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Gabi and Stefan have coffee together in the town square. Gabi talks about their upcoming wedding but Stefan is distracted and says he can’t stop thinking about EJ. Stefan calls it strange how EJ just disappeared. Stefan adds that EJ is often involved in something sketchy and they should probably be planning their counter attack. Stefan brings up Megan still considering their proposal to team up. Gabi questions believing her and argues that it’s ridiculously obvious that she has her own agenda.

In the living room of the DiMera Mansion, Megan calls Li and asks if he’s touched base with Dr. Rolf. Megan tells him to hurry up because they can’t hire a cruise ship to brainwash Harris Michaels. Megan adds that she hasn’t decided when or how, just that Stefan’s extinction needs to take place at exactly the right time. Megan tells Li to stop worrying because Kristen and EJ are locked away nice and tight in the secret room so there’s no way they can be sabotaged. Megan is then surprised when the door to the tunnels opens up.

Dimitri and Gwen have sex in her bed.

Paulina helps Olivia to the bedroom to lay down and then rejoins Julie, Chanel, Eli, and Theo in the main room. Julie comments on Olivia coming all this way while Paulina says it sure surprised her as she had no idea that she was coming. Paulina adds that maybe it’s good that she’s resting because she doesn’t want to fall to pieces in front of her. Eli assures that they are all here for her. Julie adds that they are all praying for Abe. Paulina worries about the longer Abe is missing and wonders where in God’s name he could be.

Whitley questions why Abe would say she’s not his wife and claims that of course she is. Whitley asks how he’s feeling and if he wants to rest. Abe responds that he’s perfectly fine except for the fact that she’s been lying through her teeth. Whitley asks why he would say such a thing. Abe reveals that he just had a memory of his wedding and his bride definitely was not her.

Megan tells Li that she has to go and quickly hangs up. Leo Stark then emerges from the tunnels. Megan questions who the hell he is. Leo introduces himself and guesses that she is Megan Hathaway. Megan states that she’s also known as Megan DiMera and questions what Leo was doing in her tunnels. Leo informs her that he knew Harold wouldn’t let him in the front door, so he came in the back way. Megan remarks that she hopes he didn’t help himself to the wine cellar down there. Leo assures that he came straight up to see her. Megan questions why. Leo responds that Gwen is his best friend and he knows that she and Dimitri are trying to use her in a scheme, but they are not going to get away with it if he has anything to say about it.

Gwen asks Dimitri how exactly this happened. Dimitri recalls her kissing him and says he just couldn’t help himself as he had to have her. Dimitri hopes he didn’t take it too far. Gwen assures that she would’ve let him know if he had, but obviously the feelings were requited. Gwen then states that this can’t happen again.

Paulina thanks Julie for stopping by and bringing Eli. Julie tells her that she and Doug are standing by for her for anything she needs. Paulina says she appreciates that and she’ll sleep a little better knowing that Eli is on the case. Eli says he doesn’t intend on letting Lani down. Paulina thanks him for taking care of Lani, knowing how hard the year has been on them. Eli says it’s tough for he and the kids to be separated from Lani. Paulina hates that this situation pulled Eli away from the kids. Eli jokes that he could use the break. Eli adds that he doesn’t intend on being here too long because they are going to find Abe, no matter what it takes, as he hugs Paulina.

Whitley questions Abe who he married then if not her. Abe responds that it was the woman from his dream. Whitley mocks his dreams and says he’s clearly mixing things up. Abe argues that it wasn’t a dream, but a memory. Whitley says it’s all the same to her. Abe insists that this was vivid and recalls the suit he was wearing but it wasn’t her. Whitley insists that it was, so Abe tells her to prove it by showing him a picture of their wedding. Whitley reminds him that Chanel showed him at the hospital. Abe says he had just woken up and everything was fuzzy, so that image was pretty hazy. Abe wants to see it again but Whitley says she doesn’t have it. Abe questions not having a photo album of the wedding. Whitley responds that they don’t because it was destroyed in a fire. Abe questions there not being a single photo left from their wedding which she confirms. Abe argues that something is not right here.

Paulina sits with Theo and asks about the Juneteenth celebration. Theo responds that everyone was asking about Abe because they are all worried about him. Paulina understands that Abe touched a lot of lives. Paulina says she’s so proud that Theo was there to represent the family. Paulina wishes she could’ve been there too but says she was in no shape to go. Chanel asks Theo about the speech which surprised her because she knows how much he hates public speaking. Theo says that Chad convinced him to do it, but he just hopes he didn’t embarrass himself too much. Paulina assures that Abe’s heart would be full to hear that he filled in for him. Theo presents Paulina with a handmade blanket that an older woman gave to him afterwards and said she wanted to give it to Paulina as a anniversary gift, noting that it stood for never giving up hope.

Julie and Eli walk through the town square. Eli talks about how Paulina can barely hold it together. Eli wishes there was more they could do to help her. Julie says it breaks her heart to see Paulina like this. They then come across Stefan and Gabi’s table where Stefan jokes that he thinks she means his heart.

Megan claims not to know what evil scheme that Leo is talking about. Leo argues that they both know she and Dimitri are using Gwen to help Dimitri’s image and that he’s using some sort of magic to manipulate Gwen in to writing glowing pieces on him in the Spectator. Megan admits that she was delighted with Gwen’s write-up on Dimitri as people seemed to have gotten the wrong idea about him and think that he’s a monster, which Leo says he is. Megan suspects that Gwen would not agree. Leo complains that Dimitri has cast a spell on Gwen. Megan assures there is no spell and that he’s just naturally charismatic and charming. Leo complains about Dimitri luring Gwen in to his web of deceit. Megan tells Leo that he has it all wrong because Dimitri actually enjoyed speaking with Gwen and hopes to spend more time with her in the future. Megan claims there is no hidden agenda.

Dimitri asks Gwen why this can’t happen again. Gwen reminds him that they talked about follow up interviews. Dimitri talks about never being bothered by ethical boundaries and thinks he has an easy solution if it’s a problem for her. Dimitri suggests they end their professional relationship immediately and pursue a personal one instead. Gwen questions if he means a romantic relationship which he confirms. Dimitri says he’s never fallen so deeply, fast, and hard for someone before. He calls it hard to describe but there was an immediate and intense spark that he felt. Gwen assures that she felt it too. Gwen talks about relating to his upbringing. Dimitri says there is something special between them, so he’s terrified of letting it slip away. Dimitri then asks Gwen to marry him.

Megan hopes she has addressed Leo’s concerns. Leo complains that all she did was brag about Dimitri and says she did nothing to reassure him. Megan says she can’t spare another minute on this conversation and asks him to leave. Leo agrees to go, but warns her that he will be keeping an eye on her so they better not do anything to hurt Gwen. Megan suggests Leo leave through the front door. Leo agrees to do so and remarks that Megan reminds him of his mother, who is a bitch just like her. Megan mocks him. Leo says she doesn’t have him fooled as he knows she and Dimitri are up to something, so he’s going to find out what it is. Leo then exits the mansion.

Gabi tells Eli that she didn’t know he was back in Salem. Eli explains that he was here to help look for Abe. Gabi asks if there’s any sign of him. Julie didn’t know she cared. Gabi responds that she’s not completely heartless. Stefan says he’s glad they ran in to Julie and that he’s glad to see his old heart is still going strong. Julie notes that’s no thanks to Gabi. Stefan doesn’t understand, thinking that Gabi generously donated his heart to Julie. Julie says he can’t be serious. Eli guesses Gabi never filled him in on how she used his heart as leverage to get back at Lani for shooting him. Stefan asks how so. Gabi says she can explain. Julie explains that Gabi made Lani get down on her knees and beg for it and then she made Lani swear to break Eli’s heart on his wedding day. Julie adds that Gabi reconstructed her pacemaker so that she could control it from her cell phone and could murder her by blowing up her heart. Stefan states that he had no idea Gabi had gone to such extremes. Julie guesses even Stefan must be disgusted by her but Stefan reveals that he couldn’t be more proud.

Theo tells Paulina and Chanel that he has to make a pit stop before heading to the Salem Inn. Paulina insists that he could stay with them but Theo assures that he’ll be fine. Theo notes that he’ll be spending most of his time looking for Abe anyway but he’ll be sure to check in with them as often as he can. Paulina hugs Theo and says she’s so glad he’s here as she thanks him for coming. Theo says a year ago today, they became family which means they have to look out for each other as it’s what Abe would want.

Whitley apologizes to Abe but claims the fire incinerated their entire wedding photo album. Abe asks if Chanel can’t send the picture from her phone and offers to call her. Whitley then decides she can find the photo on her computer. Abe thinks it will be faster to just call Chanel but Whitley claims that she found one. Abe asks to see it but Whitley says she doesn’t like the angle. Abe demands to see the picture so she shows him her computer which shocks Abe. Abe says he doesn’t understand as he sees the photo with Whitley photoshopped in Paulina’s place. Abe guesses his mind must be playing tricks on him. Abe adds that the only reason he was convinced he was right was that he noticed Whitley doesn’t wear her wedding ring. Whitley claims she leaves it at home so she doesn’t lose it at work and sometimes, she forgets to put it on. Abe asks to see it. Whitley calls it her most prized possession. Abe apologizes for doubting her and accusing her of not being his wife, especially on their anniversary. Abe asks how he can make it up to her. Whitley responds that she has an idea.

Paulina looks through her wedding album with Chanel. Paulina mentions having a piece of wedding cake in the freezer that she and Abe were supposed to share today. Chanel encourages that they will soon. They talk about Abe’s vows. Paulina cries that she loves him even more today and wishes he was here so that she could tell him that. Chanel assures that he knows as she hugs her.

Julie questions Stefan being proud of Gabi for humiliating, tormenting, and manipulating Lani for over a year in a terrifying way. Stefan argues that Lani is no saint since she did shoot him in the throat. Eli argues that Vivian was attempting to flee so Lani had no choice and adds that it was Stefan’s own damn fault for jumping his stupid ass in front of a bullet. Stefan admits the details are fuzzy as it was a chaotic night, but remarks that it wasn’t the last time Lani got in trouble for being a little trigger happy since she’s in prison now for shooting her own father. Eli warns that Stefan doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Julie tells Eli that they aren’t worth it and they deserve each other. Gabi says that’s why they are getting married again. Julie tells them for their honeymoon, they can both go to Hell.

Megan looks to the portrait of Stefano and says she suspects he might not like her plans for Stefan, but she’ll do her best to spare Kristen and EJ. Megan remarks that hopefully feeding them well will boost their morale and make them less cranky. Megan prepares to bring food down the tunnels when Theo arrives. Megan comments on needing to beef up security but then she recognizes Theo as Lexie’s son. Megan introduces herself as his aunt and says it’s a pleasure to finally meet him. Megan asks what brings him by. Theo responds that he’s actually looking for his uncle, EJ.

Gwen says this can’t be happening and asks if Dimitri is joking by proposing to her but Dimitri says he’s serious that he wants her to make him the luckiest man on Earth. Gwen argues that they just met and don’t even know each other. Dimitri feels he knows everything that needs to know about her. Gwen calls this crazy. Dimitri understands it might seem that way but says he’s always gone after what he wants, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, noting that life is too short. Gwen asks if Dimitri is saying that he loves her. Dimitri responds that he never believed in love at first sight, but he’s been proven wrong. Dimitri says he’s been waiting his entire life for a woman like her to come around, so he’s not about to let her slip away like Xander. Dimitri insists that unlike Xander, he will appreciate her. Dimitri promises to devote his life to making her happy and all she has to do is say yes. Gwen tells Dimitri that her heart is pounding and adrenaline is pumping but she has no words. Dimitri understands how impulsive this is, but says it feels so right. Gwen remains unsure so Dimitri kisses her. Leo comes home and questions what is going on here, arguing that Gwen just slept with a lying snake who is going to break her heart in a million pieces and he’s going to have to pick those pieces up. Leo complains that Dimitri is using her for good press. Gwen reveals that Dimitri has put off their scheduled interviews. Dimitri suggests they’d rather discuss this in private. Dimitri kisses Gwen and gets out of bed. He tells Gwen to think about what he said as he heads to the bathroom.

Megan informs Theo that EJ is out of town on business. Theo says he just hoped to see him while in town since EJ had sent him some messages about Abe and he said he’d hit him up if he came to town. Megan says she’s sorry about Abe and asks if there are any leads. Theo says not really. Megan encourages him not to give up hope, noting that she’s sure Stefano and Lexie are watching over Abe. Theo thanks her and remarks that she’s not as scary as everyone makes her out to be. Megan hopes to see him around more often.

Paulina tells Chanel that she can’t take this anymore. Chanel asks what she can do and offers to go on a walk to try to get her mind off things. Paulina complains that nothing will take her mind off Abe and that she can’t lose another husband. Chanel encourages that she is strong and brave, reminding her to stay positive because Abe is out there fighting to get back to her.

Abe asks what he has gotten himself in to as Whitley calls out to him that she’s ready. Abe then turns on wedding music as Whitley comes back in and says they are renewing their vows. Abe questions not inviting their family like Chanel and Theo. Whitley says they will send them photos. Abe points out that he’s not exactly dressed for the occasion and suggests putting on his suit from the wedding but Whitley claims the suit was lost in the fire too. Whitley takes Abe’s ring and says they will use her stuffed animal cats as an audience and asks if they shall begin.

Leo questions Gwen sleeping with Dimitri, calling it repulsive and nauseating but also kind of hot. Leo then asks her how it was. Gwen responds that it was incredible which Leo says he hates. Gwen says he’s giving her a headache and she’s already wound up and dazed which Leo questions. Leo argues that he hates Dimitri more than before and asks what he asked Gwen to think about. Gwen then reveals that Dimitri asked her to marry him.

Dimitri goes to the DiMera Mansion and greets Megan. Dimitri grabs a sandwich off the tray she had planned for EJ and Kristen, noting that he must have worked up an appetite while sweeping Gwen off her feet and in to bed. Megan calls that wonderful and says she’s so proud of him. Dimitri thanks her but calls it a weird conversation for them to be having. Megan asks if he popped the question. Dimitri confirms that he did and then they got interrupted, but he’s sure she will have an answer soon. Megan is sure she will say yes and says she can practically hear wedding bells already. Stefan and Gabi come home and ask who is getting married. Megan claims that she was just telling Dimitri that they are going to throw Stefan and Gabi an engagement party. They call that very kind of her. Megan promises it will be a party they will never forget.

Julie goes home with Eli and apologizes as she thought she put that whole ugly episode out of her mind, but when she saw Stefan and Gabi, she lost it. Julie can hardly believe Stefan’s heart is beating in her chest. Eli encourages that it’s her heart now and suggests forgetting about them because they have more important stuff to think about like finding Abe and bringing him home to Paulina.

Chanel tells Paulina that she’s going to check on Olivia. Paulina thanks her for the pep talk as she heads to the back. Paulina reads over Abe’s vows and flashes back to their wedding.

Whitley puts Abe’s ring on his finger and says now he is to say his vows. Abe responds that he’s afraid he doesn’t remember them. Whitley then continues with the traditional vows. Abe says I do as Whitley says he’s made her the happiest woman on Earth again.

Paulina continues reading over Abe’s vows and breaks down crying.

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