

Brady hopes Marlena will be able to get through to Kristen as he was hoping to hear from her by now. John encourages him to be patient. John then toasts to Abe, calling him the most honorable man he’s ever known and the best friend anyone could ask for.

Steve introduces himself to Whitley as a good friend of Abe’s. Whitley recognizes him as Kayla’s husband and asks what he wants to talk to her about. Steve says that Chanel mentioned to him that Whitley worked on Abe’s election campaign. Whitley confirms she’s a huge supporter of Abe. Steve brings up her being at he and Paulina’s wedding too. Whitley says she was at the park for the Juneteenth celebration and asks what that has to do with anything. Steve wonders if she could tell him the last thing Abe said to her before he went missing. Whitley complains that she already told the police everything and she needs to get going. Whitley says she needs to speak to Kayla and asks if she’s in her office. Steve confirms that she just got back and asks what she needs to talk to her about. Whitley reveals that she is tendering her resignation which Steve questions.

Jerry packs his bags in a hurry when Lani shows up at his door.

Chanel, Paulina, and Theo return home. Chanel offers to bake but Paulina says she’s not hungry. Chanel encourages her to eat. Paulina says maybe later. Theo asks if she believes what everyone said about Abe being in a better place. Paulina responds that she sure hopes so.

Abe continues watching Body and Soul and sees himself appearing in the show.

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