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 Morning. Good morning. Coffee’s ready. Oh, thank you. Oh man. So did you hear from Johnny last night? No, not this morning either. Hmm. That’s strange. I mean, he’s on his way over here with takeout and then he calls you, says he is with Chanel and then nothing. Hmm. I don’t think he’s still with her. Do you?

Uh, six cups of coffee and I still feel like the walking dead. I am so sorry. I can’t believe the police kept us there all night to give them our statements. You didn’t even see what happened with Colin. You were downstairs the whole time. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I, I, I saw them, uh, hauling him out of the pub and, well, you know what I saw because you heard me repeat it about.

600 times. Yeah. They should’ve let you go home, get some sleep, and let you go through all that by yourself. It wasn’t that big of a deal besides saying, I. I’m, I’m willing to do anything that I can to make sure that that psycho gets put away for a very long time. You and me both.

You betrayed me to now you’re gonna pay.

Where in the hell is my husband? You little coward, Paulina. What you doing here? I thought you were still at the hospital. Well, I’m out obviously. Okay. Yeah. And how the hell did you get in here? Why are you interrogating me when you should be questioning him? I wanna know where the hell my husband is, and you’re gonna tell me right now.

Ms. King, this is Police Commissioner Ray Hernandez. I need to speak with you right away about the abduction of Mayor Abe Carver. I understand that you were on duty when it happened, so please call me back at this number as soon as possible. Thank you.

You are finally awake. Oh, thank. God. Oh, we also worried about you, but everything’s going to be fine. Mm-hmm. Because we have each other, my love, and we always will. Paulina’s here. Good morning, sunshine.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So no. I haven’t heard from Johnny, but before you say anything, there could be a million reasons why he didn’t call. So he spent the entire night with his ex-wife and there are a million reasons he couldn’t eat next to him. Okay, look, I’m not happy about this and he better have a good explanation. I jump to conclusions about the whole crazy.

Biscuit episode and I was wrong. So this time I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. Fine. Yeah, I understand. I’m just saying it’s really not a good look for him to keep ghosting you. You know what? Trashing Johnny just to score points isn’t such a good look for you either.

Are you okay? Yeah. Why? Because your, uh, your hands are shaking. Uh, um, it’s, it was probably the coffee from the PD last night. I two had about six cups. Right? Right. It was the, uh, the coffee look. Chanel, you had a really close call last night and. You haven’t had time to process it until just now.

I’m really sorry. It’s not your fault. Oh no. Chanel. I should have never let you go up to Talia’s room by yourself. You could have been hurt. We’re worse. Yeah. Well, you, you didn’t know Colin was up there and, okay. Can you, can you believe that Tolia had the nerve to defend him to me? Yeah, she did. Right before she gave you the badge and basically turned him in.

Oh Chanel, she was probably terrified to say anything bad about him cuz she knew he was right there. Terrified. She loved that guy and she did everything he told her to do. Yeah. Yeah, she did like give up her job as a doctor to move to a town that she’s never even been to. To terrorize a bunch of people she’s never even met.

I mean, he must have some hold over her. Are you defending her? She did just go off a building and almost die to save your mother. But she obviously, she feels terrible about what she did. Right? Yeah, I suppose. But that doesn’t change the fact that she betrayed me in the worst possible way. So I don’t care if she apologizes a million times.

I will never. Forgive her.

Oh, you’re awake. I was hoping you sleep in. Yeah, no, I was having a nightmare that Colin was gonna come back for me.

I’m so sorry, Talia. But he’s locked up now. He can’t hurt you. Or anyone else. I know you also know that I’m not gonna let him lay another finger on you again. I do. Okay, good. So get some rest. Okay. You’ve been up all night. Yes. How are you? No, seriously, Jada. I don’t wanna close my eyes again.

So is he still refusing to talk? It would seem so. Look, J do you really think he took Abe? I mean, he didn’t even say anything to me. Listen, Colin escaped from the hospital at the exact same time that Abe disappeared. If he’s not responsible, then I don’t know who else it could be. Oh, you were tossing and turning all night last night, darling.

Is everything all right? I I had a dream. It was so strange.

It was about you, Paulina. Well, it didn’t look like you

stop staring at me and say something. Damn it. Mr. Bedford has been exercising his Fifth Amendment rights ever since he has got here. So now if you will, please go outside. Look, I know he has to get due process from you, but not from me. How to strangle the truth out of it. Paulina, what’s not? What the hell is going on here?

Nobody should be speaking to my client without his lawyer. Present your client. You mean your, your. Psychopathic, murderous, kidnapping brother. He has nothing to do with the mayor’s disappearance. Actually, if I may say something, I do know where mayor cover is. If you let me out of here, I’ll take you to him.

Okay, look, I’m sorry for what I said about Johnny. You’re right. I was being a jerk and I just, I just don’t like seeing you hurt. But if you’re not upset with him, then I sure don’t have any right to be No, I didn’t say I wasn’t upset. Just said. I hope he has a good explanation. Oh, he is a fool. If he doesn’t, you’ve had three guys fighting over you.

Poor Johnny. I, I wouldn’t take your patience for granted. Yeah, and not exactly the overly patient type

I should get to work. Did you have breakfast? I saw your banana still on the counter. Um, No, I’m not hungry. Oh, come on. The best day starts with a good breakfast. I mean, all the studies say it’s true. Come on, sit down. You know you don’t have to keep cooking for me because you feel sorry for me. Okay.

Waffles and a toaster does not count as cooking. And for the record, I don’t feel sorry for you. No, actually, if there’s anyone I feel sorry for, it’s Johnny. You know, because if he doesn’t step up his game, he, uh, nevermind. I’m not gonna keep you in a joke about it. If you’re gonna give him the benefit of the doubt, and so will I.

Well, um, if you’re sure that you’re all right, I should probably go find Wendy and explain to her why I disappeared last night. You didn’t text her? No, my phone died. Oh my God, Johnny. Yeah, she’s probably worried you should go now. I’m on my way. Um, so take care. I’ll see you around

Julie. Oh my God. Chanel, my mother went missing from the hospital. Oh, so you know where Mayor Carver is, but you can’t tell us. You have to take us to him. Oh, you wouldn’t find him without me. Colin, not another word. Commissioner. Ms. Price. I need a moment, uh, with my client alone. Let him finish. Oh my God’s sake.

My husband’s life is at stake. Paulina, please, please, we have to follow the law. We will find Abe, but you want him to walk? Do you want the case to get thrown out? Okay, go please. Paulina,

what the hell are you doing? You told me last night you didn’t know anything about the Marist disappearance. You told me not to tell you if I did. Well, I didn’t mean for you to lie. And even if you did kidnap him, why the hell would you just go and confess it to the cops like that? I didn’t confess. I just said I knew where he was.

Okay. I’m gonna ask you one more time the truth. Colin, do you know where Mayor Carver is?

What do you mean? I didn’t look like myself?

In my dream, I, I woke up in the hospital and you were, you were sitting right beside my, my bed. Mm-hmm. And, uh, everything was blurry and when my vision cleared up, it was you. But it wasn’t. What do you think that means? Uh, you, you were just different and, and you, you weren’t dressed like a nurse. You think I only wear scrubs?

Look, I dreamed one time that I was elected president of the United States, but that obviously didn’t happen. You know how dreams go and you better stop thinking about other women. Mr. Also, I’m gonna start getting jealous. Sorry. Well, I wanna go make you some breakfast sausage and eggs. Here we go. Sausage.

I, I, I thought I was the only one who was having a memory lapse. I hate sausage. No, no, you don’t. You, you do not. You just must have lost your memory. You forget that you love them so much, you know. No, no. I haven’t forgotten that. I hate sausage. It’s slimy. It’s me, pig parts.

Maybe my stomach turns just talking about it. I, I, I, I hate sausage.

I guess I was hungry, apparently, you know, apropo of what you said before about having three guys fighting over me. Yeah. Well, just so you know, I’m totally not used to that. I’m not even even used to guys looking at me. No, come on. I mean, a, my father always told me that I was never gonna get married if I didn’t wear makeup or stop dressing like a slob, a k a, wearing comfortable clothes and drove him crazy that I didn’t care.

Well, First of all, you don’t need makeup or fancy clothes. You are beautiful just the way you are and you’re not caring. It is one of the things I love about you. That’s sweet. It’s true trip. You’re such a good guy. I feel kind of guilty that I’m the one who’s ambivalent. Indecisive.

I hope you know that. I’m totally cool with you seeing other people too. I don’t wanna see other people. Come on. You are a red blooded American guy. I mean, you’re handsome. What? Smart as hell. Really nice. Doctor, you’re a total catch. You could have anyone you want. Oh, well I’m definitely not gonna test that theory.

He’s the only person that I want. Is he?

Thanks, Julie. I’ll be in touch. Okay. Your, your mom is missing. Missing, yeah. Yeah. Julie said that she left the hospital this morning against medical advice, and she thought that she went back to the apartment, but she wasn’t there. Okay. Where the hell could she be here? Okay. All right. Just take a deep breath.

Deep breath. She can’t have gone far. Right. I’m gonna help you find her, but Wendy, she’s waiting for you. No, no, no. This is more important. Well, I, I, I don’t even know where to start looking. Actually, I have an idea.

It’s been long enough. I’m going back to No, Paul Paulina. No. Now listen to me. Abe will be the first one to tell you that we have to follow the law and besides, we don’t even know if Colin is telling us the truth. You said he’s your number one suspect. Who else would take Abe? I mean, yeah, sure I have lots of enemies, but Abe doesn’t.

Everyone loves him. Yeah. Excuse me. Hello? Hi, commissioner. This is Chanel. Johnny gave me your number. Look, I, I know this can’t exactly be called a missing person case, but Mama went missing from the hospital this morning, AMA, and I’m, I’m really worried about her. Mm-hmm. She’s right here. Chanel, oh, what is she in trouble?

Um, no, she’s not. She came here to confront Colin Bedford, but she didn’t tell me that she left the hospital against medical advice. There’s not any chance you can come down here, pick her up, take her back to the hospital. Yes. Yes. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll be right there.

Sheels on her way. I’m not going anywhere until I find out what that psychopath knows about where a is.

You know, darling, that knock to the noggin may have messed up your sense of taste. It’s been known to happen. Well, if you don’t want sausage, what would you like? Uh, maybe a toast tea. Hmm. And perhaps a pain pill for that headache you’re trying to hide from them. It is. It’s throbbing a bit. Yeah. Am mind turning on the tv?

Well, we talked about the news. Remember, it’s. It’s just too upsetting and, and screen time should be limited after concussion. Are you my mother or are you my wife? Oh, post-concussion mood swings. Gonna have to keep an eye on that. Yeah.

Hey, how’s your arm? Do you need any meds? Can you stop worrying about me, Jada, please. Okay. I’ve caused you enough trouble already. I honestly, I don’t even know how you let me stay here. How many times do I have to tell you, you are my sister. I love you. What is this guy call and do to you to make you feel so bad about yourself?

What he did? Nothing. Talia. He messed with your mind? Yeah, because I let him, but as soon as you realize what he was going to do, you turned him in. You should be proud of yourself. E even the newspaper is calling you a hero. You, you know, I, I really think that’s gonna help your case. No, Dana. I am not a hero.

I was scared of him. He was furious with me. Aim over for that one second when he asked me to go away with him. Right. My heart, it, it was bounding and I thought maybe he might forgive me for turning on him. I was relieved. I, I was so relieved that I got like this adrenaline rush, you know. In that moment, I was scared.

Just in that incident, I almost went with him. What is wrong with me? Honey? Honey, there is nothing. There is nothing wrong with you. I miss him. And I know I did the right thing we giving Chanel that badge, but I constantly hear this voice in my head, Jay and his voice, and telling me that betrayed him and his right because I didn’t, I did betray him.

I dunno where a is. I knew it, but the cops don’t need to know that, do they? If I can get them to agree to let them lead me to him, then I’m, I’m sure that I can escape and make everything much worse for yourself. How can it be much worse than colon is? If you try to escape again, you can wind up dead and I don’t think that I can bear that.

Do you? Don’t understand. You’re so selfish. God, you the only family I have left. If you plead guilty. I can at least try for a plea deal. Yeah, there’s gonna be prison time, but if you just admit to everything that you did, I know you mean that’s hard as done. No. That you have done. Colin, you may have not trashed Paulina’s office or.

Spike those biscuits all by yourself, but there’s just no way I can get you clear to what happened on that roof. It’s bad enough that you assaulted a cop. I thank God you actually didn’t kidnap the mayor, but you have to admit to everything that you’ve done.

I want to go to prison. Yeah, well, there’s no choice. So what’ll it be?

Hey, uh, hi. I have brought breakfast. I already ate. Oh, he’s back. Yeah. And he has a name, but he’s back Trip blue in last night. He just made me breakfast. Oh. And tacos. For dinner last night when you never showed up because you were too busy with Chanel? I can explain. Okay. Really? You can explain why you didn’t even call.

I wish that I could have, I was stuck at the police station all night. No cell signal at the police station. I somehow doubt that and don’t they have land? Hey, can I, can I just, uh, can I talk to you alone for a second please? Yeah, I’ll go take a shower. No, he lives here. You can’t just tell him what to do and where to go.

Don’t worry. It’s fine.

Look, are you pleased? Just gonna, at least let me explain this. Fine, explain just what were you doing at the police station. You didn’t betray anyone and God forbid you had left hand with Colin. I told you that he never hurt me physically. Talia, emotionally abusive relationships turn physical almost all the time.

I, I see it almost every day.

Look, I, I, I think you should see a therapist just to work through your feelings and, and everything that that happened and why Dr. Marlena is the best apparently. What’s it matter to work out my feelings if I’m going to prison anyway? Huh? You me? Why are you giving up so easily? Where is that strong woman that I know?

You know the one, the one that you said play football with the guys that was president of her high school class? I wasn’t strong back then either Jada. Okay. It was just an ax, so, so you’re saying it was what a, a facade? Yeah, I guess you can say that. So I didn’t think I’d measure up. Okay. So I put a lot of pressure on myself.

That is the only reason that I succeeded at anything. No, Talia, you succeeded because you are bright. You are so very bright and you are gifted. Okay? You succeeded because you work hard as hell and you are not someone who gives up. Okay.

Oh God, I am, I, I’m, I’m sorry. I am so sorry that I didn’t know that you were hurting and, and, and suffering even back then. I, I, what, what would it hurt? What would it hurt to talk to Dr. Marlene. If you don’t wanna do it for you, would you please do it for me?

Yeah, I will. Thank you.

What, oh, oh. Oh no, they must have cut the cable off. Cause I didn’t pay the bill. My bills are just piling up. I’m not able to manage this household by myself on a nurse’s salary. What, what? What about me? Don’t I have a job? You’re retired. What about a pension? Oh, you don’t have one, I’m afraid. Uh, you owned a business, uh, an ice cream shop, Marshall’s ice cream shop.

Well, that has a Vegas memory. Yeah. Well, it doesn’t matter. You know what I wanna do? I’m gonna pick up a few shifts. Things are gonna be fine. Wait, wait, wait. But my, my, my medical bills. Oh, don’t you worry about that. Well, speaking of work, I’ve got to go. Uh, I’d have my Chanel. Come by and take care of you.

But she’s got a very demanding business and works long hours. Oh, what kind of business? Uh, bakery. Oh, ice cream pastries. Oh, I have a good, don’t I? You do. You sure do. No, I don’t want you to think that you, you’re gonna sit here all day long staring at the walls and talking to cats. Even though the cable is out, you can still watch tv.

I recorded 15 years of my favorite story, body and Soul, and I have them right here for you. You’re gonna enjoy it so much.

Holly, come on. You were hospitalized for hypertension. Oh, but I’m fine now. I’ve been taking my meds. Who we stone. That’s not something to play around with. And why’d you walk outta the hospital? Chanel left me last night to go get me some dinner. Then she texted me, something came up, and I never heard from her again.

Then this morning I saw on the news she was involved with the arrest of Colin Bedford, and no one even had the decency to tell me, okay. Chanel was never in danger, and besides that, we still have not established a definite connection between Abe’s disappearance and common, but he just admitted it. We don’t know if he’s telling the truth yet.

Well, my client was mistaken. No, he doesn’t know anything about Merick Harbor’s location. I’m sorry. All right, so in other words, he was lying. Well, maybe he’s lying now. Maybe this is some sort of tactic she just came up with to get him a better deal. No. Look, I was very clear with him that he needed to come clean with me so I could use any information he had to his advantage.

And I’m certain he just, he doesn’t know what your husband is and that’s the God’s honest truth.

Look, I am really sorry, Wendy. The last thing I’m meant to do was let you down

that that’s it. You’re just, you’re not gonna say anything. I understand. Bet you witnessed a crime bet you had to make a statement. I just don’t understand why you didn’t let me know. A, a, a and I should have, of course, I should have. But look, they were questioning me for quite a while. Right. And by the time that I had a chance to call or text you, my phone had died.

So you didn’t think to ask someone else if you could use their phone? I wish to hell that I would have, but honestly, I, I admit that I was a little distracted. By, by, by all the drama, you know. Okay. I don’t know what else to say. I feel terrible. All right. And I know that no amount of apologizing is gonna make up for the way that I stood you up like that, but is there any other way I can make it up to you?

Le let me take you out to dinner tonight. Anywhere you wanna go? What do you say?

The bed is lumpy. . Right. And I know you’re just sweating the smallest stuff right now, so you don’t have to think about the big stuff, baby. I’m scared. I’m scared. You know, it’s bad enough thinking that queasy Colin had a somewhere, but now I don’t even know where he is or how he is. And in a way that’s even worse.

No. Oh, I know. But you just need to try to close your eyes and rest. It’s gonna be okay. It has to be.

So let me. This straight. Colin said that he knew where Abe was and then he recanted. Yeah. That’s a long short of it. Which story do you believe? Well, I feel like at this point, if he knew where Abe was, he’d give him up. Might help him. Hmm. Now what? Yeah. Well that nurse is the only potential witness that we have at this point, and we don’t even know if she saw anything, but she still hasn’t responded to my calls, so I was hoping that you could follow up with her.

I know we were supposed to go together, but now I have to deal with charging Bedford. Well, if you don’t mind, I have a personal interest in scene as calling case through. Could we switch? Yeah, yeah, sure. I wish you the nurse then. Thank you. Yeah, and hopefully she has something to tell us.

Body and soul. Yeah. I never miss it. I used to tape it every day before they started streaming. My tapes go back 15 years. It’s all queued up. There you go. And you know you’re gonna start from the beginning and you’ve lost your memory, so it’s all new to you anyway. Right, right. All right. I’m gonna go now and I’m gonna lock the door behind me.

I want you to listen to me very carefully. I don’t wanna frighten you, but that. Man that attacked you is still out there and he’s, he’s been impersonating a cup, so it’s very important not to open the door, especially if the cops show up. Okay. You expect him to, no, of course not, but I’m a warrior. Alright, well watch your show and enjoy and get some rest and I’ll see you soon.

Sure. Okay. How about eight o’clock at the bistro? Great. It’s a date. Uh, that’s how you, that’s how you walk around the apartment, huh? Uh yeah. Yeah. You know, as we established, I live here. Uh, and look, for some reason you can’t make it tonight. You know, say you have another emergency involving Chanel. I’m making stir fry tonight.

I, I know it’s your favorite.


have they found your stepfather yet? No, because first your boyfriend said he knew where he was, then he said he didn’t. He’s not my boyfriend. Not anymore. Whatever. Just stay away from me and my mom. Look, I’m trying. Okay, then what the hell are you doing here? I came to make an appointment with Dr. Evans, my sister thought it’d be a good idea to talk about why I did the things I did for Colin.

Look, Chanel, I’m sorry about everything.

I don’t know what else to say anymore.

DA’s on her way. So you couldn’t convince your brother to plead guilty, huh? I tried, but uh, he’s not having it too bad. As I’m sure you know, Trask is going to throw the book at him, especially after all his transgressions after the initial crime. Not only did he escape police custody, he tried to kidnap my sister.

Oh, and he lied. While being interrogated, you know, I am well aware of the charges being brought against my brother, and I’m appalled by what he’s done, but he’s my brother and I love him. I imagine you feel the same way about your sister Colin manipulated her. They were in a consensual relationship. Talia was a willing participant.

Talia takes responsibility for what she did, as does Colin. You know, he’s not been quite the same since our parents died. If you dare try the insanity defense, don’t you tell me how to defend my client. And maybe he should stop worrying so much about my brother and start finding the mayor who seems to have been misplaced on your watch.

In St. Louis? Yes, Julie. I’m back in my hospital bed now. No, no, no. Honey, you don’t need to come. No, I’m fine. Oh, I’m I will be once they find out who really took Abe and where he is. Oh.

You’re not dressed yet, sweetheart. One of the upsides of being a gentleman of leisure is not having a set schedule, but you do have an appointment to keep

lunch with Ms. Riz. Check. Ah, yes, that. I am not going.

Yes, this is Gwen Recheck. I’m phoning to confirm a reservation for lunch, right? Yes. It’s for two people at one o’clock. Um, and just so you know, my um, guest is Mr. Vaughn Noner, Dmitri Vaughn, Mona. So I would please like a very quiet, nice table in the corner, private one. Thank you. Well, everything’s set with my interview with the mysterious Mr.

V Mok. I’m telling you, Mattie, this is going to be the spectator scoop of the century. How nice. So while everything’s coming up, roses for you. My life is over.

Yeah. Well, okay. Thanks Jada. Keep me posted. Okay. Sounds like there’s no news. Yeah, she says they have no new link. I mean, I don’t care.

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