Y&R Best Lines Friday, July 7, 2023

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Sally: Hot sauce! You do love me.

Nick: Yes. I know how you get when you run out, so I brought you a few others to try.

Sally: Oh, do not get between a girl and her scoville units. “Made with devil’s tongue and habanero peppers.” Yeah, baby. You’re awesome. Thank you.

Nick: You’re welcome. So, how was your meeting with chloe?

Sally: It was actually really uplifting.

Nick: Yeah?

Sally: Yeah. We talked about desks. And work ergonomics. And I totally got out of my head space for a change, it was really great.


Ashley: Okay, I wanna see angry jack again. You’re upset with your sister. Do it again. For her.

Tucker: This is an outrage! Have you no shame? How could you think of doing this to us? To me! Your brother.

Ashley: Okay. Okay, you are weirdly good at this. It’s– it’s a little disturbing.

Tucker: I don’t know. I think it needs a little work.


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