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[ Sensual music ]

Rj: Are you texting hope?

Liam: Uh, no, I’m texting wyatt, he needs notes for a meeting. He’s been– uh, he’s been taking over ever since my dad left town.

Rj: Come on, I mean, I’m sure bill knows that the two of you can handle this right now. He probably wants you focusing on your marriage, right? Instead of crashing at his place?

Liam: Well, rj, there’s a reason I’m crashing at my dad’s place.

Carter: Thomas and hope really nailed the fashion preview. The coverage won’t stop.

Ridge: Everyone is eating up this collection. Here’s your line sheet.

Katie: Thank you very much. I just hope we can keep up with demand, and thomas and hope need to keep a professional boundary. They crossed the line in rome.

Carter: Yeah, let’s hope the public doesn’t get wind of what happened.

Ridge: Agreed. We need to deal with this privately.

Katie: Well, good luck with that. Once a professional relationship becomes personal, it tends to infiltrate a company, becomes scandal for the press. Hope and thomas got caught up in a moment, and now that she’s back, she needs to concentrate on her marriage.

Ridge: Obviously, brooke is concerned about this too.

Katie: Well, yeah. Hope doesn’t normally run around kissing other men. She’s always been so moral. She’s focused on her family, committed to liam.

Carter: It’s hard to believe she’s the one responsible for what happened in rome.

Katie: She and thomas were riding high off of the success of the show. I’m sure she’s come to her senses now.

Ridge: I’m sure that doesn’t help liam. You know how he feels about thomas.

Liam: Hey rj, I know hope is your sister. You love her. You’re looking out for her. I can take time off from here, right? The reason I’m in this office right now is because I want the distraction. If I just focus on work…

Rj: You wanna focus on work instead of letting your marriage fall apart, is that it?

Liam: Yeah.

Rj: Look, maybe tonight, instead of staying at your dad’s place, maybe you should just go, and stay with your wife at home for a little. I don’t know, man. Maybe this isn’t my place. I feel… if anybody understands needing some time away, it’s me. So I get it, all right? I’m not coming after you for that. I’m just saying when you do spend time away over something like this, it builds walls, and I’m just worried that those walls aren’t gonna come down over this. I think you just need to go and just talk to her before it’s too late.

Thomas: Yeah, it feels like we’re made for each other. Do you have any idea how incredible you are? You’re just beautiful inside and out.

Hope: Well, you… you make me feel… alive. And I never want this feeling to end. You bring out something in me that… even I never knew existed. You’ve evolved.

Katie: So, the whole time you were in rome, you didn’t notice anything going on between hope and thomas?

Carter: Seemed all business to me. It was very professional.

Ridge: They were just invested in making this preview a success, that’s all I saw.

Katie: Well, your son doesn’t have the best track record…

Ridge: All right, easy. I know he’s made mistakes in the past, but he’s changed his life around, all right? So, this has nothing to do with thomas backsliding.

Carter: It’s probably the hardest thing for liam to grasp.

Ridge: I’m sure it is, but he can’t blame my son for it. He should talk to hope.

Liam: Which acquisition? No, no, hold firm. They’ll come around. Yeah. Yeah. No, I’m good. Rj’s still here. I know, told him about the chocolate ice cream in the cafeteria. Dude just won’t leave.

[ Liam chuckling ] No, I’m fine. It’s okay. I’m all good. Thanks, bro.

Rj: Well, it sounds like wyatt can handle things. You’re allowed to focus on your personal life every once in a blue moon. Maybe you can come around too. Am I getting through to you at all?

Liam: Anybody ever told you how persistent you are?

Rj: I’ve been described as worse.

Liam: Here’s the thing. I warned hope so many times, right? I mean, I told her that thomas should be no bigger a part of our lives than he absolutely has to be.

Rj: Right. And you’ve been super supportive of co-parenting douglas. I’m not knocking you for that, man.

Liam: That’s not… I draw the line at work, right? I have voiced my concerns over and over again about thomas rejoining hope for the future as the lead designer. And we came to an understanding, or at least, I thought we did. And then all of a sudden, hope changes her mind, and now, I’m going, “oh, great. Okay, here we go again. Thomas never ceases to insert himself into our lives.” And now, guess what. All this time, I thought thomas would be the one who blew up our lives and it was actually hope. It was hope. It was your sister who turned to him.

Hope: I’ve never really known this part of me. And on some level, I guess, it scares me.

Thomas: Being with me?

Hope: No. It’s just what’s going on inside of me. It’s almost like something has been unleashed. But it feels… strong. Powerful.

Thomas: Yeah, strong and powerful sound good.

[ Hope chuckling ]

Hope: Who knows? Maybe, this is what my mom was talking about all those years, you know, following her heart. Maybe, this is what it feels like. I just know that, um… it took a lot to admit that… I’ve been thinking about you in this way for a while now, and I– I knew it was wrong. I know it’S… this is wrong, but I just… I had to give in.

[ Hope chuckling ] What I dreamed of… this is so much better. I’m hearing different ways for me to screen

Carter: Look, I know how proud you are of thomas. We all are. He’s worked really hard to better himself, and he’s really come into his own.

Ridge: Yes, he has. Thank you, carter. He turned his life around. It’s not an easy thing to do. He’s a good father. He’s a good son. He shows up, his work is impeccable. Yes?

Katie: Yeah. He’s a huge component of hope for the future. I mean, none of this would have happened without him. Hope made an impulsive mistake. She got confused, spending so much time with thomas. She promises it’s never gonna happen again. So, now, it’s really up to liam to forgive her and keep their marriage from falling apart.

Rj: I hear you. But are you– are you telling me that you really want a divorce?

Liam: No.

Rj: No?

Liam: No, I don’t want this. I don’t want any of this, rj. You know what I want? You know what I do want?

Rj: What?

Liam: What I do want, I want my life back. That’s what I want. I want the last several months back. Here’s what I really want. I want the hope I knew from before, back. That’s what I want.

Rj: You could get her back. Come on, liam, you have something worth fighting for. Right now, you do. There’s nothing like what the two of you have and you know that.

Liam: You’re a good little brother.

Rj: Oh, don’t– don’t give me that. I’m not in high school anymore.

Liam: I’m not– I’m not condescending to you. That’s not what I’m doing. I’m just saying it’s a little different when it’s your life.

Rj: That is life, liam. You have good, you have bad, you have ups, you have downs. I mean, come on, that’s every single relationship. Am I wrong?

Liam: No.

Rj: Look, you need to focus on the fact that you love hope. And more importantly than that, you also love your family. If you focus on that, you’ll be able to forget about the fact that she did kiss thomas.

[ Liam groaning ] I can guarantee this isn’t gonna happen again.

Thomas: You know, I never could have imagined this. How incredible it would be right here, with you.

[ Both chuckling ]

Hope: Well, lying here in your arms… I have to admit there… is a part of me inside that is just screaming, “what are you doing?” I mean, I don’t know what I’m doing. My husband left me and I understand why. And I hate that I hurt him, but all of this is just happening so quickly. I don’t know. I– I– I do feel like maybe I am losing my mind. Maybe I am crazy because I mean, I– I had it all, right? Had the perfect family and… yet, I just can’t stop… wanting you. Trying to control my asthma felt anything but normal.

Rj: Liam, you can get past all of this. You both have been fighting for your marriage for so long. You’ve got to find it in your heart to just forgive her this once. Okay?

Liam: Rj, do you know how excited I was to surprise hope? To see her face… when I stepped off the plane? And then when I get to the event, I find out that I was too late. Do you know what I did? I just… I just went looking for her. Do you know how insane that is to just start walking around rome in hopes that I might see my wife? But I got this idea in my head that, um, she might be at the colosseum. I don’t know, it just felt cosmic and as I was approaching, I started to, uh, fantasize, you know. Her turning to me… running up to me, embracing me, thanking me for coming halfway across the world to support her. But what I got instead, the surprise… I got instead was her standing there with somebody else. At first, I couldn’t make out who it was, but it was thomas. And the way… she was looking at him… the desire.

[ Liam scoffing ] That smile of hers. A smile I… I thought was only ever meant for me. And then the look on her face changed and then she leaned in and she just… she kissed the one man… that she always knew I hated more than anyone.

Rj: I’m sorry, liam. I think if you really tried and you really focused on what the two of you have together, I think you could just find it in your heart to forgive her for this.

Liam: I would like that very much… but like I said, I’m not gonna get that image out of my head. Rj… forgiveness ain’t in the cards.

Rj: This isn’t you. You are not a quitter! That’s not the guy that I know. And I know that you know in your heart that hope and you are what is right. What you need to do right now is you need to go out that door and you need to fight for your marriage before it completely falls apart and you live with regret for the rest of your life.

Thomas: You know, I– I think I know what’s going on inside that head of yours. You– you did your best. I mean, you– you really tried to save your marriage. You went to liam, you tried to talk it out and he didn’t want to have any of it. In fact, he jumped straight to divorce. I– I don’t understand how a man could do that to you. You’re such an incredible person. You’re so wonderful. You’re always forgiving. I just– I don’t get it. Any man should be grateful to be with you and I know that I am. I– I don’t wanna be a person who ruins your life. I wanna be a person who puts you first. Lets you know that you’re loved and that you’re the only one. Just you and only you.

Hope: You know, I meant what I said. That I’ve never experienced anything like this. This feeling. It’s just… I don’t know, maybe it is because we’re doing something wrong. I mean, I am technically a married woman and yet… I don’t feel ashamed. I mean how could I? What we shared was so… passionate. Was so incredible. But before I– I get myself in any more trouble than I am… I should probably go.

Thomas: Okay. Look, um… before you do though, I… I have a question and I want you to be honest. Is this… you and me, something you can actually handle? Tell me the truth.

[ Hope sighing ]

Hope: Thomas… you’ve unlocked something in me and I have never felt more alive and I want to keep exploring that with you, but I also need to figure out what my next steps are going to be. So, until I get that figured out, can we just… can we keep this between us?

Thomas: Yeah. Of course. Take your time. H

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