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Hello? Hey, Steph, still prepping for that Zoom meeting? Yeah, I just finished going over our proposal again and I think we’re in pretty good shape. You on your way? I’m actually not gonna be able to make it. Oh no. Why not? Is everything okay? I just have something I need to take care of. I’m sorry though. No worries.

I can, um, I can just drop by your place when I’m done and fill you in. I don’t know when I’m gonna be free, um, but I’ll let you know. I, yeah. Okay. I will talk to you later. Goodbye,

Sarah. Honey, will you. Relax. Of course, I’m gonna keep your secret. I am not gonna tell another living soul that you are pregnant with Ander’s baby. You betcha. Now you take care now, hun. Okay. Okay. Bye-Bye. Oh God. That girl has wound up tighter than a $2 watch. Hey Bonnie, you’re home. I didn’t know you were here.

I just got in this second. Oh my God. How I miss you? Oh, oh, I miss you. That was Chicago. Tell me everything.

Hey, bam. What’s this? Oh, just a major ad buy from Saxon’s department store. Excellent. Wow. That’s some bottom line. How’d you get ’em to fork over so much cash? Well, I happen to know Mr. Saxon from working at Basic Black and we always got along and I just turn on a little charm and he was putting my hands see.

Told you you’d be great at this job. Ain’t glad you didn’t quit. Yeah. Today’s been a really great day. Stress free. I think it’s because Gwen’s not around.

Gwen, did you order me room service?

You do. I know you. Oh, I should hope so. Since what happened in Phoenix changed the course of my life. Oh, right, Phoenix. I remember you now you’re agent Kyle Graham, of course. You and and Billy Reid were very cute together. Very Mr. And Mrs. Smith, any who? I’d love to stay in chat. That’s so fast, Mr. Stuck. You and I have unfinished business.

Do we? We do. And you’re not going anywhere until it’s finally settled.

Like Sam through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

Did I do something to offend you? Do stolen jewels ring a bell? Um hmm. No, not really. Oh, oh, you mean when I swapped out that priceless emerald for a phony? Is that what this testosterone driven posturing is all about? Because really it was just a silly prank. Nothing to get riled up about. Riled up a silly prank.

You know? Your silly prank ruined everything for me. Okay. Okay. I’m sorry. Really? I am. I didn’t know that my little caper was going to. Poor your evil plans for world domination. Listen to me, you simpering idiot. It wasn’t about world domination. It was about me becoming very, very rich. You cost me a fortune not to mention my own freedom, and now I’m going to make you pay.

So where is. Gwen. Anyway, apparently she scored some exclusive interview with Dimitri Vaughn. Ner Ner. Yeah, I heard that guy is kind of a dirt bag. Yeah. Unfortunately Dirtbag sell, but hopefully it’ll be good for our numbers and he keeps her out of your hair police for today. That is true. Well, I should get back to work or you could take a break.

I was hoping we could spend a little time together thought You think we should keep things professional here at the office? Absolutely. Professionalism is very important, but I can’t stop thinking about last night and specifically like it’s you. Me neither. So maybe Hello? You too. Oh, hi. Am I interrupting?

No, not at all. Maggie. Hi. Nice to see you. Hi. How are you, Chloe? What brings you by? Um, okay. Well, I’ll get right to the point. I don’t know if you’ve heard I had to let Alex go. I did. And good for you. Well, it might be good for you as well, sander. Because I would like to offer you Alex’s job.

Oh, hey. Hey. What are you doing here? Well, I just wanted to, oh, is this a bad time, Ms. Chad here? No, uh, he’s not. Oh, okay. Well, I just wanted to come by and tell you the good news. Well, I would love to hear some good news. What is it? I am officially employed again. Oh my gosh. That’s great. Mm-hmm. I told you Maggie would take you bash.

She needed some time to cool down. Yeah, yeah, you’re right. And she did offer to rehire me, but I turned her down.

Hey, Abby.

Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we lost you,

and it seems like yesterday we were together. Happy raising Thomas and Charlotte.

I’m just thinking about having a new baby.

I think about it all the time.

We would’ve been successful, but we’ve had a boy girl, her,

hello. We would’ve been Christ. We were trying to juggle two kids and a newborn baby.

I know that we would’ve loved every minute of it, though.

I can picture it, you know. I could picture exactly what our lives would be like.

Sometimes it seems so real.

Feels like I never lost you.

Julie, I startled you. No, God, nevermind. You want your privacy? I’ll come back later. Please stay.

So, uh, did Thomas and and Charlotte get off? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It all worked out. Jack and Jennifer picked him up from the airport in Boston earlier. Oh, that’s great. They’ll have a lovely visit. Yeah, I hope so. I think they needed a change of scenery. Yeah. They’ve, they’ve been acting out a bit lately. I’m sure you noticed.

It’s my fault. Yeah. I should have. I didn’t talk to him, you know, and I know they know Subc consciously, and it’s the anniversary of their mother’s passing coming up. They feel it. You know, children always understand more than we give them credit for.

Abigail is watching over you, darling. I truly believe it. Yeah, I hope so.

I wonder what she would think about me and Stephanie. Wait, I don’t understand. You turned Maggie down. So how are you employed again? I took a job at Demara. What? My cousin Brady offered me a position at Basic Blank and I accepted. So you’re working for the competition? Mm-hmm. Wow. And, um, how does Maggie feel about that?

Let me get this straight. Sorry. You, you want me to work at Titan again? Well, I floated this idea before. Surely it can’t come as a complete surprise. What about Victor? He’d never approved and he’s barely spoken to me since I quit. It’s not up to Victor. The only person who needs to be on board with this decision is you so.

What do you say?

Isn’t my granddaughter the cutest? She’s adorable. Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Are you teaching Emily Poker? Well, yeah. You’re never too young to learn it’s math, which is what I tried to explain to Mimi and Rex, who weren’t too thrilled. I bet. So what’s going on with Sarah? What do you mean? Why on earth would you ask me about Sarah?

Well, she’s living in Chicago and she’s working with Rex, so I figured he must have mentioned her, right? Oh, yeah, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure. Um, actually, I, I saw her. Oh, how is she? Oh, she’s good. I mean, she’s the same. Exactly the same. Hasn’t changed a bitch. The same old, same old. Oh, is it hot in here? Oh, hotter than Billy goat with a blow torch attack.

Need some water?

What’s going on with you? What you mean? What’s going on with me? Nothing. Well, you seem to be a little nervous. Bonnie is, there’s something wrong. Please don’t hurt me. I will give you anything you want. All I want right now is revenge. Okay. Well, if I can’t change your mind, can I please say one last thing?

Make it quick. Thank you, GWE. Save me Gwenie. Come and help me please. Going on here. What does it look like? He’s trying to kill me for heaven sake. You let him go. This is none of your concern, Gwen. Actually, it is because Maddy is my best friend, Maddy. Yeah. Maddy, you’re not the only with an alias. Kyle, do you have any idea what your best friend here did to me?

No, and I don’t care. Now, are you gonna stop this nonsense or am I gonna phone the police when I don’t think you understand? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is this. Do you want to go back to prison or not?

So you are really not worried about how Maggie feels? Hell no. Or Victor? Nope. Nope. Hell no. Especially after the way they treated me. I mean, come on. If, if, if Uncle Vic wasn’t so dismissive with his personal decisions, both Brady and I would still be working at Titan. And if Auntie Mag is such a good CEO O I’m sure she won’t mind a little healthy competition, I guess.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you the good news she probably get going before Chad shows up and finds us together. Don’t wanna piss off Chad. I don’t, I don’t think Chad’s showing up today. I’m pretty sure he is with Abigail. Yeah, Stephanie and, and, and I have been seeing each other for a while now. Yes.

Well, I like Stephanie. She’s a lovely person. She’s wonderful with your children, and you always seem happier when the two of you’re together. Well, I am. I still feel guilt. Guilty. You know, uh, being with someone who isn’t abbey, not always, sometimes today I do. I understand you love somebody as much as you liked Abigail, you’re always gonna feel her presence in your heart.

But I think Abigail would want you to make room in your heart or someone else, cuz Abigail would want you to be happy.

Yeah. She told me she wanted me to move on. What do you mean? Yeah. After we found out that Clyde was responsible for Abigail’s death, I came here. And I talked to her.

I know it sounds crazy, but she talked back to me. I swear to you, I saw her. I held her in my arms.

Well, that must have been comforting.

Yeah, it was.

Maybe it was just wishful thinking. You know, me telling myself what I wanted to hear, what I wanted myself to hear. Nothing is wrong with me. Nothing at all. Are you sure? Mm-hmm. Because, um, seem to be acting a little strange.

It’s just probably jet lag. Jet lag. Mm-hmm. You know, you drove Chicago and we’re in the same time zone. It’s true. Silly me.

Okay, sweetheart, I can tell something’s really upsetting you, so just talk to me. What’s going on.

You know what, what you,

you are my husband, obviously. Yeah, but you’re also an attorney. I. Uh huh So, so

now you’re my attorney, which means we have attorney code privilege. Bonnie, did you do something illegal? No. No, of course not. No. I just got the secret. I wanna tell. And if I don’t tell it, my tongue is gonna explode and I just love off somebody. All right. What is it? Sarah’s pregnant with Sander’s baby.

Um, my god, I don’t know. I won’t, uh, won’t Sarah be upset if, if you are home? I, well, well, I suppose she might be, but she knows I’m fond of you. Oh, listen, to be honest, there’s a part of me that is hoping that Sarah will forgive you and she’ll come back home someday. Yeah. Well, I don’t see that ever happening, but, and honestly, I’m not sure I’m ready to abandon this newspaper just yet.

Well, wait a minute. I thought you were already taking a step away because it was so awkward working with, you know, with Gwen. Am I wrong? No, you’re not wrong. It’s, I’ve been awkward as hell, but, huh. I dunno. Certain things about the job have improved recently.

Oh. Well, okay, you just take some time and think about it. Not too much time though. I do need to replace Alex sooner than later. And I really do hope it’s you. Of course. Oh, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Wonderful. Chloe, it was so nice seeing you. Oh my goodness gracious. I see you too. Oh, listen.

Would you tell Parker that? I absolutely loved his birthday gift. He got me. Of course. I’ll tell him. Okay. So nice to see you. Oh, it’s so nice to see you. Think about it.

How is unexpected? Yeah. Well, Maggie obviously thinks very highly of you. I feel the same about her, but No, I mean, I’d be crazy to go back to work at time, wouldn’t I? Then why didn’t you just say No, I didn’t wanna be rude. Or maybe deep down, you actually want the job.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to call a truce or am I going to call the police?

No, no need to call the police. I apologize, Mr. Stark. I shouldn’t have manhandled you. Oh, that’s okay. Normally I enjoy a good man handling. You’re right. It was too easy. Anywho, I have got to get to work. Guinevere, you are a lifesaver. Love you minutes.

Your best friend is, uh, yes, I know I, I know he’s a lot, but he has a good heart and he makes me laugh so,

Are you still willing to do the interview or, oh, um, of course. Brilliant. Okay. Well, I’ve, I’ve made a lunch reservation at the Bistro, so we could just head over. Actually, I was thinking, well, why not just do it here? Could be a lot more intimate.

Chad was being really vague about his plans, but I, I figured they had to be important if he was blowing off a client meeting and then it hit me. Today is the one year anniversary that’s Abigail’s death. Wow. So I’m sure he just needed some time to process that. Well, why wouldn’t he just say that? I guess because.

It’s just something he has to deal with on his own right. I mean, obviously I’m sure it’s still very painful for him. Mm. How could it not be? Right.

You know, one thing I did notice though, um, what, nevermind. Oh, Alex, what were you gonna say? Um,

he still wears his wedding ring. Yeah, he does. I think I haven’t noticed that too.

We, um, we haven’t talked about it, but I totally understand. I mean, when you love someone so much, It must be hard to let go.

Wow. You’re just so chill about all this. Just living in Abigail’s shadow. Nope, nope. Sorry. That’s not what I meant at all. That that came up very, very wrong. Um, I didn’t mean that you don’t like measure up at all because you do. Um, it’s just that you have to. Somehow, I don’t know. You have to share Chad with Abigail’s memory.

You’re a strong person, Stephanie. I know you can handle it. Chad’s really lucky to have you. You’re understanding, caring. You’re always there for him. You don’t pressure him about anything. Thank you. That was much more tactful, not only tact. That was kind and insightful. Must be the therapy. I don’t know that Dr.

Evans, Hey, she’s a genius. Yeah. Anyway. I, um, I really do hope that Chad’s okay. Yeah, me too. I know it seems impossible that you actually saw Abby, but who knows? What did Shakespeare ride in Hamlet? There are more things in heaven and earth than dreamt of in your philosophy. Maybe you did see her. I will never know that.

But I know one thing, whether you just imagined her or not, whether you just told yourself the things you wanted to hear or not. I know that she would want you to get on with your life and you know that too, don’t you?

Sometimes. Only sometimes other times I just, I’ve, I, um,

I just have this overwhelming feeling of guilt,

like I’m betraying her, you know what I mean? Well, maybe I just made up this vision of Abigail so I could give myself permission to be with Stephanie. Sleep long enough. It’s only been. A year since Chad stop, I have something to say and, and I want you to really hear me okay. There is no timetable for grief.

There is no right or wrong way to mourn, but one thing I know from living a long, long life is that guilt is corrosive. It will steal all of your happiness if you let it. So don’t you let it. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to have happiness, and not just for yourself, but for your children too. They need to see their father living a full life.

Yeah, you’re right. I see you’re still wearing your wedding ring. This is really none of my business. You can ignore anything I might say, but.

Do you think that wearing the ring is holding you back from moving on?

Yeah, maybe.

Maybe it, I just hadn’t been able to bring myself to take it off. I’m afraid that if I do, it’ll allow me

make it final and really let her go. My darling, she will never be gone. Abigail is always going to be with you in your heart and wearing a piece of jewelry, a little golden ring. It’s not gonna prove that to you. You don’t need it and you don’t have to prove it to anyone else in the world.

Another thing, the guilt that you feel, I think it’s because you are here. She’s not, it’s called survivor’s guilt,

but life is a gift. And we should treasure every single bit of it we get cuz it’s brief, it’s limited. It’s limited for all of us. So forgive yourself for finding love again, for wanting to move into the future. Forgive yourself. And be thankful for all the blessings you have and all the glorious joyous moments that are ahead of you.

Will you do that,

Mr. Vaughn Lona? I think that it’s best that we keep things strictly professional. Oh, I wasn’t suggesting otherwise. Well then why? It’s just that restaurants can be so crowded and noisy. I thought it might just be easier to do the interview here that we were not disturbed. Oh, right. Well, alright. I suppose you have a point.

Wonderful. Well then I will order us room service, my treat, of course. Oh, no, I can, no, I insist please. I think we might have gotten off on the wrong foot earlier, and I’d like to make it up to you fresh start. Of course, Mr. Von Lena, uh, as I said last night, please call me Dimitri. All right. Well, thank you in advance for lunch, Dimitri, and for the interview.

Hmm. Normally I, uh, I detest interviews. For some reason, I’m looking forward to this one. Something tells me that you and I are gonna get along

well, to be honest, I mean, God, part of me would just love to go back to Titan, I mean, Bro, not face to dream about being part of the family business and finally feeling like I belonged. I have to say, I mean, it would be so satisfying to go back and just rub it in Victor’s face showing that he made a mistake by not believing in me.

I could see why that would be satisfying. So I guess you’re taking the job

actually. I think I’m gonna turn it down. You are? Why? Well, as much as I enjoy spending time with Maggie, I enjoy spending time with you much more. Listen, we already live together and this job. Yeah, the job, right? I mean, I can’t abandon you to battle Gwen or by yourself. That wouldn’t be fair, would it? So what, you’re staying here for me?

Yeah, I guess I am.

How on earth could Sarah be pregnant with Xander’s baby? She left town months ago. Well, she was pregnant before she left. She just didn’t tell anybody. Why not? Isn’t it obvious? She thinks Sander is a dangerous criminal. She’s trying to protect her unborn child. Yeah, I guess I can see where she’s coming from.

I mean, he did hold you and Susan hostage. Mm-hmm. Which led to Susan’s death. She rest in peace. Well, if Sarah didn’t want anyone to know, why did she tell you? Well, I ran into her, bless her heart. It’s kinda hard to hide your pregnancy at this stage. So she tried to convince me that the father was Rex, which of course I didn’t believe, and then she finally confessed, but she begged me not to tell anyone her secret, but holy moral doesn.

It’s a huge of a secret for me to hold it. I just had to tell someone. Yeah. I understand Justin, this has to stay between us. No one, not even Maggie can know that she’s pregnant, who’s pregnant.

Hi Maggie. I didn’t know you were home. I just got back. So who’s pregnant? And why am I not allowed to know? Well, well, it’s not just you. No one can know. She wants to keep it a secret. She who? Mm-hmm. Mimi. Yes, Mimi is. She’s pregnant and she doesn’t want too many people know until she’s through her first trimester.

You know how that goes. Oh, yes. Of course. Of course. I won’t say a word. Thank you. Thank you. Well, that’s, that’s, that’s wonderful news though. No, you have to be thrilled. Oh, thrilled. If yes, the word yes. Now I have to admit a little jealous. Mm. I’d love to be a grandmother again. Oh yeah,

him. Sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to grab my paycheck.

Thanks, Xander. Are you busy or do you have time to talk about my next column? Busy. You’ll have to wait. Someone needs an answer from me. Air sap.

So that’s your definition of platonic. Interesting. Listen, Leo, can you please not mention this to Gwen? She hates me enough as it is. Girl, please. Gwen is so over that Scottish longhead has been for ages. As a matter of fact, she’s having lunch with a hot new hunky hun. Even as we speak, you know, most of our readers view you as this sort of James Bond type villain.

Who threatens to obliterate entire cities to get what he wanted. And I know that that’s, um, part of your story, but um, I would actually like to move beyond that. And, um, well, I’d like to learn more about the real Dimitri Vaughn Leischner. What would you like to know? Well, how about we start at the beginning.

What was your childhood like? My childhood. Well, I was an only child raised mainly by my mother, whom you’ve met, whom I love dearly, although I, she can be quite needy. You see, she went through a lot before I was born. And come to think of it, sometimes it felt like I was the adult in the relationship. Yes, I know what that’s like.

And, um, what about your, your father? Ah, yes, the venerable Oscar Ner. My father. My father, my father and I didn’t really have very much of a relationship because he was always off on business traveling. And when he was home, he, well, he was cold. And distant, not exactly what you would call a, a fatherly figure.

In fact, I would go as far as to say he may as well have been absent from my life altogether. Sounds like an awfully lonely childhood. Yes. Yes. I suppose it was. Of course I grew up with great wealth and privilege, and I am fully aware of how lucky I was,

but looking back, I, uh,

I would’ve traded all in for just a, a modicum of unconditional love,

if that even exists. I think it does.

Well then you’re less of a cynic than I am anyway. When you’re deprived of love, it starts to eat away at you and to cope with this deprivation, I think I developed a sort of a me against the world mentality. And to be honest with you, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to shake it. And I suppose that it might be that mentality that’s driven many of my, shall we say, less prudent life choices?

Ah, you mean, um, your choice to use a weapon of a mass destruction to bend world governments to your will? Uh, yes. Like that. Mm. Among others

in prison, you spend a lot of time by yourself alone with just your thoughts to keep you company and you start to wonder. How did I get here? How did I hit rock bottom,

and do you know what I realized? No, I’m very eager to hear. I realized that my need for power and money was all born from a lifelong desire just. Just to be loved.

Please feel free to scoff. I just, uh, I realize how wildly cliche that sounds, and I’m sure that now you think that I’m just some self-pitying narcissist. So if, uh, I don’t know. No, I don’t. Um, I don’t, um, actually, I, I completely get it.

I should be going. I’ve given you a lot of advice. I hope, I hope you take it to heart. I will. I appreciate everything you said. You are always. You’re so wise and caring. You really helped me, Julie. Good. Anytime you wanna talk. I’m, I’m always around. I,

I love you. She, I love you too, Julie.

I want you to know, Abby,

well, I saw you here that day and that what I said.

I will love you forever.

Oh, hello. Hi. I didn’t think I’d seen you today. I’m in. I just wanted to come by and, uh, apologize for missing the meeting today. Oh, it’s okay. The truth is, is I went to go see Abigail. That’s what I thought. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Chad. You don’t owe me an apology.

How was the meeting? It was really good. Actually, we just finished up right before you got here. And the client wants to see the numbers you crunched. Hmm? I have them right here.

Got them right here.


Let’s get to work.

So are you still looking for that perfect love?

I suppose I am.

And um, is there anyone special? No. Perhaps, um, anyone you fancy?

Sadly, no.

Has there ever been?

Yes, yes. There was someone that I thought was perfect for me, but I kept getting hurt. So finally, as painful as it was, I had to walk away. I think you might know what that feels like. Sorry. Excuse me. Forgive me. I, uh, last night at the house, I overheard you speaking to my aunt and you said something about wanting to put someone named Xander behind you and starting fresh with someone new.

Oh yes, I suppose I did say that. I’m so sorry. I really shouldn’t have been dropping, but secretly I’m glad that I did because it made me realize that perhaps you and I have a connection. Of sorts.

Um, yes, um, it’s true. I mean, honestly, since hearing your story, I am. I think it’s quite uncanny how much we have in common. Really. It’s Imagine that Gwen’s on a date. I thought she was interviewing Dimitri Von Leischner. Oh, well she is, but you never know. One thing could lead to another. Well, I hope you’re right.

If she’s happy and moved on, then she’ll be less of a problem for Xander and me. You know, even if Gwen is out of the picture. What about Sarah Horton? What about Sarah? She and Xandr have been over for a while now. I mean, she doesn’t even live here anymore and yet her Specter always loomed large over Gwen’s relationship with Xandr.

Poor Gwen always playing second fiddle to Xander’s. Beloved Sarah, who’s to say that won’t happen to you too? That’s ridiculous. They’re, they’re done for good. Trust me. You say so.

Oh Lord. Do you think Maggie bought my story? Let’s hope. And you may wanna let Mimi know that she needs to get pregnant. A sap. That’s the only thing I can think of. This is all your fault anyway. My fault. Yes, your fault. I was a much better liar before I fell in love with you. Now I’m outta practice. Oh, well I guess I should take that as a compliment.

Yes, it’s a compliment and a curse cuz now I feel guilty for lying and I never used to feel guilty before. Oh my God. Did you see Maggie? She can’t wait to be a grandmother again. Well, she will be, won’t Sarah eventually have to tell Maggie? I mean, it’s not like she can keep this secret forever, especially from her own mother.

Oh, no, you’re right. It just, I think Sarah needs time to figure it out, you know? Well, she better do that soon, because I’m not sure how much longer you can last before you put it in Skywriting. I really not. You’re the only one I’m gonna tell. Okay. I try to do that.

All right. I have a client to meet. Okay. Then you’ll be here when I get back. Oh, God, yes. All right. And keep your mouth. Mm, yeah. Ow

you can do this bunny girl. You can keep Sarah’s pregnancy a secret. Easy peasy. You just gotta stay away from Xander.

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