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You are damn good, Chanel. Let’s hope those aren’t laced with a dangerous hallucinogen. Can I help you? Chanel Dupree, I presume. Yeah, that’s me. We haven’t been formally introduced. My name is Clint Rawlings. We have a lot to discuss. Hey. Hi. Coffee? Oh,

I would love some. You just come from the hospital? Yeah, I just left. We had a very eventful morning. Really? Care to share? Well, you might find it interesting. Marlena managed to deprogram Harris Michaels. Really? So he’s gonna be okay? To be determined. I don’t think you understand. We have completely broken through Megan’s conditioning, so you are no longer under her or anybody else’s control.

I’m glad you think so. Well, I think so, because it’s true. And there’s also no reason for you to receive any inpatient care. With all due respect, Dr. Evans, the only way to make sure that I never hurt another innocent person again

is to have me committed immediately.

So, who do you want to be in a committed relationship with? Buddy, me. A trip. Look, we’ll respect your decision either way. We need an answer, Wendy. Are

you suspending me? You’re leaving me no choice. You’re drinking on the job. You’re gonna hurt yourself or worse, someone else. Now, I’m gonna need your gun and your shield. Man, oh man. How do you not get dizzy standing up there on your high horse? What the hell does that mean? It means that you and I both know damn well that you’ve broken as just as many rules as any other officer in this department.

Careful detective. Careful? Yeah. How careful do you want me to be, boss? I mean, I was just as careful as you were when you started having sex with one of your other detectives.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Jada! Is it a nice surprise? Sorry, I should have called ahead. No, no need. My oldest friend’s daughter doesn’t need an invitation. Come on in. Thanks.

So, Steve, I wanted to say that I’m so sorry that you lost another long time friend. Thanks. Can’t believe Abe’s gone. Still trying to wrap my head around it. Yeah, me too. I’ve been on the job a long time, and I’ve seen a lot of bad things, but this… It’s hard to make sense of it. I know you and Rafe did everything you could to bring Abe home safe.

We did, but we still can’t help but feel that we let him down.

I wonder how Abe would feel knowing that instead of you being out there looking for him. You were too busy disobeying one of his last rules. My office. Now. No, you just put me on suspension, so I don’t have to go anywhere with you. I’m telling you, don’t do this. Why? What, you don’t want the rest of the department to know that you’ve been screwing Detective Hunt?

You don’t know what the hell you were talking about! Really? This lady whistleblower, she sure knew what she was talking about. Oh, really? Okay, so now we’re gonna believe everything that we read in Leo Stark’s gossip column? Or maybe… Maybe it’s the booze that’s clouding your judgment. Hmm. Yeah, well, I didn’t just read about it in Stark’s gossip column.

I got a first hand account.

You know, I appreciate you two being so patient with me. Giving me time to figure out what I want. Of course.

Trip, do you mind giving Johnny and me some privacy?

Yeah. Yeah, uh, I need to… Don’t check in with my dad anymore. Yeah, please let him know I’m thinking about him. And Tripp, I’ll text you. Okay.

Alone at last. Clint

Rawlings. You’re Abe’s deputy mayor. I was until his untimely demise. May he rest in peace. So, are you the mayor now? Acting. Mayor. I see. And I see you’re open for business.

Sample? I’ll think about it. Well, as I’m sure you know, we’ve been going through some challenges, but with everything that my family’s going through, I’m just, I’m really grateful to be back in business. I’m sure you are. I’m sorry. Is there a problem, Mr. Rawlings? Acting Mayor Rawlings. You’re damn right there’s a problem.

You poisoned half this town, Ms. Dupree. And if it were up to me, sweet bits would be shuttered for good. I know how upsetting it

must have been to learn that you were still susceptible to It’s a nightmare. It’s a nightmare. Only, I never wake up from it. I’m constantly in fear that I’m gonna wake up strapped to a bed and learn that I’ve hurt somebody else. I understand. I know how it feels to… To believe that you are no longer acting of your own free will.

And, and if you think you still have some residual effect, I’d be glad to see you on an outpatient. No, that’s not gonna be enough. That’s not gonna be enough. I need to be under locking. key 24 7 until a team of shrinks can guarantee me that Megan Hathaway and that freak Dr. Rolfe will never be inside my head again.

So it was you that had Michaels go after Megan Hathaway? Oh, what was I thinking, right? I mean, I knew that she had already had him under her control. I mean, we all knew that. And so did he. I mean, he’s a big boy. You know the risks? It’s true, but seriously, I should have known that she wouldn’t go violently when she found out he was trying to kidnap her and transport her to an off grid site.

He’s a pro. He’s probably done a hundred of these sort of things. Yeah, still, maybe. It still would have been best if he had gone with my original idea. What was that? I told him to kill the bitch.

Dr. Evans, as long as Rolf and Megan are out there, I am a threat. To you and everybody that you care about.

You didn’t seriously hurt anybody when you were under their control. Not this time. But what about before? The two guys that I shot in cold blood in Greece. What I did to Bowen Hope, the Johnsons, I attacked your husband and your stepson in San Francisco. Do you want somebody who’s dangerous and unstable like me walking the streets?

Now, this is more like it. Johnny.

Hey. No, no, it’s okay. I didn’t mind a little competition and, and… Besides, if anyone deserves to have two men fighting over her… It is you. Except… I’m not surprised to be one. No, no, no, no, no, you’re not. I’m, I’m, that’s not what I meant. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. Johnny, this wasn’t about you competing with Tripp.

Okay, this was about me trying to figure out my feelings. You know, deciding who and what I need in a partner. No, no, I know, I know. And I get that, I respect that, and I am so happy that you chose me. And now the trip is out of the picture. You and I can really just focus on committing to each other. Aren’t you forgetting someone else in your little equation?

Uh, no. What do you mean, who? Who else? Chanel.

So you’re not gonna try the sample? Cuz I have to say my chocolate scones have been known to make grown men cry. This works a lot of people, huh? Why does? That bubbly irreverence. It’s easy to see how so many people have been charmed by you. Theo Carver. Xander Cook. And before that, there was your college professor.

Excuse me? And let’s not forget both Johnny DiMera and his twin sister, Allie Horton. And then there was Talia Hunter. Okay, wait a second. You going over all of the people that I’ve been involved with is really creeping me out. And for the record, not that it’s any of your business, but Talia Hunter only pretended to like me so that she could help Colin Bedford get revenge.

Yes, and then she threw herself and her boyfriend off a roof. All to save you. My God, how do you know all of this about me? And what is your point? My point? Is that you’re not just delivering delicious treats to Salem. Since you arrived here, you and your mother have brought nothing but crime, chaos, and salacious scandals to our fine city.

And it’s time someone did something about that. Mmm.

These are delicious. You’re right.

First hand account. About Jada and me? Yep. From Jada herself. Alright. She told you? Not exactly. Alright. Alright. So, Rafe came over to give me some good news about my sister. And, you know, that was a big relief to me. And then, one thing led to another, and… That’s all I’m gonna say. Well, I am very a great guy, and you’re a great catch.

I really hope it does work out. Thanks.

So you eavesdropped on Jada and Cade’s conversation. Well, detectives gotta detect, right? So yeah, yeah, I know all about your sneaky little affair. Burning question is, what am I gonna do with the information?

Well, John and I… Came up against the same walls on the investigation that you guys did. I kept thinking there would be some piece of evidence out there that would explain why Abe went into the water that night. And where he went when he left the hospital. You know, Rafe and I, well, the entire Salem PD, we turned this city upside down looking for him.

But I wish we could have done more. Hey, buddy. Hey, Dad. Hey, Dana. Hey, Tripp. Nice to see you. You too. Well, I better get back to the station now. Well, thanks for coming by. I’ll let you know if we turn up anything new. Same. See you,

Tripp. Bad day? Written all over my face, huh? Yeah, I think you inherited that from me. When you’re unhappy, you have a hard time hiding it. So what’s going on? What’s got you down? Uh, it’s about Wendy. Who I have very strong feelings for. And that’s a bad thing? It is now. Cause it looks like I’m about to lose her to Johnny DeMera.

What does Chanel have to do with you? And me finally getting to be together. I had to make a choice when it came to you and Tripp, and you had to make one too. Um, no. I didn’t because I wasn’t seeing Chanel the same time I was dating you. Yeah, only because she didn’t give you the chance. What? No! Wendy! You are the only woman that I want to be with.

I’m not so sure about that. Okay. Where is, where is all this coming from? Look, I’m not the one who needed to date two people just to make a decision. Well, because I was being honest with you. Oh, and I wasn’t being honest with you. I’m just saying… When it comes to your feelings with Chanel… I don’t think you’re being honest with yourself.

I know those poison biscuits cause a lot of trouble, but I had nothing to do with it. Except that it was one of your employees that did the poisoning. Okay, my, my bakery was sabotaged. I’m the innocent party here. Oh? Well, what about your customers? Some of whom suffered violent reactions and terrifying hallucinations.

Weren’t they? Of course, and I feel terrible about that. I’m not sure you do. Because from what I’ve gathered, you haven’t taken responsibility for the incident. Or for the fact that your unseemly involvement with Colin Bedford’s parents led directly to this mess. Oh my god, why are you attacking me like this?

What I am doing, Miss Dupree, is making it clear that the Rawlings administration is bringing law, order, and moral decency back to Salem, USA. Which means going forward, if you are involved in one more incident, I’ll see to it that you never do business in this town again.

Stale, by the way.

You asked Michaels to kill Megan

Hathaway? Ah, ah, ah. Ah, come on. I mean, you’re not going to tell Robin, right? Kate! What? Come on. Megan Hathaway is fine, so there’s no harm, no foul. No, I don’t make a habit of lying to my big brother, and you shouldn’t either. Listen, I, he would understand. When we were all presumed dead, John, Steve, Roman, they all considered taking out Orpheus.

Yes, I know. Roman told me. He also told me that he had a change of heart and went to Statesville to stop them from going ahead with their plans. But still, he would understand the impulse. I certainly do. What? Taylor, Brady, Little Miss Catholic School, Laurel actually has a little bit of the killer instinct.

I’m not saying that I condone cold blooded murder. Do I wish that Megan Hathaway was out of our lives for good? Damn right

I do. It is because of my husband that I have enormous empathy for you.

I know. I know that he was brainwashed by, by Rolf and Stefano. Yeah. The DiMeras have used mind control against people for decades. They’re the monsters. Not you. That may be. But they managed to turn me into a weapon not once, but twice. And I’m not willing to risk what could happen if they could do it a third time.


you threatening me, Shawn? I’m just saying. That if you can break the rules, and you can get a pass, then why can’t I? You were drinking on the job! And you have been sleeping with your subordinate! What I do off the clock does not impact my work! And it’s no one’s damn business! Really? Yeah. Okay, what about, what about power imbalance?

Workplace ethics? Like… What the hell do you want, Sean? I want fairness. But at the end of the day, that’s up to you. If you wanna suspend me, fine. Go ahead. You wanna, you wanna treat me like crap? Go ahead. But it… I’m not a vindictive bastard. Meaning what? Meaning that I will be discreet. I’m not going to tell anybody that you’ve been hooking up with Detective Hunter.

Excuse me?

Deputy Mayor! I’m acting mayor now. For your sake, Commissioner Hernandez, I sincerely hope this detective’s got his facts wrong.

Acting Mayor Rawlings, um, I think you misheard. You mean you didn’t just accuse your commanding officer of having an inappropriate workplace relationship with one of your fellow detectives?

What’s going on? Detective Hunter! What a coincidence. We were just talking about you. I think

I like this new lethal Kayla Brady Johnson. I’m not condoning violence. But I want my family to be safe. Said the proud mama bear. Look, I hope that they find Megan Hathaway and put her away for life this time. Oh, amen to that, sister in law. Yeah. Listen, I need to go. Steve and I have a lunch date at home.

Yeah, I’ll walk you out. There’s someone I need to see.

Harris, even if I had you committed to Bayview, it doesn’t mean you won’t be conditioned again. Several lovely demure pawns have succumbed to mind control. Even after very rigorous psychiatric treatments. I, I get that. I mean, I was in intense therapy with those doctors overseas, but we know how it worked out for me.

But at least with inpatient treatment, I, I believe that will help me become mentally stronger. So I’ll be less susceptible to Rolf’s mind games.

What do you want from me? What, what do you mean? Well, you, you can commit yourself to, to, uh, to bathe you of your own volition. Yeah, but then I can check myself out too. But if you commit me, then I have no choice but to stay. That’s what you want?

Yeah. My mind has been so screwed with over the past few years. I

just need some time to heal.

For me this is about survival. And if I can’t rid myself of the fear that at any moment I might lose control of who I am or who I want to be, I just don’t know if I can go on.

So please,

will you commit me or not?

So, you, uh, just left Wendy there with Johnny DiMera? Yeah, what was I supposed to do? Chain myself to the couch? She asked me to go. Well, you know, when Bo and I were your age, we would fight for the lady’s hand. Well, times have changed, Dad. I don’t think Wendy would have appreciated me challenging Johnny to a duel.

What do you think turning tail was the answer? As opposed to refusing to leave? Were you afraid of being cancelled? Or arrested? Oh, man. Everybody’s so sensitive these days. Dad, you do understand that I have to respect Wendy’s wishes. Yeah, yeah. Well, I guess you do. Dad! Yes, of course you do. Okay, I’m not that much of a caveman.

I know that throwing a woman over my shoulder or on the back of Bo’s stolen bike, those days are obviously long gone. Yeah, that’s a good thing. Damn straight it is. We have to trust that women know their own minds, and that is what I am doing. If Wendy chooses Johnny, that is her prerogative, and I’m dealing with it.

End of story. What? What are you thinking now? I just wonder if Wendy really knows her own mind. Of course she does. And I have to accept that.

I think it’s just too cut and dry. I

don’t want to be with Chanel. I want to be with you. And yet every time I turn around, you’re racing off to be with her. Yeah, because she’s my friend. Okay, and she’s been through a lot of trauma lately. She was almost killed. She just lost her stepdad. Yeah, I understand. She’s going through hell, and I feel for her.

But you still think there’s something shady going on? No. Look, I like her. And I do not do girl drama. Then what’s the problem? The problem? Is that your first instinct is to always protect your ex wife and I don’t see that changing anytime soon Which is one of the reasons I’m choosing to be with Tripp

You can’t give up on Wendy that easily Have you been listening to anything? I just said of course I have You have to let her make her own choices And I’m hip to toxic masculinity and gender equality and all that stuff But you don’t have to be toxic and disrespectful to fight for someone. And I’m talking about the kind of fighting you guys do.

You’re smarter, more evolved generation. With your head, you know, with respect and decency. How am I supposed to fight like that? It’s easy. You just show Wendy what a good, awesome man you are. And that you’re in it for the long haul. I don’t think I’ve already tried that. I think that you’ve been let down and hurt by a lot of people in your life.

So when it comes to love, things get dicey, you have a tendency to cut your losses and, and run. To protect yourself. And I get that, man. I used to do the same thing when I was your age. Let me tell you something. If you really care about Wendy as much as you say you do, then you’ve got to let her know you’re not going anywhere.


you do that? Will you at least consider it? I suppose I could. It’s just,

I feel like I’ve already humiliated myself enough. Even just being in this competition with Johnny. Hey. It shouldn’t be humiliating to give something all you got. Okay? And if it doesn’t work out, you can walk away with no regrets, knowing that you fought for it.

Okay. Okay, I’ll take your advice. I’m telling you, you won’t regret it. I better not. Thanks, Dad. Anytime, son.

Now, where are you going? You’re going over to Wendy’s, right? Yes, I’m going. I promise. I’m going. Okay.

So you’re really picking Tripp over me because you think I’m not over Chanel? Your connection with Chanel is only part of the reason. Okay, then what’s the rest?

Well, Tripp and I have been spending a lot of time together lately. Well, I’ve been with Chanel. Yeah. And my feelings for him have started to deepen. Oh. Oh, so it’s my fault. No. No, it’s not anybody’s fault. Look, you’re a great guy, Johnny. And I care about you a lot. Now it’s just… Have a hard time. But I, uh, really do hope that you and Chanel give it another shot.

I don’t want to be with Chanel. How many times do I have to tell you that? What do I have to do to prove it?

Goodbye, Johnny.


What’s new?

Hey, you’re back. I’m back. Sorry I had to check on a few other patients. And I wanted to give that sedative some time to kick in. How do you feel? I’m a little more relaxed, thank you.

Good. Have, have you made a decision? About my request? I have.

It’s obvious to me how much you want this, so… I will commit you to Bayview.

Detective Hunter, your partner has just brought a very serious accusation to my attention. Sean? Oh, I didn’t make any accusation. Might I speak to you in private, Detective Hunter? I’m sorry, what is this about? Your relationship with Commissioner Hernandez. Okay, you know what, this, this really isn’t necessary, Mr.

Mayor. In here, Detective. Now? Sorry, Rafe,

I didn’t, I didn’t know that Rawlings was standing right behind me. Yeah, it’s a little late for apologies, Sean. Look, I can make this better. Okay, I’m gonna go in there, I’m gonna talk to him. No! I’m gonna… You’ve done enough. Now, I’m gonna still need your gun and your badge.


Yeah. Yeah, Mama and I got the flowers you and Henry sent. They were beautiful.

I know. I can’t believe it either. Abe is gone.

So, I heard you’re seeing someone. That’s great. All I’ve ever wanted was for you to be happy. Me? Oh, um, no, there’s no one new in my life.

Uh, Horton? Um, I, I have a customer. I’m, I’m gonna call you back, okay? Okay, yeah, you too. Bye, Horton.

Do you have a permit for that dark cloud you’re carrying around? It’s that obvious, huh? It is to me. What happened?

I just got dumped.

Hey! Hey!

Where’s Johnny? He left. Really? I figured you two would be celebrating your new official status as a couple. He and I have nothing to celebrate. What, he’s not excited about being your boyfriend? He’s not my boyfriend. Trip.

Okay, okay, I’m, I’m, I’m a little lost here. You asked me to leave so you could tell Johnny. So I could tell Johnny that I didn’t want to be with him. What?

I needed some time alone with him to explain why I chose you. Me? Yes, you. Dr. Tripp Johnson, you are the man I want to be with. That is, if you still want to be with me. Oh yeah, I do.

Mmm, something smells delicious. I hope you’re in the mood for some of my famous beef stew. Your amazing beef stew? Yeah. I think I’m in the mood for anything you’re cooking. Oh boy.

How was your day then? Well, two of my favorite people stopped by. Jada and then Tripp. Ah, for good reasons or bad? Jada was here to give her condolences about Abe, and… Well, that was nice of her. What about Tripp? Well, Tripp came to me for a little bit of advice on his love life. Uh huh. What do you mean, uh huh?

Tripp came to you for relationship advice. Well, not exactly, but I am his father. Oh. So you gave it to him. What can I say? When you have a gift, you gotta give it away. Hmm. So you say. Ah. So what about you? Busy morning? Um, well, actually, you know what? I stopped by the pub. And had a very interesting conversation with Kate.

Interesting how. Well, it turns out that my sister in law is the reason that Harris Michaels went after Megan Hathaway. It just didn’t turn out the way she hoped.

Knock, knock. Up for a visitor? Hey Kate.

Look, um, I need to apologize. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a card that said, Sorry that my harebrained scheme almost got you killed. You have nothing to apologize for. It was my plan, and it went awry. I’m actually, uh, I’m actually grateful to you. Oh, grateful. Yeah, if you hadn’t convinced me to go after Megan, I wouldn’t have found out that she still had the power to control me.

Yeah, well, maybe that’s a good thing. Let me know that I’m, I’m still a danger to myself and to the people around me.

But, uh, thanks to you, I’m going somewhere to get the help that I need. Okay, where’s that? Bayview.

Marlena, hey. Oh, hi there. Uh, uh, Are you here on assignment? No, um, no, I’m off duty.

Uh, wait, um, Look, actually, that’s, uh, that’s a lie. I’ve been, I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I’ve been lying to myself and, uh, and to others.

The truth is, I’ve, uh, Look, I’ve been suspended from the force. Oh my, what happened? Look, I’m in trouble. And, uh, Look, I need, I need your help. Look, I need your help before I make my life any worse than I already have.

Detective Hunter just confirmed that you and she have been engaging in an inappropriate workplace relationship. As you know, this is a violation of department policy regarding fraternization between city appointees and their subordinates. So I have no choice but to take immediate action.

I’m gonna need to take a gun in your badge. Okay, well, with all due respect, Mr. Mayor, you, uh, you don’t have the authority to suspend Detective Hunter. Oh, I’m not suspended, Mayor. Or you, for that matter. But as Acting Mayor, I do have the authority to appoint the Commissioner of Police. Or remove him. In other words, you’re fired.

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