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[ Relaxing music ]

Steffy: Hope! You didn’t hear me?

Hope: Uh– uh. No– no, I just…

Steffy: Are you all right?

Ridge: Look at you. You seem just as excited about going to rome as we are.

Brooke: Well, of course, this is a pivotal moment in my daughter’s career.

Ridge: And my son’S.

Thomas: I’m glad you wanna come, brooke.

Brooke: Really?

Thomas: No, it’s– it’s awesome because you get to see just how connected and in sync your daughter and I are.

Wyatt: Did you know they were about to file for bankruptcy?

Liam: Uh, no, I hadn’t heard that.

Wyatt: I think we– we should think about an acquisition. You know, they’re– they’re small right now. They have only about five magazines. Price tag won’t be that high and– and– and their sensibility when it comes to their lifestyle coverage completely aligns with ours. I think it would be a seamless takeover. Thoughts?

Liam: Yeah, no, for sure.

Wyatt: Or I mean, we could just be good samaritans and blow the building up, you know. Save on legal fees.

Liam: Yeah, that sounds good.

Wyatt: Liam!

Liam: What?

Wyatt: I just said blow up the building.

Liam: Really?

Wyatt: Where are you right now? I’m trying to get some work done.

Liam: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you know, I’m just– I’m still thinking about hope and thomas.

Ridge: You know what, brooke? I think you going to rome actually makes a lot of sense. Not just because your daughter’s line is being showcased, but because you’re a big part of this company.

Brooke: Oh. Well, it’s nice to be appreciated.

Ridge: Well…

Carter: And not just in this room. Been speaking to potential buyers and suppliers and they’re all asking for interviews and meetings with you.

Ridge: Really? I guess you’re going.

Brooke: Oh, thank you, carter.

Liam: I’m sorry, I just– I know– I know I’m not the best at focusing now.

Wyatt: No, I– I– I get it. I– I guess I was just hoping to redirect your thoughts, you know, distract you a little bit. I didn’t actually expect it to work.

Liam: I mean, I am doing everything I can to not let my concern about hope, send me into a spiral. I just, what– what am I supposed to do? This trip’s killing me, man.

Wyatt: I don’t– I don’t blame you, okay? You have every reason to worry about hope and thomas going to rome right now.

Steffy: Is everything okay?

Hope: Yeah, I’m fine.

Steffy: Are you sure? You good?

Hope: I appreciate your concern, but everything is under control.

Steffy: That’s a weird thing to say, everything’s under control. Let me guess. Whatever this is, it has something to do with my brother. This vibe I’m sensing, it has something to do with thomas, doesn’t it?

Your hair is damaged,

Carter: Okay, so let’s go down this list, right? We have the leaf, the men’s collection and brooke’s bedroom. Come on, it’s no wonder why they’re asking if you’re making the trip to italy.

Ridge: The legendary brooke logan, everybody.

Brooke: Oh.

Thomas: We are lucky to have you.

Brooke: Oh, well, thank you, thomas.

Thomas: You’re welcome.

Carter: So, is it official? Can I go and set up meetings and interviews for you?

Brooke: Okay. But just a few. I want the focus to be on hope.

Carter: Got it.

Ridge: I’m glad you’re coming.

Brooke: Yeah, me too.

Thomas: You know, I– I do wonder… you think mom’s gonna feel weird about you two being in rome together.

Wyatt: Not only is rome one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s also one of the most romantic, right? They’re all about amore. The whole country is. I mean, I don’t have to tell you– you– you, you’ve been there, you, you got married to hope in puglia.

Liam: Yeah, I know. But those are not the same thing. One is two people madly in love at a destination wedding and the other is business partners at a press event, for god’s sake.

Wyatt: Right, and one of those business partners has been known to be obsessed with the other one. The other one just so happening to be your wife. And they’re about to be alone in fabulous rome of all places.

Liam: I’m curious to know how you think this is helping.

Wyatt: I’m empathizing with you.

Liam: Stop empathizing.

Wyatt: All right, fine, I’m bad at it. Liam, you cannot be more concerned about this situation. Thomas is a master manipulator. He’s good at it because he’s had a lot of practice doing it, okay? He– he knows how to get hope to feel safe around him. He knows how to get her to let her guard down around him. Hell, even defend him for god knows why. And then he does something awful. You have to do something. You can’t let this trip happen.

Liam: How?

Wyatt: I don’t know.

Liam: Exactly.

Wyatt: But liam, maybe you can find a way to keep thomas from going, right? Then– then rome wouldn’t be a problem anymore. The problem here is– is thomas, right? Not your wife.

Hope: Thomas? And why would you bring him up?

Steffy: You know why. The moments I’ve witnessed between you and thomas, I’ve been very clear about my concerns.

Hope: And I’ve told you that there is no reason to be concerned.

Steffy: Good because thomas is doing a remarkable job turning his life around. He’s re-channeling his negative energy into creativity. I love that he’s working hard on himself. He’s really coming into his own. I love that. I just don’t want to see him backslide.

Hope: Thomas has reinvented himself. I am very proud of him.

Steffy: Yeah, you’ve reaped the benefits of that big change. He’s dedicated to reviving hope for the future.

Hope: And I’m very grateful for that.

Steffy: Good. Now, you and thomas are jetting off to rome together and we all know how liam feels about that. The question is, how do you feel about it? Head & shoulders is launching something huge.

Ridge: Well, this is a business trip and your mother understands that.

Thomas: No, I– I’m, I wasn’t trying to make it a deal. It’s just– just a thought.

Brooke: That’s understandable considering our history.

Thomas: Yeah. And it sounds like some of that history has resurfaced.

Brooke: You heard?

Thomas: About things kind of falling out between you and my mom? Yeah.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, it turns out that we don’t have the same perspective on what a friendship is.

Thomas: Yeah. It’s a– it’s a shame honestly because, uh, you know, your renewed friendship, it kind of brought peace and stability to our families.

Ridge: It did, it was nice.

Thomas: Yeah. I guess that’s, uh, it’s up to hope and me to keep that going.

Brooke: Uh, no, I mean, you don’t have to feel responsible for holding the families together. We’re all adults. We can do it ourselves.

Thomas: Sure. We can always just set an example though, right? Anyway, um, speaking of hope, I do have to speak to her about a few designs. Do you need me for anything?

Ridge: No, you go ahead. So, what was that? What was that look? You don’t think there’s something going on between hope and thomas, do you?

Wyatt: And you– you hit the jackpot when you convinced hope to marry you.

Liam: I know.

Wyatt: And I mean, she’s beautiful inside and out. She’s kind, compassionate, loyal–

Liam: Okay, relax.

Wyatt: I’m just saying that she’s fully committed to you and your family, okay? I mean, it wouldn’t even occur to hope to– to be unfaithful. She’s different than brooke.

Liam: You talking smack about my mother-in-law, dude?

Wyatt: No, I’m not saying anything bad about brooke. I’m just making an observation about her past. Look hope was– was surrounded by all that drama in her life. She probably made a conscious decision to do the complete opposite with hers. I’m just– I’m just saying that you don’t have anything to worry about with hope and thomas. Or hope or any other guy for that matter.

Liam: I know– I know that. I just still hate how much time they’re having to spend together, especially with this trip to italy coming up. Like, I– I– I’m sorry, I’m just, like, not capable of– of pretending thomas hasn’t done all the stuff he’s done in the past.

Wyatt: And you shouldn’T. I wouldn’T. I mean, just because thomas is going around saying, “I’m a changed man,” over and over and over again, doesn’t exactly make it true.

Liam: Yeah. Except everyone believes it, including my wife.

Wyatt: Well, she has to. At least until this new collection is off the ground, right? Who knows, maybe after she– she’ll have a major reassessment in life, right? She’ll– she’ll find a new lead designer after the pressure of survival is off.

Liam: Hm. Yeah. I mean, that would be ideal. I– I– I, you know, I definitely believe that– that thomas is the problem and– and– and he always has been. I just wish I could keep him away from hope.

Hope: How do I feel about thomas coming to the preview? I think he should be there. Absolutely. He’s devoted every minute to hope for the future and he’s a great leader. He’s had a good attitude. He deserves to have this moment. I mean, we deserve to have it. We’re a team.

Steffy: Have you shared that with liam?

Hope: Yes because I’m open and honest with my husband.

Steffy: I can’t imagine liam feels good about you and thomas working together indefinitely.

Hope: Well, does finn tell you how to run forrester?

Steffy: No.

Hope: Liam doesn’t tell me how to run my line. And right now, thomas is the best fit as a designer. So look, it’s all fine, steffy. Liam and I, we talk, we’re in a good place, and like I said, everything’s under control.

Steffy: I hope so.

Thomas: Is everything okay in here?

Hope: Great.

Thomas: Okay, ’cause it kind of feels like I walked in on something.

Steffy: Hope and I were just talking about your trip to rome. How happy she is that you’re gonna be there with her. Hmmm! Twix with cookie and cookie dough?

Brooke: Hm.

Ridge: You wanna try something for me?

Brooke: Hm?

Ridge: Let’s not worry about hope and thomas.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. They’ve changed, they’ve worked through it. Thomas is a different person. I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it and hope, she’s welcomed him back with open arms.

Brooke: I just want things to work out for both their sakes.

Ridge: All right, good. Let’s focus on that. Let’s take this show on the road all the way to rome. What do you say?

[ Brooke chuckling ]

Brooke: You know, I have a good feeling about this trip. It’s gonna be a game changer, for all of us. Just really looking forward to being alone with you.

Wyatt: I feel you, bro. I mean, you are– you are absolutely right not trusting thomas.  I mean, if you let your guard down, even for a second, it’s gonna be a huge mistake.

Liam: [ Scoffing ] Also… also, why does he have to be the only designer in L.A. That– that apparently can interpret hope’s vision?

Wyatt: Like I have no idea. I don’t buy it.

Liam: Yeah. Well, try telling hope that.

Wyatt: Maybe you should go too, to rome? Hm?

Liam: Listen, the– the thought crossed my mind, but I don’t wanna be that guy tagging along on his wife’s business trip. What? Like keeping tabs. Also, I kind of don’t want a front row seat to the hope and thomas show. Singing each other’s praises, clasping hands, taking a bow together like blegh.

Wyatt: That does sound nauseating. Bottom line is you have to trust hope, you have to trust your wife, all right? The last thing you wanna do is– is make her defensive or– or accuse her of something or assume anything. You don’t want to create any kind of issue whatsoever between you and her. Especially when she’s gonna go to rome with thomas.

Thomas: I am so excited about this fashion preview and I want to thank you so much for inviting me.

Hope: Well, you’re the lead designer, of course, you’re a part of it. I mean, you’ve done more work on it than anyone else.

Thomas: Except you.

Hope: Teamwork…

Thomas: Makes the dream work, yeah. Um, honestly, it’s– I think that this– this fashion preview and the press event, it’s gonna reposition hope for the future. You know, not just in a place at the forefront of the fashion industry, which it will be, but also as a way to make positive changes in the world.

Steffy: Both of you have worked very hard on the line for weeks now.

Thomas: More like months.

Steffy: Okay, months. And it needs to pay off and I won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of relaunching the line.

Thomas: Okay. Well, I can hear what you’re oh so nicely not saying. And you don’t have to worry. Hope and I know this is– this trip is just about business. Nothing else, right?

Hope: Right.

Steffy: Great. Well, I’m gonna go and get ready for rome.

Thomas: Okay. Bye. Oh, okay. Hey, um, don’t worry about my sister, right? She’s just being bossy and her being the boss actually makes it that much worse.

Hope: Yeah. Well, I’m used to steffy.

Thomas: Okay. Well, then don’t worry about liam. Look, I know that he is frustrated with us working together, but that’s coming from a place of him wanting you to be successful and loving you, right? And so, it’s okay what– the way we need to be successful is to work together and to go to rome together, right? So, let’s do that because it’s strictly about business and nothing else.

Hope: Yep.

Thomas: All right. Now, my sister, my dad, your mom, who, by the way, is going on the trip, you know that?

Hope: Yes, she told me.

Thomas: Liam, none of them, have anything to worry about. Tell me you believe that.

Hope: Yes, I believe you, thomas. I trust you.

Thomas: Okay. Well, I do have something I wanted to show you that I’ve been brainstorming.

Hope: Oh, okay.

Thomas: Um, it is something that I wanted to bring out the– the romance and the sex appeal of rome, right? It needs to be sort of this ancient idea…

[ Hope’s heart thumping ]

Thomas: You know, something subliminal just below the surface waiting to be seen.

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