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Hello. I was going to give it another ten minutes, then I was going to put a note at the door. Why didn’t you text me, tell me you were waiting? Some things are better said face to face. So, uh, why did you want to see me? I need your help with anna.

[ Sighs ] Uh. We can, uh, talk privately here. Mm. Is this where you met with dex when you hired him to spy on sonny? Uh, sometimes. Why? Because I want your opinion on dex. Is he trustworthy? Would you put the life of someone you cared about in his hands? That was your ticket out. It’s pretty useless now. This is the footage of sonny at the pikeman deal? Mm-hmm. Michael gave it to my mom. She could have traded this footage to the feds in exchange for them dropping the charges against her and drew.

[ Scoffs ] You risked your life to get that footage, and she destroyed it because protecting sonny was more important to her. Okay. Just say it. What? You hate it, don’t you? What’s to hate? You wanted a new car. You got the one you wanted. How could I possibly hate that? Okay, first of all, it’s not a car — it’s a truck. And it’s got four-wheel drive, off-roading capabilities, advanced driver assistance. And you can operate the off-roading capabilities in automatic mode or manual. It’d be perfect for us to go camping. You want us to go camping? Why did you insist on meeting away from the house? Well, blackmail works so much better when there’s no one to overhear. Poor drew. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong girlfriend.

[ Scoffs ] You weren’t after aurora’s ceo — you wanted to take down carly. I don’t know where you came up with this, ned, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I just overheard your conversation with your lawyer, martin. You know, everyone believes that I was the one who handed carly and drew over to the sec, but it was you all along.

Where are you going with this? Have you reconsidered trading the flash drive to the fbi so you and drew stay out of prison? Or do you think that dex may have to testify because he’s on the footage? The footage no longer exists. I smashed the flash drive. Mom, why would you do that?! That — you should’ve held onto it in case there’s no other way out for you and drew. The footage was dangerous. It could have gotten sonny and dex killed. And besides, I have a much better use for dex. You sure you want to hold onto that? There’s no way to retrieve the footage. I don’t want to retrieve it. I want to physically destroy the flash drive. I can’t have anything left to imply that I was ever collecting evidence against sonny. Hey, look, from here on in, I need to be the most loyal, trustworthy, and discreet employee that sonny has. Take his orders, risk your life protecting him to make him richer. And you’re okay with that? It’s not about what’s okay. It’s about survival. You don’t enjoy camping? The thrill of the great outdoors? Sleeping close to nature, catching a fish in a stream and then cooking it over a log fire? I’m a city girl. Okay? I like sleeping in a bed, and I like my fish to be caught and prepared by someone else, preferably a five-star chef. What about fresh air? Hiking? Everything you need in a backpack. Are we hiking or are we running from the bear who’s trying to eat us? What about cuddling up next to each other in front of a campfire? What about cuddling up next to each other in front of a fire pit at the q boathouse? Oh, yeah. I could totally see that. You, me, a warm fire… mm-hmm. …Olivia bringing us lasagna, ned droning on about his beloved elq, and tracy lecturing me — yet again — about how I’m not good enough for you. Okay. Okay. Okay. The q estate might not be the most romantic, but there are alternatives. Such as? Nightclubs, live music. You might even be tempted to get back in the game. Oh, my heart is very much out of the music biz, but it seems like yours is still in it. So tell me again — why did you go back to deception? So much for your “upright and honorable” routine. I don’t really like that it’s come to this, tracy, but a guy’s got to do what a guy’s got to do, and I know that you understand the language of blackmail. I understand more about the process than you do, apparently. You see, blackmail requires leverage. You have none to use against me. Let’s start with deception, shall we? You coerced brook lynn to go back to work there. Where brook lynn chooses to work is her business. Well, that’s my point exactly — if it were up to brook lynn, then she’d be working in music. She’s at deception under your orders. I kind of feel like lucy coe would love to hear that. Fine. Get lucy coe down here. Tell her everything. Did you say you’re looking for lucy coe? You look surprised. Did you — did you think you were getting arrested? Well, given our history, I couldn’t be sure. Mm. Falsifying my death… I’m sure you had reasons for doing that. So did anna. Mm. Uh, so, is this an official inquiry? Uh, no, it’s off the record and personal. Uh… look, that article that was in the sun about anna’s wsb file — that was pretty brutal. How are you hoping I can help? Well, you’re victor’s son, and your father was the head of wsb for a lot of years, gave him a lot of opportunity to plant a lie in anna’s file that could, I don’t know, be used as a time bomb that he could just set off whenever he wanted to. Dante, my father, was a mean and spiteful man. He had full faith in his plan, but he was prepared to exact revenge in the event of his failure, in which I think he felt anna devane could always play a part. He was right. And now he’s making her pay for it. Well, I want to clear anna’s name.

[ Breathes deeply ] So how do we prove that her file was doctored? I was curious about carly and drew’s legal situation, so I asked my lawyer about it, ned. You must have misinterpreted. It’s too late to save this, nina. As soon as you eliminate me, you become the obvious suspect, the one who has the most to gain by sending carly off to prison. Although you took a big risk, and maybe you’ve realized that by now, and maybe that’s the reason why you called a meeting with your lawyer. You must have realized that even though sonny and carly are divorced, sonny would do anything to protect her. When he finds out that you were the one who pointed the sec at carly? You and sonny are done.

You want to come inside? That’s up to you. I don’t want to intrude.

[ Breathes sharply ] I don’t know. Whatever it is that you’re about to say, I feel like I don’t want to hear it on the doorstep.

[ Keys jingling ] I’d offer you a drink, but… would you like some water? No, thank you. I’m going to have a drink. Yeah. Yeah, go ahead. If you don’t mind.

[ Keys jingle ] Go ahead. Go ahead and — and call me a hypocrite. Is that why you think I came here? Mm-hmm, yeah. I mean, yeah, obviously. After all these years I’ve spent upholding the law as a special agent or police commissioner, investigating you for various crimes and questioning you about how you can possibly reconcile breaking the law with being a loving parent, and now you get to find out that I was a criminal myself? Actually, worse than that, um, a double agent, which is to say a traitor. Are you finished? ‘Cause I wasn’t gonna say any of that. Okay. Well, what were you going to say? You know what? You’re upset. I’ll come back some other time. No, don’T. Please wait. I’m sorry. Not on my best. Please stay. What better use do you have for dex? Before I answer that, what’s your assessment of dex?

[Stammers] I guess — I mean, I like him. He took on a nearly impossible job and he did it well. He was under relentless pressure for months and he didn’t crack. And he worked his way into sonny’s confidence, despite being involved with josslyn, which sonny didn’t like. What do you know about his time in the military? He was discharged from the army because of a personal issue, but his combat experience is excellent — the highest rating. He had a bunch of commendations for keeping a cool head under fire, which is one of the main reasons I hired him. But why are you so interested? Because I want you to hire dex to do another job. Why aren’t you angrier? Why aren’t you angry, period? Both my brother and my mom had the chance to set you free, yet they’re leaving you trapped. Michael gave me a job. The job changed. It happens. Oh, okay. So you’re totally fine just working for sonny now. It’s not about what’s fine, okay? That’s the situation that I’m in. I spent months earning sonny’s trust, trying to convince him to let me in. Just tonight, he gave me a lecture about how I’m “in this” now, how I have to commit. Okay? I don’t have the option to leave. Actually, you might. You can just ask sonny to let you go. Do you always eavesdrop on private conversations? I wasn’t eavesdropping, ma’am. I was just doing my job. We’re about to resume poolside cocktail service. Well, don’T. I want privacy. That means no bartender, no guests, no staff, including yourself, just me and mr. Cain. And if anybody has any questions about that, they can contact olivia quartermaine, my daughter-in-law, who’s the co-owner of this place. Wow! That was rude and pointless. Chewing out a hotel employee just to make yourself feel better because it’s not going to keep brook lynn in place at deception. Why don’t you focus on your own problems? Because you seem to have enough of them. As it happens, you are the answer to my problems. Brook lynn: We’ve been over this. I went back to deception because I really love those ladies. And frankly, lucy and maxie really need me. Really? They seem like pretty savvy businesswomen. They are, but they don’t really understand the nuances of promotion on social media. And music? I’ll still do music on a part-time basis. Music is your passion. That’s one of the first things I learned about you. And what happened to change that? I found a new passion. Deception? You. Hey. Am I interrupting? Olivia, no. Please join us. Oh, I-I think that ned is waiting for me out on the terrace. Oh, my dad is probably on phone calls and in his e-mails. Come, sit down. Chase will tell you all about his new truck.

[ Gasps ] A new truck?!

[ Chuckles ] Tell me all about it!

[ Chuckles ] In the l ong run,you’ve done yourself a favor. You are much better off without sonny corinthos. Sonny and I are engaged. Oh. Not for long. Gee, ned, most people say, “congratulations.” Nina, just accept the fact that you and sonny will not be living happily ever after. You know, that tip was anonymous. There’s no way that anyone will be able to prove that you did it, ned. Because I didn’t do it —

you did. No. No one’s gonna have to know who’s responsible for this. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Keep insisting that you didn’t do anything. And the people who know you, the people who really matter, they’ll believe you. Eventually. I have no intention of taking the fall for you, nina. You did this. And you better find a way to clean it up. You — excuse me, nina. The pool attendant just told me that tracy quartermaine closed down the entire pool area because she wanted privacy. For what? I don’t know. But apparently, drew cain is out there. Drew? Drew’s here? Oh. I need to talk to him. No, no, ned! Wait! Ohh.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. Come in.

[ Door opens ] Hi. Oh, hey. How’d you get in here? Oh, my boyfriend, he’s a cop. Mm-hmm. And the desk sergeant, he bends the rules for me occasionally. Really? Mm-hmm. Mm.

[ Breathes deeply ] Well, I don’t blame him. I would have done the same thing. Mm, lucky me. Mm-hmm. Uh, why are you here? Oh. Did — w– was I supposed to do something or be somewhere? Was there somewhere I was supposed to be? Well, you know, you were supposed to be home, like, two hours ago. Oh. Right. I’m sorry. Just, uh… what? I mean, I figured you were working on a case, but…

[Breathes deeply] I come in here and you’re just sitting here, and I got no text or call. Right, right, right, right. So I just kind of want to know what’s going on. I’m sorry. I’m just, uh, a little worried about a friend. When the news story broke about you, I started thinking about all the headlines that I’ve been through over the years. Yeah. They don’t feel like headlines now. They seem more like takedowns, quite honestly.

[ Sniffles ] Two were seared in my memory — “wife of crime lord dies in a car bomb.” That’s what — the headline I saw the next morning after my wife died. And the other one was “corinthos son killed in a suspected mob hit” — that was morgan. And I was already in hell from all the, you know, pain [Sighs] And grief… it’s a lot to take, you know? My private life all over the world for everybody to read, everybody to see, everybody to judge. And they don’t know what happened to me. They don’t know how I felt.

[ Sighs ] Just like I don’t know why you did what you did. And that’s what I’m here to tell you… that I’m sorry for how you felt. And I’m sorry for what happened to you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. I feel as if sometimes, I just… you know… I just get in my own way. That headline was just a takedown — you know that, right? Well, that’s the problem. It’s not. That is the most difficult part of all of this, is that the news story is — is true. I mean, it — it’s — it’s factually accurate. I did those things. There were reasons. There were justifications. Excuses.

[ Whispering ] You’re being hard on yourself. Well, okay. So there was a context then that the media has chosen to leave out, but I can’t deny it happened.

[ Voice breaking ] You know, I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning of my career, and I think I’ve spent most of my life trying to make up for them. Now it’s just come and bit me, right in the most public way. I have done things, allegedly…

[ Both laugh ] …But I’ve done them. Some I, uh, felt there was a reason to do them. There was others that I regret. Yeah. [ Sniffles ] But I always tell myself that… my life, who I am now, should not be limited to the worst things that I’ve done in my life. Right. Just like you. You’re A…great mother. Great grandmother.

[ Chuckles ] You are courageous. You are brilliant. And no — no matter… I will always consider you my friend. For whatever that’s worth. It’s worth a lot. Michael: The peace between me and sonny right now is — it’s pretty fragile. He’s going to be suspicious if I hire dex out from under him. I want you to pay dex to keep working for sonny. Look, since jason died, sonny doesn’t have someone to be his right hand. What about brick? Brick’s great, but he’s based on the west coast. He can’t be by sonny’s side day in and day out. But dex can. And given your description, he’s obviously qualified. In what way specifically? I want dex to use all of his skills to protect sonny, to follow orders, and if he sees trouble coming, he has to tell you, and, michael,

you need to advise him on how to help sonny. When I met with sonny in his office that day and asked him to fire you, he told me that you would have to go in yourself and you would have to ask him. But he never said anything about refusing to let you quit. Everybody knows that we’re together now. It’s not a secret anymore. Sonny can’t just disappear you and expect nobody to ask questions. And he already knows that i don’t want you working for him. It makes perfect sense that you’d quit. But, josslyn — I’m not saying it will be easy, but it can be done. You would just have to meet with him and respectfully tell him that you want out. Except… I don’t want out. You see, ned’s got connections at the sec. He can make this investigation into me and to carly — he can make it just go away. And you think you can force ned into getting the sec to back off? No, I-I don’T. But I think you can.

[ Laughs ] Oh, I love your sense of humor and your imaginative fantasy world. No fantasy here, tracy. You either persuade ned or I tell him the truth — that you dragged brook lynn into potential intellectual property theft, malfeasance, corporate espionage. These are activities that carry the potential for criminal penalties, tracy. So how is your son going to react when he finds out that you put your granddaughter at risk?

[ Running footsteps ] Drew! There’s something I have to tell you. Ned!

You need to not do that. Why are you not taking my calls? I don’t want to. I-I’d like to smash my phone, actually. And I– and I’d like to… put the sim card down the waste disposal. Can I join you?

[ Door closes ] I’m sorry. For what? I’m sorry it — it was my father who’s done this to you. God, I hate victor. I really… I hated him when he was alive, and I-I think I loathe him even more now that he’s dead.

[ Breathes deeply ] You know, if there is a hell… I hope he burns there for all eternity. Me, too. He didn’t do this to me, though. I did this to myself. Well, who is this friend, and what made them keep you here? Uh, you kn ow that hit pieceon anna in the sun about her being a double agent? Yeah. Well, it’s true. What? I — I mean, I just assumed it was a lie. I know. So did I. So I called valentin over here to see if he could help me exonerate her. Well, valentin loves anna. Of course he’ll want to help her. Yeah. There’s some things he said about classified information and about how ugly it is when it sees the light of day, which is why it’s classified. And these are things

i should know, because the stuff that I did for the wsb, the last thing I would want is for it to be plastered on the front page of anything.

[ Breathes sharply ] I just feel bad for anna. I don’t know how she’s going to build her life back again. Hey. It’s possible. I mean, after all, you did. You…want to work for sonny? I want to stay in port charles. -Mostly for you. -Mm-hmm. But also because I-I like it here. I like a lot of the people that I’ve met and… look, it’s starting to feel like home. I haven’t had one of those since I was a kid.

[ Breathes deeply ] Sometimes I forget how different our lives have been.

[ Breathes sharply ] I take so many things for granted. Some things you maybe never had. Well, the advantages of not having things is that, when you get them? You value them and you don’t want to let them go. I like what I have here. I want to stay. You don’t have to work for sonny to stay. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. Okay, let me get this straight. So, you want me to be what — sonny’s guardian angel while dex does all the legwork? Yes. So instead of trying to get sonny sent to prison, you want dex and i to work together to keep him out of pentonville? To keep him safe, to monitor his business ventures, to provide a — a level head and counsel? Right. So everything jason used to do, now dex and I would be doing together? Yes.

[ Scoffs ] Except there’s one obvious catch. Sonny can never know. I got you. Alright. I got you. Here. Here we go. Here we go. Alright. Okay. Is he breathing? Drew: Just call 911!

[ Water splashing ]

[ Drew grunting ] I gotcha, bud.

[ Drew grunts ] It’s alright. I got you. I got you. My — my adult son just — just fell in the metro court pool… okay. …And he hit his head and he’s not breathing! Alright, come on, ned. Come on, ned. Here we go. Come on. Come on!

Ohhh yesss. To face robert, you know? Not even robert scor I mean, you knew I was a double agent, right? I mean, you knew I was a double agent, right? Yeah. And you know that espionage is a shadowy game. It’s all compromise. There’s nothing either good nor bad. Everything’s a varying shade of gray. And no one can claim to be entirely pure of intention. Certainly not me. Mm. Not even robert scorpio. Mm. I’m not really afraid

[Clears throat] To face robert, you know? I mean, he — he knew everything. Found out years ago. And robin was aware — maybe not of all the gory details, but she knew enough. So who is it you’re worried about?

[ Voice breaking ] Mm. I think the people that it’s going to affect the most that are going to look at me differently are, um, emma and noah. I don’t get it. You or drew or both of you could be sent to federal prison for insider trading, and your priority is to protect sonny? Michael. My problems with the sec are for me and drew to figure out. But when you showed me that flash drive, it proves how vulnerable your father is. Now, pikeman is a defense contractor, right? Yeah. They have ties to government and potentially enemies in government. Yes, a challenge your father has never dealt with before. When you showed me that footage of sonny taking that delivery, it was evidence that he violated national security. If you hadn’t changed your mind, sonny would be in prison right now. Donna and avery’s lives would be destroyed. All of our lives would be in danger. I need you to step up and protect your father. Okay. What — what — what if I’m willing, but dex isn’t? I have a high school diploma, no college courses, no interest in taking any. What kind of a job can I get? Security? Doorman at the metro court. You were in security before, and there’s nothing wrong with making a good, honest living. I’m not as noble as you might think I am. Look, working for sonny pays a hell of a lot more than your honest living, and I’m — I’m good at it. Okay? Ohh. Sonny is paying me to do things I already know how to do, and I’m willing to accept a certain amount of risk. And are willing to break the law. The worst thing I’ve ever seen sonny do is hang me from a meat hook. That could have been a lot worse. But I survived — thanks to you. Ever since the ambush at the warehouse when I saved sonny’s life, his attitude towards me has changed. He’s giving me more opportunities. He’s trusting me more. This is my best option, joss, and I’m going to take it. Unless it’s going to cost me you. Chase did all the research. He could tell you all the specs. Okay. D-does it have four-wheel drive? Advanced driver assist? Hands-free technology? Olivia’s brothers own a garage in brooklyn. Nice. Uh, and to answer your question, yes, yes, and yes. Yes! Then — then — then, don’t think, do. And — and may I ask, what is the special reason you’ve decided to buy this fancy new truck? I came into some money doing the whole singing thing. Like I promised. And now that I’m back to being a cop, I thought I would treat myself with the truck of my dreams. Well, congratulations.

[ Hurried footsteps ] Sorry to interrupt. Olivia, the paramedics are coming up the service elevator. There’s been a slip-and-fall at the pool. Breathe, dammit! Come on! Guys, get in here. Okay. Take over. You got it. Listen, he’s — he’s been unconscious for a couple of minutes. I’ve been doing cpr since we got him out of the pool. I got no sign of any pulse at all. Please start work. Come on! Oh, my god! Ned! Oh, my god! Olivia. It’s okay. It’s okay. Let them do their work. Let them do their work. Okay? He’s gonna be alright. He’s gonna be alright. Shh, shh. Nina:

And you want me? Now you’re getting it. Are you sure? Yeah. I’ve never been more sure in my life. And you know what? A lot of people have decided that I’m not worth it. Well, they’re wrong because you’re worth everything. Is that A…? Yes! Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you! I’ll marry you. I can’t wait to marry you. You must have realized that even though sonny and carly are divorced, sonny would do anything to protect her. When he finds out that you were the one who pointed the sec at carly?

You and sonny are done.

[ Door opens ] Frank said you were waiting. What brings you by?

That’s why I switched my phone off, really — because I’m a coward. And of all the people that could reach out to me, the one person that I dread is emma, because she’s going to beg me to tell her that it’s not true and that I wasn’t a traitor. And I’m going to have to tell her that…

[ Crying ] That I was. But I don’t think you should underestimate her. She’s going to be hurt. She’s going to lash out. Oh! She’s going to want an explanation. You can give it to her. You can tell her you were pulled in over your head. You were manipulated by cesar faison. Mm. I know. I know. I was. But how do you explain that? You know, maybe one day, she’ll want to listen. She might even forgive me. But… the way she used to look at me with such pride, like I was the thing she wanted to aspire to be… I mean, that’s — that’s gone forever.

[ Crying ]

[ Sniffles ] Oh, god. You were pretty wreckedwhen you got back from the wsb.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, that’s, uh — that’s one way of putting it. Look, you managed to rebuild your life. Yeah, but I had, uh… I had a lot of help. From anna. From my family. And from — most of all, from you. I wouldn’t have chosen any of that… but I survived. And then waiting for me on the other side was you.

[ Breathes sharply ] Someone I never expected with this life I never expected. But now that I got it, I-I don’t — I don’t want any other life. And that’s all your fault.

[ Laughs ] Well, back atcha.

[ Chuckles ] I love you. I love you. Yes, dex is qualified to protect sonny, but who says that he wants to? Or that he’d agree to take the risk of reporting back to me what sonny does? And, yes, it’s in sonny’s best interest, but sonny won’t see it that way. And dex would be a spy, and that can get him killed. I just — I don’t — I don’t see him taking that risk when he can just take the money he’s already earned and disappear. Well, you know dex. Would he really do that?

[ Sighs ] I wouldn’t blame him if he did. I know it would break josslyn’s heart. She cares a lot about him. She truly cares about him. I mean, that’s one of the reasons I came up with this plan. And I know josslyn — her feelings are getting deeper and deeper all the time. And the longer dex stays in port charles, the more devastated she will be if he decides to leave. Well, I don’t know. If he decides to disappear, better it happens now. Are you sure about this? No. I’m not sure about any of this. But I do know I want you to give dex a choice, and let’s see what he decides. You just made this big case as to why you should work for sonny, but you’ll quit if I want you to? I’m very clear that you want me to.

[ Chuckles ] But I’ll quit if it’s the only way we stay together. No. I’m not going to put conditions on our relationship. I’m not going to tell you what you can and can’t do. It’s only going to make you resent me. So I’d rather take my chances and watch you take yours with sonny. You can go be his best lieutenant and risk your life and break the law. Just remember, your life is kind of important to me. I’ll remember. Sonny: What’s wrong? No! It — it’s actually your fault. Because if you hadn’t given me such a spectacular ring, I wouldn’t be thinking about you all the time. And so it leads me to want to see you, which led me to come here. You’re always welcome. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Remember when we came back from nixon falls, and, uh, I — I was just convinced that I lost you forever? And you hated me for… withholding the truth about who you were. That you would never forgive me. But what made it even worse was the memory of… how happy I’d been with you. You know, look, we —

[ Sighs ] We’ve all done things we regret. We can’t — you know… can’t forget that. Can’t forget the past. But what we can do is not live there. Yeah. You know what we also can do? Hm? We can also think about the future that we’re going to have — together. Yeah, I want that more than anything.

[ Breathes deeply ] But tonight… I just want you. I’m his wife. When you put him in that ambulance, I need to be riding with him.

[ Radio chatter ] Ned, I’m here. Honey, can you hear me? I’m not leaving you. Not even for a second. What happened? Drew attacked ned and almost killed him. Put your badge to use. Arrest him for assault.

[ Whispering ] What?

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