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just so we’re clear — I don’t like the fact that you’re going to keep working for sonny, but I do understand why. It’ll be a lot safer this time. Oh, good. Maybe you’ll get shot less. Sonny can’t catch me spying for michael because I’m no longer spying for michael. Okay, well, I’m still going to worry. Nice to know someone cares about what happens to me. Get used to it. You’re not alone anymore. Hey, uh… truce?

[ Siren wails ]

[ Telephone rings ] 10th floor.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Just a moment, please. They’re asking to speak with the head nurse. I’ll take it. This is the head nurse. Elizabeth baldwin.

[ Breathes sharply ] Oh, I’m so sorry. Unfortunately, nurse johnson is no longer with us. Thank you. Yes, she was a — a very special person. Of course I can. I’ll transfer you. Mm-hmm.

[ Receiver clicks ]

[ Sighs ] I still miss her. Me, too. All the time. But being here is when I miss epiphany the most. Austin: Hey. Mm. There’s something going on out there. Do you know what’s going on out by the pool? Apparently, somebody fell. They called the paramedics. Anyway, have a seat. Oh, thank you. This is cozy, right? A public place but still away from it all. Well, I thought privacy would be best, considering we’re talking about betraying the most dangerous man I know. You okay? Yeah. Would you believe me if I told you I was?

[ Chuckles ] Is this still about what happened after I got back from nixon falls? Because that’s all — I — you have to — you have to know that’s all behind us, right? Mm. We’ve — we’ve both done things that we regret. You have. I have. And guess what — you move forward. Yeah. Sonny and I are engaged. Oh. Not for long. Gee, ned, most people say, “congratulations.” Nina, just accept the fact that you and sonny will not be living happily ever after. You know, that tip was anonymous. There’s no way that anyone will be able to prove that you did it, ned. Because I didn’t do it —

you did. I know that we’ve moved on from what happened back then. What’s the problem? It’s just… I will always regret the pain that I caused you. I’m not leaving you, ned.

[ Sniffles ] Not for one single second. What happened? Okay, um… drew attacked ned. He practically killed him! Put your badge to use and arrest him for assault! Drew attacked my dad? W-wait. What? Th– that — that is not what happened. Ned came charging in here, and it looked like he tripped on something, hit his head, and fell in the pool. It was an accident. It was attempted murder. Okay. If anything, I saved his life. I went in the pool, and I pulled him out before he drowned, tracy. You were covering your tracks. Oh, my — if it had just been the two of us, you would have let him drown. Well, that — that doesn’t sound like drew. This is not the first time he attacked ned.

[ Sighs ] He sucker-punched him back at the house. You were there. You saw it. Brook lynn? That’s true, but — what are you waiting for? Arrest him. Tracy, this is not the time! They’re taking your father down in the service elevator. I’m going to ride with him in the ambulance. I’m right behind you. Okay. I’m going, too. Do your duty.

[ Radio chatter ] Hey… hey, I-I mean… I was nowhere near ned when he fell, okay? I — are you seriously going to arrest me?

As I’m settling in as the new head nurse, I’m trying not to compare myself to epiphany, but rather do the job to the best of my ability. But there are moments… when I forget that she’s gone, and I just wish so badly that I could ask for her advice or have her listen to me vent or watch her make some arrogant doctor twitch in fear. You liked that, didn’t you?

[ Chuckles ] Very much so. Hmm. A little less fun, though, when you’re on the receiving end. Oh, please. She liked you right from the start. And if she was tough on you, it was only because she knew you could do better. Yeah, I just hope I lived up to her expectations. Well, if you didn’t, she would have told you. Yeah, she would, wouldn’t she?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] It is so hard to say goodbye to her. I loved her. She taught me so much — never to take this place for granted. That’s one of the perksof medicine, isn’t it? It’s never boring. It’s never finished. There’s always something left to learn. Very upbeat and optimistic of you. Hmm. You sound surprised. Not really. You’re a lot more hopeful than you want people to believe. Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.

[ Chuckles ] You’re still angry? Yeah, I am. But I’m also grateful that you gave mom the footage of sonny and pikeman, even though you refused to use it. Did she tell you that she destroyed the flash drive? She did. And that was her choice. Oh, well, at least you’re giving people choices now. Unlike dex. Joss — you did everything he asked you to do, and you are leaving him out to dry. Actually, that is not true. I want to hire dex again.

[ Breathes sharply ] I have another job for you.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Drew! There’s something I have to tell you. Ned! Zeke: Drew? Hey. Zeke. Hey, hey, hey. I’m glad you’re here, actually. Hey. What’s — what’s going on? And why are you wet? I, um… my cousin ned came in here,and he tripped and hit his head. He fell in the pool. I had to go in and — and — and rescue him. I gave him cpr. He wasn’t breathing. I-is he going to be okay? I don’t know. He was unconscious when the paramedics dragged him out of here. Wait, is this the same ned that ratted out you and carly spencer to the sec? That’s him. Drew. Please tell me you didn’t — you didn’T… no! I-I didn’t do anything. I was — I was nowhere near him. Un– unfortunately, right now, it’s my word against his mother’S. And his mother is tracy quartermaine. Ohh. And no one else saw what happened? Afraid not. Try and understand. I-I think there’s more dangerous things in this world than sonny corinthos. Well, maybe for you, but sonny can keep avery away from me, and nothing in this world would be worse for me than losing my child. I-I think you’re just not using your imagination.

[ Scoffs lightly ] You know, I’m really — I’m — I’m sick of these vague portents of doom. Okay. Well, how’s this for doom? M-mason is capable of making sure that you never see avery or anybody else ever again. Forever. I know mason isn’t the one calling the shots. He reeks of errand boy. But is that all he is? Mason is a lot of things — many, many things, and none of them good. I don’t really understand what you’re asking. You want — you want to narrow it down a little bit for me? Could mason be acting on his own? Without his boss knowing? We settled this a long time ago. Why are you dredging it up now? I’m just — I’m just in a mood, s-sonny. One that I don’t necessarily want to be in. Hey. Are you still working? Or can I tempt you away? Well, I mean… …you always tempt me.

[ Chuckles ] What do you — what do you have in mind? Uh, well, what I want, what I really want is — feel my heart? Mm. I do. Let’s get out of here. Let’s go home, get into bed… .. .and let’s pretend the restof the world doesn’t exist. Ned quartermaine — do you know where he is?

[ Voice breaking ] Holy mary, mother of god, pray for us sinners now and… olivia? How is he? Did he wake up in the ambulance? No, he didn’T. But I was talking to him the whole way there. I just hope that he could feel that I was there with him.

[ Sniffles ] Is that where he is? Yes, but you can’t go in there right now. Do you know how much money my family has given to this hospital? Nobody’s stopping me. Tracy! Mother to mother, I respect that ned is your son. But if you interrupt his treatment right now and he dies on that gurney, I promise you, we will be having a double funeral. Okay.

[ Crying ] Have the doctors said anything? No, no, no, no. Dr. Ashford is in there with him right now. Finn. Ned has a head injury. Finn: Oh. Dr. Ashford is with him right now. Do you know dr. Ashford? I do. I do. He’s a — he’s a very talented intern. No, no, that’s not good enough. I want you to examine him. Oh, I’m — I’m — I’m not a neurologist. I don’t care. Okay, I’ll take a look. You have another job for dex? After you left him hanging? That’s unbelievable. Let’s go. Joss, wait. I want to hear his offer. You don’t owe him any more favors. Michael hired me to spy on sonny. That’s a job, not a favor. What do you want me to do?

[ Scoffs ] I want you to do what you’ve already been doing. Keep working for sonny. What?! So he can risk his life getting more evidence that you won’t use?

[ Sighs ] I don’t need you to gather evidence. I need you to keep an eye on sonny. Protect him.

This is a 180. Yeah. Five minutes ago, you wanted sonny in prison. Yeah. Besides, sonny already pays me to protect him. Yes. Which is why this will work. All you have to do is keep doing what you normally do for sonny. If you get wind of any trouble from pikeman or anyone, report back to me. To what end? So I can help him. No. No, michael, this is insane. You’re putting dex right back where he was, spying on sonny for you. You can’t possibly think this is a good idea. Josslyn… this was my idea. Sonny: I like the way you think, but, um, I’m waiting on a call from brick. Mm. Are you choosing brick over me? Well, you know, brick and I go way back, and you’re like a — a close second, like a photo finish. Now you’re comparing me to a horse? Well, not just any horse. A racehorse.

[ Both laugh ] Consider me swept off my feet. Alright. I’m — I’m going to talk to brick. Shouldn’t take too long. And then you’re going to have me. And for the rest of our lives.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Olivia: How is ned? Is he awake? Is he talking? Can we see him? Yeah… we managed to stabilize ned, but he’s still unconscious. We’re gonna take him for a ct scan, alright? Um, we believe there might be some swelling in the brain. A specialist will meet us at imaging and — and go over the scans as they’re being taken. How bad is it that he hasn’t regained consciousness yet? It’s entirely too soon to jump to any conclusions. Soon? Feels like we’ve been waiting forever. I know. And I know the waiting is hard. But I promise you, ned’s getting the best possible care.

[ Crying ] Can you, uh… can you tell me what happened? I don’t know. I wasn’t there. By the time I got to the pool area, he was already on the ground and the paramedics were all over him. I was there. I saw everything. Drew cain flew into a rage and attacked him. Oh. O-okay. Why wouldn’t — why would drew do that? Because he is convinced that ned turned him in to the sec. He wants revenge. Hey, drew, would you come down to the station and answer a few questions? What? No, not without his lawyer present. Um, chase, this is my attorney, zeke robinson. This is detective harrison chase. He’s also a family friend. It’s good to meet you. Same. I just need to get your official statement. And why can’t you do that here? Well, an accusation has been made. As such, it’s customary to do this down at the station. But by all means, his attorney should be present. Look, my client is soaked from rescuing his cousin, ned. Yeah, it’s — it’s fine. Why can’t this wait? It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. I’m perfectly happy to go down and answer some questions. No problem. Could you excuse us a moment? Uh, sure. Hey. Hey. What’s going on? Don’t you want to go to the hospital and be with your family? Yeah, but, I mean, if I go there now, tracy’s going to start pointing fingers. She’s probably already telling everybody in earshot that I tried to kill her son. Great. I’ll prepare the slander suit. In the meantime, we got to make this thing go away as quickly as possible, okay? The last thing we need is — is tracy’s wild accusations to complicate our case with the sec. Another dead end?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Uh, no, I know you’re not giving up, brick, and I’m not giving up, either. Alright. Talk to you soon.

[ Breathes sharply ] Bad news? Eh, brick’s trying to track down some information for me. It’s just taking a little longer than I thought. So, um, you know, if you — if you — if there’s any way you want to distract me a little… well, I’ll try my best. Alright.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Chuckles ] Ignore it. No. Ignore it. I-I-I… aaah, I’m sorry. Hold on.

[ Ringing continues ] It’s brook lynn. Yeah. Okay. Just calm down. I’ll be right there. What’s going on? Uh, ned fell, hit his head. He’s at general hospital. Oh, my god. Is he going to be okay? I don’t know, but — but brook lynn was very upset. And ned didn’t tell them what happened? He’s unconscious. I got to go. I got to go. Oh, yeah. I-I’ll go with you. Hey, sonny. I’ll go with you. Okay, let’s go. Okay. Are you certain that mason is acting on orders? And could it be that he’s just torturing us for the hell of it because he likes having power over you? He does like having power over me. But he’s not the one calling the shots. Who is? And how do we get out from under them? Ava, I have been trying for years to get out from under them, and it’s just not possible. That should tell you how powerful these people are. And I know you don’t want to hear it, but the best course of action — for you. For both of us is for you to do what mason wants you to do. And go against sonny? That’s suicide. You are avery’s mother. That protects you with sonny. Exactly. But if you don’t do what mason wants, it could get us both killed.

[ indistinct conversations ]

[ Crying ] Oh, sonny. How did you know that we were here? How did you — I called him. Okay, so, um, what do we know? Practically nothing. They took dad for a ct scan. Did he wake up? Did you talk to him? No, no, no. He’s — he’s unconscious, sonny. He’s — sonny. He’s going to be okay. He’s a fighter. They’re taking care of him. You don’t understand. And he wasn’t breathing. I’m so sorry that this is happening. Yeah, well, so are we. Um, sonny and i were shocked when we got your call, brook lynn. And this is a horrible accident. Tracy: It wasn’t an accident. Drew tried to kill ned. Okay. I know you’re upset, tracy, and you want to blame somebody, but drew had nothing to do with this. I can state it right now. Oh, god. Of course you’d say that. You always deny crimes that have actually been committed. I mean, why wouldn’t you defend a former navy seal who’s trained to kill? Why would a man like that ever get violent? I-in a public place? In front of you? What part of “in a rage” do you not get? Olivia: Oh, tj.

[ Breathing deeply ] How’s my husband? So you want dex to continue to risk his life, but instead of risking it to put sonny in jail, he’s risking it to protect him? I want dex to keep doing what he’s been doing. The only difference is you have michael as backup if there’s any trouble. Why are you doing this? And don’t say donna and avery. Michael: No, you’re right, joss. This goes beyond our baby sisters. Yeah. This is about keeping us safe and moving on. Except dex can’t move on if dex gets caught this time. Joss, can I talk to you… privately? I need you to think about what we said. An d I want you to understandhow important this is. Don’t tell me you’re actually considering it.

[ Recorder beeps ] Chase: Detective harrison chase to interview drew cain in the matters of injuries sustained by ned quartermaine this evening at the metro court hotel pool. Also present is drew cain’s attorney, zeke robinson. Mr. Cain, you are here voluntarily. Is that correct? I am. Could you walk me through what happened? Tracy quartermaine and I, we were in the pool area. Um, ned came rushing out. He — he was calling my name. Kind of came around the corner. Seemed like he tripped on something. He went down, hit his head, immediately rolled into the pool. Facedown, unconscious, bleeding. I went in. I pulled him out of the pool. I determined that he wasn’t breathing. I checked for a pulse. There was no pulse. I started performing cpr. I told tracy to call 911. And…I mean, that’s that, until the paramedics showed up and — and they took over. Thank you. Some follow-up questions. You said you and tracy were at the pool area. Were you alone? Yes, we were. What were you doing? We were talking. About? Business. Family. Quartermaines, they kind of go hand in hand. It’s kind of an odd place to discuss business, don’t you think?

[ Scoffs ] What tracy and I needed to speak about required privacy. Yo u said ned quartermainewas rushing toward you? Yeah, he was — he was walking very quickly. Yes. Did the two of you make any contact before he fell? Absolutely not. He didn’t even come remotely close to me. Why do you think tracy quartermaine would say otherwise? No, you don’t have to answer that. My client is not a mind reader. Fair enough. Why do you think tracy made that accusation?

[ Sighs ] Tracy and I are at odds. Family issues, I guess. Detective, there’s something you should see.

[ Recorder beeps ] I will be right back.

[ Sighs ] Talk to me. How are you doing? How am I doing? I mean, I’m — I’m fine. I’m just worried about ned. Me, too. Because from what you told me, he’s your best shot at making these insider trading charges go away. As requested, here’s the security camera footage from the metro court pool area. Hmm. Let’s take a look. Ned has sustained a tbi, a traumatic brain injury. When he fell, the impact of his brain against his skull caused his brain to swell. What is that exactly? We can see some physical damage on the scans, but we won’t know the extent of any cognitive damage until he regains consciousness. My dad is still out? Isn’t that bad? Not necessarily. The body often shuts down to devote all of its energy on the injury — the brain in particular. It will actually reroute neural pathways after an injury, but that takes time. So, this respite may actually assist in his healing.

[ Crying ] Okay, but what if ned doesn’t wake up tomorrow or the day after that?

[ Sniffles ] Well, the longer ned remains unconscious, the longer we go without a clear sense of how and where his brain has been affected.

[ Crying ] Mr. Quartermaine is also suffering from hypoxemia. Tracy: Which is? Just let him speak. Don’t you talk to me that way. Shh! Dr. Ashford, please continue. Hypoxemia means the oxygen level in mr. Quartermaine’s blood is low. This indicates that his brain was deprived from oxygen for a brief time.

[ Voice breaking ] Okay. Are you saying that my dad… may never wake up? Mason wants inside information on sonny and this pikeman. Mm-hmm. Well, good luck with that. Sonny doesn’t discuss his business with me. I mean, we share a child together. That’s it. And honestly, that’s the only reason he didn’t kill me years ago. No, sonny barely tolerates me. He certainly doesn’t trust me. Okay. Okay. Well, you’ll just have to figure out a different way to get the information.

[ Breathes sharply ] How, exactly? Ava, you’re really smart. You’ll — you’ll — you’ll figure it out. You can — you can listen to his conversations. You can go through his papers —

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, right. Because sonny just leaves incriminating documents tying him to arms dealers and paramilitary contractors just lying around. Okay, now you’re just — I mean, that’s about as likely as him having a conversation about it near enough that I could overhear it. You n do it. You can. And I-I know you can. You just got to think outside the box. Au stin, the feds have beenafter sonny for decades. They — they — they use actual undercover agents and surveillance equipment. And you’ve probably noticed that the guy is walking around a free man. How could I possibly do any better? Well, you — you know him. So you can do better because you know all of his vulnerabilities and his weaknesses and you know how to use them against him. Uh-huh. And what makes you think that? Because — because we share avery? Uh-huh. We may both love our daughter, but she was hardly conceived in a moment of mutual regard. Okay. But you still have access because of avery — you got to help me out here. You got to help you out here. Sonny is avery’s father. I’m not going to betray him like that. You should rethink that. Because… w-w-when mason talks about taking sonny down, he’s not just talking about sending him to prison. W– wait. Mason wants to kill sonny? All of avery’s life, right, I’m imagining that sonny’s made you walk this emotional tightrope and jump through these hoops. And — and when was the last time he tried to take avery away from you? Well, he did that a lot. But not — not — not lately. Okay, but what if he does again? M-maybe next week or next month or next year or next time he feels grumpy. Come on. Ava, wouldn’t your life just be, like, a little bit better if sonny were gone for good?

Is my dad in a coma? It’s too soon to tell. Oh, that’s what doctors say when they have no idea what’s going on.

[ Voice breaking ] Tj, can we see ned? Yes, he’s in the icu. One visitor at a time. Nurse sirtis. Uh… you can go first.

[ Breathes deeply ] Just tell daddy that we’re here, and we love him, and we’re waiting for him, okay? Mm-hmm. Right this way, mrs. Quartermaine.

[ Crying ] Okay.

[ Sighing ] I’m thinking about taking the job. Were you not just telling me how much safer you would be now that you’re not spying for michael? I’m not going to be spying. I’ll be protecting sonny. He doesn’t need your protection. I think he does, joss. Look, sonny’s business is changing. The people he’s dealing with are extremely dangerous. What else is new? No, this is different. Look, pikeman is massive. The scope of its resources and connections… they’re global. He has brick. Who’s based on the west coast. He can’t be with sonny day to day — I can. Why would you want to? Because sonny needs someone who’s going to have his back. Okay? Someone who’s not going to sell him out for more money. Someone who’s not going to cut and run when things get dangerous. Okay, someone like me. Why does it have to be you? Because I won’t be doing it for the money. I’ll be doing it for you. I can’t even think about the sec charges right now, zeke. No problem. That is why I am here. Look, when I pulled ned out of the pool, he wasn’t breathing. I felt like I was performing cpr forever. That — that is not good. Look, and I don’t mean to sound callous, but you are my client, and I’m always going to do what’s best for you. Okay. Alright. Fine. Just go ahead. Will tracy drop the accusation when she’s had a chance to cool down? Absolutely not. No. Tracy wants to neutralize me. And by “neutralize,” you mean what? It’s better you don’t know. Oh. Great. Something every attorney loves to hear. Look. Look. Tracy’s accusation…

[ Sighs ] …Is just a temporary nuisance, okay? Whatever the — the pcpd drag up, that’s going to show — that’s going to prove that I’m innocent. Eventually. Hopefully. But if you’re charged with attempted murder, the us attorney’s office will never accept your plea deal. Brook lynn: Chase! Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. Hey.

[ Sighs ] How — how’s your dad doing? Has he — has he woken up yet?

[ Sighs ] I am so sorry. Tracy: Detective! Oh, here we go. I trust your presence here means that drew cain is safely locked up in a jail cell? About that. I am here to see if, with time to reflect, you would like to amend your statement. Why would I want to do that? I know what I saw. I’m the only one that witnessed drew cain’s vicious attack on my son. Why would you think that I would want to change a word of that? Because… the metro court security camera caught the entire incident. Plain as day.

Well, it looks like dex is considering my offer. Josslyn: So, don’t even think of saying that helping sonny would help me. Dex: No, all I’m saying is I think I could do what michael is asking me — no, sorry, what michael is willing… mm. Joss doesn’t look happy. Josslyn: And don’t say… but I think dex can convince her. Dex: To what end? There’s no way dex is going to disappear. Not as long as he keeps looking at josslyn like that. We talked about this. I already decided I’m not leaving town, and my best option is to keep working for sonny. It’s in my best interest to keep him on top. Okay, and with michael involved… how is that remotely a good thing? Because michael is smart, okay? And he understands the business. He can’t advise sonny directly, but he can do it through me. I just hate that my family is putting you in this position. I made my choices, okay? My eyes have been wide open the whole time. Well, did anyone ever tell you that you make really bad decisions? I don’t know about that. Look where they’ve led me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do not want sonny dead. I mean, once upon a time, maybe. Why not? I will not deprive avery of her father. Okay — she loves him. With sonny out of the way, you get full custody. No. Stop it! You never have to worry about him… I will not be a party to killing sonny! …Ever taking your child away from you, ever again. Ava, I’m just trying to convince you of something that you already know to be true. You’re trying to manipulate me! No. That’s what you’re trying to do. I’m — and this may shock you, but I don’t take kindly to that sort of thing. I’m being honest with you. That’s what I’m doing. If you do this one thing —

[ Chuckles ] “This one thing.” You only want me to do it because if I cooperate, then mason will leave you alone. Oh, ava, please. Mason is never, ever, ever going to leave me alone. It’s like you refuse to believe how dangerous these people really are. Because I need context. I need names. I can’t give you their names. That should tell you everything you need to know about these people. Ava, believe it or not, I am trying to protect you. Why? Okay. Well, you’re not boring, are you, ava? You’re never boring, even when you’re at your worst. And when you’re at your best, you say mean things that make me want to hear you say more mean things. It’s true. You get me right here. It’s like the — the — the burn you get after a strong drink. Comparing me to cocktails. You trying to flatter me or something? Maybe. Partly, but not entirely. Ava, we can do this… if we do it together. You witnessed a traumatic event involving your son. Your first impressions may not have been accurate. In light of the security footage, would you like to rethink your official statement? Look, it all happened really fast. I was very upset. I thought my son was going to die. Spit it out, tracy. It…might have — he might have slipped and fell.

[ Breathes deeply ] Okay, just to be clear, drew cain was not the aggressor. Just like alexis wasn’t driving that car. It was an accident. Okay? Now, is olivia going to stay with ned all night? I’d like to see my son. Thank you. I know you cut my grandmother some slack. I’m just glad that we cleared it all up. I’m sure drew will be pleased to know that it’s over.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Monitor beeping, respirator hissing ]

[ Voice breaking ] Can I touch him? You can hold his hand.

[ Sobs ]

[ Crying ] I’m here, ned. Just like I said I’d be.

[ Sniffles ] Your daughter’s here. Brook lynn. Your mother’s here, breathing fire on your behalf.

[ Chuckles ] We’re all here, just trying to hold it together for you. But you got to wake up.

[ Sniffles ] You got to wake up. I love you so much. Now, you’ve got to come back to us.

[ Sniffling ] No. You got to come back to me.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sobbing ]

[ Police radio chatter in distance ] Mr. Cain. Detective chase just called. You’re free to go. So, my client

isn’t being charged? No. According to the witness, mr. Quartermaine’s fall was an accident. Detective chase wanted me to thank you for your cooperation and apologize for the inconvenience. Okay. Well, thank you very much, officer. I’m glad that, uh, this got cleared up. Well, I’m glad that turned out okay. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Me, too. I, uh… I wonder what got tracy to change her mind. I don’t like it. And I think that you’re both terrible for putting him in this position. But it’s his choice. I’ll do it. I’ll protect sonny.

[ Exhales deeply ] Okay. Thank you. I really believe this is the best way to keep everybody safe. Look, it’s not going to be easy. Pikeman is massive and dangerous. Yeah. That’s why it’s important for you to keep michael informed. This is a situation sonny has never been in before. And I just hope he doesn’t end up trusting the wrong people. Let me think about it. What’s there to think about? If you could just tell me who mason is working for — no. That’s not going to happen. You really expect me to do this without knowing who I’m doing it for? What I expect is for you to believe that whatever we’re doing, we’re doing for your own good. Oh, please.

[ Laughs ] No, it’s pretty obvious that my best interests are not your main concern. Okay. You know, um… when I found you with nikolas all [Clicks tongue] In the stables, I didn’t run away, right? I stayed. I helped you out. It’s time for you to return the favor. Oh. Oh, so that’s what this has all been leading up to — one big, fat quid pro quo? Maybe a little. But you do get to help yourself out in the process.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] You go. -I’ll be right here. -[ Sighs ] Nina: Olivia, I am so sorry that this is happening.

[ Cellphone chimes ] If there’s anything that I can do for you or your — the family… you’ve been so great with willow. And if I can repay you in — in any way, I — I can go get you some food.

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